Results from magical Hopwood

Space at Prestbury Charity event Thursday 21st Oct
First Winter event of the year- Spaces at rescheduled Preston -Monday 25th October

Maxitours at magical Hopwood

The lovely Autumn weather continued and Hopwood was in terrific condition for today’s event so an enjoyable day was guaranteed for all.
Even Dave Goodwin had a smile on his face at check-in.

This friendly Club is really going places with a magnificent course that gets better and better each year. They are also constructing a terrific new driving range exclusively for its members which is due to open next year. Maxitours regular Steve Heywood is next years Captain and he even allowed me to park in his spot today – what a club!

‘I’ve never played here before but that was Phenomenal! I felt like I was in Scotland !’ Announced well-travelled five handicapper Paul Browne.

Jim Clarkes team has struggled all year and the wheels were off on the very first hole this week. Pete Ledger hadn’t put his wheels on properly and one overtook him as he walked down the slope from the 1st tee, Clarke was laughing so much he lost control and his trolley turned over.
Despite their average performance the team always enjoy a pint and talking nonsense to each other for an hour in the bar. Graham Jackson was chatting about the new Bond film but admitted that his favourite Bond movie will always be ‘The Pie who loved me.’

In todays’ event the yellow tees, firm fairways and receptive greens meant scoring was excellent. Sharing 4th place was Dukinfields Paul McDermott, and Chris Burnett with 47 points.

It was Les Russon and Rob Kenyon from Bramhall who won the card play-off to take 4th. Apparently Rob Kenyon has mastered the art of putting. After rolling in more than his fair share of putts he could be heard telling his team in the bar ‘I’ve found the secret! You’ve got to get a sudden feeling in your hands and then hit your putt.’ Thanks Rob we’ll all be trying that one in the Saturday medal.

Two teams had terrific scores of 49 points! Andy Faulkner(11) and Munro Donald(16) will be devastated not to win after a stunning performance. Faulkner even birdied the last to pick up 4 points but they were beaten on the last six holes by the Lymm Golf Club golden oldies Phil Young(10) and Phil Pegun(25). Young is a retired taxi driver and looks a bit like a poor mans’ Robert De Niro. Pegun is a producer for the BBC and produces the radio 4 show ‘The moral maze’. He produced some great shots on the front nine but Youngs birdie on the 16th was the key to their second place finish.

Taking 1st place was Davyhulmes Dave Haycock(18) and quietly spoken Kev Hart(12) A great team effort saw the likeable duo record a best of the year 50 points. Hart scored on the first 3 holes and the last 4 holes and Haycock was solid in the middle of the round. Well played guys great scoring.
Thanks to everyone for your 100% attendance once again.

Nearest the pin 13th Nick Cook Doz Wilson Duo
Nearest the Pin 16th Kev Hart Doz Wilson Duo

2’s sweep £185 9 pro v1s or 21 srixon AD333
Paul McDermott Andy Lester Nick Ford Dave Sully Steve Aspinall Dave Thomas Pete Ledger Richard Palmer

Hopwood 14-Oct-2021
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Kev Hart, Dave Haycock, , 50 12 Wilson wedge each
2 Phil Young, Phil Pegun, , 49 11 Wilson wedge each
3 Andy Faulkner, Munro Donald, , 49 10 Maxitours lined sweater each
4 Les Russon, Rob Kenyon, , 47 9 Maxitours FJ Shirt each
6 Paul McDermott, Chris Burnett, , 47 7 Maxitours shirt each
5 Dave Buckley, Graham Campbell, , 47 8 Maxitours shirt each
7 Nick Ford, Nick Ford jnr, , 46 5 Maxitours shirt each
8 Steve Yeadon, Garry Owen, , 46 4 Maxitours cap each
9 Simon Probert, Andy Lester, , 46 3 Maxitours cap each
10 Phil Lockett, Terry Broadhurst, , 46 2 Maxitours scorecard holder
11 Ken Booth, John Linsky, , 45 1 Maxitours scorecard holder
12 Dave Sully, Graham Davenport, , 45
13= Steve Heywood, Richard Wakefield, , 44
13= Steve Broom, Jerry Salmon, , 44
13= Pete Newey, Phil Sellen, , 44
16= Joe Kirwan, Ian King, , 43
16= Dave Monk, Billy Davies, , 43
16= Steve Aspinall, Alan Simpson, , 43
16= Charlie Beadle, Dave Kelly, , 43
16= Dave Alcock, Steve Mainwaring, , 43
16= Dave McDougall, Phil Woollam, , 43
16= Andy Mansfield , Paul Yerasley, , 43
16= Steve Marsh, Steve Owen, , 43
24= Graham Wilkinson, Peter Stuart, , 42
24= Simon Hemsley, Nigel Hall, , 42
24= Anthony Kenyon, Lou Malone , , 42
24= Dave Cooper, Nigel Ashton, , 42
24= Pete Ledger, Graham Jackson, , 42
24= Jim Hodges , Jonny Barton, , 42
24= Don Campbell, Swamy Narywaya, , 42
31= Peter Coombs, Steve Shaw, , 41
31= John Hughes, Darren Jenkins, , 41
31= Dave Goodwin, Peter Griggs , , 41
31= Bob King, Steve Ross, , 41
35= Howard Johnson, John McCaffrey, , 40
35= Steve Schofield, Paul Robinson, , 40
35= Lewis Marland, Phil Dickens, , 40
35= Jim Caldwell, David Laithwood, , 40
35= Neil Pemberton, Martin Pugh, , 40
35= Dave Strachan, Bob Bolton, , 40
35= Peter Ingham, Richard Duerr, , 40
35= Mark Morris, Paddy Moran, , 40
35= James Brown, Phil Watson, , 40
35= John Barnes, James Mooney, , 40
45= Jim Clarke, Jim Kenyon, , 39
45= Colin Roberts, Nigel Armitage, , 39
45= Gary Phillips, Peter Maher, , 39
45= Rob Platt, Steve Barber, , 39
49= Pete Fotheringham , Tim Royle, , 38
49= John Farnsworth, Richard Palmer, , 38
49= Paul Browne, David Carlisle, , 38
49= Dave Marchant , Dave Mason, , 38
49= Bob Pickthall, Dave Thomas , , 38
54= Simon Burgess, Steve Merricks, , 37 1
54= George Kerr, Paul Salt, , 37
54= John Hunt, George Murphy, , 37
57 Neale Laurent, John Harper, , 36

Llangollen results

*Preston Event rearranged for Monday 25th October – Plenty of spaces but will fill soon*- regular teams have been added – let me know if you can’t do it – ‘It is in incredible condition’ (Maxitours regular Simon Poucher)

Maxitours at Llangollen

There were very few better places to be in the World than at the Vale of Llangollen on a sunny, warm, Autumn day. As Bryson DeChambeau and his uncouth pals would say – Awesome!
After a torrent of rain closed the course on Monday it was incredibly playable today, thanks to the green keepers for all their efforts.

The food at Llangollen is also awesome and it is worth the trip just to speak to Gwen and enjoy one of his bacon butties. Gwen is a lovely softly spoken man and has always looked after us incredibly well I will be sad to see him leave next month. His food has a superb reputation. There is a lovely menu but Cod features heavily. You can have Cod goujons in a bap, cod goujons and chips in a basket or cod goujons, chips, peas and tartare sauce. I didn’t ask him what the special was.

Tony Hibbert is famous in his home town of Wolstanton. He is now recognised as the worst golfer in the North West after a recent Maxitours report exposed his terrible play and high handicap. When he checked in, he told me that the worlds’ worst golfer has just got worse. His handicap went up last week.

When he eventually got on the first green today after his usual scuttled shots down the fairway his team mates asked him how he wanted the flag?
‘Nearer.’ He replied.

Jack Colemans team were a player short. When they handed the card in they asked for a good ghost player to help their score. A haunted house wouldn’t have done the trick as the team scraped to 73 points.

In todays event scoring was tough. And yet again a surprisingly low score was good enough for first place.
Sharing 1st on 84 points was Dave Buckley, Rick Howard, Will Lancaster and Dave Carter from Antrobus. The likeable quartet had 47 points on their outward nine but stumbled home in 37.

Jim Caldwell’s Wilmslow team took the card play-off after completing both nines in 42 points. They didn’t drop any shots which was critical to their success. Well played chaps. Lee Charnley (5) Peter Griggs (8) and John Kelsall (8) were the hand-picked team.

Thanks to everyone for your 100% attendance. Incredible.
2’s Sweep £195 6 pro v1s or 15 srixons per two
Will Lancaster Andy Clarkson Colin Berry Josh Forster Steve Shaw John Hughes Norrie Irwan Kev Hart

Nearest the pin 14th Will Lancaster Dozen Wilson Duo
Nearest the pin 18th Nigel Ashton Dozen Wilson Duo

Maxitours at Brilliant Bramhall

Maxitours at brilliant Bramhall

Another terrific day was enjoyed by all at Bramhall Golf Club.

I love this place. It has an amazing practice ground, high quality golf course and more importantly it is the sort of Club where you can take your wife for lunch in lovely surroundings.
What a Club.

There was torrential rain for 4 hours this morning and it was still raining when the first team arrived.
The course was never going to close with its USGA greens and everyone at the Club were so positive.

The assistant green keeper assured me that his greens would be perfectly playable and the forecast for later in the day was excellent. Wealthy Dave Harlow was out first and tried to give the green keeper £20 to close the course.
‘I don’t like getting wet’ Joked the gentle giant.
He played the back nine in glorious sunshine.

‘That course was incredible considering the rain.’ Remarked Tim Tighe.
‘Those greens were fantastic!’ Reported Richard Palmer.

Neale Laurent is a retired copper so he is not too bright. We had a daft conversation this morning.
‘Hi Tim, I won a towel bag – I’ve come to pick it up.’
‘What do you mean a towel bag?,
‘You know a little towel bag.’
‘I have no idea what you are talking about.’
‘Sorry I mean bag towel.’

The scores at the top of the leader board were incredibly close.
If you see Paul Yearsley this week please don’t mention the costly two foot putt that he missed at the last.

‘I feel sick.’ Muttered the Davyhulme man in the bar afterwards as his team took 4th but missed out on top spot by a shot.

Hazel Groves Joe Shelley and his steam took 3rd place also with 84 points.

Hopwood husband and wife Steve and Janet Heywood played alongside the Manchester Alliance Captain Chris Lee and Richard Wakefield and they led for most of the day with 84 points and a super back nine. Richard Wakefield has had a lesson at his home club Hopwood every week for the last thirty years, He is known as ‘pension scheme’ to the professional. Today all Wakefields hard work paid off with a second place finish in a Maxitours event.
‘I love this team’ He said in between sobs. ‘And I’m so glad I contributed today.’ Before bursting out crying. He has been watching too much golf this weekend.

I can call on reliable Don Campbell if a team needs a player and today the 2 handicapper joined Andy Buckley (2) Don Phillips (7) and Stuart Park (8) who were short yesterday. Late in the day Campbell managed the first ever treble in the sixteen year history of Maxitours. He won 2 nearest the pins and the overall event. Brilliant.
‘Can you put us with him again?’ Begged the Vale Royal team. Well played chaps great score.

Thanks to everyone for your support. Terrific.
Nearest the pin 4th Dozen Wilson Duo Don Campbell
Nearest the pin 14th Dozen Wilson Duo Don Campbell

2’s sweep £205 4 pro v1s or 10 srixon ad333 per two

Don Campbell Richard Wakefield Dave Stewardson Paul Yearsley James Cash Keith Shale Aiden Hambury Lee Tilley Jon Hudson Steve Blakeway Adam Princep Dave Harlow Graham Wilkinson

Bramhall 27-Sep-2021
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Andy Buckley, Don Campbell, Don Phillips, Stuart Park 85 12 Maxitours Chill out top each
2 Steve Heywood, Janet Heywood, Richard Wakefield, Chris Lee 84 10 Maxitours FJ shirt each
3 Ian Walters, Joe Shelley, Dave Stewardson, Roy Campion 84 8 Maxitours shirt each
4 Kev Hart, Andy Mansfield, John McAtee, Paul Yearsley 84 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 Jim Caldwell, Andrew Aherne, James Cash, Joe Wee 80 4 Maxitours cap each
6 Barry Simpson, Koos Alders, Marc Morris, Martin Cox 79 2 Maxitours scorecard holder
7 Richard Blackwell, John Hilton, Chris Marshall, Tony Jennison 79
8= Rob Weston, Steve Foxcroft, Tim Anderson, Trevor Webb 78
8= Martin Humphies , Joyce Larkin, Willie Gruber, Keith Shale 78
8= Anton Johnson, CraIg Trantum, Joe Mann, John Cox 78
11= Lee Tilley, Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes, Pete Norbury 77
11= Gary Philips, David Kelly, Peter Moss, Pete Maher 77
11= Phil Young, Craig Trantum, John Cox, Joe Mann 77
11= Sam Leach, Sean Haskins, Jim Hodges, Pete Mills 77
11= Mick Mahon, John Farnsworth, Dave Westwood, Andy Faulkner 77
11= Johnny Eccles, Darren Whittaker, Ian King, Neil Worthington 77
17= Jon Hudson, Mike Hill, James Hill, Rob Blain 76
17= Pete Newey, Hamish Ogilvie, Mike Dempsey, Derek Borland 76
17= Nigel Ashton, Colin Bryant, Mike Lowe, Paul Fell 76
17= Steve Blakeway, George Kerr, Paul Robinson, Neil Pemberton 76
21 Neale Laurent, Chris Burnett, James Hartley, Paul Butler 75
22= Jimmy Ainscough, Joe Yates, Paul Yates , John Longworth 74
22= Pete Fotheringham, Dave Alcock, Steve Mainwaring, Tim Royle 74
24= Mike George, Stan Devlin, Toim Tighe, Mark Clare 73
24= Colin Roberts, Jim Edgerton, Carl Deaville, Dave Marchant 73
24= Dave Harlow, Bob Sutton, Stuart Blake, Richard T-Carr 73
24= Ed Pysden, Fred Bridge, Henry Petrie, Simon Moorhouse 73
24= Mike Verdon, Adam Princep, Alan Whitfield, Steve Collier 73
29 Steve Lamont, Dave Ellison, Eugenio, Paul Roberts 72
30 Steve Aspinall, Graham Wilkinson, Colin Berry, Chris Church 71
31 Christy Beakey, Mick Wain, John Oldfield, Chris Gregory 70

Maxitours at Wonderful Helsby

Still spaces for teams at rearranged Preston on Weds – AMAZING COURSE!

Maxitours at leafy Helsby

There was lots of excellent feedback from everyone who played at a blustery but superb Helsby golf course. Thanks to Kieran and everyone at this friendly Cheshire Club for hosting us so well. I believe the course was excellent.

Karen Gallagher and my long-suffering wife Suzy both did great jobs running the event today.

Suzy came back home buzzing remarking: ‘How ‘friendly and charming’ everyone was’.

She also added- ‘Who is the very loud one from Davyhulme -he is really funny.’

‘That’s Kev Hart. Stay well away from him,’ I replied quickly.

It was wonderful to see bad fisherman/bad golfer Sam Leach in the prizes. Sam is a great bloke and his Lymm team finished in 4th place. I thought Suzy had made a clerical error when I saw this team near the top of the leader board but after double checking the card I was surprised to see that the result stood.

Great scoring from Nigel Uttleys Heyrose team who finished in 3rd place also with 84 points.

Sandiways Gary Neiles, Keith Jackman and father and son Joe and Paul Yates took 2nd slot with 87 points.

Saddleworths dream team of Lee Tilley, Dave Rhodes, Dave Sarsfield and ex Wigan Rugby league Chairman Pete Norbury took first place. Well played chaps – they had a wonderful 49 points on the front nine!

I am slowly wading through my Winter entries. Please bear with me for a few days.


The last hole is perhaps the toughest closing hole in Cheshire and Martin Keates whipped his 4 iron to 18 inches to win nearest the pin and finish his day on a high.

2’s sweep £205 4 pro v1s or 10 srixon AD333

Dave Sarsfield

Brett Moore

Sam Leach

Ian McWilliams

Paul Wrigley

Steve Blakeway

James Shipstone

Mike Hill

Don Milligan

Bob King

Dave Rhodes

Martin Keates

Simon Raine

Helsby 23-Sept-2021
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Lee Tiley, Peter Norbury, Dave Rhodes, Dave Sarsfield 88 12 Maxitours Chill out top each
2 Gary Neiles, Joe Yates, Paul Yates, Keith jackman 87 10 Maxitours FJ Shirt each
3 Nigel Uttley, Keith Edminson, John Vickers, David Bond 84 8 Maxitours shirt each
4 Sam Leach, Chris Walley, Ian Hossack, Jim Hodges 84 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 Martin Keates, John Owen, Simon Raine, Steve Emmett 82 4 Taylor Made valuables pouch
6 Neale Laurent, Alf Shillito, Tom Hallam, Lee Compton 82 2 Maxitours bag towel each
7 Colin Bryan, John Evans, Dale Cooper, Dave Keen 82
8= Steve Blakeway, George Kerr, Les Penson, Paul Salt 81
8= Simon Hemsley, Gareth Bradley, Joe Kirwin, Ian King 81
8= Roger Percival, Ed Wilkinson, Peter Atherton, Tony Taylor 81
8= Colin Roberts, Nigel Armitage, Carl Deaville, Lee Braxton 81
12= Dave Hanson, Tom Keeling, Sam Close, James Boyd 80
12= Karl Marginson, Ged Manning, Rhodri Giggs, Peter Short 80
12= Jim Caldwell, Steve Barlow, Simon Maxwell, Peter Griggs 80
15= Kev Hart, Paul Yearsley, Alan Vaughan, Andrew Mansfield 79
15= Rob Harris, Bob King, Steve Ross, Steve Sheard 79
17= Paul Evans, Tony Evans, Martin Sands, Alan Read 78
17= Paul Wrigley, Aiden Hoosen, Gary Hornby, Ian McWilliams 78 1
19= Chris Clarke, Graham Jackson, Pete Ledger, Alison Calderbank 77
19= Mick Mahon, Dave Westwood, Richard Palmer, John Farnsworth 77
19= Lewis Marland, Tony Insley, Lawrie Holman, Phil Dickins 77
19= James Shipston, Alison Shipson, Joan Hughes, Freda Watson 77
19= Tom Williams, Nathan Mills, James Mooney, John Barnes 77
24= Les Russon, Simon Burgess, Rob Kenyon, Steve Merricks 76
24= Dave Griffiths, Mike Fenton, Don Millican, Chris Braachi 76
26 Chris Adams, Phil Singh, Gary Butler, Martin Prescott 74
27= Pete Cotton, John Hewison, David Arthur, Edward Cotton 73
27= Barry Jackson, Steve Tate, Chris Lane, Dave Wright 73
27= John Newton, John Leonard, Daryl Codling, Gary Mercer 73
30= Nigel Hall, Gary Whittaker, Brett Moore, John Roberts 71
30= Andy Wild, David Harris, Andy Dunster, Simon Halliwell 71
32 Steve Marsh, Darren Whittaker, Neil Worthington, Johnny Eccles 70
33 Martin Quinn, Kevin McKenna, Dave Madeley, Mark Hudson 69

Bramhall Golf Club

Monday 27th September

9.00 David Kelly x4

9.09 Colin Roberts x4

9.18 Jim Caldwell x4

9.27 Ed Pysden x4

9.36 Dave Goodwin x4


9.54 Lewis Marland x4

10.03 Steve Aspinall x4

10.12 Jim Rymer x4

10.21 Mike George x4

10.30 Pete Fotheringham x4

10.39 Andrew Cox x4

10.48 Sam Leach x4

10.57 Christie Beakey x4

11.06 Neale Laurent x4

11.13 Barry Simpson x4

11.22 Gary Phillips x4

11.30 Mick Mahon x4

11.39 Paul Fell x4

11.48 Martin Humphries x4

11.57 Eugenio x4

12.06 Anton Johnson x4

12.15 Roy Ainsworth x4

12.23 Ian Hellens x4

12.32 Dave Sully x4 tbc

12.41 Les Russon x4

12.50 Jon Hudson x4

12.59 Lee Tilley x4

1.08 Dave Monk x4

1.17 Reuben Fielding x4

1.26 Rob Weston x4

1.35 Richard Blackwell x4

1.44 Andy Buckley x4

1.52 Gary Neiles x4

2.01 Kev Hart x4

2.10 Steve Marsh x4


Maxitours at lovely Leigh

Room at FANTASTIC Preston Weds 29th September and the Charity golf day at Prestbury on Thursday 21st October

Maxitours at lovely Leigh

Leigh Golf Club was incredibly good today. About ten years ago the greens here went from average to perhaps the best in the county and they have remained at that high standard ever since. I’m not sure how the greenkeeper did it but hats off to the man.

‘That’s the best course I’ve played in a long time.’ Praised intelligent low handicapper Mark Clewley.

General manager Derek runs a tight ship and new club professional Sean Blinkhorn was also very helpful throughout the day. Thanks guys. Bar manager Catherine and her partner in crime Shannon –( Leigh golf clubs famously attractive two blondes) also looked after us so well .

Chunky Graham Jackson was getting Hangry this morning. He thought there were no bacon butties available and was distraught. When I explained that the half way house was open and selling them he left a trial of dust in his wake. ‘I’m absolutely starving.’ He called back to me over his shoulder.

Paul Fell told me he was struggling for form at the moment. I asked him if the problem was his short game or a swing fault or even psychological.

‘No. I have got toothache.’ He explained.

It was great to see Maxitours regulars Sam Leach and Jonny Barton back from their fishing trip last week. You may remember team mate Chris Walley told me they were even worse at fishing than at playing golf. Sam caught one fish in five days and Jonny caught two tiddlers. They finished 3rd from bottom today.

Scoring was tough on the well-designed Leigh track.

Third place went to the Heyrose team of Chris Chidley, Duncan Cameron Paul Salt and George Kerr who were surprised to finish so highly with just 83 points.

Paul Fell shrugged off his toothache and helped his team into 2nd. Mike Lowe, Colin Bryan and Retired headmaster Nigel Ashton all chipped in well.

Taking the honours were Sandiways Gary Neiles, Joe Yates, Paul Yates and Joe Longworth. Neiles is a tough competitor but without a win all season. The team were getting understandably nervous over the closing holes and thought they had blown it with just 1 point on the 17th hole. However, 87 was good enough for top spot. Well played chaps.

Nearest the Pin 7th hole John Jones Doz Wilson Duo

Nearest the pin 12th hole Dave Rhodes Doz Wilson Duo

2’s sweep £190 10 Ad333 per 2 or 4 pro V1s

George Kerr x2 Paul Salt Chris Chidley Bob Pickthall Paul Wrigley Brett Sutcliffe x2 Dave Westwood John Jones Dave Sully Adam Thomas Dave Rhodes Nick Cook

Liegh 22-9-21
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Gary Neiles, Joe Yates, Paul Yates , John Longworth 87 12 Maxitours lined sweater
2 Nigel Ashton, Colin Bryant, Mike Lowe, Paul Fell 86 10 Maxitours FJ Shirt
3 George Kerr, Chris Chidley, Duncan Cameron, Paul Salt 83 8 Maxitours shirt each
4 Barry Taylor, Ted Ellis, Steve Parle, an other 83 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 Richard Blackwell, John Hilton, Gary Smith, Steve Austin 82 4 Maxitours cap each
6 Munro Donald, John Farnsworth, Dave Westwood, Andy Faulkner 82 2 Maxitours scorecard holder
7= Jim Clarke, Chris Clarke, Pete Ledger, Graham Jackson 82
7= Mike Jones, Dan Moss, Mike Booth, Mike Keyworth 82
9= Dave Greenwood, Sarah Ormrod, Dave Goodwin, Phil Robinson 81
9= Steve Heywood, Dave Sully, Graham Davenport, Donna Sully 81
9= Mark Clewley, Vicky Clewley, Mikde Lamb, Ashley Elliott 81
9= Kev Hart, Andy Mansfield, Carl Marginson, Paul Yearsley 81
9= Nick Cook, Darren Whittaker, Neil Worthington, Johnny Eccles 81
9= Stuart Park, Don Phillips, Drew Hutchinson, Keith Park 81
15= Colin Roberts, Carl Deaville, Dave Mason, Dave Marchant 80
15= Steve Aspinall, John Fitzsimmons, Colin Berry, Ken Booth 80
15= Matt Sayers, Graham Pollit, Jack Schofield, Adam Thomas 80
18 Bob Pickthall, Steve Lamont, Jon Hume, Dave Thomas 79
19= Gav Sutcliffe, Brett Sutcliffe, Paul Wrigley, Paul Keogh 76
19= Ian Sutton, Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes, Pete Norbury 76
21= Paul Browne, John Jones, Dale Wallace, Steve Berg 75
21= Roger Percival, Josh Brand, Ed Wilkinson, Nigel Davenport 75
23= Gareth Bradley, Ian King, Joe Kirwan, Dave Woods 74
23= Lewis Marland, Phil Dickens, Phil Robinson, Neal Evans 74
23= Sam Leach, Chris Walley, Jim Hodges, Jonny Barton 74
26= Jack Coleman, Anthony Bloor, Steve Mattinson, Harvey Mattinson 72
26= Gary Philips, David Kelly, Charlie Beadle, Pete Maher 72
28 Neale Laurent, Chris Burnett, Mark Turner, Alf Shillitoe 70

Helsby start sheet Thursday 23rd Sept – room for 1 team

9.00 Simon Hemsley x4

9.09 Jim Caldwell x4

9.18 Colin Roberts x4

9.27 Chris Adams x4

9.36 Jack Coleman x4

9.45Kev Hart x4

9.54 Jim Clarke x4

10.03 Lewis Marland x4

10.12 Paul Evans x4

10.20 Roy Ainsworth x4

10.29 Neale Laurent x4

10.38 Nigel Hall x4

10.47 Mick Mahon x4

10.56 Paul Fell x4

11.05 Martin Quinn x4

11.14 Dave Monk x4

11.23 Dean Jagger x4

11.32 Roger Percival x4

11.41 Sam Leach x4

11.49 Simon Ashton x4

11.58 Ian Hellens x4

12.07 Paul Wrigley x4

12.16 Les Russon x4

12.25 Nigel Uttley x4

12.34 John Newton x4

12.43 Simon Ashton x4

12.52 Jon Hudson x4

1.00 John Hunt x4

1.09 Barry Jackson x4

1.18 Barry Jackson x4 tbc

1.27 Pete Cotton x4

1.36 Dave Griffiths x4

1.45 Rob Harris x4

1.54 Gary Neiles x4


2.11 Steve Marsh x4

2.20 Lee Tilley x4

2.28 Tom Williams x4