Results from Dynamic Davenport

Room for 1 team at Cavendish on Tuesday – best course in Derbyshire!!

Maxitours at Dynamic Davenport

ore tremendous weather made for a magnificent day at Davenport Golf Club. Not only does this golf course get better year on year but the Clubhouse and facilities are always of the highest standard.

Club Professional Tony Stevens is one of the best in the business and loved by everyone, the same can be said of clubhouse manager Frazer. Thanks for all your work today. Class.

The greens at Davenport are outstanding. Paul Fell plays in about 5 opens each week and he thought they were the best greens he had played on all year. High praise indeed for the green keeper.

Its deadline transfer day today and Rob Blain will be trying to offload partner Mick Hill. Blain had the back nine of his life as they came home in 26 points to take 4th place. Mick didn’t get on the scorecard.

Steve Aspinall looked smarter than usual after his new haircut. I always have my hair cut before I go to Portugal he announced proudly. He has a bath when he goes to Spain.

Hopwood Captain Steve Heywood is playing well at the moment. Fellow member Richard Wakefield and Steve easily beat playing partners Chris Lee and Graham Davenport from Mellor as they took 3rd place with an excellent 45 points.

‘Can you write that the Hopwood Heroes beat the Mellor Muppets in your report?’ Yes.

As Tony Evans checked in I was handing out some shirts to a team who had played well last week. Tony looked on like a sad puppy dog as his total winnings after a ten year Maxitours career amount to a scorecard holder. He never even uses it as his playing partner usually keeps score. It all changed today as Tony had the round of his life supported well by Lee Braxton. Delighted to see you in the prizes chaps- excellent golf.

Winning today were the Lancastrian pairing of Oxford University zoology graduate Mick Mahon and his less clever friend Dave Westwood. These are two lovely blokes who play in the correct spirit and it is great to see them playing so well. Keep it up guys.

Thanks to everyone for your support once again,


2’s £232.50

Mick Mahon Graham Wilkinson Paul Browne Dave Greenwood Simon Wilkinson Lee Merson Ian Wright Steve Heywood Robbie Marsden

Nearest the pin 14th Steve Heywood Doz AD333

Nearest the pin 16th Mark Birtwistle Doz AD333

Davenport 1-Sep-2022
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Mick Mahon, Dave Westwood, , 48 12 FJ Quilted top each
2 Tony Evans, Lee Braxton, , 47 11 FJ Chill out top
3 Steve Heywood, Richard Wakefield, , 45 10 FJ Shirt each
4 Mike Hill, Rob Blain, , 44 9 Callaway Shirt each
5 Nigel Ashton, Mike Lowe, , 44 8 Callaway Shirt each
6 Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes, , 43 7 Callaway Shirt each
7 Colin Berry, Graham Wilkinson, , 43 6 Callaway Shirt each
8 Richard Blackwell, Nick Moores, , 43 5 Maxitours cap
9 Ian Reece, Ian Wright, , 42 4 Maxitours cap
10 Pete Booth, Jim Clarke, , 42 3 Maxitours cap
11 Dave Carlile, Paul Browne, , 41 2 Maxitours bag towel
12 Paul Evans, Alan Read, , 41 1 Maxitours bag towel
13= Colin Bryan, Paul Fell, , 40
13= Duncan Cameron, Chris Chidley, , 40
13= Steve Aspinall, Jerry Salmon, , 40
13= Stuart Cragg, Bill Parkinson, , 40
13= Ian Neison, Terry Day, , 40
18= JP , Fiona Anderson, , 39
18= Steve Hall, Martin Prescott, , 39
18= Nick Hargreaves, Andy Oakes, , 39
18= Charlie Beadle, Dave Kelly, , 39
18= John Hilditch, Jo Pratt, , 39
18= Martin Williams , John Tomlinson, , 39
18= Lee Spratt, John Barnes, , 39
18= John Hunt, James Shipstone, , 39
18= Les Russon, Hugh Bilby, , 39
18= Rob Kenyon, Mike Priestley, , 39
28= Jon Hudson, Andy Corner, , 38
28= Neil Evans, Paul Salt, , 38
28= Simon Poucher, Neil Simpson, , 38
28= John Farnsworth, Richard Palmer, , 38
28= Ian Snape, Dave Snape, , 38
28= Pete Atherton, Ed Wilkinson, , 38
34= Jim Caldwell, John Roome, , 37
34= Martin Humphries, Adrian Brown, , 37
34= Gary Philips, Pete Maher, , 37
34= Nathan Evans, Richard Bamforth , , 37
34= Kev Hart, Paul Yearsley, , 37
34= Lee Merson, John Hartley, , 37
34= Nathan Mills, Steve Wild , , 37
34= Pete Norbury, Lee Tilley, , 37
42= Phil Robinson, Paul Price, , 36
42= Jim Edgerton, Dave Marshall, , 36
42= Keith Shale, Paul Webb, , 36
42= Dave Buckley, Paul Bailey, , 36
42= Dave Monk, Barry Wilson, , 36
42= Graham Jackson, Dave Tobutt, , 36
42= Graham Davenport, Chris Lee, , 36
49= Steve Barlow, Dave Thomas, , 35
49= Vic Stata, CJ, , 35
49= Bob King , Steve Ross, , 35
49= Chris Walley, Jim Hodges, , 35
53= Andy Williamson, Dave Holdway, , 34
53= Dave Greenwood, Phil Dickens, , 34
53= Sam Leach, Bob Chester, , 34
53= Neil Pemberton, Phil McCurry, , 34
53= Phil McCurry, Neil Pemberton, , 34
58= Dave Carter, Lester Jackson, , 33
58= Rob Harris, Ged Keary, , 33
58= Simon Wilkinson, John Lynsky, , 33
61 Martin Oldfield, Chris Wood, , 32

Cavendish start times

9.50 Simon Hemsley x4

9.59 Colin Roberts x4

10.08 Jim Caldwell x4

10.17 Dave Buckley x4

10.26 Ed Pysden x4

10.35 Steve Hall x4

10.44 Nigel Jenkins x4

10.53 Paul Fell x4

11.02 Jack Coleman x4

11.11 Neil Laurent x4

11.20 Mark Hagarty x4

11.29 John Hudson x4

11.37 Steve Aspinall x4

11.46 Ian Snape x4

11.55 Dave Monk x4

12.03 Gary Phillips x4

12.11 John Hunt x4

12.20 Mike George x4

12.29 Kev Hart x4

12.38 John Newton x4

12.47 Roy Ainsworth x4

12.56 Dave Sully x4

1.05 Phil Ashcroft

1.14 Ian Hellens x4

1.23 Paul Browne x4

1.31 Les Russon x4

1.40 Dave Monk x4

1.49 Martin Williams x4

1.58 Jimmy McEwan x4

2.06 Lee Tilley x4

2.15 Don Phillipsx4

2.24 Andy Taylor x4

2.33 Russ Sollitt x4

2.41 Barry Jackson x4

2.49 Andrew Hill x4

2.58 Simon Ashton x4

Results from brilliant Bramhall

Maxitours from brilliant Bramhall !!!

Well is was certainly a game of two halves today with the morning starters getting the best of the beautiful weather until early lunchtime when the clouds began to gather and unfortunately the heavens opened for around an hour with some very heavy deluges. Some were caught out with no waterproofs or no umbrellas, Oops !!!! always come prepared as they say fellas.

Bramhall’s greens were up to the task and drained superbly but with the recent hot spell the fairways became like rivers for a short time making it difficult to get a decent contact and some getting “face splatter” shots.

Unsurprisingly the morning players took advantage of the conditions and most of today’s winning scores came from the early birds. Just missing out on top place by 1 point, even though they finished with a double birdie nett eagle finish for 8 points on the last, were the team of Colin Roberts, Carl Deaville, Andrew Williamson and Dave Mason but even this remarkable finish couldn’t quite beat Mick Mahon, Dave Westwood, Richard Palmer and John Farnsworth who all gelled together like Cameron Smith and Cameron Young on the last day of the Open with the hole looking as big as a bucket for them on Bramhall’s brilliant billiard like greens.

As always a big thank you to Bramhall’s green keeping staff for such a wonderful presentation of the course, to the clubhouse team and catering and to my good friend PGA Pro Matt Turnock for running today’s event in my absence whilst I take a much needed relaxing family holiday.

Today’s results were as follows:

NP 13th – Andy Oakes – 1 Doz Srixon

NP 18th – Simon Willway – 1 Doz Srixon

2’s £355.00 = 4 x ProV1’s or 9 x Srixon AD333’s per 2

Dave Woods, John Atkin, Ed Pysden, Frank Kelly, Simon Willway, Andrew Buckley x 2, Paul Fell x 2, Ben Hughes, John Fitzsimmons, Richard Palmer, Andy Oakes, Janet Heywood, Barry Wilson, John McAtee, Rob Blain, Mike Hill, Paul Calnan, Phil Ashcroft, Josh Forster, Barry Jackson, Andrew Hill


Bramall G.C August 22nd Score OOM
Mick Mahon Dave Westwood Richard Palmer John Farnsworth 94 Maxitours Chill out top each 12
Colin Roberts Carl Deaville Andy Williamson Dave Mason 93 FJ Shirt each 10
Paul Fell Nigel Ashton Colin Bryan Ian Venables 90 Callaway Shirt each 8
Josh Foster Gary Owen Alistair Holloway Anthony Kenny 89 on cpo Callaway Shirt each 6
Warrick Dawson Geoff Bickerton Mike Clewley Kevin Harling 89 Maxitours Cap each 4
Barry Jackson Steve Tate Bob Barrow Chris Meikelham 87 Maxitours bag towel each 2
Gareth Bradley Joe Kirwan Dave Woods Bob Eastwood 86
Jon Hudson Mike Hill Andy Corner Rob Blain 85
Dave Goodwin Andrew Buckley Don Phillips Mike Baker 85
Bob Sutton David Wilkinson Graham Pike John Atkin 85
Paul Gilbert Dave Madeley John Webb Gary Kirkwood 84
Andrew Hill Dave Ashworth Josh Nadin Steve Mobley 84
Phil Ashcroft Mike Jaggs Andy Murphy Martin Davies 83
Martin Prescott Andy Oakes Nick Hargreaves Chris Adams 83
Graeme Grieve Mel Williams Chris Sheppard Ed Pysden 83
Andy Taylor Mike Eardley Chris Perry Andy Strickley 83
Peter Maher Charlie Beadle Nigel Hall Johnny Reaves 83
Neil Laurent John Harrop Ben Hughes Paul McDermott 82
Simon Poucher Brendon Leighton Neil Simpson Steve Bowden 82
Matt Clement Sean Mudalige Mike O’Reilly James Clarke 82
Steve Aspinall Colin Berrry Graham Wilkinson John Fitzsimmons 81
Roy Ainsworth Brian Ankers Mike Verdon Ian Heppington 81
Kev Hart John MacAtee Andrew Mansfield Dean Macfadden 81
Dave Buckley Frank Kelly Simon Willway Paul Konieczny 81
Jason Waite David More O’Ferrell Nick Coleman Paul Calnan 81
Jim Caldwell Joe Wee Simon Maxwell Andrew Aherne 80
Jim Lindsay Andy Stapley Ged Nulty Steve Nulty 79
Steve Heywood Graham Davenport Denis Boud Janet Heywood 78
Lewis Marland Dave Greenwood Phil Dickins Neil Evans 78
Dave Monk John Lynsky Simon Wilkinson Barry Wilson 76
Jim Rymer Mike Dempsey Derek Bowland Pete Newey 75
Martin Williams Martin Bray Mike Kulik Tim Roberts 75
Alison Shipston Frieda Watson James Shipston Phil Watson 74
Russ Sollitt Steve Smith Richard Cooper Craig Savant 73
Ian Lilley John Brooks David Jeffries Chris Hinds 73
Nathan Mills John Barnes Ben Chadderton Rob Norbury 71
Sam Leech Chris Walley Jim Hodges Bob Chesters 71
Josh Street Duncan Cameron Chris Chidley Phil McCurry 40

Maxitours at special Stockport

Bramhall Golf Club Monday 22nd Aug – room for one team

Maxitours at special Stockport

The final day of the midsummer heatwave saw Maxitours visit possibly the best course in Cheshire.

There were great reports from my players throughout the day. This is such a fair golf course and a real pleasure to play. The membership and staff are incredibly friendly and make us feel very welcome indeed. Thanks to everyone at this great Club.

The course is improving year on year and the catering was once again of the very highest standard.

The forecast was for possible thunderstorms so everyone was delighted to get around without being struck by lightning.

Chris Lee really doesn’t like thunder and he was very concerned when he heard an ominous rumble in the distance as he prepared to tee off on the 10th . He was delighted to realize it was team mate Richard Wakefield digesting his half time sausage roll.

Russ Sollitt has struggled a little with his putting in recent months. He makes Marcus Rashford look like he is oozing with confidence. Today Sollitt rolled back the years and had a great day on the greens to help his team into 8th place.

Three teams scored 88 points. The intelligent Doctors team of James and Alison Shipstone, John Hunt and Denis O’Neill were delighted with 88 points despite dropping a shot at the last. The far less intelligent John Newton team from Dunham Forest with Jon Walker, Trevor Roberts and David Linton had a tremendous back nine to sneak the card play off. They were delighted to take second place.

Late in the day Nigel Uttley from Heyrose also scored 88 points but had to settle for fourth place on the card play off.

The Hazel Grove team of Andrew Hill(1), Dave Stewardson(10), Steve Mobley(11) and Callaway rep Tom Gradwell(2) took the honours with 90 points. Gradwell is also a member at Stockport and he used his local knowledge well. Andrew Hill is a class act and has played for Cheshire at every level. He is knocking at the door to get back in the senior team. Great golf guys.

Thanks to everyone for your 100% attendance once again. What a great day.


Nearest the pin 16tth Dozen AD333

Nearest the Pin in 2 on 18th Rob Kenyon Doz AD333

2’s £210 4 pro v1s or 9 srixon AD333

Andy Pickford Tom Butler Eddie Stirling John Hilditch Steve Aspinall Jim Hodges George Kerr Steve Grimoldby Simon Poucher Jackie Richards Andy Buckley Phil Boon Duncan Cocker Tom Gradwell

Stockport 15th Aug
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Andrew Hill, Dave Stewardson, Steve Mobley, Tom Gradwell 90 12 FJ Chill out top
2 John Newton, Trevor Roberts, David Linton, Jon Walker 88 10 FJ shirt each
3 Nigel Uttley, John Vickers, Martin Bray, Martin Williams 88 8 Callway shirt each
4 James Shipston, Denis O’Neill, John Hunt, Alison Shipstone 88 6 Callaway shirt each
5 Gary Nixon, Tom Butler, Saj Hashmi, Eddie Stirling 87 4 Maxitours cap each
6 Tim Spencer , Paul Higgs, Mark Saxon, Steve Marshall 87 2 Maxitours cap each
7 Gary Whittaker, Rob Kenyon, Steve Merricks, Simon Burgess 86
8= Russell Sollitt, Rick Shaw , Richard Cooper, Geoff Wyatt 85
8= John Barnes, Nathan Mills, Ian Cash, Ben Chadderton 85
10 George Kerr, Paul Salt, Steve Blakeway, Neil Pemberton 84
11= Dave Greenwood, Phil Dickens, Neil Evans, Rick Northover 83
11= Roy Ainsworth, Brian Ankers, Dave Hanson, Mike Verdon 83
11= Karl Marginson, Noel Houlihan, Pete Short, Alan Vaughan 83
14= Steve Aspinall, Colin Berry, Jerry Salmon, Graham Wilkinson 82
14= John Hilditch, JP, Jo Pratt, Fiona Anderson 82
14= Andy Buckley, Don Phillips, Stuart Park, Keith Park 82
14= Dave Griffiths , Mick Fenton, Chris Bracchi, Eddie Hughes 82
14= Dan Moss, Ian Cole, Mick Jones, Duncan Cocker 82
19= Colin Roberts, Nigel Armitage, Dave Marchant, Dave Mason 81
19= Ian Ogden, Nigel Ashton, Ian Fearns, Colin Bryan 81
19= Jon Hudson, Mike Hill, Andy Corner, Gary Brooks 81
19= Jim Lindsay, Phil Young, Dan Heaphy, Andy Stapley 81
23 Simon Hemsley, Dave Woods, Marcus Green, Ian King 80
24= Gary Philips, Pete Maher, Charlie Beadle, Johnny Reeves 79
24= Dave Carter, Paul Bailey, Lester Jackson, Rick Howard 79
24= Rob Platt, Steve Barber, Tim Barstow, Glyn Utley 79
24= Ian Goulty, CJ, Peter Veitch, Andy Veitch 79
24= Graham Davenport, Chris Lee, Tony Woodford, Rick Wakefield 79
24= Richard Taylor-Carr, Trevor Nicholson, Steve Grimoldby, Glynn Evans 79
24= Simon Poucher, Brendan Leighton, Di Stow, Jackie Richards 79
24= Phil Gow, Philip Book, Mark Sanderson, Chris Thomas 79
32 Mick Mahon, Dave Westwood, John Farnsworth, Richard Palmer 78
33= Ben Hughes, Peter Hoctor, John Harrop, Chris Burnett 77
33= John Webb, Paul Gilbert, Martin Quinn, Alastair Curry 77
33= Mike Dempsey, Derek Borland, Jim Rymer, Phil Sellen 77
33= Sam Leach, Chris Walley, Bob Chesters, Jim Hodges 77
33= Pete Norbury, Lee Tilley, Billy Coleman, Dave Rhodes 77
38 John Cox, Andrew Cox, Pat Taylor, Anne Cox 76
39 Martin Williams, Martin Bray, Simon Hartland, Mike Kulik 75
40 Pete Fotheringham, Dave Snape, Phil Robinson, Dave Goodwin 74

Bramhall start sheet

Monday 22nd Aug

8.40 John Atkin x4

8.49 Simon Hemsley x4

8.58 Colin Roberts x4

9.07 Jim Caldwell x4

9.16 Ed Pysden x4

9.25 Dave Buckley x4

9.34 Dave Goodwin x4

9.43 Paul Fell x4

9.52 Martin Humphries x4

10.01 Neil Laurent x4

10.10 Lewis Marland x4

10.19 Mark Hagarty x4

10.28 Jim Rymer x4

10.36 Steve Aspinall x4

10.45 Mick Mahon x4

10.54 Roy Ainsworth x4

11.03 Steve Hall x4

11.12 Jim Lindsay x4

11.21 Simon Poucher x4

11.30 Gary Phillips x4

11.39 Ian Lilley x4

11.48 Sam Leach x4

11.57 John Hunt x4

12.06 Mike George x4

12.15 Jack Coleman x4

12.24 Kev Hart x4

12.33 Dave Sully x4

12.42 Dave Monk x4

12.51 Andy Talyor x4

1.00 Paul Gilbert x4

1.09 Ian Hellens x4

1.18 Adam Carolan x4

1.27 Russ Sollitt x4

1.36 Gary Neiles x4


1.54 Martin Williams x4

2.03 John Hudson x4

2.12 Nathan Mills x4

2.21 Gary Owen x4

2.30 Barry Jackson x4

2.40 Andrew Hill x4

Maxitours at Classy Crewe

Maxitours at Classy Crewe

Crewe is a terrific Cheshire course with oodles of character and charm. The back nine is a classic with three or four great risk and reward holes to test your strategic skills. I love it here.

The bacon Sandwiches were great and the recently renovated clubhouse looks first class. Thanks to Nathan and his team for all their help today.

It was the second hottest day of the year but nothing stops Stuart Hibbert from playing. Stuart is now famous in the North West as having the highest Maxitours handicap and he is formally recognized as the worst ever player in Maxitours history. He teed off early this morning but team mate Paul Evans feared that the heat was already too much. ‘Stuart wants to enter the two’s- I think he might be delirious’.

Dave Buckley thought he had made a two when he hit his driver to six inches on the par four 12th . Unfortunately he was aiming at the 16th green and walked off with a par.

Alex Jerman is a lovely bloke and a crow expert. He loves them. So much so that he joined Wilmslow Golf Club which has a crow with a golf ball in its mouth as its emblem. Today he saw a crow on the 13th which he thought looked in distress. Bird lover Alex was desperately thirsty himself but in an act of great heroism he carefully poured the last drops of his bottled water into a sprinkler head for the crow. The bird totally ignored him and flew off to a nearby lake.

Pete Newey is a great bloke from Birmingham. I can’t understand anything he is talking about. Today it took me three minutes to work out he was saying ‘Mid table mediocrity’ When he handed his card in.

In today’s event scoring was once again close and the legend of Maxitours players integrity continues to grow.

Dukinfields’ Neale Laurent took third place with 85 points. The Bramall team led by Rob Kenyon was leading for much of the afternoon with 86 points before the Sandiway quartet of Gary Neiles, Richard Melrose, Henry Melrose and Paul Hurst took the lead late in the day. Seven handicap Henry Melrose caught fire and played his closing eight holes three under par. Excellent.

Thanks to everyone for your support, Tim

Nearest the pin 5th Ian Flavell Dozen AD333

Nearest the pin 8th Don Bailey Dozen AD333

2’s £185 7 pro V1s or 15 srixon AD 333

Don Bailey Jim Caldwell Gary Leek Andy Oakes Karl Marginson Alex Jarman Kenny Stevens

Crewe 9th Aug 22
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Gary Neiles, Richard Melrose, Henry Melrose, Paul Hurst 86 12 FJ Chill out top
2 Dave Williams , Hugh Bilby, Rob Kenyon, Steve Merricks 86 10 Doz Taylor Made TP5X
3 Neale Laurent, Mark Turner, John Harrop, Paul McDermott 85 8 Callaway shirt
4 Jim Caldwell, Don Bailey, Steve Barlow, Russell Cash 85 6 Callaway shirt
5 Alex Jarman, Paul Woodbine, Phil Robinson, Dave Goodwin 84 4 Maxitours bag towel each
6 Karl Marginson, Noel Houlihan, Neil Shelmerdine , Mark Foley 84 2 Maxitours cap each
7= Gary Owen, Alistair Holloway, Mark Bone, Alan Gale 83
7= Peter McElkerney, Keith Perry, Keith Swindell, Alan Owens 83
7= Dave Kelly, Pete Maher, Charlie Beadle, Johnny Reeves 83
7= Jimmy McEwan, Mark Devaney, Steve Woods , Neil Edwards 83
11= Paul Fell, Nigel Ashton, Mike Lowe, Colin Bryan 82
11= Mike George, Mark Clare, Tim Tighe, Stan Devlin 82
13= Simon Hemsley, Martin Berrisford, Marcus Green, Joe Kirwan 81
13= Dave Buckley, Paul Jones, Dave Shafer, Al Thomas 81
13= John Atkin, Bob Sutton, David Wilkinson, Richard T-Carr 81
13= Mike Dempsey, Pete Newey, Jim Rymer, Hamish Ogilvie 81
17= Gary Leek, Malcolm Bates, Alan Campbell, Stuart Smith 80
17= Steve Hall, Chris Adams, Chris Oakes, Nick Hargreaves 80
17= James Shipston, Denis O’Neill, John Hunt, Alison Shipstone 80
17= Gavinder Sehmi, Paul Salt, Martin Pugh, George Kerr 80
17= Bob Kwan, Andy Adshead, Mark Richardson, Andy Scott 80
22 Dave Stewardson, Ian Flavell, Dan Gurney, Dave Kane 79
23 Lewis Marland, Phil Dickens, Neil Evans, Steve Schofield 78
24 Colin Roberts, Nigel Armitage, Carl Deaville, Dave Mason 77
25= Paul Browne, Dave Carlile, Dale Wallace, Simon Poucher 76
25= Paul Evans, Tony Evans, Stuart Hibbert, Dave Pearson 76
27 Mark Birtwistle, Ian Neilson, Dave Smith, Barry Rigby 75
28= Dave Monk, Barry Wilson, Jerry Salmon, John Lynsky 71
28= Andy Taylor, Chris Perry, Mike Eardley, Paul Hadlee 71
30 Martin Humphries, Roy Adkins, Keith Shale, Paul Webb 70

Stockport Monday 15th Aug

8.57 Simon Hemsley x4

9.05 Colin Roberts x4

9.13 Rob Platt x4

9.22 Paul Gilbert x4

9.31 Martin Bramwell x4

9.40 Jon Hudson x4

9.54 Dave Buckley x4

10.03 Dave Goodwin x4

10.12 Paul Fell x4

10.21 Matt Cheffins x4

10.30 John Hilditchx4

10.39 Neil Laurent x4

10.48 Lewis Marland x4

10.57 Steve Aspinall x4

11.06 Sam Leach x4

11.15 Jim Rymer x4

11.24 Simon Raine x4

11.33 Mick Mahon x4

11.42 Russ Sollitt x4

11.51 Dave Monk x4

12.00 Gary Phillips x4

12.09 Roy Ainsworth x4

12.18 John Hunt x4

12.27 Mike George x4

12.36 Kev Hart x4

12.45 Dave Sully x4

12.54 Martin Williams x4

1.02 Ian Hellens x4

1.10 Nigel Uttley x4

1.19 Tim Spencer x4

1.28 Les Russon x4

1.39 Jim Lindsay x4

1.48 Mark Hagarty x4

1.57 Simon Poucher x4

2.06 Richard Blackwell x4

2.15 Andy Buckley x4

2.24 Andrew Cox x4

2.30 Dave Holden x4

2.33 Nathan Mills x4

2.42 Lee Tilley x4

2.50 Dan Moss x4

2.59 Andrew Hill x4

Maxitours at stunning Knutsford

Amazing upcoming Maxitours events!

Crewe next Tuesday– room for 1 team – I am looking forward to visiting the Classis Cheshire course
Stockport Monday 15th Aug– room for 1 team – ‘The best course in Cheshire?’ Its brilliant.

Maxitours at stunning Knutsford

Glorious sunshine, freshly cut fairways, hand mowed and ironed greens and a quality field were the order of the day at Knutsford. What a club.

Dave Jones and his class green keeping team have got the course in tremendous shape and there was continual praise throughout the day from all my players- thanks guys. The course is famous for its drainage and after terrific work by Dave over the past few years it probably won’t shut at all this winter.

‘Those are the best fairways I have played on all year, in fact they are better than the carpet in my front room.’ Admitted Brian Ankers. Roy Ainsworth has been to Brians house and he fully agreed.

Clubhouse manager Steve Barker is known as ‘Mr hospitality’ and the kind hearted man and his team were terrific throughout the day.

Dave Snape has a good swing but sometimes gets into trouble if he gets a bit quick. He also loves his food. When his bacon butty arrived this morning the transition of the sandwich from plate to mouth was a bit snatchy. He was completely out of sync and took a bite out of his finger. Slow it all down Dave.

Plane spotter Nigel Ashton loves Knutsford as he doesn’t have to play well to enjoy his day – ‘the wind is absolutely perfect’ he declared on arrival.
‘Why? Is it helping your slice on the first?’ I enquired.
‘No it means the planes are taking off on runway 2.’

Eighty year old Brian Ankers had a two. No this is not a misprint Brian Ankers actually had a two. After 8 years of trying.
Ankers actually had two incredible holes. On the 4th hole the short sighted Lymm man went for the wrong green with his approach and was so annoyed with himself he chipped in from 40 yards for a par. He then followed this with his famous two on the 5th. Keep it up Brian.

Denton’s Barry Jackson loves playing at Knutsford as he arrives in a taxi, plays golf and then has a night out trying to talk to posh ladies in Knutsford with his 4 ball. They normally enjoy themselves with absolutely no ‘success’ on or off the course. It could be a big night for the lads tonight as Barry holed his second shot on the 18th for an eagle to take 3rd place and the team headed off for their night out in a more confident mood than usual.

Wilmslows wealthy businessman Jim Caldwell and his team had a great back nine to take 2nd place. They were having an average round before securing 8 point hauls on the 15th and 17th holes to catapult into the prizes. Andrew Aherne, Dave Thomas and Steve Perret completed the team.

Winning today were the Hale quartet of Glynn Isaacs, Martin Quinn, Phil Long and Dave ‘putter thrower’ Madely. Hale teams have played in many Maxitours events without much success but the likeable quartet changed all that today. Even Glynn Isaacs played well. Excellent guys- great golfing!

Thanks to everyone for your support and integrity.

I know you had a great day.


3rd Hole Nearest the pin Andrew Aherne Doz AD333

5th Nearest the pin Si Hemsley Doz AD333

2’s £140 7 pro v1s or 15 srixon AD333
Phil Long Brian Ankers Barry Jackson x2 Paul Fell James Mooney

Knutsford 4th Aug 22
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Dave Madely, Philip Long, Glynn Isaacs, Martin Quinn 86 12 Maxitours Chill out top
2 Jim Caldwell, Steve Perrett, Dave Thomas, Andrew Aherne 85 10 Maxitours FJ Shirt
3 Barry Jackson, Steve Tate, Pete Sakalas, Steve Walsh 85 8 Callaway shirt each
4 Simon Hemsley, Dave Keen, Marcus Green, Joe Kirwan 85 6 Callaway shirt each
5 Dave Monk, Nick Steele, Simon Wilkinson, John Lynsky 85 4 Maxitours bag towel each
6 Karl Marginson, Noel Houlihan, Colin Tichias, Steve Tobin 84 2
7 Colin Roberts, Nigel Armitage, Jim Egerton, Andy Buckley 84
8= Roy Ainsworth, Brian Ankers, Richard Robinson, Dave Hansom 83
8= Sam Leach, Andy Phillips, Bob Chesters, Jim Hodges 83
10= Mick Mahon, Dave Westwood, Gary Hodginson, Richard Palmer 82
10= Richard Blackwell, John Hilton, Adam Thompson, Steve Austin 82
12= Neale Laurent, Mark Turner, John Harrop, Chris Burnett 81
12= Lewis Marland, Phil Dickens, Nick Ford, Steve Schofield 81
14 Phil Ashcroft, Andy Murphy, Ian Bishop, John Carr 80
15= Dave Snape, Paul Woodbine, Phil Robinson, Dave Goodwin 79
15= Dave Buckley, John Horton, Steve Tyler, Lester Jackson 79
15= Roger Percival, Tim Backshaw, Dave Tate, Pete Atherton 79
18 Gary Phillips, Pete Maher, Charlie Beadle, Nigel Hall 78
19 Paul Fell, Nigel Ashton, Paul Ralph, Ian Fearns 77
20 Martin Pugh, Norrie Irwin, Pete Brown, Paul Salt 75
21 Nathan Mills, John Barnes, Ian Cash, James Mooney 71

Maxitours at Crewe
Tuesday 9th Aug
10.00 John Atkin x4
10.09 Simon Hemsley x4
10.18 Colin Roberts x4
10.27 Jim Caldwell x4
10.36 Dave Buckley x4
10.45 Gary Owen x4
10.54 Paul Fell x4
11.03 Martin Humphries x4
11.12 Neil Laurent x4
11.20 Lewis Marland x4
11.29 Gary Leek x4
11.36 Mike George x4
11.45 Paul Evans x4
11.54 Paul Browne x4
12.03 Pete McElkerney x4
12.12 Dave Monk x4
12.21 Steve Hall x4
12.30 Gary Phillips x4
12.39 John Hunt x4
12.56 Kev Hart x4
1.05 Dave Goodwin x4
1.14 Jimmy McEwan x4
1.23 Ian Hellens x4
1.32 Les Russon x4
1.41 Andy Taylor x4
1.50 Jim Rymer x4
2.07 Gary Neiles x4
2.16 Lee Tilley x4
2.24 Dave Griffiths x4
2.33 David Smith x4
2.42 Steve Parle x4
2.51 Bill Melia x4
3.00 Dave Stewardson tbc