Results from Ringway and check your Snooper Shotsaver rankings

NEXT EVENTS Pairs Betterball at Mottram Hall Thurs 24th March & rearranged Lymm GC Tues 29th March

*Brilliant Summer Schedule to be released this week*

The Ringway Am-Am

‘They are the best greens we’ve played on all winter’ was the general consensus of opinion as Ringway Golf Club warmly welcomed Maxitours today.

Ryan Giggs lookalike Gaz Hibbert and his Chorlton team played well in the breezy conditions for 84 points, team member Paul Crisp has focused this winter on increasing his body weight to improve his low centre of gravity in order to play well in the wind and the hard work really paid dividends as chunky Crisp tamed the 4th hole with an excellent birdie, Mike Lynch also contributed well and as the Ringway aeroplanes were being buffeted by the strong wind the fourth and perhaps most gifted team member Trevor Gold hit his seven iron high and straight as he won nearest the pin on the 16th tapping in for an excellent birdie.

The semi professional Mere team led by Josh Evans had an average handicap of less than 1 played and they played solid golf for 78 points with their better back nine ensuring 3rd spot from Tony Jennison and Neville Dennis’ teams.

The honours eventually went to the big hitting team of Charles Herbert, Mark Richardson, Andy Stubbens and Matt Gillibrand who recorded 86 points. Herbert from Sale GC is unfazed by the wind as on a still day he has no idea where his driver is going ‘at least on a windy day I have a 50% chance of the ball being blown back on course’ said the gentle giant whose birdie on the tenth really got his team moving.Millionaire Simon Hartland took ten minutes to decide whether to enter the 2’s sweep or not and was overjoyed when this business decision paid off with a birdie on the short 8th –well done Simon.

Steve Dunphy won nearest the pin on the 3rd. dozen AD333

2’s sweep £140 £18each Six pro V1s each or dozen AD333 T Golds L Harrison S Rourke S Hartland C Rawthore M Gillibrand S Dunphy P Wilson

Results order of merit points

Charles Herberts team 86 14

Mark Richardson

Andy Stubbens

Matt Gillibrand

Galvin Green windcheater each

Gaz Hibberts team 84 12

Mike Lynch

Trevor Gold

Paul Crisp

Galvin Green Coolmax Shirt each

Guds Ahmeds team 78 10

Jordan Massey

Josh Evans

Rick Picard

Dozen Z Stars each

Tony Jennisons team 78 8

John Swindells

Richard Blackwell

Hamish Dowell

Neville Dennis team 78 6

John Reilly

Jimmy O’Reilly

Frank Massey

Geoff Haynes team 77 4

Ian Ainsworth

Terry Davison

Alan Clough

Cath Rawthores team 77 2

Steve Rourke

Mike Kulik

Simon Hartland

Ian Kings team 77

Carl Kennedys team 77

Steve Rhodes team 76

Moby Rawthores team 76

Lewis Marlands team 76

Jim Cox s team 76

Norman Quicks team 75

Paul Wilds team 73

Russ Johnsons team 73

Colin Roberts team 73

Brian Mottrams team 73

Paul Dalbys team 72

John Beechs team 71

Pete Holmes team 69

Andy Cunninghams team 66

Neil Todds team 56

Nearest pin 3rd Steve Dunphy

Nearest pin 16th Trevor Golds

Andy Stubbens is just one point away from top spot in the order of merit, the Shrigley maestro has seen his handicap cut by two in recent weeks but he just keeps churning out the results, Ian King narrowly missed out on some vital points today and once again sees his lead reduced. Gaz Hibbert, Mike Lynch and Trevor Golds all move into contention for that Knutsford top ten shootout at the end of the season.

The Snooper Shotsaver Order of Merit.

1st Ian King 71

1st Darren Whittaker 71

3 Andy Stubbens 70

4 Carl Kennedy 63

5 Charles Herbert 60

6 John Hughes 50

7 John Reilly 47

8 Jimmy O’Reilly 47

9 Cath Rawthore 43

10 Gaz Hibbert 42