Maxitours at superb Stockport

Maxitours at superb Stockport

February continues to astound. All our local golf courses are really benefitting from the unseasonably warm, dry weather but Stockport is really flourishing. To hand cut and then iron the greens for us is a great effort and most appreciated.

The feedback from everyone throughout the day was tremendous.

‘I really enjoyed that!’ Said Jim Cox -then simply added: ’Quality’

‘Compliments to the green keeper’ Announced Dave McDougall.

‘Immaculate!’ Added Steve Heywood.

Izzy and Daisy behind the bar were very professional and really attentive to all my players – excellent.
Secretary Jayne Scowen is one of the loveliest people I know and it was great to see her working hard and looking so well in the office at Stockport today.

It was also a pleasure to see a team from nearby Heaton Moor competing. The club is famous for its old professional Charlie Chevalier who claimed over 30 holes in one on the par three, tenth hole which was just outside his pro shop. Rather than talking nonsense to his golfers all day like I do, he would rather to spend his working day taking divots and trying to add to his record tally.
The Heaton team didn’t manage any holes in one but Terry McHale got a two. Well played.

The course really was there for the taking. Tees were forward and one of the par fives was playing less than 400 yards. Even Mick Mahon was over the back in two shots. Incredible.
Two reachable par 5’s and 2 reachable par 4’s always meant scoring would be very inflated.

The fast running fairways really helped the higher handicappers and it was the affable Prestbury veteran team of Ed Pysden(20), Fred Bridge(19), Simon Moorhouse(7) and Henry Petrie(3) who took the honours. I taught Ed how to play when I worked at Mottram Hall and he was a founder member in 1991.
‘I’m delighted to have a Maxitours win. It’s taken over thirty years but I’ve just about managed to forget everything you taught me.’ Thanks for that one Ed. Henry Petrie shot one under par to provide a solid foundation.

Second place went to the Saddleworth team. Dave Sarsfield(17) had the first eagle of his career on the 9th hole after he sunk his 135 yard approach shot. His team had a superb 50 points on the front nine before a more respectable 43 points on the back nine saw them finish in 2nd place.

Third place went to retired fireman Kev Harts team with 92 points beating Jim Caldwell’s team into 4th who also scored 92. Alan Vaughan(8) had a superb day on the greens. Hart has seen some blazes over the years but he couldn’t cool down Alan’s putter after it caught fire on the back nine.

Thanks to everyone for your support. What a great day. Tim

Nearest the pin 16th Dozen AD333 Alan Vaughan
Nearest the pin 18th Dozen AD333 Mark Poland
2’s sweep £200 3 pro v1 or 7 srixon AD333 per two
Henry Petrie Simon Moorhouse Tom Bane Jim Caldwell Andy Parrington Dave Buckley Jonny Gillabrand George Murphy Graham Jackson Paul Fell Terry McHale Phil McCurry Geoff Bickerton Pete Norbury Graham Davenport Andy Duncan

Stockport 20-02-23
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Ed Pysden, Henry Petrie, Simon Moorhouse, Fred Bridge 94 12 Maxitours FJ Chill out top
2 Pete Norbury, Billy Coleman, Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes 93 10 Dozen New Srixon Divide z stars
3 Kev Hart, Ian Fensom, Alan Vaughan, Paul Yearsley 92 8 Callaway shirt each
4 Jim Caldwell, Peter Griggs, Liam Pilkington, Lee Charnley 92 6 Callaway shirt each
5 Dave Griffiths, Jay Dempsey, Mike Fenton, Tom Bane 91 4 Maxitours cap each
6 Paul Robinson, Phil McCurry, Neil Pemberton, Paul Salt 91 2 Maxitours cap each
7 Steve Heywood, Graham Davenport, Andy Duncan, Richard Wakefield 89
8 Andy Parrington, Steve Emmett, Chris Perry, Andy Taylor 88
9= Dave Goodwin, Paul Woodbine, Phil Robinson, Richard Williamson 87
9= Geoff Bickerton, John Owen, Austin McBride, Dave Murray 87
11= Mick Mahon, Andy Faulkner, Graham Readfern, Munro Donald 86
11= Pete Newey, Mike Dempsey, Dave McDougall, John Dickenson 86
11= Hugh Bilby, Steve Merricks, Gav Soencer, Dave Fidler 86
14= Neale Laurent, Chris Burnett, John Harrop, Jack Schofield 85
14= Andy Buckley, Steve Austin, Gary Smith, Jim Wardle 85
16= Bob Sinclair, Dave Marchant, Carl Deaville, Dave Mason 84
16= Dave Blood, Jim Cox, Colin Gallimore, Ian Smith 84
18= Dave Buckley, Paul Bayley, Jonny Gillabrand, Tony Rooney 83
18= Simon Poucher, Brendan Leighton, Jackie Richards, Di Stow 83
18= Gary Neiles, Alan Giles, Gavin Connor, Bill Telford 83
18= Allan Hoy, Peter McElkerrney, Ian Parker, Steve License 83
22 Kev McEvoy, Dave Tobutt, Graham Jackson, Jim Clarke 81
23= Roger Bannard, Darren Riley, Mike Alebon, Simon Johnson 80
23= Paul Fell, Mike Lowe, Nigel Ashton, Colin Bryan 80
25= Paul Gilbert, Dave Madely, Phil Long, Al Kenny 79
25= Simon Hemsley, Joe Kirwan, Ian King, Brian Fisher 79
27 Graham Blood, Terry McHale, John Gough, Alan Worswick 75

Eaton start sheet
Friday 3rd March

9.40 John Atkin x4
9.48 Simon Hemsley x4
9.57 Colin Roberts x4
10.05 Martin Humphries x4
10.14 Dave Blood x4
10.23 Paul Fell x4
10.32 Ed Pysden x4
10.40 Dave Goodwin x4
10.49 Steve Aspinall x4
10.57 Mick Mahon x4
11.06 Neale Laurent x4
11.14 Paul Evans x4
11.23 Jim Lindsay x4
11.32 Roger Percival x4
11.40 Dave Griffiths x4
11.49 Peter Maher x4
11.58 John Hilditch x4
12.07 Geoff Bickerton x4
12.16 Dave Sully x4
12.24 Paul Salt x4
12.33 Martin Williams x4
12.42Dave Monk x4
12.50 Kev Hart x4
12.59 Richard Blackwellx4
1.08Jim Rymer x4
1.16 Tom Roe x4
1.25 John Hudson x4
1.34 Andy Taylor x4
1.43 Simon Poucher x4
1.52 Paul Browne x4
2.00 John Wilson x4
2.09 Simon Ashton x4

Results from brilliant Warrington

Event change for your diaries!!
European tour qualifying venue -Mottram Hall Thurs 8th June (to replace Davyhulme 9th June event)
Autumn Classic- Vale Royal and Davyhulme Weds 20th and Thurs 21st Sept

Maxitours at wonderful Warrington

The Warrington fairways were freshly mowed, the greens were hand cut and the bunkers all expertly raked as the golf course was prepared to a tournament standard for our players today.
Ben Goodchild and his team of seven green keepers do an incredible job and their reputation is spreading throughout the North West. The course and greens were ‘utterly magnificent’. It is mid February!! You should be so proud.

‘Best greens this year!’ Declared Jim Cox.
‘That course is in great nick, the Warrington members are lucky to have a course presented so well’ Reported Martin Quinn.
‘That was in great condition and dry as a bone’ Said Orthopedic surgeon Steve Norris who isn’t very good at golf but knows a thing or two about bones.

Matt in the kitchen and bar manager Jess always ensure the bacon sandwiches are of the highest standard and served quickly and with a smile. Thanks so much.

It went a bit gloomy in the middle of the day as a weather front passed over but the last two hours of play saw the golfers bathed in glorious sunshine. Mark Saxon’s limited wardrobe means he wears the same sweater most weeks but he actually took it off for the first time this year as the temperatures rose.

Club Manager Max is always forward thinking and he is offering a free 4 ball to best picture and course comments posted on the Warrington golf club facebook or Instagram page by our players today. If you have any pictures please post them.

I have got tennis elbow at the moment so shaking hands with 110 golfers on a Wednesday morning isn’t ideal so please forgive the ‘Americanised’ fist pump I have been employing recently. Peter Tomkins loves a hand shake and his extremely warm welcome this morning has set my rehabilitation back about three months.

Luke Russell spends a lot of time in the gym and has thighs and arms like tree trunks. Occasionally he can really hit a golf ball. After his round you may have heard him in the bar telling the barmaid and basically everyone he could find that he drove the 320 yard 7th hole. Unfortunately, his playing partners confirmed that his ball was on the fringe just short of the green. Get back in the gym Luke.

The likeable Saddleworth quartet of Billy Coleman, Pete Norbury, Dave Rhodes and Dave Sarsfield took 3rd will 85 points, narrowly beaten by Andy Hamlett, Steve Austin (the 70 year old bionic golfer), Gary Smith and Richard Blackwell. Both teams scored 85 points.
Winning today was the ever present Neale Laurent(14) team with Paul Butler(8), John Harrop(8) and Gareth Winston(5) all contributing well. Ex copper Neale and his pals are a great bunch of lads and were delighted to win today. Excellent golf.

Thanks for your 100% attendance, See you on Monday at Stockport.
2’s sweep £165 6 pro v1 or 14 srixon AD333
Jim Caldwell Josh Brand Neale Parsons Richard Palmer Simon Maxwell Steve Barlow Gary Owen

Nearest the pin 9th Richard Palmer Doz AD333
Nearest the pin 13th Paul Woodbine Doz AD333

Warrington 15th Feb
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Paul Butler, Neale Laurent, Gareth Winston, John Harrop 87 12 Maxitours FJ Chill out top
2 Richard Blackwell, Steve Austin, Gary Smith, Andy Hamlett 85 10 Maxitours FJ shirt
3 Pete Norbury, Billy Coleman, Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes 85 8 Callaway shirt each
4 Mick Mahon, Andy Faulkner, John Farnsworth, Richard Palmer 84 6 Callaway shirt each
5 Gary Neiles, John Longworth, Gavin Connor, Paul Hurst 84 4 Maxitours cap each
6 Roger Percival, Pete Atherton, Ed Wilkinson, Josh Brand 84 2 Maxitours cap each
7= Colin Roberts, Dave Marchant, Andy Williamson, Dave Mason 83
7= Gerry Salmon, Steve Broome, John Fitzsimmons, Graham Wilkinson 83
9= Dave Hughes, Steve Lamont, Pete Gold, Terry Broadhurst 82
9= Chris Adams, Nick Hargreaves, Steve Hall, Andy Oakes 82
9= Gary Owen, Alistair Holloway, Steve Yeadon, Anthony Kenny 82
12= Jim Caldwell, Steve Barlow, Russell Cash, Simon Maxwell 81
12= Dave Goodwin, Paul Woodbine, Phil Robinson, Richard Williamson 81
12= Simon Poucher, Brendan Leighton, Terry Crewe, Neil Simpson 81
15= Tom Roe, Tom Padget, Luke Russell, James Clarke 80
15= Paul Gilbert, Martin Quinn, Al Kenny, Phil Long 80
15= John Hilditch, Joanne Pratt, John Pratt, Fiona Anderson 80
15= Dave Blood, Jim Cox, Dave Collinson, Andy Sandham 80
15= Koos Alders, Marc Morris, Barry Simpson, Roger Linphaiot 80
15= Kev McEvoy, Anthony Wilson, Graham Jackson, PeteLedger 80
15= Denis Boud, Janet Heywood, John Collinson, Graham Davenport 80
22 Kev Hart, Ian Fensom, Alan Vaughan, Pete Short 78
23= Martin Humphries, Tony Hereford, Keith Shale, Dave Hest 77
23= Dave Monk , Mike McKenna, Simon Wilkinson, Barry Wilson 77
23= Roy Ainsworth, Hebenton, Brian Ankers, Mike Verdon 77
26 Andy Wisedale, Ashley Elliot, Ian King, Joe Kirwan 76
27 Steve Blakeway, Jim Meldrum, John Bradbury, Les Penson 75
28 Paul Monrose, Neal Parsons, Darren Hutchinson, Paul Flynn 74

Stockport start sheet
Monday 20th Feb
8.30 Simon Hemsley x4
8.39 Colin Roberts x4
8.48 Jim Caldwell x4
8.57 Ed Pysden x4
9.06 Roger Bannard x4
9.15 Dave Blood x4
9.24 Paul Gilbert x4
9.33 Allan Hoy x4
9.42 Dave Goodwin x4
9.51 Jim Clarke x4
10.09 Neale Laurent x4
10.18 Martin Humphries x4
10.27 Paul Fell x4
10.36 Andy Cunningham x4
10.45 Simon Poucher x4
10.54 Jim Rymer x4
11.03 Mick Mahon x4
11.12 Les Russon x4
11.21 Dave Griffiths x4
11.30 Kev Hart x4
11.39 John Hunt x4
11.48 Paul Salt x4
11.57 Gary Neiles x4
12.15 Richard Blackwellx4
12.24 Dave Sully x4
12.33 Lee Tilley x4
12.42 Geoff Bickerton x4
12.51 Simon Ashton x4
1.00 Dave Stewardson x4

Maxitours at wonderful North Wales

Maxitours at wonderful North Wales

Maxitours visited the coast today and our players had a real treat. A firm golf course, glorious sunshine, a couple of squawking seagulls to remind players they were on holiday and a sea breeze gave everyone a perfect day on the links.

North Wales was voted Welsh golf club of the year a couple of years ago and its easy to see why. The hospitality is second to none. Jamie who runs the bar and catering and Club Manager Phil Beard are right up there with the best I deal with all year. Thank you.

‘That was great!’ Declared Andrew Aherne
‘Brilliant, I love links golf, its so great to walk off the course with bone dry footwear.’ Chuckled Dave Blood.
‘We had a really lovely day. Thank you Tim.’ Said well-spoken and well-mannered retired Doctor James Shipstone.

Kev Hart turned up playing with a second-hand golf ball. On holiday in Portugal the likeable Mancunian got very pally with wealthy Mere racehorse owner Alan Baxter. ‘He keeps giving me racing tips, but they keep losing. I can only afford lake balls now.’

Joe Kirwans Maxitours’ future is in doubt this weekend. I was quietly tucking into my hard-earned lunch of chicken tikka with half rice and half chips when Joe arrived to hand his card in. Not only did he steal a chip but he actually dipped it in my sauce.
I still can’t believe it actually happened.

Ed Pysden’s team loses each week to fellow Prestbury members Chris Adams and his ‘a’ team. Today Ed was shocked to beat them by 4 shots after a solid 84 points. Adams and his team were blaming it on ‘being too full’. They went to the famous Nicky Ipps Chinese last night in nearby Deganwy. I have heard most excuses but had a new one today from well fed Andy Oakes: ‘I had too much monosodium glutamate and couldn’t sleep’ . He went to Nicky Ipps and got the Yipps.

Martin Humphries and his Portal team took 4th place with 87 points, this was bettered on the back nine by Delamere Forests Roger Percival and his team.
The surprise of the day was Roy Ainsworth and his charismatic Lymm team of Brian Ankers, Dave Hanson and retired dentist Ian Hebbingdon who got plenty of bite on his approach into the last.

Winning were Wrexhams Mike Lowe(8), Colin Bryant(6), Dave Cooper(13) and Paul Fell(4) who took first place after a terrific 90 points. They have played all year without recording a top three finish and were over the moon to turn their fortunes around in their home country. Cooper chipped in twice on the front nine and Paul Fell and Mike Lowe both birdied the last to win in style. Congratulations guys great scoring.

Thanks to everyone for your 100% attendance once again.


Nearest the pin 16th Jim Caldwell Doz AD333
Nearest the pin 17th Tom Bane Doz AD333

2’s sweep £190 5 pro v1 or 12 srixon AD333

Martin Humphries x2 Simon Poucher Richard Palmer Chris Adams Ed Wilkinson Mike Fenton Tom Bain Graham Wilkinson Denis ONeill Paul Yearsley

North Wales 9th Feb 22
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Paul Fell , Nigel Ashton, Dave Cooper, Colin Bryan 90 12 Maxitours FJ Chill out top
2 Roy Ainsworth, Ian Hebbingdon, Brian Ankers, Dave Hanson 88 10 Maxitours sweater each
3 Roger Percival, Pete Atherton, Ed Wilkinson, Josh Brand 87 8 Callaway shirt each
4 Martin Humphries, Jim Hayward, Adrian Brown, Dave Hest 87 6 Callaway shirt each
5 Jim Clarke, Dave Tobutt, Graham Jackson, PeteLedger 86 4 Maxitours bag towel each
6 Bob Bolton, Dave Bolton, Nick Jones, Steve Austin 86 2 Maxitours bag towel each
7 Neale Laurent, Paul Butler, John Harrop, Gary Berrisford 86
8= Jim Caldwell, Andrew Aherne, John Sherrington, Don Bailey 85
8= Dave Griffiths, Pete Birtwistle, Mike Fenton, Tom Bane 85
8= Kev Hart, Paul Yearsley, Mark Foley, Karl Marginson 85
8= John Hunt, Alison Shipstone, James Shipstone, Denis O’Niell 85
12 Norrie Erwin, Phil Dickens, John Bradbury, Pete Smith 84
13= Steve Aspinall, Graham Wilkinson, Ken Booth, Alan Simpson 83
13= Dave McDougall, John Dickenson, Jim Rymer, Bob Mottershead 83
15= Dave Goodwin, Paul Woodbine, Phil Robinson, Richard Williamson 82
15= Geoff Bickerton, Steve Best, Austin McBride, Dave Murray 82
17 Ed Pysden, Henry Petrie, Mike Murphy, Fred Bridge 81
18= Simon Hemsley, Gareth Bradley, Ian King, Joe Kirwan 80
18= Dave Monk , John Linsky, Simon Wilkinson, Barry Wilson 80
20= Colin Roberts, Dave Marchant, Jim Egerton, Dave Mason 79
20= Mick Mahon, Dave Westwood, John Farnsworth, Richard Palmer 79
20= Paul Browne, Dave Carlile, Simon Poucher, John McAffrey 79
20= Gary Neiles, Richard Melrose, Alan Giles, Paul Hurst 79
24= Dave Blood, Jim Cox, Dave Collinson, Colin Gallimore 77
24= Chris Adams, Nick Hargreaves, Martin Prescott, Andy Oakes 77
24= John Kelsall, Christine Kelsall, Andrew Richardson, Martin Mellor 77
27 Dave Hughes, Steve Lamont, Charlie Farrington, Steve Rawlinson 76
28 Steve Heywood, Janey Heywood, Richard Wakefield, Graham Davenport 74

Warrington start sheet 11am shotgun
Weds 15th February

18a Steve Aspinall x4
18b Mick Mahon x4
17a Paul Fell x4
17b Martin Humphries x4
16 Kev Hart x4
15 Tom Roe x4
14a Gary Neiles x4
14b Neale Laurent x4
13 Paul Salt x4
12a Dave Monk x4
12b Richard Blackwellx4
11a Lee Tilley x4
11b Roger Percival x4
10 Dave Goodwin x4
10a Barry Simpson x4
9 Garry Owen x4
8b Simon Poucher x4
8a Simon Hemsley x4
7 Dave Sully x4
7b Paul Gilbert x4
6 Steve Hall x4
5a Martin Williams x4
5b John Hilditch x4
4a Paul Higgs x4
4b Dave Hughes x4
3 Roy Ainsworth x4
2a Dave Blood x4
2b Jim Clarke x4
1a Jim Caldwell x4
1b Colin Roberts

res Les Russon x4
Geoff Bickerton x4

Maxitours at marvellous Mottram Hall

Maxitours at Mottram Hall

It is always great to visit my old course Mottram Hall. I have many happy memories from working here for over fifteen years and the members were brilliant and really supportive towards their fresh faced eager assistant pro during that time.

The putting surfaces are perhaps the best on any inland course in Cheshire at the moment as green keepers Scott Newton and Alastair Cuthbert are really raising the bar.
Thanks to Malcolm Lacey and all his team for looking after us so well today.

I love this time of year with the prospect of warmer weather, The Masters and a new golf season to look forward to. You know Spring is nearly here when Nigel Ashtons backswing starts getting tangled up in daffodils as he plays his second shot out of the deep rough.

A small light aircraft circled the hotel and golf course about five times this afternoon trailing a huge impressive banner with ‘Good luck Ella! Thanks for everything’ clearly visible. Someone was having a leaving function in the five star hotel.
Jim Clarke texted me – thanks for sorting the banner Tim– does it say well done Jim and team for your win in Portugal?

In todays’ event Lymm gentleman Sam Leach is that fed up of the poor golf played by his team he is seriously thinking of joining everyone else in the country and going on strike. They finished last today with 67 points.

At the other end of the leader board Richard Blackwell made the most of home course knowledge as his team finished in 4th place with 82 points.

Sandiways Gary Neiles was 3rd after a solid 84 which was matched by Jim Caldwell’s Wilmslow team who scored a superb 44 points on the tough back nine. Lee Charnleys birdie on the 17th was the highlight of their round- most people would snatch your hand off if you offered them a par on one of the toughest holes in Cheshire.

Winning today was the likeable Saddleworth team of Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes, Nathan Mills and James Mooney. Sarsfield was on fire birdieing both tough par threes on the back nine. Even James Moody played well. Great golf -congratulations.

Thanks to everyone for your 100% attendance.

Nearest the pin 7th Dave Blood Dozen Srixon AD333
Nearest the pin 11th Mick Jones Dozen AD333

2’s £167.50 16 srixon AD333 7 pro v1
Adam Christie Chris Burnett Steve Blakeway Paul Robinson Dave Sarsfield x2 Josh Brand

Mottram Hall 2nd Feb
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Nathan Mills, James Mooney, Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes 85 12 Maxitours FJ Chill out top
2 Jim Caldwell, John Kelsall, Peter Griggs, Lee Charnley 84 10 Dozen Taylor made TP5
3 Gary Neiles, John Longworth, Gavin Connor, Richard Melrose 84 8 6 Taylor made TP5 each
4 Richard Blackwell, Andy Hamlett, Gary Smith, John Hilton 82 6 Callaway shirt each
5 Neale Laurent, Paul Butler, Chris Burnett, Ben Toolin 82 4 Maxitours bag towel each
6 Tim Johnson, Darren Wilkinson, Mick Jones, Iain Cole 82 2
7= Mick Mahon, Dave Westwood, John Farnsworth, Richard Palmer 81
7= Kenny Plumb, Phil Harris, Simon McCoy, Ben Davies 81
7= Jim Clarke, Kenin McEvoy, Graham Jackson, PeteLedger 81
10= Paul Fell, Mike Lowe, Nigel Ashton, Colin Bryan 80
10= Phil McCurry, Neil Pemberton, Steve Blakeway, Paul Robinson 80
10= Paul Browne, Dave Carlile, Jonny Arcani, Howard Johnson 80
13 Phil Robinson, Dave Snape, Paul Price, Ian Brooks 79
14= Dave Monk , John Linsky, Simon Wilkinson, Barry Wilson 77
14= Josh Forster, Peter Forster, Paul Forster, Keith Haddock 77
14= Simon Poucher, Brendan Leighton, Terry Crewe, Neil Simpson 77
17 Gary Owen, Alistair Holloway, Steve Yeadon, Anthony Kenny 76
18= Simon Hemsley, Gareth Bradley, Ian King, Joe Kirwan 75
18= Colin Roberts, Dave Marchant, Andy Williamson, Lee Braxton 75
18= Kev Hart, Paul Yearsley, Ian Fensom, Mark Foley 75
18= Josh Brand, Matt Carr, Adam Green, Max McDonough 75
18= Tim Blackshaw, Roger Percival, John Backhouse, Ed Wilkinson 75
23 Gary Dowdle, Tony Coleman, David Smith, Brian Flynn 73
24 Martin Humphries, Barry Caldwell, Adrian Brown, Keith Shale 72
25= Dave Blood, Jim Cox, Ian Smith, Richard Margrave 70
25= Geoff Bickerton, Steve Best, Kevin Harling, Martin Prescott 70
27 Sam Leach, Chris Walley, Jonny Barton, Jim Hodges 67

North Wales start times
Thursday 9th Feb
8.56 am Simon Hemsley x4
9.04am Jim Caldwell x4
9.12 Colin Roberts x4
9.20 Ed Pysden x4
9.29 Dave Blood x4
9.38 Dave Goodwin x4
9.47 Paul Fell x4
9.55 Martin Humphries x4
10.04 Jim Clarke x4
10.13 Bob Bolton x4
10.22 Mick Mahon x4
10.30 Dave Sully x4
10.39 Paul Browne x4
10.48 Neale Laurent x4
10.57 Paul Salt x4
11.06 Dave Monk x4
11.15 Geoff Bickerton
11.24 Roger Percival x4
11.33 John Kelsall x4
11.42 Dave Griffiths x4
11.50 Roy Ainsworth x4
11.59 Steve Aspinall x4
12.08 Kav Hart x4
12.16 Steve Hall x4
12.25 Gary Neiles x4
12.34 Jim Rymer x4
12.43 John Hunt x4
12.52 Dave Hughes x4

Maxitours at Fairhaven – room at Mottram next week

Mottram Hall Thursday 2nd Feb now two tee start – check your times below ROOM FOR 2 TEAMS –the greens are class

Maxitours at fabulous Fairhaven

Maxitours players enjoyed a glorious day at Fairhaven Golf Club.
There was not a breath of wind and the players made the most of the firm, fast running fairways and immaculate greens.
The weather was mild and it was lovely to load my car up this morning in daylight- Spring and longer warmer golfing days are not too far away now.

Here is the link to photos from our long weekend in the Algarve, including the presentation dinner in the five star Bovino steak restaurant.
Sixteen of this years team have already rebooked. Thanks so much to everyone who contacted me since the trip:

‘A top class few days in the Portugal Sunshine with a great group of Maxitour players. Professionally run by Tim and Julie . Thanks you and roll on next year!’
Chris Adams Captain Elect Prestbury GC

‘Thanks Tim for a great week. Amazing golf courses, superb organisation from you, Julie & the team. Presentation dinner at one of Portugal’s finest restaurants topped off a great few days for our mixed team.’ Steve Heywood Hopwood GC Captain

‘A great trip from start to finish, well organized even down to having bottled water for the teams.
We travel and play in many events and the atmosphere between the teams was second to none and easy to see why people come back year after year.’ Steve Moores Stamford GC

‘The Maxitours Portugal golf trip is a brilliantly organised event

It is attended by a fantastic group of like minded people – who are all there to enjoy themselves- we definitely enjoyed ourselves

We have already reserved a place on next years trip!’
Giles Terry Mere GC Ex- Captain

‘Hi Tim

We are relaxing at the Magnolia Hotel today reflecting on a brilliant 4 day Maxitours event .

Peter, Mike and Phil join me in thanking you and your team for the wonderful time we had.

The arrangements were superb as were the 3 golf courses we played. We met so many delightful and interesting ‘Maxitourists’ during our stay.

These events take a great deal of planning and we all appreciated the immense work of you, Julie and Claire to make it such an enjoyable trip for us.

The Gala Dinner last night at the Bovino was a memorable experience with great food and atmosphere.

Thank you for all the fantastic work you put in to make it so special for us.’

Best wishes

Jim Rymer, Heswall GC

‘What a great week, well as much as I remember!!
Brilliantly organised, great company and superb courses. All overlooked with aplomb and a smile.
Get us down for next year!’
Mick Mahon Myton Fold GC

In todays event Dave Rhodes was choking on his beer in the Clubhouse after he missed a 10 inch putt at the last. His team finished in 3rd place.
The Ashton in Makerfield team took 2nd with a solid 88 points but it was the veteran Birchwood team of Graham Wilkinson(6), John Fitzsimmons(7), Ken Booth(10) and Alan Simpson (12)who took first place with a cracking 90 point haul. Well played chaps. First win for quite a while for this popular quartet.

Thanks to everyone for your support, Tim

Nearest the Pin Darren Wilkinson Doz AD333
Nearest the Pin Steve Rawlinson Doz AD333

2’s £160 3 Pro V1s or 7 srixon AD333
John Fitzsimmons Phil Gow x2 Ben Davies Jon Beesley Mark Jordan Gav Sutcliffe James Caffrey Simon Wells John Flaherty Darren Wilkinson Paul Fell Colin Bryan Paul Harrison

Fairhaven Jan 23
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Graham Wilkinson, Alan Simpson, Ken Booth, John Fitzsimmons 90 Maxitours Quilted top
2 Jason Atherton, Tim Potter, Dave Parry, Chris Bland 88 Fj shirt each
3 Nathan Mills, James Mooney, Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes 87 Callaway shirt each
4= Richard Blackwell, Steve Austin, Gary Smith, John Hilton 86 Callaway shirt each
4= Phil Gow, Mark Sanderson, Jamie Lloyd, 86 Maxitours cap each
6 Stuart Smith, Malc Bates, Steve Smith , Andy Corrigan 85
7= Ben Davies, Shaun Mudalige, Nigel Eckersley, Jon Beesley 84
7= Dave Blood, Jim Cox, Colin Gallimore, Andy Sandham 84
9= Paul Wrigley, Gav Sutcliffe, James Caffrey, Pete Brandon 83
9= Alan Vaughan, Dave Blease, Karl Marginson, Mark Foley 83
11 Gary Hankinson, Chris Orchard, John Flaherty, Paul Barton 81
12 Simon Wells, Andy Brechin, Peter Close, Dave Stewardson 80
13= Andy Taylor, Andy Parrington, Chris Perry, Mike Eardley 79
13= Darren Wilkinson, Iain Cole, Dan Moss, Simon Ashton 79
13= Paul Fell, Mike Lowe, Nigel Ashton, Colin Bryan 79
13= Dave Griffiths, Pete Birtwistle, Mike Fenton, Tom Bane 79
17= Phil McCurry, Pete Smith, George Kerr, Paul Robinson 78
17= Dave Goodwin, Paul Woodbine, Phil Robinson, Richard Williamson 78
19= Bob King, Steve Ross, Bob Bolton, John Goddard 77
19= Mick Mahon, Dave Westwood, John Farnsworth, Richard Palmer 77
19= Ed Pysden, Henry Petrie, Mike Murphy, Fred Bridge 77
22= Simon Poucher, Peter McElkerney, Dave Carlile, Neil Simpson 74
22= Steve Woods, John Harker, Jimmy McEwan, Chris Bland 74
24 Dave Harris, Paul Harrison, Barry McCoughlin, Steve Costigan 69

Mottram Start sheet
Thursday 2nd Feb 2023

1st tee
9.30 Simon Hemsley x4
9.39 Dave Blood x4
9.57 Gary Dowdle x4
10.06 Peter McElkerney x4
10.15 Simon Ashton x4
10.24 Nathan Mills x4
10.33 Paul Brown x4
10.42 Simon Poucher
10.51 Sam Leach x4
11.00 Jim Clarke x4
11.09 Dave Goodwin x4
11.27 Richard Blackwell x4

1st tee
9.30 Colin Roberts
9.39 Jim Caldwell x4
9.48 Mick Mahon x4
9.57 Paul Fell x4
10.06 Martin Humphries x4
10.15 Kev Hart x4
10.24 Gary Neiles x4
10.33 Neale Laurent x4
10.42 Paul Salt x4
11.00 Dave Monk x4
11.09 John Hilditch x4
11.18 Lee Tilley x4
11.27 Roger Percival x4