Results from Hazel Grove.

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The Maxitour Classic AM AM at Hazel Grove

The Autumn heatwave hit Stockport today and nearly 100 Maxitours competitors enjoyed the sunshine as they played the challenging Hazel Grove golf course.

Life long Stoke City fans John Grint and Brian Mottram were delighted to score 85 points and also see their team shock Manchester United at the weekend, ‘Stoke should have won 4-2 easy and we could have had a really, really great score today’. Yes and if my auntie had…

Alf Shillitoe had to find a late stand in after his long term partner Lewis Marland had his car stolen last night. Alf then played his best golf all year ‘I thought for a long time Lewis puts me off when I play with him and now I know he does’.

Reports came in this week about a frustrated Didsbury member who hooked three tee shots in the Mersey on their second hole, he then proceeded to launch his driver over the fence into the river, such was the fury in the throw the club actually reached the far bank. The member then asked a kind passing cyclist if he could throw it back, this time the club didn’t quite reach and splashed into the river before drifting off to sea.

Back in todays event the Bramall team set the early pace with a great 86 points, handicap Secretary Mike Spencer tried hard not to look surprised as his 20 foot putt on the last dropped into the hole to pick up a vital three points.

The high quality team of Rich Pickard, Jonny Davies, Guds Ahmed and Scott Arnold contained three players off plus handicaps, they also scored 86 points after a great display to secure second place.

The honours eventually went to Martin Worthington and Keith Massey from Ormskirk who teamed up with 2 local boys, Hazel Grove Club Champion Frazer Macleod and Luke Elwers. The team picked up 11 shots on the back nine as plus one handicapper Macleod showed his true class.

Many thanks to all players for supporting todays event.

Order of merit points

1st Martin Worthington, Keith Massey, Frazer Macleod, Luke Elwers 12

89 points Cleveland Wedge each

2nd Rick Pickard, Scott Arnold, Guds Ahmed, Jonny Davies 10

86 points Cleveland rolloing travel case each

3rd Ashley Elliot, Ian King, Darren Whittaker, Mike Spencer 8

86 points Dozen Srixon soft feel balls each

4th Dick Perry, Brian Mottram, John Grint, John Walton 6

85 points footjoy Socks and glove each

5th John Reilly, Jimmy O’Reilly, Neville Dennis, Steve Bailey 4

85 points

6th John Beech, Mick Cannon, Gary Maton, Martin Notley 2

85 points

7th Chris Heggarty, Liam Harrison, Vick Borg, John Crane

83 points

8th Ross Birch, Moby Rawthore, Charles Herbert, Cath Rawthore

82 points

9th Mick Mahon , Tony Wilson, Nigel Fairhurst, Kevin Shanley

82 points

10th Alf Shillitoe, Adam Thomas, Gareth Winston, an other

82 points

11th Pete Holmes, Bill Ross, Mark Breiley, Derek Payne

81 points

12th Frank Garvey, John Davies, Mike Wilson, Paul Bradley

81 points

13th Dave Sarsfield, Billy Coleman, Lee Tilley, Peter Norbury

81 points

14th Martin Bray, Martin Williams, Mike Kulik, Geoff Chapman

79 points

15th Gary Garner, Graham Robins, Mark Green, Keith Crompton

79 points

16th Mark Freeman, Graham March, Roy Bramwell, Chris Bramwell


17th Ted Biddlecombe, Chih Hu, John Barker, Alan Noden

79 points

18th Steve Armour, Mike Fergusson, Malcolm Nash, Jerry Poole


19th Phil Smeathers, Charlie Sill, Brian Sill, Peter Marshall

78 points

20th Ken Jepson, Jimmy Eccles, Ben Barraclough, Nigel Ross

75 points

21st Tim Owen, Kit Parkington, Ken Jones, Graham Culpin


22nd John Stubbs, Guy Hall, Ian Trow, Guy Hall, Dave Parsons

73 points

Nearest the pin 9th Cath Rawthore dozen srixon soft feel

Nearest the pin 13th Dean Pickard dozen srixon soft feel

2’s £87.50 3 pro V1 balls each or 5 srixon AD333s Dick Perry, Graham March, Tony Wilson, John Crane, Guds Ahmed, Rick Pickard, Scott Arnold Mick Cannon Cath Rawthore