Results from The fabulous Mere

Next event De Vere Mottram Hall this Tuesday 19th April

Pairs better ball -times available 9.30am -12.30pm

Maxitours at ‘The Mere’

‘The Mere’ home to the rich and the famous, was the latest fantastic setting for todays Maxitours event, the course was presented in wonderful condition.

The soft southerly wind direction led to great scoring conditions however Order of Merit leader Carl Kennedy had a ‘dose of the McIlroys’ as he missed a succession of easy putts on the front nine.

Clive Evans struck the ball wonderfully on the 9th hole and after he buttoned a drive and nailed his three wood he was devastated as on landing his Pinnacle unfortunately crashed into Simon Greenhalghs ridiculously long, longest drive marker and rebounded backwards several metres.

As the koi carp elegantly glided around the Mere atrium it was Neville Dennis who glided elegantly around the golf course and he ‘hooked up’ well with his team to record a magnificent 85 points early in the day. This score was challenged by the consistent Trevor Golds team who were delighted with 84 points.

Haydock Parks Terry Hill and his team were overjoyed with their 82 point haul, long suffering Hill has been in last place in the Order of merit for the majority of the season however charismatic Terry relishes the four man events where his contribution isn’t quite as vital and his team rallied around to ensure an career best 4th place, well played Terry.

Late in the day the Mere team were 10 under par standing on the last tee, scratch player Rick Pickard made a solid birdie and 4 handicap Matt Ford made a tremendous eagle which gave them first place after a better back nine.

Many thanks to Jon Gallagher of Cleveland Golf and Srixon for his continued tremendous support of the Mere events. A Maxitours record 152 golfers enjoyed the impressive Mere course and clubhouse, thanks also to Mark Bolar and his staff for their tremendous hospitality.

A final thank you to all players for your continued great support, I hope you enjoyed the day, Tim.


All four members of the wealthy Bramall Golf Club team decided against the 2’s sweep and incredibly all four made 2’s on the par threes, unlucky chaps.

2’s £145 44 pro V1 balls Paul Allen, James Caffrey, Simon Lee, Guds Ahmed, Steve Savage, Chris Hegarty, Tommy McCormack 6 balls each

Nearest the pin on 8th Ian King dozen AD333s

Nearest the pin on 14th Ken Much Dozen AD333s

Longest Drive on 9th Simon Greenhalgh

1st Cleveland Launcher rescue club x4

2nd Cleveland golf Travel holdall

3rd Dozen Srixon z-stars

4th Dozen AD333 s

order of merit points

1st Rick Pickard 85 14

Guds Ahmed

Matt Ford

Amjad Butt

2nd Neville Dennis 85 12

John Reilly

Jimmy O’Reilly

Mike Turner

3rd Keith Bowden 84 10

Trevor Golds

Mike Lynch

Gaz Hibbert

4th Terry Hill 82 8

Derek Barton

Barry Weston

Steve Aspinall

5th Joe York 81 6

Carl Kennedy

Ross Birch

Steve Rourke

6th Joe Kirwan 81 4

Chris Wilde

Ian King

Darren Whittaker

7th Nigel Davenport 80 2

Anton Johnson

James Osborne

Russ Johnson

George Drakonakis 80

Ryan Foley

Steve Dobson

Andrew Thomas

Charles Herbert 79

Mark Richardson

Andy Stubbens

Andy Dutton

Andy Cunningham 79

Roger Percival

Nick Fletcher

Mark McPhail

Tommy McCormack 78

Jason Seddon

Josh Evans

Mark Walton

Mark Breiley 76

Pete Holmes

Pete Maxwell

Derek Payne

Pete Tinkler 76

Alan Hayes

Pete Simons

Mike Sherry

John Aikenhead 76

Steve Ballard

Gary Denman

Chris Cyprus

Roy Sinclair 76

Simon Parker

Andy Sandham

Simon Greenhalgh

Lewis Marland 76

Neil Lorent

Gareth Winston

Paul Cain

Alan Tranter 75

Chris Gray

Mike Osborne

Neil Ritchie

Steve Lord 75

Glyn Winterbottom

Gary Tate

Steve Savage

Ollie Smith 75

James Caffrey

Ken Jepsum

Paul Crisp

Sue Watson 75

Stuart Blake

John Selby

John Phibbs

Simon Helmsley 74

Stuart Wilson

Warren Newton

Pat Keenan

Jane Williams 74

Dave Antrobus

David Kelly

Frazer Mckenzie

Laurie Cole 74

Mal Tomson

Gavin Dixon

Gary Sinclair

Malcolm Nash 72

Steve Armer

Keith Tipping

Mark Brown

Tom King 71

Colin Owen

Simon Lee

Glynn Richards

Gill McKenzie 70

Nigel Eckersley

David Partington

Rick Symm

Iain Bartholomew 69

James Eadie

Ken Jones 69

Kit Parkington

Alex Hughes

Paul Pugh

John Grint 67

Dick Perry

Derek Fulluck

Brian Mottram

Paul Wild 67

Mark Jackson

Alistair Marshall

Paul Allen

Mike Haynes 66

Norman Quick

Chris Hegarty

Pete Parmeshwar

Adam McKenna 66

Bill McKenna

Alan Tarant

John Knight

John Neale 65

John Lawson

Mike Robinson

Richard Blackwell

David Smith 64

Bernard Wood

Gary Parle

Steven Parle

Geoff Haynes 64

Mike Peel

Alan Clough

Terry Davidson