Results from Classy Ringway
Results from Sunny Ringway

The first day of Winter saw the terrific weather continue at classy Ringway today.

The course was a real credit to the greens staff who arrived early to cut and iron the greens in preparation for todays Maxitours event.

Joe Kirwan from Bramall was the first player to arrive in the clubhouse at 9am in order to pick up the £5 note he won off me at St Annes GC earlier this week –well done Joe! (he thought I wouldn’t mention it).

Ringway Golf Club and their respected PGA Professional Nick Ryan, run a first class outfit, even the hooter used for shotgun starts is positioned high on the clubhouse and sounds like a naval fog horn. Ringway members refer to it as the ‘master blaster’.

John Grint normally struggles with his transition from backswing to downswing leading to a gentle fade. Today Nick Ryans timing was perfect and as John reached the top of his swing the blast from the hooter caused him to flail the club on a lovely inside path and to his great delight he hit a majestic draw 200 yards down the middle of the first fairway.

There have been some unbelievable sporting results lately, lowly Crystal Palace knocked United out of the cup last night, even lowlier Manchester City are somehow top of the premier league and it looked like under-rated Mike Lynch and his lowly team could take first place at Ringway after an excellent 81 points.

However, as the players filtered back into the clubhouse there were some solid scores from the lower handicap teams. Well-liked and talented golfer Paul Dalby and his Didsbury team had a strong back nine to score 84 points and this was matched by larger than life scratch lady Cath Rawthore and her strong team from Sale .

Ex Bolton Old Links greenkeeper and holiday shootout winner Gary Garner and his team from Horwich gelled well for a magnicent 85 points and they were delighted with second place.

Businessman Jim Caldwell entered a team of six footers from Wilmslow Golf Club and his guest player was all time leading rugby premiership try scorer Steve Hanley from Sale sharks, a member at Sale Golf Club. John Leighton and Jim played wonderfully however it was Hanley who was overcome with emotion ‘this is the greatest moment in my sporting career’ he said, happily trying on his new golf shoes.

It was noticeable that the Pete Holmes team of ex-schoolteachers and civil servants were ‘Striking’ the ball very well.

Many thanks to everyone for playing today.

The latest Shotsaver order of Merit and start sheet for Prestbury will be released tomorrow.