Results from Tremendous Prestbury

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Ringway Thursday 10th March Am-Am

Lymm 15th March pairs betterball

Results from todays Maxitours Legh Arms Classic Event at Prestbury GC.

One hundred and twelve talented maxitour players teed off at the fantastic Prestbury Golf Club today. No wind, blue skies and fast running fairways made for ideal conditions, those 28 players who returned from the tremendous week in Turkey must have felt like they were still playing in the Mediterranean .

Jack Kirwan the seventy three year old phenomenom from Bramall continued his great form to record 44 points, the super senior really enjoyed the all you can eat buffet in Turkey and if you watched him closely he was up and down around seven times a night to ensure no dish was missed, today this practice paid off as he was up and down eight times on his way to a tremendous second place finish, David Keen his partner had never seen such class around the green.

Sean Woodward and Barney Ross stole the show with a magnificent 45 points, the single figure duo from Didsbury were delighted to record their first Maxitours victory and Barneys tremendous birdie on the tough 13th hole was the highlight of their round.

Wayne Rooney was impressed by much of what he saw today on the 15th green indeed birdies by Ian Ainsworth and Mark Ashworth really made this gentlemans day however the United megastar went back to pruning his hedge after watching Phil Smeathers and Dave Stanhope score no points on this simple par 4.

Ian Ainsworth hit an absolutely fantastic 5 iron to three inches on the 17th and Steve Dobson was closest on the 7th hole to win the vouchers for the tremendous Legh Arms restaurant. Derek Fulluck won the draw for the £50 Legh Arms voucher and celebrated with a bottle of red wine, he is going to tell his wife he won the voucher playing golf.

1st Vokey Wedge each

2nd Srixon Golf Bag each

3rd Titleist briefcase each

4th 1 dozen srixon z stars each

5th 1 dozen srixon z stars each

6th 1 dozen ad333 each

7th 1 dozen srixon distance each

8th Titleist golf glove each

Nearest the pin 17th £25 Legh arms voucher Steve Dobson

Nearest the pin 7th £25 Legh Arms voucher Ian Ainsworth

Raffle prize £50 Legh Arms voucher Derek Fullock

2’s sweep £152.50 52 balls 3 balls each

Phil Smeathers Mark Ashworth Liam Harrison Julien Robinson Mike Lynch Mike Whalley Ian Ainsworth Steve Dobson Pete Myers 14th wedge Gaz Hibbert Andy Hall Pete Maxwell Steve Rourke Jack Meredith Dave Keen Dave Ryder

Order of merit

1st Sean Woodward Barney Ross 45 14

2nd Dave Keen & Jack Kirwan 44 13

3rd John Hughes & Mark Ashworth 42 12

4th Trevor Golds & Mike Lynch 42 11

5th Roger Percival & Mark McPhail 41 10

6th Carl Kennedy & Steve Rhodes 41 9

7th Dave Ryder & Pete Moores 41 8

8th Moby Rawthore & Pete Myers 41 7

9th Andy Stubbens & Jimmy Murphy 41 6

10th Julien Robinson & Alan Lane 41 5

11th Pete Holmes & Mark Breiley 41 4

12th Paul Frodsham & Michael Cerami 41 3

13th Gaz Hibbert & Paul Crisp 41 2

14th Peter Lane & Anthony Kenny 41 1

15th Andy Cunningham & Chris Perrin 41

16th Andy Hall & Mich Holmes 40

17th Pete Cleaver & Mike Whalley 40

18th John Selby & Phil Chadwick 40

19th Colin Byrne & John Aikenhead 40

20th Bob Eccles & Andrew Beech 40

21st Steve Dobson & Mark Foley 40

22nd Derek Fulluck & Mark Brown 40

23rd Cox & Blood 39

24th Roberts & Rigby 39

25th Marchant & Sinclair 38

26th Travis & Aspinall 38

27th Davison & Haynes 38

28th Ballard & Russell 37

29th Meredith & Bennell 37

30th Garvey & Elmore 37

31st Barraclough & March 37

32nd Barton & Kenny 37

33rd King & Helmsley 37

34th Joe Kirwan & Charlie Rooney 36

35th Smeathers & Stanhope 36

36th Antrobus & Terry 36

37th Dennis & Massey 36

38th Reilly & O’Reilly 36

39th Todd & Birtwistle 36

40th Boyle & Harrison 36

41st Hartland & Rourke 35

42nd Newton & Maxwell 35

43rd Bramwell & Okill 35

44th Mackenzie & Boase 34

45th Hill & Gregory 34

46th Ainsworth & Clough 34

47th Dalby & Walker 34

48th Whalley & Hopkins 34

48th Lord & Tate 33

49th Quick & McManus 33

50th Gregory & Davies 31

51st Wilcox & Pike 31

52nd Brian Mottram & Perry 30

53rd Daggitt & Wilson 29

54th Eckersley & Phibbs 28

Results from the brilliant Snooper Shotsaver trip to Turkey .

Day one saw an incident free journey to the fantastic Cornelia Deluxe hotel in Turkey , the warm welcome by the staff and free champagne was a glimpse of the absolutely tremendous hospitality we received all week.

On the first tee at the stunning National golf club the following day however Neil Griffiths and James Marner looked a little worse for wear. After getting great value from the free hotel bar Neil had enjoyed a night chatting to his friend ‘Huey’ who lives in the toilet and James Marner also felt the marble bathroom floor was the safest place to sleep, however this didn’t prevent him winning the pairs event alongside Steve Best with a solid 39 points.

The ‘Turkish Shotsaver Am-Am’ was played for over the next two days on the wonderfully challenging Faldo courses and despite a late challenge from the Maxwell team, the combination of Cath Rawthore, Julie Matthews, Steve Best and James Marner took the honours with scores of 83 and 72 points.

The final two days play was on the tremendous Carya golf course which was like a picture post card golf course, tall pine trees, white sand and blue lakes made the course a real treat, Simon Maxwell and James Marner were both triumphant however it was James who held his nerve with some tremendous shots on the back nine and took the final order of merit prize.

All three courses were absolutely fantastic and are now firmly in my ‘all time top ten’ and the hotel was of the highest standard, food conissiur Jack Kirwan raved about the all you can eat buffet and the house red wine was superb. I have no hesitation in highly recommending the hotel and courses. Details of next years trip to Turkey will be released next week. All 28 players plan to return next year, please let me know if you would like to come as I need to book the package within the next month.

Maxitours: Turkey Trip 2011
Final Shotsaver Order of Merit
James Marner 130
James Murphy 103
Julie Matthews 92
Steve Best 91
Amjad Butt 82
Simon Maxwell 78
John Davies 76
Mark Stevens 71
Moby Rawthore 71
Cath Rawthore 70
Colin Neale 69
Joe Kirwan 69
Trevor Watts 68
Neil Griffiths 66
Mark Foley 63
Neil Manley 61
Pete Maxwell 61
Kath Kirwan 60
Gary Peachey 57
Pete Holmes 52
Jack Kirwan 50
Hils Tarleton 38
Doris Kirwan 37
Phil Caville 32
Graham Woods 30
Mick Brown 28
Paul Kidley 26