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Thursday 27th October Mere pairs –full

Thursday 3rd November Ringway Am Am- nearly full

Thursday 10th November Prestbury pairs- nearly full

Thursday 17th November Delamere pairs- nearly full

Thursday 24th November Mere pairs- filling

Thursday 1st December Ringway Am Am- filling

The Colin Roberts Classic at Conwy

The sun was cracking the flags at fantastic Conwy today. Despite poor weather in Manchester the Maxitours golfers who travelled the short distance down the coast enjoyed blue skies and classic blustery links conditions.

‘Those greens were superb-they must the best in Wales ’ said Andy Hall an intelligent policeman from Cheadle.

European Tour caddy James Baker yesterday helped Jamie Donaldson to yet another top ten finish in the Portuguese Open, today he relished playing on the tough seaside challenge. ‘This is proper golf’ he said ‘this would really sort out the boys on tour’. Playing alongside his dad, best friend James Davidsion and Ollie Wilson his Tytherington team recorded a superb 75 points which was always going to be tough to beat.

Maxitours regular Alan Clough was a celebrity in the 1970’s and he used to walk around his home town of Cheadle Hulme in his flares proudly showing off his BBC Motocross Trophy, today he was famously ‘scrambling’ around the Conwy course helping his Hazel Grove team get a respectable 70 points.

Ian George, Jim Cox, Dave Collinson and Steve Dunphy- the not so good looking but talented golfing quartet from Denton , teamed up well and were delighted with 74 points and an excellent second place finish.

The competitive Shrigley Hall team had another high finish as they scored 73 points for 3rd place, ‘its not fair we could have won if my handicap was higher’ complained ex marine Stubbens.

The strong wind was enjoyed by all the competitors and Roy Bramwell rolled back the years as the 75 year old incredibly hit a drive and a 7 iron onto the downwind par 5 sixteenth, unfortunately on the previous hole which played into the wind Roy hit a drive and 7 iron shots before he reached the green.

Tony Lowe looked very windswept as he staggered into the clubhouse ‘the last time I felt wind like that was when I jumped out of an aeroplane for charity’ said the Sale member.

Incredibly out of a field of 84 talented players nobody managed to par the long 5th hole ‘it was bloody ridiculous’ said Bernard McDonald as he staggered into the clubhouse.

The course was playing so tough it was suggested that instead of having a twos sweep a threes sweep may be more suitable. A two was no problem however for Ian Ainsworth who celebrated his 70th birthday by chipping in on the 15th hole. Millionaire Joe Kirwan also recorded tremendous 2’s on the 2nd and 18th holes however he failed to enter the sweep due to the uncertainty in the current economic climate.

Joe did however win nearest the pin on the 2nd hole.

Many thanks to all who played today on this world class links. A big thank-you to Colin Roberts for his sponsorship of todays event.

2’s sweep £112.50 36 balls 6 proV1s or 12 srixon AD333s each Anne Greenhough Barry Shaw-Allen Mick Holmes Ivor Tomlinson Guy Hall Ian Ainsworth


1st Howard Baker, James Baker, James Davison, Ollie Wilson 75pts

Footjoy x dimension shoes each

2nd Ian George, Jim Cox, Dave Collinson, Steve Dunphy 74pts

Galvin shirt each

3rd Alan Pengelly, Andy Stubbens, Roy Hargreaves, Barry Horrox 73pts

Dozen AD333s each

4th Pete Holmes, Bill Ross, Mark Breirley, Derek Payne 73pts

Pair of socks each

5th Alf Shillitoe, Neil Laurent, Roy Baker, Gareth Winstone 72pts

6th Dave Blood, Roy Sinclair, Andy Sandham, Simon Greenhouse 71pts

7th Ian Ainsworth, Bernard McDonald, Alan Clough, Geoff Haynes 70pts

8th Robert Nelson, Jim Clarke, Neil Topping, Ed Wilkinson 69pts

9th Lee Butterworth, Barry Shaw-Allen, Andy Lomas, Tony Nanyn 68pts

10th Chris Cyprus, Ivor Tomlinson, Paul Dalby, John Bent 68pts

Anne Greenwood, Chris Bramwell, Mark Freeman, Phil Okill 68pts

Colin Roberts, Dave Marchant, Dave Marchant, Rob Deconinck 67pts

Paul Baxter, Mike Beverage, Paul Taylor, Mark Baxter 67pts

Alex Jerman, Martin Berrisford, Kenny Jepson, Nigel Ross 66pts

Tim Owen, Kit Parkington, Ken Jones, Alan Williams 66pts

Roy Bramwell, Ian Greenough,Mark Noden, Graham March 66pts

Andy Hall, Tony Stiles, Mick Holmes, Tony Lowe 64pts

John Stubbs, Guy Hall, Dave Parsons, Ian Trow 63pts

Ian King, Mike Spencer, Joe Kirwan, Darren Whittaker 62pts

Paul Granelli, Nigel Davies, Basil Burton, Richard Preston 61pts

David Smith, Bernard Wood, Chris Earnill, Tony Coleman 53pts