Results from excellent Knutsford

*spaces for 3 teams in the Hopwood FJ AM AM next Thursday 21st Sept*

Maxitours at sunny Knutsford

Nearly 50 intelligent Maxitours golfers had a terrific days golf at Knutsford.
Described as the best nine hole course in the North by Denis Durnian this super layout was enjoyed by all:
‘I’m amazed how dry it was’ reported a delighted Brian Ankers
‘Wonderful’ beamed Colin Roberts
‘Remarkable how dry it is out there’ said Nigel Ashton.

The course was magnificent considering there has been over 5cm of rain in the last few days Head Greenkeeper Mark Dingle does a great job and throughout the season the course has been more manicured than a wealthy Cheshire housewife.

The new drainage system is terrific and this course will take some closing this Winter!
Conditions were excellent as the calm before the storm meant there was not a breath of wind for players for most of the round.

Thanks to Sandra and Leon in the Clubhouse for looking after us so well during the day

In today’s event Colin Roberts famous short game was on fire as he chipped in twice to make birdies on both front nine par threes. Unfortunately things faded slightly on the back nine.

Nice guys Sam Leach(11) and Chris Walley(17) from Lymm took 3rd place with 43points and a great back nine. Both players came in 9 times.

Wychwood Parks Richard Williamson(12) and Phil Robinson(11) scored an unwanted ‘blob’ on their first hole but for the next 17 holes their iron shots were ‘eating graphite’ as they fired at every flagstick to score 44 points and take 2nd place.

The honours went to Oxford Zoology graduate Mick Mahon and his less intelligent pal -sheep farmer Richard Palmer. If you ask Richard he will actually admit that his collie is smarter than him.
These lads are some of the nicest men you will ever meet and they play badly nearly every week on Maxitours. Mick has scored a total of 5 points in his previous 25 fixtures this season so he was not on form. Class is permanent however and the Mytton Fold men scored 47 points to win in style. Mahon picked up 3 points on the 13th and then 4 points on the 14th and 4 points on the 15th hole in a real hot streak. Well played chaps- I am delighted for you both.

Thanks to all players for your support, yours in golf, Tim
2,s £75 3 pro V1s or 8 srixon AD333s

Steve Heywood x2 Kevin Reeves Mick Mahon Phil Vokes Rob Norbury Richard Williamson Roger Percival Jeff Brothwell

Nearest the Pin 3rd Steve Heywood Doz AD333s
Nearest the Pin 5th Mick Mahon Doz AD333s

Knutsford Golf Club 12-Sep-2017
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer 47 12 Sunice Waterproof Top
2 Phil Robinson, Richard Williamson 44 11 Footjoy shirt
3 Sam Leach, Chris Walley 43 10 Kartel shirt
4 Martin France, Peter Atherton 43 9 Kartel shirt
5 Kevin Reeves, Jim Hodges 43 8 Maxitours shirt
6 John Barnes, Lee Tilley 42 7 Maxitours towel
7 Rob Norbury, James Mooney 42 6 Maxitours towel
8 Mike Hill, Rob Blaine 42 5
9 Ian Fensom, Kev Hart 41 4
10 Martin Cox, Peter Sinclair 41 3
11 Brian Ankers, Peter Heald 41 2
12 Frank Hindle, John Farnsworth 41 1
13 Bri Hopkins, Gary Bresnahan 41
14= Phil Vokes, Paul Dalby 40
14= Jeff Brothwell, Jamie Gavin 40
14= John Shore, 40
14= Roger Percival, Ed Wilkinson 40
18= Colin Roberts, John Rigby 39
18= Dave Goodwin, Steve Heywood 39
18= Chih Hu, Nigel Milroy 39
21 Andrew Thompson, Nigel Oakes 38
22 Gary McMahon, Alan McMahon 37
23= Paul Fell, Nigel Ashton 36
23= Roy Ainsworth, Steve Smith 36

Hopwood AM AM Start times
10.00 Colin Roberts x4
10.18 Ian King x4
10.27 Jack Coleman x4
10.45 Dave Stanhope x4
10.54 Chris Adams x4
11.03 Mick Mahon x4
11.12 pete Hamlett x4
11.21 J Hilditch x4
11.25Barry Simpson x4
11.30 Bev Crute x4
11.39 Graham Littler x4
11.48 Matt Cheffins x4
11.57 Lewis Marland x4
12.06Paul Gilbert x4
12.15 Brian Greenbank x4
12.33 James Wilson x4
12.42 John Wallis x4
12.51 Chris hammond x4
1.00 Richard Williamson x4
1.09 John Stubbs x4
1.18 Paul Browne x4
1.27 Gary Dowdle x4
1.36 Brian Rogerson 2pm x4
1.45 Steve Parle x4
1.54 Tom Dobbins x8
2.03 Gary Parle x4
2.12 David Smith x4
2.20 Bernard Wood x4
2.29 Chris Ernill x4
2.38 Pete Norbury x4
2.47 Barry Jackson x4

Today’s Knutsford start times

Greens freshly cut by top greenkeeper Mark Dingle

Dear Maxitours player,

Knutsford is open for play and the event will go ahead , Thanks for your support, Tim

Knutsford tee times

11.25am Lee Tilley x4
11.34am Colin Roberts x2 Martin Cox x2

11.42 am Roy Ainsworth x4
11.50am Paul Fell x2 Phil Vokes x2
11.59am Roger Percival x4
12.08pm Mick Mahon x4
12.26pm Sam Leach x4
12.35pm Graham Pike x4
12.44pm Ian Fensom x2 Mike Hill x2
12.53pm Dave Goodwin x3 Steve Heywood x1
1.02pm Chih Hu x4
1.11pm John Shore x4
1.22pm Bri Hopkins x2 Andy Thompson x2 buggy

Clitheroe cancelled event moved to Knutsford

Clitheroe Cancelled – event moved to Knutsford- only room for 1st 60 players!
also confirming that the great Neville Dennis’ funeral is on Thursday 10.45 Howebridge Crematorium and after at Swinton Park GC .

Dear Maxitours player,

I am sorry about this but:

Due to another 22mm of rain last night in Lancashire and more rain forecast over the next 24 hours the Maxitours event at lovely Clitheroe event has unfortunately been cancelled.

The Pairs event is switched to Knutsford Golf Club which is incredibly dry and in superb condition however I only have availability for 56 golfers so please don’t get too upset if all times are taken!

Please let me know ASAP if you would like to play
Knutsford tee times

Yours in golf, Tim

The Terrific new 2017/18 Winter Spring Schedule

Dear Maxitours player,
Many thanks for your terrific support this Summer. I am now delighted to announce the release of the new Winter/Spring Schedule!
Thanks for your unrivalled etiquette and sportsmanship each week on Maxitours. Your respect for the host course and the traditions of the game mean we are welcomed back each year to the best golfing venues Cheshire and the North West has to offer.
I have maintained my low entry fees to provide you with incredibly high quality, affordable golf. Due to the integrity and reliability of my players I can also continue to accept payment on the day- many thanks indeed for that.
Play well this Winter and I hope you enjoy playing in Maxitours events as much as I enjoy running them.

Yours in Golf, Tim

Winter / Spring Schedule 2017-2018
More great news!
Stuburt have sponsored the Winter / Spring Schedule 2017 – 2018 Order of Merit.
The top 5 players will receive Stuburt products.
The End of Season Shootout for the Order of Merit Top 10 is also Sponsored by Stuburt
November 2018
2nd Thurs Mottram Hall 11am AM AM £25.00
9th Thurs Wilmslow 9.45-12pm AM AM £25.00
14th Tues Fairhaven 11am AM AM £25.00
23rd Thurs Prestbury 11am Pairs £25.00
28th Tues Sandiway 11.30am Pairs £25.00
December 2018
7th Thurs Stockport 11am AM AM £25.00
13th Weds Vale Royal 11am AM AM £25.00
21st Thurs Ringway 11am AM AM £25.00
January 2018
3rd Weds Warrington 11am AM AM £25.00
10th Weds Vale Royal 11am AM AM £25.00
11-15th Thurs-Mon Vilasol Portugal AM AM All in! £639.00
Note: 40 Players have already paid deposits. There are only places for 24 more players.
18th Thurs Caldy 11am AM AM £25.00
23rd Tues Fairhaven 11am Pairs £25.00
February 2018
1st Thurs Mere 11am AM AM £25.00
8th Thurs Dunham Forest 11.30am AM AM £25.00
13th Tues Sandiway 11am Pairs £25.00
19th Mon Wilmslow 9.45-12pm AM AM £25.00
March 2018
1st Thurs Caldy 9-2pm AM AM £25.00
8th Thurs Prestbury 11am Pairs £25.00
15th Thurs Dunham Forest 8-1pm AM AM £25.00
22nd Thurs Ringway 11am AM AM £25.00
26th Mon Stockport 9-2pm AM AM £25.00
30th Fri Vale Royal 8.30-3.30 AM AM £25.00
April 2018
3rd Tues Sandiway 9-3pm AM AM £30.00
12th Thurs Mere 8-4pm AM AM £30.00
20th Fri Vale of Llangollen 10-3pm AM AM £25.00
23rd Mon Conwy 10.07-3..30pm AM AM £30.00
26th Thur Knutsford 10-12pm Singles £2

Maxitours at Lancaster

Dear Maxitours player,

The Lancaster golf course is currently underwater and despite having excellent drainage it will take at least an hour once the rain stops to make the course playable. The forecast is for rain until at least 11am so we have therefore taken the decision to CANCEL THE EVENT.

If anyone is keen to travel Lancaster Golf Club 01524 751247 will honour a £25 green fee this afternoon if the course Opens – you MUST BOOK YOUR TIME THROUGH THE PRO SHOP.

Green fee is payable in the professionals shop prior to play.

This Maxitours event will be rearranged ASAP!

Sorry for any inconvenience.
Yours in Golf, Tim


Dear Maxitours player

The course is currently underwater and despite having excellent drainage it will take at least an hour once the rain stops to make the course playable. The forecast is for rain until at least 11am so we have therefore taken the decision to cancel the event.

If anyone is keen to travel Lancaster Golf Club 01524 751247 will honour a £25 green fee this afternoon if the course Opens – you MUST BOOK YOUR TIME THROUGH THE PRO SHOP.

Green fee is payable in the professionals shop prior to play.

Sorry for any inconvenience.
Yours in Golf, Tim


Dear Maxitours player,

Please bear with me!!

Play has been suspended until 9am as the course has taken lots of rain overnight.

Lancaster are keen for the event to go ahead.
I m speaking to the general manager at 8.30am to get his opinion. The forecast is set to improve from 11am and the professional tells me the course drains well.

Please can you wait to set off until a decision is made at 8.45am

Many thanks