Maxitours at Brilliant Vale Royal

**Spaces Available at Warrington Team of Four Weds 23rd Jan £25 and Fairhaven Pairs £27.50 Tuesday 29th Jan** both 11am shotgun starts

Please let me know if you wish to come to Quinta do Lago in Portugal next year- I will only have room for about 5 new teams. The weather looks great for our trip this week.

Maxitours at Brilliant Vale Royal

A damp start at Vale Royal in the heart of Cheshire gave way to glorious sunshine and ideal golfing conditions for my Maxitours competitors today. The golf course was presented to its usual incredibly high standard. This is now a terrific golf venue.
Thanks to Manager Ian Embury and all his highly trained staff for their attention and hospitality throughout the day.

‘Those greens and fairways were excellent. We had a truly great day!’ Said Martin Higgins.
‘I love this place.’ Announced old romantic Rob Kenyon.

No need to beware of the injured golfer today. If International tennis superstar Andrew Murray thought he had problems with a sore hip he could do with looking at hard man John Waddicor – he required the Vale Royal lift to get upstairs just to pick his scorecard up! His team finished last with 71 points.
The Vale Royal greens were immaculate but Martin Bramwell found them harder to read than a Russian newspaper and his team ended in an average 14th place.

The new golf rules seem to have speeded up play a little as most players were around in the four hour mark. Leaving the flag in helps pace of play and James Malkins group looked like something out of a Benny hill sketch as they all frantically tried to locate his ball within three minutes rather than the usual five.

On form Ryder Cup player Matt Kuchar won for the second time this season on the US tour last week but he proved to be an unpopular winner when it was revealed on Twitter that he had paid his local Mexican caddy just 3000 dollars when he won prizemoney in excess of 1.3 million dollars after his first victory last month. It is rumoured that he wouldn’t give a door a bang. His caddy should count himself lucky. As a junior I once caddied up and down 18 holes at Macclesfield Golf Club and was given a Mars bar. My father in law caddied for me when I won the 36 hole Rhyl Classic in 1998. I generously bought him a bacon butty before we went out each day and then I gave him a sleeve of Wilson Ultras as a bonus.

In today’s event Dave Sully and his team of Coppers should have been finding criminals, instead they managed to find some form on the course and took 4th place with 86 points.

Third place went to well-off Dave Sarsfield(18), wealthy Dave Rhodes(16), financial advisor Peter Dobson(9) and wealthiest of the lot, Michael Holmes(13). The Saddleworth quartet actually dropped shots on their final two holes but were delighted with 88 points and 3rd place.

Seventy something year old Joe Yates(14) Alan Forber(14) Gary Nilsson (6) and John Longworth(14) took 2nd place also on 88 points. They had an outstanding 46 points on the tougher back nine win the card play off.

Everyone likes Colin Roberts(20). He is a lovely man who plays in the first match out each week in the Summer months and plays every week off a nice tee in the Winter. In the last ten years he has had just 2 victories. Today Colin and his good pal Geoff Andrews(20) were two players short so I teamed them up with Styals’ Charles Herbert(19) and Northendens’ Ross Birch(8). They saw how golf should be played and took 1st place with a superb 89 points. Well played chaps great golf.

Thanks to all whom played today- what a fantastic day for golf! (Snow tomorrow. )
Yours in Golf, Tim

Nearest the pin 10th Doz AD333 Mike Wainwright
Nearest the pin 16th Doz AD333 Ian Gemmill

2’s sweep £137.50 5 pro V1s or 11 srixons per 2
Graham Kaye John Hilditch Paul Dalby Martin France James Malkins Dave Rhodes Roy Christin Dave Plant Ian Gemmill

Vale Royal 16-Jan-2018
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Colin Roberts, Charles Herbert, Ross Birch, Geoff Andrews 89 12 Maxitours Merino Top
2 Joe Yates, Gary Nilsoon, John Longworth, Alan Forber 88 10 Cutter and Buck top
3 Peter Dobson, Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes, Michael Holmes 88 8 Maxitours shirt each
4 Dave Sully, Graham Davenport, Steve Heywood, Richard Wakefield 86 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 Rob Kenyon, Dave Williams, Gary Whittaker, John Stockdale 85 4 Maxitours scorecard holder each
6 Roger Percival, Ed Wilkinson, Martin France, Peter Atherton 84 2
7= Brian Hopkins, Darren Whittaker, Steve Marsh, Neil Worthington 83
7= Bob Mottershead, John Dickenson, Roy Christian, Dave Plant 83
9= John Hildtch, Simon Walton, Paul Smith, Steve Boland 82
9= Chris Hammond, Ian Gemmill, Peter Roche, Bob Coley 82
11 Mike Masser, Pete Tomlinson, Ian Stanton, Bill Smith 81
12= Joe Kirwan, Gareth Bradley, Simon Hemsley, Ian King 79
12= Sam Leach, Bob Chesters, Jim Hodges, Chris Whalley 79
14= Jim Cox , Tony Walsh, Dave Collinson, Andy Sandham 78
14= Dave Wainwright, Brian Greenbank , Mike Wainwright, Guy Levers 78
14= Lewis Marland, Nick Ford, Phi Dickens, John Lafill 78
14= Phil Vokes, Barney Ross, Paul Dalby, Chris Cyprus 78
14= John Gleave, Ray Massey, Steve Tyrrell, Graham Kay 78
14= Martin Bramwell, Andy Vietch, Peter Veitch, Matt Nelstrop 78
20= Richard Wiliamson, Paul Woodbine, Phil Robinson, Dave Goodwin 76
20= Jim Caldwell, Richard Blackwell, Lee Charnley, Peter Griggs 76
22 Dave Blease, Alan Vaughan, Carl Marginson, Rob Whittle 75
23 Mick Mahon, Frank Hindle, Richard Palmer, John Farnsworth 73
24 Rob Weston, Steve Foxcroft, David Wilkinson, Trevor Webb 72
25 Ian Waddington, John Waddicor, Colin Buckley, Andrew Norman 71

Maxitours team of 4 Am Am at Warrington
Next Weds 23rd January
£25 Per head
1 Brian Hopkins x4
2a Simon Poucher x4
2b Richard Blackwell x4
3a Ian Hellens x4
5 Peter Maher x4
5b Dave Tongue x4
6 Gary Neiles x4 tbc
6b John Hilditch x4
7a Jim Caldwell x4
7b Simon Taylor x4
8a Brian Greenbank x4
8b John Gleave x4
9 Richard Williamson x4
10 Steve Lamont x4
11a Colin Roberts x4
11b Simon Hemsley x4
12 Dave Blood x4
13 Phil Vokes x4
14a Mick Mahon x4
14b Lewis Marland x4
15 Dave Sully x4
16 Paul Fell x4
17a Roy Ainsworth x4
17b Jim Clarke x4
18a Les Russon x4
18b Nigel Hallows x4

Maxitours at five star Knutsford

Maxitours at five star Knutsford

Maxitours players thoroughly enjoyed playing at Knutsford in the singles event over the past two days. Manchester based European tour star Denis Durnian always rated Knutsford as the best nine hole course he had ever played and the reviews from 80 Maxitours players were also great this week.

‘Please pass on my compliments to the greenkeeper -the greens are fantastic!’. Raved top DJ Charles Herbert.

‘The course was extremely dry and those Greens are amazing for January.’ Reported Colin Roberts.

Cheshire amateur legend Gareth Bradley(+2) had never played Knutsford ‘I can’t believe how good the course is- I will definitely be back.’

Highly rated Head Green keeper Mark Dingle really knows his stuff and he has produced greens of the highest standard for the members over the past 8 years without fail. Keep up the good work Mark.

Thanks also to our excellent new caterers Ceri and Rhiannon for looking after us so well. Brian Ankers likes to get his money’s worth and he said his pre-round bacon butty was the best he has eaten for years. ‘There was half a pig on that sandwich!’ Said the delighted Lymm man.

Maxitours players looked to have partied well over the Christmas festivities and this had a negative effect on my sales turnover. I got my tight-fitting medium Galvin Green stock out for Phil Vokes as he is one of very few Maxitours golfers thin enough to try it on -but I was devastated to see him struggling to zip it up.

For some reason portly Graham Newnes imagined he could get into an extra-large half zip jacket but he ended up needing the help of two teammates to take it off.

Koos Alders wanted some change for the coffee machine and asked playing partner Martin Cox if he had a spare pound. ‘He’s got a few spare pounds.’ Joked good pal Mark Morris.

When Peter Maher picked up his scorecard he showed me an amazing new golf ball that comes equipped with beeps and flashing lights so that it simply can’t be lost. I asked him if it was a Christmas present.
‘No, I found it’ he replied.

In the singles event Milkman Don Milligan(13) whistled his way into the 5th place with an excellent 40 points. He showed his bottle with an excellent par on the tough 17th hole to ensure a solid finish.

Mark Haggerty(14) had the best round of the day yesterday and the well spoken High Legh man wins a Galvin Green windstopper for his efforts. This was good enough for 4th place overall with 41 points.

In the clubhouse John Farnworth(22) had a face which made Andrew Murray look cheerful. He dropped three shots on his final three holes to finish 3rd with 41points.

Second place went to improving Guy Levers(21) from Hale Golf Club with 42 points but this was pipped by an emotional Les Russon (13). Les suffered a heart attack last month after he played at Ringway and this was his first event back. Fortunately for everyone concerned he didn’t feel the pressure today and recorded an excellent 43 points.
‘I feel great!’
Beamed the popular Bramall man. Well played Les, I hope you continue to have a healthy and successful 2019.

Thanks to all players I hope you enjoyed the course and complimentary doughnuts.
Yours in Golf, Tim

Nearest the pin 3rd Brian Hopkins Doz AD333
Nearest the pin 14th Jim Mcewan Doz AD333
Nearest the Pin 5th Les Russon Doz AD333
Nearest the pin 12th Dean Ponter Doz AD333

2’s £125 3 pro v1s or 7 srixon AD333s Martin Cox Dave Cooper x2 Barney Ross Jim McEwan x2 Ian Gallacher Ian Appleton Richard T-Carr Alison Shipstone Russell Humphries Brian Hopkins Ian Ponter James Shipstone

Knutsford Golf Club 11-Jan-2019
Pos Player Score OoM Comment
1 Les Russon 43 18 Srixon Carry Bag
2 Guy Levers 42 17 Fj Waterproof top
3 John Farnsworth 41 16 Callaway rain top
4 Mark Haggerty 41 15 Galvin Green Windstopper (1st on day one!)
5 Don Milligan 40 14 Maxitours shirt
6 Mike Wainwright 40 13 Maxitours shirt
7 Keith Edwards 40 12 Sunice shirt
8 Simon Burgess 39 11 Maxitours bag towel
9 Martin Cox 39 10 Winter mitts
10 Dave Greenwood 39 9 Winter mitts
11 Darren Whittaker 39 8
12 Dave Cooper 38 7
13 Phil Vokes 38 6
14 Barney Ross 38 5
15 Ade Price 38 4
16 Brian Ankers 38 3
17 Tony Stiles 38 2
18 John Hunt 38 1
19 Dave Mason 38
20= Geoff Andrews 37
20= Roy Ainsworth 37
20= Jim McEwan 37
20= David Kelly 37
20= Mick Gorrill 37
20= Frank Hindle 37
20= Rob Kenyon 37
27= Nigel Ashton 36
27= Ian Gallagher 36
27= Charles Herbert 36
27= Karl Marginson 36
27= Gareth Bradley 36
27= Paul Dalby 36
27= Richard Palmer 36
27= Mick Mahon 36
35= Neil Edwards 35
35= Colin Roberts 35
35= Dave Blease 35
35= Ian King 35
35= Ian Appleton 35
35= Pete Atherton 35
35= Martin France 35
35= Martin Higgins 35
35= Sarah Ormrod 35
44= Mark Clewley 34
44= Mike Lamb 34
44= Ashley Elliott 34
44= John Worsnop 34
44= Ben Kinsey 34
44= Simon Hemsley 34
50= Richard Taylor Carr 33
50= Alan Pengelly 33
50= Alison Shipstone 33
50= Dave Sully 33
50= Dave Lowe 33
50= Ed Wilkinson 33
50= Mick Fenton 33
57= Koos Alders 32
57= Joe Kirwan 32
57= Russell Humphries 32
57= Steve Merricks 32
61= Neil Worthington 31
61= Mark Morris 31
61= James Brown 31
61= Richard Wakefield 31
61= Steve Heywood 31
66= Bri Hopkins 30
66= Graham Jackson 30
66= Bob Eastwood 30
66= Peter Booth 30
66= Chris Cyprus 30
71= Charlie Hodgkins 29
71= Brian Greenbank 29

Maxitours AM AM at Vale Royal
Weds 16th Jan

1a Lewis Marland x4
1b John Hilditch x4
2a Dave Sully x4
2b Brian Hopkins x4
3 Roger Percival x4
4Joe Yates x4
5a Peter Mayer x4
6 Ian Waddington x4
7a John Gleave x4
7b Mike Dean x4
8 Bob Mottershead x4
9a Simon Ashton x4
9bRob Weston x4
10 Colin Roberts x4
11a Simon Hemsley x4
11b Dave Blood x4
12a Phil Vokes x4
12b Mick Mahon x4
13 Brian Greenbank x4
14a Peter Dobson x4
14b Sam Leach x4
15a Dave Blease x4
15b Martin Bramwell x4
16 Chris Hammond x4
17 Richard Williamson x4
17b Rob Kenyon x4
18a Les Russon x4
18b Jim Caldwell x4
res Nigel Ashton x1

Jim Clarke x4

The Terrific New 2019 Maxitours Summer Schedule

Dear Maxitours Golfer,

Here is the terrific new Maxitoursgolf Summer Schedule for 2019!

Please book early as many of these events fill up quickly.

This summer we are holding events on twenty-four of the best courses in the North West.

I am delighted to announce the addition of Lymm, Davyhulme Park and Leigh Golf Club to give us some fresh challenges.

Thanks to your reliability and integrity our tour continues to grow and it makes me proud when I get regularly complimented on what a terrific group we are.

Thank you very much.

My events continue to be open to all recognised golf club members with active handicaps and who play in the correct spirit and uphold the traditions of the game.

I hope you have a great 2019 on the links,

Yours in Golf,


Maxitours Summer Schedule 2019
Fri 3rd May Bolton Old Links 9am-3.15pm AM AM £25.00
Fri 10th May Vale Royal 8.30am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Thurs 16th May Pleasington 8.30am-3pm Pairs £25.00
Thurs 23rd May Bramall Park 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Tues 28th May Worsley 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Tues 04th June Romiley 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Two Day Welsh Classic
Mon 10th June Conwy 10am-3pm AM AM £60pp
Tues 11th June North Wales 10am-3pm AM AM
Thurs 20th June Fixby 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Thurs 27th June Hazel Grove 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Thurs 4th July Davenport 10am-3.15pm AM AM £25.00
Mon 8th July Lancaster 10am-3.15pm AM AM £27.50
Thurs 18th July Hopwood 10am-3.15pm Pairs £27.50
Tues 23rd July Lymm 10am-3.15pm AM AM £25.00
Thurs 2nd Aug Dunham Forest 8.00am-1pm AM AM £27.50
Thurs 8th Aug Pleasington 8.30am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Thurs 15th Aug Mottram Hall 9.30am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Mon 19th Aug Stockport 9am-2.30pm AM AM £27.50
Weds 21st Aug Vale Royal 8.30am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Thurs 29th Aug Ringway 9am-2.30pm Pairs £25.00
Thurs 05th Sept Davyhulme Park 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Tues 10th Sept Clitheroe 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Thurs 19th Sept Hopwood 10am-3pm Pairs £27.50
Thurs 26th Sept Helsby 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Fri 4th Oct Leigh 10am-3pm AM AM £22.50
Fri 11th Oct Vale of Llangollen 9.30am-2.30pm AM AM £25.00
Charity Day
Thurs 17th Oct Prestbury 9am-2pm AM AM £200 / team
Thurs 24th Oct Dunham Forest 8am-1pm Pairs £27.50
Mon 28th Oct Stockport 9am-2pm AM AM £27.50

Maxitours at Utterly brilliant Vale Royal

Still Maxitours spaces at:
Fairhaven 29th Jan
Vale of Llangollen 22nd Feb
Vale Royal 15th March -all filling fast!

Maxitours at Utterly Brilliant Vale Royal

A brilliant day was enjoyed by all at Vale Royal today. I say it every year but the course just gets better and better! Last years drainage work means the course is even drier than usual and the greens were in stunning condition for December.

‘It was immaculate out there!’ Reported Simon Poucher.
‘That’s a great track- superb!’ Complimented Nigel Ashton.

Manager Ian Embury and his five star team looked after us well today despite hosting a variety of functions in a busy Christmas Clubhouse. It was also great to speak to popular Club Captain John Redmond who was at the Club to meet us on arrival- brilliant.

Kevin Morgan has one of the biggest overswings in golf. During the Summer months he has a bruise on the outside of his left knee where his Driver sometimes cracks him at the top of his backswing. He always plays better in the Winter as he piles on the waterproofs and this restricts his flexibility so he has a more controlled game and suffers less pain. He was disappointed to see the sun out today and his team looked worried when he started to strip off. Sure enough, he hobbled his way back into the Clubhouse after his round clutching his left knee.

Joe Kirwan considerately checked in early this morning so I could make out his team’s scorecard to make my life easier before the big ten o’clock rush. I made the amateur mistake of enquiring about his recent golf holiday to Mauritius. I had to call a halt when the queue stretched down the stairs and Joe started to bring out his photographs.

Eventually Joe got on the golf course and played some great stuff in the perfect golfing conditions to help his Bramall team take 4th place with 86 points. Gareth Bradley(+2) Ian King(7) and Simon Hemsley(10) completed the quartet.

Sandiways Gary Neiles(5) played with John Longworth(14) and father and son Joe(14) and Paul Yates(9). Paul eagled the 2nd hole to pick up 4 points and his retired Dad returned the favour picking up 4 points just 2 holes later. Their 89 points was good enough for 3rd place.

Mottram Halls’ Martin Firth(6) Andy Bethell(12) Eddie Geary(14) and Rob Parry(7) took 2nd place also on 89 points. Geary eagled the par four 3rd hole and Firth drove the 13th green to set up an eagle for himself as they took 2nd place on the card play-off. Bethell has been sacked more times than Jose Mourinho but he made vital pars on the 17th and 18th to keep his place in the team.

According to his team mates Steve Hall (17)will become ‘The worst golfer in history to Captain Prestbury Golf Club’ when he takes the reigns in February. He actually played some uncharacteristically good golf today for a few holes and managed to come in seven times. Chris Adams(12) Richard Johnson(16) and Mike Sutton(8) all played well as the Prestbury bankers recorded their first victory for over a year. Well played chaps, great golf.

Thanks to everyone for your terrific support this year. What a great nine months of glorious golfing weather we have just had. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year.

Tim, Suzy, Ella and James xxxx

Nearest the pin 10th Lewis Marland Dozen AD333
Nearest the pin 16th Dave Mason Dozen AD333

2’s £155 4 pro v1s or 10 srixon AD333s Eddie Geary Martin Firth Paul Dalby Barney Ross Ben Kinsey Richard Wakefield Dave Holgate Dave Plant Keith Workman Brendan Leighton Tony Stiles Colin Berry

Vale Royal 19-Dec-2018
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Chris Adams, Steve Hall, Richard Johnson, Mike Sutton 90 12 Callaway raintop each
2 Martin Firth, Andy Bethel, Rob Parry, Eddie Geary 89 10 Stuburt gilet each
3 Joe Yates, Gary Neiles, John Longworth, Paul Yates 89 8 Maxitours shirt each
4 Joe Kirwan, Gareth Bradley, Simon Hemsley, Ian King 86 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 Dave Tongue, John Wallis, Mark Pasquill, John Moorfield 86 4 AUR Shirt each
6 Ian Hellens, Steve Blakeway, Phil Dickens, Stuart Birrell 85 2 Maxitours scorecard holder
7= Dave Williams, Steve Merricks, Rob Kenyon, Simon Burgess 85
7= Paul Fell, Ben Kinsey, Nigel Ashton, Dave Cooper 85
7= Phil Vokes, Barney Ross, Paul Dalby, Chris Cyprus 85
7= Jim Clarke, Graham Jackson, Chris Clarke, Pete Ledger 85
11= Phil Dermott, Andy Peate, George Parsley, Darren Dowd 84
11= Simon Wilkinson, Barry Wilson, John Fitzsimmons, Andy Stokes 84
13 Andy Hall, Mick Fenton, Don Milligan, Steve Whitby 83
14= Jim Cox , Lilo Williams, Colin Hallimore, Andy Sandham 81
14= Mick Mahon, Dave Westwood, Richard Palmer, John Farnsworth 81
14= Munro Donald, Nigel Clowes, Phil Hanson, John Jobes 81
17= Dave Sully, Ian Appleton, Steve Heywood, Richard Wakefield 80
17= Eddie Ellis, Ben Davies, Kenny Plumb, Graham Aspinall 80
19 Bob Mottershead, Dave Holgate, Dave Platt, Keith Workman 79
20= Simon Poucher, Brendan Lieghton, Tony Stiles, Tony Lowe 78
20= Jim Caldwell, Dave Thomas, Liam Pilkington, Bob Picthall 78
20= Colin Roberts, Dave Mason, Dave Marchant, Geoff Andrews 78
23= Peter Maher, Martin Higgins, Nigel Hall, Russell Humphries 77
23= Richard Blackwell, Peter Freeman, Paul Beeson, Keith Potter 77
23= Richard Wiliamson, Paul Woodbine, Phil Robinson, Dave Goodwin 77

Knutsford Singles
Thursday 10th Jan
10.10am Colin Roberts x4
10.20am Dave Sully x4
10.30am Paul Fell x4
10.40am John Hunt x4
10.50am Jim Clarke x4
11.00am Neil Edwards x4
11.10am Steve Woods x4
11.20am Koos Alders x4
11.30am Ashley Elliott x4
11.40am Roy Ainsworth x4
11.50am Brian Hopkins x4

Friday 11th Jan

10.10am Simon Hemsley x4
10.20am Brian Greenbank x4
10.30am Pete Maher x4
10.40am Nigel Hallows x4
10.50am Roger Percival x4
11.00am Mick Mahon x4
11.10amPhil Vokes x4
11.20am Mick Fenton x4
11.30am Les Russon x4
11.40am Dave Blood x4

Maxitours Trip to Portugal news

*****Great new Maxitours Summer Schedule released on Friday*****

Maxitours at Quinta do Lago!!!

18th -22nd Jan 2019

Dear Maxitours player,

We have exactly one month to go before the fantastic overseas trip to Portugal when we will be playing three of the best courses in Europe and staying in the lovely and newly refurbished Magnolia Hotel.

We have a record 48 players on the trip, I know all of you and I am delighted to have such a lovely group to spend a few days with.

Here are your start times for the first two days. The final day will be in tournament order with leaders out last!

Yours in golf and friendship,


Sat 19th January Tournament Day 1 Laranjal times from 9.52am

Sun 20th January Tournament Day 2 Quinta do Lago South Course times from 8.08am

Mon 21st January Tournament Day 3 Quinta do Lago North Course times from 9.52am

Buggies available all week at the reduced cost of 35 euro (from 50 euro)

Players Tee times

Mike Tarrant Team Day 1 9.52am Day 2 9.36am

Kevin Hart

James Wilson

Paul Yearsley

Gary Bailey Team Day 1 10.00am Day 2 9.28am

Gary Hempstead

Geoffrey Allan

John Walker

Alan Baxter Team Day 1 10.08am Day 2 9.20am

Anthony Blackwell

Elspeth Baxter

Alison Blackwell

Jim Clarke Team Day 1 10.16am Day2 9.12am

Graham Jackson

Peter Ledger

James Joyce

Barrie Simpson Team Day 1 10.24am Day 2 9.04am

Martin Cox

Peter Sinclair

Robert Kwan

Roger Percival Team Day 1 10.32am Day 2 8.56am

Martin France

Peter Atherton

Andrew Wright

Al Brown Team Day 1 10.40am Day 2 8.48am

Stephen Baldwin

Michael Brown

Andrew Bennett

Bob Eastwood Team Day 1 10.48am Day 2 8.40am

Ashley Elliott

Ian King

Peter Robinson

Joe Kirwan Team Day 1 10.56am Day 2 8.32am

Simon Hemsley

Gareth Bradley

Alan Demmy

Subhash Gupta Team Day 1 11.04am Day 2 8.24am

Edward Kenneth Weatherley

Graham Bonser

Chih Hu

Steve Hall Team Day 1 11.12am Day 2 8.16am

Bill Riordan

Chris Adams

Garry Titchen

Marc Morris Team Day 1 11.20am Day 2 8.08am

Colin Roberts

Koos Alders

Ron Sloan

Maxitours at Superb Stockport

Maxitours at super Stockport

Despite a gloomy forecast a beautifully mild and dry day greeted Maxitours golfers at Stockport Golf Club today. The course has stood up incredibly well to heavy rain yesterday and this was down to recent excellent drainage work at this elite Cheshire Club.

Premiership referee Mike Dean did a quick pitch inspection before he teed off ‘It is very, very dry out there.’ he declared.
Mike Wainwright was amazed by the condition of the course ‘I wasn’t too sure how wet it would be but it was amazingly good’ he beamed. ‘Those greens were firm and very true.’
Six handicapper Barney Ross described the course as ‘Simply Superb.’

Thanks to caterers Paul and Tina for their tremendous bacon butties. For some strange reason I have called Tina by the wrong name for the last ten years and today she informed me that her name wasn’t Sue. She is such a nice person it doesn’t seem to bother her.

Chocolate loving Pete Knowles loves Christmas but his day got off to a bad start when his wife nicked his chocolate from his Cadbury Advent calendar this morning. He also hit a Selection of bad shots on the course and ended up in the Roses.

There were some large forces in play on the course today as Big Alex Harmon was proudly wearing his new Nike Compression golf top which threatened to cut off the blood supply to his brain. The compression top did come in very handy however when he had to squeeze his way into the tight revolving door as he attempted to make his way out of the Clubhouse.

John Hilditch claimed his balls for making a two in a recent event. ‘You owe me eight balls and there is no need to check your records, you have my word as an estate agent.’ Said the famous Hale property man. I tried to gazump him by throwing in one of my old used ones.

Scoring was incredibly tight in today’s event with just four shots separating the top thirteen teams. Taking 3rd place was the likeable Mick Mahon(23) team from Blackburn. Steady Richard Palmer(10), solid John Farnsworth(23) and erratic Frank Hindle(15) all contributed well.

Bramall Captain Mike Spencer(12) led his team into 2nd place when they picked up an excellent 45 points on the back nine. Ian King(8), Gareth Bradley(+1) and Simon Hemsley(10) all did their bit.

Taking first place was Rob Kenyon’s(16) team also from Bramall. They dedicated their win to team Captain and terrific bloke Les Russon who is recovering well after a recent illness. Simon Burgess(18), Steve Merricks(5) and John Stockdale (17) all came in at least nine times. Well played chaps great win.

Thanks to everyone for your integrity you know that even if the forecast is poor the sun always shines on my Maxitours players.
Yours in Golf, Tim

Nearest the Pin 11th hole Gareth Bradley Doz Srixon AD333
Nearest the Pin 18th hole Paul Dalby Doz Srixon AD333
2’s £127 .50 19 srixon AD333 or 9 pro v1s per 2 Ed Wilkinson Iain Bartholomew Nathan Pugh Ged Keary

Stockport 06-Dec-2018
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Rob Kenyon, Simon Burgess, Steve Merricks, John Stockdale 85 12 FJ Chillout top each
2 Simon Hemsley, Gareth Bradley, Mike Spencer, Ian King 84 10 Stuburt endurance top each
3 Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer, Frank Hindle, John Farnsworth 84 8 AUR Shirt each
4 Neil Lingwood, Gav Spencer, Chris Macklin, Dave Fiddler 84 6 AUR Shirt each
5 John Hilditch, JP , Ian Bartholomew, Dave Mackey 83 4 Maxitours bag towel each
6 Roger Percival, Pete Atherton, Martin France, Ed Wilkinson 83 2
7= Phil Vokes, Barney Ross, Paul Dalby, Rob Anderson 82
7= Brian Yardley, Ian Hellens, Nathan Pugh, Steve Blakeway 82
9= Paul Fell, Nigel Ashton, Tony Hereford, Mike Lowe 81
9= Dave Goodwin, Alex Jerman, Richard Williamson, Saj Hashmi 81
9= Brian Hopkins, Alan Pengelly, Darren Whittaker, Neil Worthington 81
9= Colin Roberts, Dave Mason, Dave Marchant, Geoff Andrews 81
9= Jim Cox, Ian George, Dave Collinson, Jack Meredith 81
14 Lee Tilley, Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes, Pete Norbury 80
15= Jim Caldwell, Lee Charnley, Bob Picthall, Peter Griggs 79
15= Mike Wainwright, Dave Wainwright, Guy Levers, Brian Greenbank 79
15= Mike Dean, Mike Masser, Pete Tomlinson, Neil Swarbrick 79
18= Ged Keary, Rob Harris, Andrew Pennie, Paul Waring 78
18= Craig Rea, David Gill, Eric Healy, John Webb 78
20 Peter Maher, Martin Higgins, Russell Humphries, Rob Higginbotham 76
21 Mike Savage, Keith Rigby, Terry Hines, Tony Roberts 75
22 Alison Shipstone, James Shipstone, Denis O’Neill, Liz Halliwell 65

Warrington start sheet
Wednesday 12th Dec 11am shotgun start

1a Colin Roberts x4
1b Roy Ainsworth x4
2a Dave Blood x4
2b Phil Vokes x4
3 Sam Leach x4
4 Pete Maher x4.
5 Paul Rudkin x4.
6 Dave Sully x4
7Paul Fell x4
8a Mick Mahon x4
8bLewis Marland x4
9 John Hilditch x4
10a Rob Weston x4.
10b David Kelly x4
11a Roger Percival x4
11b Les Russon x4
12 Nigel Hallows x4
13 Brian Hopkins x4
14a Jim Clarke x4.
14b Richard Blackwell x4
15ab Neil Edwards x4
16 Ashley Elliot x4
17a Jim Caldwell x4
17b Ian Hellens x4
18aSimon Hemsley x4
18b Bev Crute x4