Results from five star Vale Royal Abbey.

*next event Team of four at Alistair Mackenzie designed Hazel Grove Thurs 9th June.*

Maxitours at Five Star Vale Royal!

Vale Royal was the superb setting for the latest Maxitour event. The early morning drizzle faded away to sunshine and the course was immaculate. ‘These are the best greens I have played on all year by a country mile’ was the general consensus.

Many thanks to Steve Graham and his wonderful staff for making us feel so welcome.

Today’s event was graced with a West End star- down to earth and friendly Irishman James Keegan. James has a principle role in the wonderful ‘Riverdance’ show. Despite having a very still head James needs to slow down his incredibly fancy leg action as he could only manage a 28 point haul.

Towards the end of the day there was a very attractive bride-to-be having a show around the clubhouse and wedding banqueting facilities. ‘Hey Tim those greens were great and this Crumpet’s not bad either’ said Alan Clough, as he chewed on his jam covered teacake.

Yorkshire man Steve Morfitt came over the hills from Barnsley this morning to play in his first Maxitours event. ‘Thars ad a reet gud dee’ he announced as he left the clubhouse after a solid 41 points.

Ex professional Fisherman Ken Jones hooked up with his good pal Kit Parkington and they recorded their first ever Maxitours podium finish after a marvellous 42 points for 3rd place. ‘We could have won last week as well but Ken was rubbish’ remarked Kit.

Charismatic Barry Rigby and Gordon Walker were delighted with second place after scoring 43 points, however, they will struggle to sleep tonight as they could only manage to score a 7 on the downwind par five last hole.

Darren Whittaker teamed up with Roy Harrison and the Shrigley Hall pair took the honours with 44 points, this was fireman Whittakers second win of the Summer season, and he has been docked yet another shot. Both players contributed well but Whittakers nearest the pin shot on the 10th which set up his birdie, was the shot of their round.

Attractive Amanda O’Brien won nearest the pin on the 6th hole and the 61 year old ‘Orangutan Joe’ Kirwan (longest arms in Cheshire ) won longest drive with his 310 yard effort.

Martin Williams was delighted after his fantastic approach on the par three 6th. He left himself a tricky 8 inch putt for some golf balls, however, he missed. ‘It moved a hell of a lot’ explained Martin seriously -as his playing partners chuckled in the background.

Millionaire Simon Hartland always has a massive inner battle with himself whether to enter the twos sweep or not, and he hit a new low today. When asked if he was going in the twos, he came out with the old chestnut ‘sorry I’ve come out without any money’.

Vegetarian Steve Rourke looked on in anguish as his low hook was heading for the lake on the beautiful 7th hole however Rourke was delighted when it struck a Canada goose and was deflected down the fairway.

Many thanks to everyone for playing today. The next event is the team of 4 event at the Alistair Mackenzie designed Hazel Grove on Thursday 9th June followed by Knutsford Golf Club on 23rd June.


Longest Drive 18th Joe Kirwan Dozen AD333s & 3 ripe bananas

Nearest the pin 6th Amanda O’Brien Dozen AD333s

Nearest pin 10th Darren Whittaker Dozen AD333s

Order of merit

1st Darren Whittaker & Roy Hargreaves (Shrigley) 44 14

Vokey Wedge each

2nd Barry Rigby( Chorley ) & Gordon Walker (Deane)43 13

Titleist carry bag each

3rd Ken Jones & Kit Parkington (Northenden) 42 12

Dozen Z Stars each

4th Amanda O’Brien & Ian Worrall 42 11

Dozen Z Stars each

5th Paul Griffiths & Chris Reid 41 10

Dozen Z Stars each

6th Kenny Jepsum & Jimmy Eccles 41 9

Srixon Cap each

7th Guds Ahmed & Rick Picard 41 8

Srixon cap each

8th Steve Morfitt & Rob Platt 41 7

Srixon cap each

9th Neil Ritchie & Martin Williams 41 6

Footjoy socks each

10th Tom Wilson & Rod Mills 40 5

11th John Reilly & Jimmy O’Reilly 40 4

12th Geoff Haynes & Terry Davison 40 3

13th Alan Fairbanks & Mark Noden 40 2

14th John Russell & Steve Ballard 40 1

Paul Crisp & Jeff Wealands 40

Alf Shillitoe & Gary Winston 40

Andy Stubbens & Charles Herbert 40

David Smith & Andy Hallowes 40

Paul Taylor & Bill Melia 40

Simon Maxwell & Phil Smeathers 40

George Drakonakis & Pete Myers 39

John Rigby & Colin Roberts 39

Chris Ernill & Ray Royle 39

Steve Marsh & John Datham 39

John Aikenhead & Chris Cyprus 38

Paul Baxter & Steve Parle 38

Richard Blackwell & Patrick Keenan 38

Gary Youel & Carl Mollart 38

Howard Baker & Jason Waite 38

Brian Hopkins & Alan Pengally 38

Roy Bramwell & Phil Okill 37

Duncan Beilbey & John Williams 37

James Davidson & Ollie Wilson 37

Alan Reid & Steve Rourke 36

Amjad Butt & Matt Ford 36

Brian Atherton & Pete Hargreaves 36

Jack Kirwan & Joe Kirwan 35

Les Stanier & Graham March 35

Mike Lynch & Gaz Hibbert 34

Lewis Marland & Neil Laurent 34

Sean Reilly & Kevin Fitzpatrick 33

Chris Bramwell & Mark Freeman 33

Ronnie Barlow & Alan Brough 33

Tony Ramatoski & Moby Rawthore 32

Bernard Wood & Terry Day 32

Alan Clough & Ian Ainsworth 32

Ian Tinley & Bob Sinclair 32

Mike Lythgoe & Simon Hartland 31

Seamus Keegan & James Keegan 28

Kevin Barker & Stuart Eley 28

£82.50 2s receive 4 proV1 balls each

2’s Mike Lythgoe Amanda O’Brien John Russell Steven Marsh Simon Maxwell Rick Pickard Kevin Fitzpatrick