The Legh Arms Classic at Prestbury results

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Mon 26th Sept Alistair Mackenzies Hazel Grove AM-AM nearly full

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Maxitours Legh Arms Classic at Prestbury Results

There was not a cloud in the sky as millionaire Jimmy O’Reilly drilled his second hand Pro v1 down the beautifully manicured Prestbury fairway to get the fantastic Legh Arms Classic underway today.

Playing partners Carl Kennedy and Joe York set the early pace with a wonderful 44 points. ‘I’ve got this great new warrant card’ said York who has started training to be a policeman, ‘it gets me free public transport and meals in Macdonalds, Subway and Pizza Hut- does it get me any Maxitours discount?’ ‘NO’ replied the organiser.

The Prestbury course described by many as ‘The Augusta of the North’ was in immaculate condition, however last weeks winners Holmes and Breirley found the Azaleas and Creek more than once on their way to a very average 36 points.

Martin Worthington’s fortunes have changed after finding a new Maxitours partner, (the gifted Keith Massey) and he recorded a second successive top 5 finish after rolling in a 12 foot putt for a superb birdie on the last hole for 43 points.

Over Seventy years ago two major events happened, Peter Hargreaves was born and Lancashire won the County Championship . Since then Lancashire never won the championship and Peter never won a Maxitours prize. Today all that changed Lancashire beat Somerset to take the crown and Peter held his nerve scoring a gutsy par on the last hole as he and Brian Atherton won a superb pair of socks with a great back nine.

Jonathon Davies is a scratch golfer who is trying to pursue an acting career, today he did a great impression of a European tour golfer as he rolled in six birdies on his was to 42 points and sixth place playing alongside Rod Stewart lookalike Paul Bradley.

Moby Rawthore continued his rich vein of form as he eagled the first hole on his way to a best of the day outward nine of 25 points playing with Amjad Butt, however a general lack of fitness saw some heavy breathing and tired swings on the undulating back nine, and the two likeable characters lost out on a back nine card play off.

The strong pairings of Scott Arnold and Guds Ahmed, and Dave Garner and Brian Hill were also in the prizes after playing some great golf.

Many thanks to Pete Myers owner of The Legh Arms for his very kind sponsorship today.

Nearest the Pin on 7th hole Moby Rawthore £25 Legh Arms voucher

Nearest the Pin on 17th hole Dave Stanhope £25 Legh Arms voucher

Longest Drive on 6th hole Johnny Davies £25 Legh Arms voucher

Order of merit points

1st Carl Kennedy & Joe York 44 14

Cleveland wedge each

2nd Amjad Butt & Moby Rawthore 44 13

Galvin Green shirt each

3rd Martin Worthington & Keith Massey 43 12

Dozen Pro v1s each

4th Scott Arnold & Guds Ahmed 43 11

Dozen Z Stars each

5th Dave Garner & Brian Hill 42 10

6 pro V1s each

6th Paul Bradley & Jonny Davies 42 9

Titleist Winter mitts each

7th Peter Hargreaves & Brian Atherton 41 8

3 z stars and Pair of FJ socks each

8th James Kinnear & Mike Mahney 41 7

Pair of FJ socks each

9th Geoff Haynes & Bill Harris 41 6

Pair of FJ Socks each

10th Paul Conchie & Mike Mahon 41 5

Pair of FJ socks each

11th Stuart Pearson & Frank Stapleton 41 4

12th Paul Sherlock & John Bent 41 3

13th Brian Hopkins & Phil Thompson 40 2

14th John Reilly & Jimmy O’Reilly 40 1

15th Ian Waller & Neil Higgins 40

16th Hugh Mullin & Martin Quinn 40

17th John Phillips & Sarah Funnell 39

18th Liam Harrison & Chris Heggarty 39

19th Dave Rothwell & Stuart Coupe 38

20th Nigel Clowes & Munroe Donald 38

Chris Perrin & Andy Cunningham 38

Mike & Maria Spencer 38

Pete Mellor & Dave Bowers 38

Ian King & Jan King 37

Dave Stanhope & Phil Smeathers 37

Mark Foley & John Davis 37

Dave McGovern & Terry Tobin 37

John Barker & Mike Sandbach 37

Mark Robinson & Mike Johnson 37

Martin Edmunds & Andy Morgan 36

Mark Breiley & Pete Holmes 36

Dave Wilson & Ian McClellan 36

Glynn Jones & Mick Cannon 36

Steve Armer & Mike Ferguson 36

Roger Percival & Richard Goodall 35

John Beech & Jeff Barrett 35

Peter Moores & Simon Hartland 35

Malcolm Brownhill & Paul Bennett 35

Ted Furmston & John Carthy 35

Tim Owen & Graham Culpin 34

Kit Parkington & Ian Stanley 34

Gary Garner & Mark Green 34

Steven Daynes & Brian Dewhurst 34

Kevin Quinn & Steve Latchford 34

Mark Brown & Malcolm Nash 33

Chris Cyprus & Andy Lawman 33

Andy Stubbens & Charles Herbert 33

Frank Stretton & Start Eley 33

Alan Pengally & Barry Horrox 33

Giles Terry & Dave Antrobus 32

Kenny Jepson & Jimmy Eccles 31

Frank Garvey & Sean Reilly 31

Chih Hu & Andy Townsend 29

Peter Kenny & Mick King 28

Adam McKenna & Bill McKenna 23

Pete Myers & Mike Forshaw 19

Simon Edm’son & Bruce Coch’ne 18

2’s £165 4 pro V1 or 8 AD333 balls each 56 balls Stuart Pearson Joe York Ted Furmston Scott Arnold Brian Atherton Terry Tobin John Carthy Glynn Jones Moby Rawthore Keith Massey Mark Breirley Gary Garner Keith Massey Paul Sherlock Steve Latchford

Alastair Mackenzies Hazel Grove Am Am

Monday 26th September

10.45am Neville Dennis x4

10.54am Ian King x4

11.03am Colin Roberts x4

11.12am Phil Smeathers x4

11.21am Paul Taylor x4

11.30am Ken Jones x4

11.39am John Stubbs x4

11.48am Lewis Marland x4

11.57am Pete Holmes x4

12.06pm John Beech x4

12.15pm John Phillips x4

12.24pm Charles Herbert x4

12.33pm Roy Bramwell x4

12.42pm Chi Hu x4

12.50pm Moby Rawthore x4

12.59pm Cath rawthore x4


1.17pm Gary Garner x4

1.26pm Ken Jepson x4

1.35pm Dave Sarsfield x4

1.44pm Guds Ahmed x4

1.53pm Martin Worthigton x4

2.02pm RogerPercival x4

2.10pm Chris Heggarty x4

2.18pm Frank Garvey x2 Carl Kennedy x2


2.34pm Laurie Cole x4