Thurs 14th to 18th Portugal oversees event Quinta do Lago
Vale Royal Weds 20th Jan AM AM £25.00

Fairhaven Tues 26th Jan AM AM £30.00


Stockport Mon 1st Feb AM AM £27.50
North Wales Thurs 11th Feb AM AM £25
Weds 17th Feb Warrington AM AM £25
Eaton Thu 25th Feb AM AM £25.00

Ringway Thurs 4th Mar Pairs £25
Conwy Mon 8th Mar AM AM £30.00
Formby Hall Weds 17th Mar AM AM £25.00

Cheshire Classic £55
Mottram Hall and Prestbury Fri 26th Mar AM AM £55.00

Vale Royal Weds 31st Mar AM AM £25


Caldy Thu 8th Apr AM AM £30.00
Mere Tues 13th Apr AM AM £30
Hazel Grove (was Vale of LLangollen) now Thurs 15th Apr AM AM £25
Helsby Thurs 22nd Apr AM AM £25.00
Bramhall Mon 26th Apr AM AM

Knutsford singles Thurs 29th Apr and Xentum shootout £25

Preston Mon 3rd May 10-3pm AM AM £25.00
Romiley Tues 11th May 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Pleasington Weds 19th May AM AM 9.30am-3.15pm £27.50

Bramall Park Tues 25th May 10am-3.00pm AM AM £25.00

Vale Royal Weds 2nd June 8.30-3.15pm AM AM £25.00
Conwy and North Wales Mon 7th & 8th June 10am-3pm AM AM £65.00

Bolton Old Links Fri 11th June AM AM 9-11am-1-3pm £25
Hazel Grove Thurs 17th June AM AM 10am-3pm £25.00
Bromborough Weds 23rd June AM AM 9.30am-2.50pm £30.00

Davenport Thu 1st July 10-3pm Pairs £25.00
Lancaster Mon 5th July 10am-3pm AM AM £27.50
Pleasington Weds 14th July AM AM 9.30am-3.15pm £27.50
Hopwood Mon 19th July AM AM (was 21st)10.00am-3pm £27.50
Lymm Tues 27th July 10-3.00pm AM AM £25.00

Vale Royal Weds 4th Aug 8.30am-3.15pm AM AM £25
Cavendish Tues 10th Aug AM AM 10am-3pm £25.00
Ringway Thurs 12th Aug AM AM 9.00am-3pm £27.50
Stockport Mon 16th Aug 9.00am-3.00pm AM AM £27.50

Knutsford Tues 24th Aug 8.30am-3pm AM AM £25

Clitheroe Mon 30th Aug 10am-3pm AM AM £25

Davyhulme Thurs 2nd Sept (was 26th Aug) 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00


Hazel Grove Mon 6th Sept AM AM 10am-3pm £25.00

Leigh Tues 14th Sept 9am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Helsby Thurs 23th Sept AM AM 9.30am-3pm £25.00
Bramhall Mon 27th Sept AM AM £25.00

Preston Weds 29th Sept AM AM £25.00


Vale of Llangollen Fri 8th Oct 9.00am-2.00pm AM AM £25
Hopwood Thurs 14th Oct Pairs 10.00am-3pm £30.00
Stockport Mon 18th Oct 8.30am-2pm AM AM £27.50
Prestbury Charity Day Thurs 21st Oct (was 14th) 9am-2pm AM AM £200 team

Maxitours Winter/Spring Schedule Starts

Preston AM AM Mon 25th Oct AM AM £25.00


Formby Hall Thur 4th Nov AM AM £30.00
Fairhaven Tues 9th Nov AM AM £30.00
Mottram Hall Thurs 18th Nov AM AM £25

Warrington Weds 24th Nov 11.00am AM AM £25.00

Ringway Thurs 2nd Dec 11am AM AM £25
Eaton Thurs 9th Dec AM AM 11am £25.00
Wychwood Thurs 16th Dec AM AM 11.00am £25.00

Portugal Algarve Classic 13th-17th Jan Quinta do Lago
Vale Royal Weds 19th Jan AM AM £25.00
Fairhaven Tues 25th Jan AM AM £30.00

Crosland Heath Tue 1st Feb 11am shotgun AM AM £25.00
North Wales Thurs 10th Feb 9am-1pm AM AM £25.00
Warrington Weds 16th Feb AM AM 11am shotgun £25.00
Eaton Thurs 24th Feb AM AM 11am Shotgun £25.00
Stockport AM AM Mon 28th Feb 11am AM AM £27.50

Conwy Mon 7th Mar 10-1pm AM AM £30.00
Ringway Thurs 10th March 11am shotgun AM AM £25.00
Formby Hall Thurs 17th March AM AM 9.00am-1.00pm £30.00
Cheshire Classic Mottram Hall and Prestbury Thurs/Fri 24/5th Mar £57.50

Vale Royal Weds 30th Mar 8.30-3.00pm AM AM £25.00

Stockport Mon 4th Apr 9-3pm Pairs £27.50
Vale of Llangollen Fri 15th Apr 9am-2pm AM AM £27.50
Helsby Thurs 21st Apr AM AM 9.30am-3.00pm £25.00
Bramhall Mon 25th April AM AM 9am-2pm £25.00

Knutsford Singles Thurs 28th Apr 8-3.00pm AM AM £25.00

30 thoughts on “Events

  1. Hi Tim
    Martin Cullen here I’ve emailed asking you to put myself x2 down for the 13.51tee at mere
    Please feel free to ask the guy on reserve list if hed like to join us

    Kind regards
    Martin Cullen

  2. Hi tim ime thinking off joining youre toure ime already member of finch tour.can you send me details to join if any available

  3. Hi Tim could you please put me down for the 12.39 tee time at The Mere on Thursday 12th.
    I’ve also emailed you the list of the four ball that will be playing. Thanks Ian marchant

  4. Hi Tim, Could you put me down in the 1150 slot at Pleasington on Thu 9th August if it is still free?


    Paul Robbo

  5. Hi Tim, sent email this morning
    Can you book Gary Morgan plus 3 in 4am at fairhaven in November.
    My email is

    Member of Stockport hcp 1 other 3 are Chris Unsworth ,Stockport hcp 1
    Mark Elliott ,chapel en le frith hcp 5
    Anthony lownds, Cavendish hcp 8

    Thank you

  6. Hi I’m interested in the titleist 2 day classic starting Thursday 26th March with a late tee on the Thursday for a team of 4… is there any availability please? If not, would we be able to play on just the Friday? Friends of mine play on your tours and recommend the organised competitions you run

  7. Hi just wondered if there is any availability at Bramhall Park 11/8/20 for a four ball or at 2 ball if that helps
    Dan johnson
    Pete Barrett
    Kind Regards Dan

  8. Hi Tim do you have any places left or a reserve list for the two day Welsh classic at the beginning of June. If so can you put me down for one tee time for each day. Cheers Ian

  9. Tim long time no speak I trust you are well – may I book the entry of a team of 4 for the Prestbury event please in October – preferably with a tee off around 10am regards Pete Kenny

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