Spaces available for 2 or 4 players at Tropical Lymm this Tuesday!

Tremendous forecast for Tuesday!

Spaces Available

Lymm Golf Club Pairs betterball

Sponsored by

Tuesday 29th March

11am Shotgun start £20 per person

1a Colin Byrne x4

1b Colin Roberts x4
2a Ian King x4
3a Neville Dennis x4
4 Steve Rimmer x4

5 Al Reid x4
6 Carl Kennedy x2 Franco x2
7 Roy Bramwell x4

8 Chris Bramwell x4

9 Charles Herbert x2

10 John Hughes x4

11a Mo Rawthore x4
11b Cath Rawthore x4

12 Gaz Hibbert x4

13 Mark Robinson x4

13a Russ Johnson x4
14 Pete Cleaver x4


16 Guds Ahmed x4

16b Norman Quick x4



Prestbury Golf Club
The Legh Arms Classic sponsored by Pete Myers
Thursday 7th April
£25 inc bacon roll

11am shotgun
1a Pete Myers/Howarth
1b Pete Holmes x4
2a Ian King x4
2b Colin Roberts x4
3 Colin Byrne x4
4 Gaz Hibbert x4
5 Geoff Haynes x4
6 Steve Dobson
6a Fred Donbavand
7a Neville Dennis x4
7b Moby Rawthore x4
8a Charles Herbert x4
8b John Grint x4
9aJohn Hughes x4
9b Smith x4
10a Warrington x4 x4
11a Smith x4
11b David Smith x4
12a Brian Warrington x4
12b John Stubbs x4
13 Steve Rhodes x2 Carl Kennedy x2
14 Anton Ellis x4
14 Ron Sloane x4
15 Andy Cunningham x4
16 Pete Cleaver x4
17a Julien Robinson x417b 18a Lewis Marland x4
18b Dave Antrobus x4

Mere Golf Club Cleveland Classic sponsored by the legend that is Jon Gallagher.
Cleveland demo day try the latest fantastic Cleveland clubs on the range before you play
Srixon balls to each player
Great Cleveland prizes
£30 per person

9.00 Neville Dennis
9.10 Ian King x4
9.19 Steven Lord x4
9.28 John Grint x4
9.37 Geoff Haynes x4
9.48 Pete Holmes x4
9.57 Roy Sinclair x4
10.06 Frazer Mackenzie x4
10.15 Nigel Eckersley x4
10.24 Graham Pike x4
10.33 John Hughes x4
10.51 Colin Byrne x4
11.00 Jason Waite x4
11.18 Terry Hill x4
11.27 Mike Travis x4
11.45 Moby Rawthore x4
11.54 Mark Foley x4
12.12 Andy Cunningham x4
12.21 Lewis Marland x4
12.30 Charles Herbert x4
12.39 Norman Quick x4
12.48 Gaz Hibbert x4
12.57 Carl Kennedy x4
1.06 Paul Wild x4
1.24 Nigel Davenport x4
1.33 Nigel Davenport x4
1.51 Laurie Cole x4