Stockport cancelled

Dear Maxitours player

Tomorrow’s event has been cancelled the course is playable today but heavy overnight rain has been forecast which will make it just too wet

The event will hopefully be rescheduled

Sorry for any inconvenience

Thanks Tim

Latest Xentum Order of Merit and spaces at Stockport on Thursday

Spaces at the following great events this Spring:

Thursday and Friday Prestbury and Mottram Hall 2 day classic 26th and 27th March
Vale Royal Friday 3rd April
Vale of Llangollen Friday 17th April
Vale Royal Friday 1st May

Dear Maxitours player,
There are still spaces in the rearranged event at Stockport on Thursday 12pm shotgun. Forecasts vary but looks like sunshine and light showers according to the BBC so we should be fine!

I will post course condition updates on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning before 9am on my website

Yours in Golf,

Stockport start sheet
Thursday 20th February 12pm Shotgun

1 Lewis Marland x4
1b Mick Mahon x4
2 Paul Fell x4
3a Roy Sinclair x4
3b Paul Dalby x4
4a Dave Blood x4
4b Ian Hellens x4
5 John Lindsay x4
6a Jim Caldwell x4
7b Steve Aspinall x4
8 Mike Georgex4
9b Sam Leach x4
10a Les Russon x4.
10b John Hunt x4
11 Andrew Cox x4
12a Neil Edwards x4
13 Kev Hart x4
14 Ray Tennant x3 Richard Blackwell x1
15 Gary Neiles x4
16 Chih Hu x4
16b Lee Tilley x4
17 Colin Roberts x4
18a Si Hemsley x4
18b Jim Rymer x4

With 14 events left on the Winter Spring Schedule there is lots of golf to be played on the Xentum Order of Merit. Top 10 players all qualify for the famous 9 hole Xentum shootout after the Knutsford singles event. Stay focussed. Tim.

The latest Xentum Sponsored Order of Merit

1 Paul Dalby 59
1 Barney Ross 59
3 Gary Neiles 50
4 Matt Birch 34
5 Iain Bartholomew32
5 John Owen 32
5 Phil Vokes 32
8 Nigel Ashton 31
9 Jim Caldwell 30
9 Jim Clarke 30
9 John Hilton 30
9 John Morton 30
13 Rob Kenyon 29
13 Les Russon 29
15 Jimmy Ainscough 28
15 Colin Bryan 28
15 Paul Fell 28
18 Alan Fober 26
18 Roger Percival 26
18 Ed Wilkinson 26
21 Andrew Aherne 24
21 Craig Dyson 24
21 Steve Merricks 24
21 Sam Wilson 24
25 Andy Hamlett 23
25 Mike Lowe 23
27 Graham Jackson22
27 Pete Ledger 22
29 Richard Blackwell21
30 Neil Edwards 20
30 John Hilditch 20
30 Brian Hopkins 20
30 Steve Marsh 20
30 Jim McEwan 20
30 Adie Price 20
30 Steve Woods 20
37 Pete Atherton 18
37 Jimmy Booth 18
37 David Fidler 18
37 Peter Griggs 18
37 Kev Hart 18
37 Paul Yearsley 18
43 Steve Austin 16
43 Andy Buckley 16
43 Mark Clewley 16
43 Matt Jansen 16
43 Warren Newton 16
48 John Harrop 15
48 Neale Laurent 15
50 Luke Bartram 14
50 Chris Clarke 14
50 Martin France 14
50 John Longworth 14
50 Neil Worthington 14
55 Dave Goodwin 13
55 Martin Keates 13
55 Paul Woodbine 13
58 Steve Aspinall 12
58 Don Bailey 12
58 Steve Barlow 12
58 Colin Berry 12
58 Dave Blease 12
58 Steve Blakeway 12
58 Russell Cash 12
58 Dave Cooper 12
58 Martin Firth 12
58 Sam Garnett 12
58 Ian Hellens 12
58 Dave Marchant 12
58 David Mason 12
58 Phil McCurry 12
58 Dan Moore 12
58 Alan Morris 12
58 Jimmy Norris 12
58 John Norton 12
58 Rob Parry 12
58 Alan Simpson 12
58 Graham Wilkinson 12
79 Kevan Hawkins 11
80 George Andrews 10
80 Nigel Armitage 10
80 Jason Atherton 10
80 Gareth Bradley 10
80 Jordan Brown 10
80 Noel Chapman 10
80 Mike Clewley 10
80 Mark Delaney 10
80 Simon Hemsley 10
80 Peter Houston 10
80 Tony Jennison 10
80 Joe Kirwan 10
80 Steve Lawless 10
80 Damon Lawrenson 10
80 Andrew Mansfield 10
80 Scott Mason 10
80 John Pratt 10
80 Colin Roberts 10
80 Paul Sherlock 10
80 Connor Taylor 10
80 Mike Thomas 10
80 David Waite 10
80 Martin Yeates 10
103 Barry Simpson 9
103 Roy Sinclair 9
103 Rob Smallman 9
103 Ross Sullitt 9
107 Chris Bland 8
107 Pete Booth 8
107 Phil Dickens 8
107 Nigel Emmest 8
107 John Farnsworth 1
107 Mark Hagerty 8
107 Nigel Hallows 8
107 Dave Haycock 8
107 John Hughes 8
107 Lewis Marland 8
107 Pete Moss 8
107 Richard Palmer 8
107 Steve Shaw 8
107 Leigh Smart 8
107 Ray Tennant 8
107 Darren Whittaker 8
123 Rob Blaine 6
123 Gary Brooks 6
123 Lee Charnley 6
123 Al Demmy 6
123 Bob Eastwood 6
123 Mickey Gray 6
123 John Harker 6
123 Mick Hill 6
123 Jon Hudson 6
123 Pat Keenan 6
123 Mike Lamb 6
123 Nigel Milroy 6
123 Paddy Moran 6
123 Dave Parry 6
123 Rick Shaw 6
123 Brian Smith 6
123 Garry Smith 6
123 Russ Sollitt 6
123 Gav Spencer 6
123 Nick Sutton 6
123 Andy Veitch 6
123 Peter Veitch 6
123 Dave Woods 6
123 Jake Paolo Yeoman 6
123 Phil Young 6
148 Chris Adams 4
148 Will Atherton 4
148 Andy Bennett 4
148 Fred Bridge 4
148 Roger Brook 4
148 Allan Brown 4
148 Mike Brown 4
148 Simon Burgess 4
148 Nigel Currie 4
148 Nigel Davenport 4
148 Graham Davenport 4
148 Mark Drabble 4
148 John Evans 4
148 Paul Fielding 4
148 Steve Fisher 4
148 John Fiorster 4
148 Brian Greenbank 4
148 Steve Heywood 4
148 Ken Jee 4
148 Richard Johnson 4
148 Crispin Jordan 4
148 Jim Kenyon 4
148 Guy Levers 4
148 Simon Moorhouse 4
148 Garry Owen 4
148 Ed Pysden 4
148 Leo Sewell 4
148 John Selby 4
148 Richard Stockdale 4
148 Paul Studley 4
148 David Sully 4
148 Richard Wakefield 4
180 Neil Tidd 3
181 Chris Chilton 2
181 John Fitzsimmons 2
181 Ian Handy 2
181 David Howell 2
181 Chris Jackson 2
181 Ian King 2
181 Keith Park 2
181 Stuart Park 2
181 Alan Pengelly 2
181 Denis Ratcliffe 2
181 Phil Robinson 2
181 Chris Round 2
181 Chris Roulane 2
181 Norman Stander 2
181 Ste Starr 2
181 Andy Stokes 2
181 Mike Webb 2
181 Simon Wilkinson 2
181 Richard Williamson 2
181 Barry Wilson 2
181 Josh Woods 2
181 Paul Wrench 2
181 Joe Yates 2
204 Simon Walton 1

Maxitours event at Stockport now Thursday + fabulous Dunham results

*Mondays Stockport event has been moved to Thursday 12PM Shotgun!!!

Due to the large amount of rainfall forecast over the next few days we have decided to move the event from Monday to Thursday next week. Sorry for any inconvenience. Please let me know asap if your team can not make Thursday- A FEW TEAM SPACES MAY BECOME AVAILABLE IF YOU WISH TO ENTER

Maxitours at Dunham Forest

Dunham Forest proved what a fantastic Winter course it is as it hosted todays Maxitours event.
Despite heavy overnight rain the golf course was more than playable:
‘Considering the rain that was great!’ Announced Andy Shaw
‘That was surprisingly good! What a great Winter course’ Said a delighted Jim Caldwell.
‘I’d play on there every week!’ Declared Les Edwardson.

Thanks to Dunham Forest for helping 100 players enjoy their weekly fix of golf. The winter membership sells well and it is easy to see why when so many rival courses are closed.

With Valentines Day just around the corner it was great to see two couples playing with each other in todays event. Alison and James Shipstone always enjoy playing together despite the fact that Alison is much better than her husband. Barney Ross and Paul Dalby were teamed up with Sarah Ormrod and her partner Dave Greenwood. They were impressed with the Lancastrian lovers. . ‘I can’t believe how nice they were to each other all day.’ Reported Barney. ‘I don’t think I could be that nice to my missus on the golf course.’

Martin Keates wants a divorce from his team. They were 16 under par through ten holes before collapsing on the closing holes to finish just 12 under.

The Stockport team turned up today and they told me that they were good friends with my old French teacher Mr Gregory who is a lovely man and a member at Stockport. Apparently, Peter Bottoman had a chat with him and said that he didn’t know I could speak French. My old teacher replied ‘He Can’t’
I didn’t know my old teacher played golf…
‘He can’t’ came the reply.

Everybody;s favourite Maxitours player Colin Roberts and his team made a rare appearance in the prizes. Dave Mason, Dave Marchant and Nigel Armitage all played better than usual to take 3rd place.

Single figure player Tony Jennison inspired his team and Dan Moore, Andy Hamlett and Steve ‘the billion dollar man’ Austin all contributed well. Moore made a great two on the tough 8th hole towards the end of the round to keep the team score ticking over. They were delighted to finish in 2nd place.

Winning today was the Birchwood team of Steve Aspinall (10)Colin Berry (12)Graham Wilkinson(9) and Alan Simpson(13). These are also regular players who have many barren weeks but found some great form today. When I asked them why they won they replied that they weren’t as daft as usual.

Thanks to everyone for your superb attendance today.

Yours in Golf, Tim

2’s £170 3 pro VV1s or 7 srixon AD333 per 2 Steve Aspinall Graham Wilkinson Alan Simpson Dan Moore John Longworth Paul Fell Colin Bryan Andy Stokes John Moorhead Martin Keates Steve Marsh Neil Worthington Hugh Mullin John Hunt Dave Greenwood Gareth Bradley

Nearest the Pin 8th Dozen AD333 John Longworth
Nearest the Pin 18th Dozen AD333 Paul Fell

Dunham 13-Feb-2020
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Steve Aspinall, Colin Berry, Graham Wilkinson, Alan Simpson 91 12 Maxitours lambswool sweater each
2 Andy Hamlett, Tony Jennison, Dan Moore, Steve Austin 90 8 Maxitours FJ shirt each
3 Colin Roberts, Dave Mason, Dave Marchant, Nigel Armitage 88 6 Maxitours shirt each
4 Gary Neiles, John Longworth, John Hilton, Jimmy Ainscough 88 4 Maxitours shirt each
5 Paul Fell, John Evans, Colin Bryan, Mike Lowe 87 2 Maxitours bag towel
6= Barry Wilson, Simon Wilkinson, Andy Stokes, John Fitzsimmons 87
6= Roger Percival, Ed Wilkinson, Martin France, Pete Atherton 87
8 Lesley Edwardson, Paul Hitchin, Gary Wright, Alan Forman 86
9= Jim Caldwell, Peter Griggs, Bob Pickthall, John Kelsall 85
9= Mark Pasquill, Andy Shaw, Dave Tongue, John Moorfield 85
11= Les Russon, Steve Rosier, Steve Merricks, Rob Kenyon 84
11= Steve Marsh, Martin Keates, Darren Whittaker, Neil Worthington 84
11= Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer, John Farnsworth, Dave Westwood 84
14= Simon Hemsley, Joe Kirwan, Gareth Bradley, Ian King 83
14= Lewis Marland, Neale Laurent, Phil Dickens, Dave Wharley 83
14= Hugh Mullin, John Bent, Dave Bowers, Steve Latchford 83
17 Warren Newton, Mickey Gray, Matt Jansen, Gary Connor 82
18= John Hunt, Alison Shipstone, Jemes Shipstone, Denis O’Neill 81
18= Ian Gemmell, Peter Bottoman, David Hall, Len Hampson 81
20= Kev Hart, Jimmy Booth, Paul Yearsley, Carl Scott 78
20= Dave Greenwood, Sarah Ormrod, Paul Dalby, Barney Ross 78
20= Chris Hammond, Ross Gregory, Sam Howarth, Peter Roche 78
23 Chris Bracchi, Dave Griffiths, Don Milligan, Mick Fenton 77
24 Chi Hu, Don Shadwag, George Maddison, Nigel Milroy 73

Dunham event very much on!!

*1 player required with Gary Neiles team

Dear Maxitours player

The forecast looks excellent for tomorrow afternoon with winds easing and temperatures rising after overnight rain so things should be great for our 12pm shotgun.

Course information will be updated in the morning at 9am after I have a chat with their highly respected professional Paul Dennis and excellent head green keeper David Lippiatte but after speaking to them both today everything looks positive unless we have really heavy rainfall

There is some debris on the course which is to be expected after the storm but the greens are in their usual super condition

Yours in golf


Maxitours at Classy Caldy

*Please inform your team -Next week at Dunham is 12pm shotgun*

Maxitours at Classy Caldy

An incredible day was enjoyed by my Maxitours players at Caldy.
Clear blue skies with just the hint of a zephyr from the West meant absolutely perfect golfing weather.

The course was in truly magnificent condition. Excellent Head green keeper Carl Frocher still remained frustrated as he had hoped to hand cut the greens for us this morning but he was unable to due to the heavy overnight frost. They were still magnificent. Thanks for your great work Carl.

The Players event at TPC Sawgrass takes place in just over a month and The Masters starts in eight weeks time. With a few daffodils and crocuses lining the fairways it really feels like we have broken the back of Winter.. Woo-hoo!

Lancastrian entertainer Stuart Roach played today and he turned up in his tour van. He does a ‘trio tribute act’ of David Bowie, Frank Sinatra and Neil Diamond and has his picture plastered on the side of his motor. He impersonated top Golf Professional Tiger Woods on the front nine as his team collected an impressive 42 points however he was more Tim Maxwell on the back nine when the team collected a paltry 28 points.

In todays event only Roy Ainsworths team scored more points on the testing back nine than the easier front nine.
Gary Neiles Sandiway team took third place with 79 points narrowly beating Les Russons Bramall men on the back nine play off.
Withington Solicitor Martin Keates(3) loves it at Caldy as it was the scene of his only ever Maxitours victory last year. They reassembled the winning team of Iain Bartholomew(1) Kev Hawkins(8) and John Owen(9) and nearly pulled it off again! Their 80 points was good enough for second place.
Carden Parks Paul Fell(4) Mike Lowe(10) Nigel Ashton(12) and Colin Bryan(8) could see their Welsh homeland over the Dee Estuary all day and they were inspired by the stunning views. Fell birdied both par 3’s and par 5’s on his front nine and managed to steer his team home safely with a battling back nine.

Well played chaps, great scoring on a golf course that was playing long today.
Thanks to everyone for playing and travelling to posh Merseyside.
I’m getting out of here quickly as I’ve met enough chirpy Liverpool supporters for one day.

Yours in Golf,


Nearest the Pin 2nd Ian Hebenton Doz AD333
Nearest the pin 17th Paul Fell Doz AD333

2’s sweep £175 4 pro v1 or 9 srixon AD333
Roger Percival Dave Bolton Mike Sallebank Paul Yearsley Nigel Currie x2 Peter Roche Dave McDougall Paul Fell x2 Brian Greenbank Peter Griggs Dave Greenwood Paul Allen

Caldy 6-Feb-2020
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Paul Fell, Nigel Ashton, Colin Bryan, Mike Lowe 82 12 Maxitours lambswool sweater each
2 Iain Bartholomew, Martin Yeates, John Owen, Kev Hawkins 80 10 FJ Maxitours shirt each
3 Gary Neiles, John Longworth, John Morton, Jimmy Ainscough 79 8 Callaway shirt each
4 Les Russon, Gav Spencer, Steve Merricks, Rob Kenyon 79 6 Callaway shirt each
5 Steve Fisher, Nigel Currie, Paul Fielding, Crispin Jordan 79 4 Callaway shirt each
6 Simon Hemsley, Joe Kirwan, Gareth Bradley, Ian King 78 2 Maxitours bag towel each
7= Mike Sallabank, Dave Bolton, Mike Bolton, Bob King 77
7= Ed Pysden, Fred Bridge, Bernie Mullins, Simon Moorhouse 77
9= Kev Hart, Jimmy Booth, Paul Yearsley, Andrew Mansfield 75
9= Lewis Marland, Kevin Seaton, Phil Dickens, Rick Cotton 75
9= Chris Adams, Steve Hall, Paul Allen, Richard Johnson 75
9= Martin Bramwell, Peter Veitch, Brian Greenbank, Ian Goulty 75
13= David Kelly, Bob Sutton, Stuart Blake, David Wilkinson 74
13= Steve Aspinall, Colin Berry, Graham Wilkinson, Alan Simpson 74
13= Neale Laurent, Jack Schofield, John Harrop, Paul McDermott 74
16= John Hilditch, Leo Sewell, John Walton, Paul Smith 73
16= Mike George, Caroline George, Gordon Tilzey, Chris Iceley 73
16= Chris Hammond, Bill Smith, John Barber, Len Hampson 73
16= Ian Hellens, Richard Greenhill, Paul Robinson, Martin Pugh 73
20 Jim Caldwell, Peter Griggs, Andrew Aherne, Andrew Greene 72
21 Jim Rymer, Dave McDougall, Phil Sellen, Mike Dempsey 71
22 Trevor Webb, Trevor Nicholson, Steve Foxcroft, John Horsley 70
23 Colin Roberts, Dave Mason, Dave Marchant, Nigel Armitage 69
24 Peter Roche, Ross Gregory, Peter Bottoman, Richard Parker 68
25 Roy Ainsworth, David Lowe, Ian Hebenton, Brian Ankers 64

Maxitours at Dunham Forest 12.00pm shotgun

1a Bri Hopkins x4
1b Gary Neiles x4
2b Lee Tilley x4
4a Roger Percival x4
4bRichard Blackwell
5 Jim Caldwell x4
6a Mi George x4
6b Roy Ainsworth x4
7 Hugh Mullin x4
8 Paul Wrigley x4
9aColin Roberts x4
9b Si Hemsley x4
10 Jim Clarke x4
11a Dave Blood x4
11b Lewis Marland x4
12 Mick Mahon x4
13 John Hunt x4
13b Chi Hu x4
14a Paul Fell x4
14b Les Russon
15 Barry Wilson x4
15a Neil Edwards x4
15b Paul Wrigley x4 tbc
16a John Wallis x4
16b Kev Hart x4
17a Chris Hammond x4
17b Peter Roche x4
18 Dave Sully x4

Res Chris Bracchi x4
Martin Humphries x4
Ray Tennant x4