Pleasington results + upcoming start times

next event Conwy Tuesday 18th October £25 full

Mere 27th October £30 full

Winter schedule

Ringway 3rd November filling fast

Prestbury 10th November filling fast

Delamere 17th November

Mere 24th November

Maxitours at Pleasington

It had rained for forty days and forty nights in Blackburn but the Pleasington course was in great condition for todays Maxitours event.

The course was a delight for the many birdwatchers and trainspotters amongst the Maxitours players. Brian Hopkins kept a lookout for the resident peregrine falcons as he searched for Alan Pengellys ball deep in the shrubs on the 7th hole.

Trainspotter Steve Gill jotted down a couple of engine numbers as playing partner Chris Meikleham nearly hit the 8.45 commuter train to Bury with a vicious hook as he played the 5th hole. A few holes later a big slice sent Chris’ ball over the railway fence once again, this time his ball narrowly missing the 10.45 to Blackpool .

The scoring was excellent all day, Ray Massey playing with Paul Woodcock hit a majestic nine iron to three feet to set up a birdie on the 18th hole and Gary Garner playing with his big hitting son David hit his 7 iron even closer as both players helped their pairings to record 44 points.

‘Carpet Bob Kwan’ (who is not as daft as he looks) whilst selling unsuspecting punter Andrew Westwell a quality carpet last year, discovered he was a scratch player at Pleasington. A little light came on in Bobs head- ‘this is the man for me!’ thought Bob.

Kwan sold Andy a top of the range carpet but more importantly he persuaded him to play with him in todays event. The two combined superbly and Kwans birdies on the 5th and 16th holes backed up the classy Westwells sparkling golf as both players recorded their first maxitours win with a wonderful 45 points. Well played chaps.

On form Rob Weston and Trevor Webb from Knutsford were on fire for twelve holes however an average finish saw the likeable grey haired double act just scrape into the top ten.

All todays players were entered into the two’s sweep and this caused Neville Dennis and Alan Clough to get over-excited as they waited to hear what the reward would be as they both recorded perhaps the first twos of their career. Alan sat near the recording table for most of the afternoon and looked devastated each time a two was registered, ‘Bloody hell -how many balls am I going to get now?’ he sniffed.

Big Neville Dennis left several answer phone messages as my phone kept ringing on the drive home. ‘as everyone finished?’ ‘ow many twos was thee?’ ‘ow many balls will ah git?’ ‘where the hell are ya!’ pestered local legend Neville.

Ross Birch, Moby Rawthore, John Davies, Paul Bradley, Andy Lawman and Dave Bowers all played well to be in the prizes.

Many thanks to all who supported todays event.

Nearest the Pin on the 10th was won by Dave Bowers and nearest the pin on the 16th was won by Barry Eddlestone both receive 1 dozen AD333s.

2’s sweep. 64 balls. 7 pro V1 balls each or 14 srixon AD333

John Bent Bob Kwan Moby Rawthore Dave Bowers Neville Dennis

Alan Clough Barry Judge Mark Freeman Russ Tyler


1st Bob Kwan (Mottram) & Andy Westwell (Pleas’ton) 45

Deluxe Cleveland rolling travel case

2nd Gary Garner & David Garner (Horwich) 44

Titleist messenger bag each

3rd Paul Woodcock & Ray Massey (Chorlton) 44

Dozen srixon z-stars each

4th Ross Birch & Moby Rawthore ( Sale ) 43

Titleist Mits each

5th Paul Bradley & John Davies (Chorlton) 42

Titleist towel each

6th Andy Lawman & Dave Bowers 42

Srixon cap each

7th Neville Dennis & Ian Taylor 42

Srixon cap each

8th Rob Weston & Trevor Webb 41

9th Brian Hopkins & Alan Pengelly 41

10th Kevin Fahy & Ray Jones 41

11th Dave Marchant & Bob Sinclair 41

12th Andy Stubbens & Barry Horrox 40

13th Paul Sherlock & John Bent 40

14th John Reilly & Jimmy O’Reilly 40

15th Roy Bramwell & Phil Bramwell 40

16th Malcolm Nash & John Jackson 40

17th Rob Anderson & Richard Griffiths 40

18th Alan Clough & Ian Ainscough 40

19th Paul Granelli &Nigel Davies 40

20th Mark Brown & Steve Armer 40

21st Paul Baxter & Paul Taylor 39

22nd John Aikenhead & John Russell 39

23rd Amjad Butt & Cath Rawthore 39

24th Terry Barnes & Alan Sibley 39

25th Martin Worthington & Keith Massey 39

26th Mike Spencer & Joe Kirwan 38

27th Colin Roberts & Ron Deconinck 38

28th Carl Kennedy & Carl Ball 37

29th Ken Jones & Kit Parkington 37

30th Chris Bramwell & Mark Freeman 37

Martyn Berrisford & Alex Jerman 37

Sean Reilly & Frank Garvey 36

Mike Campbell & Steve Dunphy 36

Geoff Haynes & Terry Davison 36

Steve Tyrrell & Barry Eddlestone 36

Sean Reilly & Frank Garvey 36

Dave Muirhead & Russ Tyler 36

Mike Sandbach & Chih Hu 36

Tim Owen & Ian Jackman 36

Steve Gill & Chris Meikleham 36

Tim Owen & Ian Jackman 36

Geoff Haynes & Terry Davison 36

Ian King & Darren Whittaker 35

Steve Parle & Gary Parle 34

John Walton & Brian Mottram 34

Kenny Jepson & Jimmy Eccles 33

Derek Fullock & Roger Newell 32

Nigel Ross & Ben Barraclough 31

Barry Judge & Doug Edmonds 31

Maxitours at Conwy ‘The Colin Roberts Am Am

Tuesday 18th October’

Coffee and bacon baps available £4 per person

Great food available all day

10.22am Colin Roberts (sponsor) x4

10.30am Howard baker x4

10.38am Roy Bramwell x4

10.46am Roy Bramwell x4

10.54am Andy Hall x4

10.54am Ian King x4

11.02am Pete Holmes x4

11.10am Ken Jones x4

11.18am Chris Cyprus x4

11.26am Jim Clarke x4

11.34am Brian Hopkins x4

11.42am Lewis Marland x4

11.50am Paul Taylor x4

11.58am Dave Blood x4

12.06pm David Smith x4

12.14pm John Stubbs x4

12.22pm Liam Harrison x4

12.30pm Steve Dunphy x4

12.38pm Guds Ahmed x4

12.46pm Moby Rawthore x4

12.54pm Mark Foley x4

1.02pm Alex Jerman x2 Ken Jepson x2

1.10pm Geoff Haynes x4

1.18pm John Beech x4

1.26pm Gary Garner x4

1.34pm Paul Granelli x4

1.42pm Mark Robinson x4

1.51pm Lee Butterworth x4


Mere Pairs betterball Thurs 27th October

10.03am Neville Dennis x4

10.12am Colin Roberts x4

10.21am Ian King x4

10.30am John Beech x4

10.39am Ken Jones x4

10.48am Paul Woodcock x4

10.57am Paul Wooodcock x4

11.06am Geoff Haynes x4

11.15am Roger Percival x4

11.24am Alan Noden x4

11.33am Mark Foley x4

11.42am Moby Rawthore x4

11.51am Paul Granelli x4

12.00pm Chris Heggarty x4

12.09pm Pete Cleaver x2 Carl Kennedy x2

12.18pm Kenny Jepson x4

9th tee

10.03am Mike Cooksey x4

10.12am Steve Morfitt x4

10.21am Dave McGovern x4

10.30am Kevin Barker x4

10.39am Charles Herbert x2 Paul Griffiths x2

10.48am Peter Hargreaves x4

10.57am Mick Mahan x4

11.06am David Bentley x4

11.15am Richard Blackwell x2 Larry McDonald x2

11.24am Alex Jerman x2 Bri Hopkins x2

11.33am Liam Harrison x4

11.42am David Smith x4

reserves Alan Reid x2

Ian bartholomew x2