Conwy and North Wales Welsh Classic Mon 29 and Tues 30th June 10am-3pm AM AM

Ian King x4
Simon Hemsley x4
Colin Roberts x4
Jim Kenyon x4
Jim Kenyon x4
Lewis Marland x4 (£50)
Mick Mahon x4 (£50)
David Kelly x4
Chris Gregory x4 (£50)
Jim Clarke x4
Mike George x4 (£50)
Roger Percival x4
Paul Fell x4
Steve Hall x4
Chris Adams x4
Munro Donald x4
Les Russon x4
Steve Aspinall x4
Dave Sully x4
Roy Ainsworth (1,12)
Dave Buckley x4
Dave Goodwin x4
Ray Mills x4 (£50)
Ian Fensom x4 (£50)
Bob Eastwood x4
Barrie Simpson x4 (£50)
Pete Dolan x4
Pete Dolan x4
David Smith x4
Gary Neiles x4
Bri Hopkins x4
Olivier Troalen x4
res Dave Griffiths x4