Footjoy Masters at wonderful Vale Royal and Hazel Grove times

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Alistair Mackenzies Hazel Grove Thursday 24th May -few spaces, see below.
North Manchester Tuesday 29th May -few spaces

Maxitours Footjoy Masters At Vale Royal.

A field of nearly 100 Maxitours competitors enjoyed playing in the Footjoy Masters at the wonderful Vale Royal course today. Many thanks, to my good friend Matt Turnock for running the event so well whilst I am battling through the Florida thunderstorms.
As I am away I have no idea about any sports news, I am not too bothered who won the premiership however does anyone know if Kenny Dalgliesh has made any new signings for Liverpool?

Thanks to Bob Bardsley from Footjoy for his Sponsorship of todays event.
Matt’s report is below:

All went well here at sunny Vale Royal Abbey. Ross Birch made the comment as he walked into register that Tim was looking younger and more hansome than he had ever seen him, then realised it was me (honestly it must be the smoke getting in his eyes). Much debating was made by groups as to whether or not to enter the 2’s and for quite a few it was a costly mistake in underestimating their abilities with no fewer than ten players making 2 but only five of them had entered the sweep. Most frustrated must have surely been Roger Percival who made an eagle on the 246 yard 3rd Par 4. Steve Parle’s team came back in a magnificent 40 points to make sure they did not prop up the rest of the field after a horrendous 28 point haul on the front 9 “we were determined not to come last” was their parting comment showing the Man City never give up attitude.
The battle for the spoils was hard contested with Moby Rawthore’s team of Guds Ahmed, Ross Birch and Ian Grogan coming out on top with an impressive 88 points followed closely by Gary Garner, Ray Ward, Geoff Cogswell and George Gregson with 85 points with third place going to Charles Herbert, Mark Richardson, Alan Pengelly and Barry Horricks with 84.
All players said the course was in amazing condition and the Vale Royal staff were very helpful throughout the whole day

Vale royal 19-Apr-2012
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Moby Rawthore, Guds Ahmed, Ross Birch, Ian Grogan 88 12 Footjoy travel holdall each
2 Gary Garner, Ray Ward, Geoff Cogswell, George Gregson 85 10 Footjoy Aqualies each
3 Charles Herbert, Mark Richardson, Alan Pengelly, Barry Horricks 84 8 Footjoy Holdall each
4 Neville Dennis, John Reilly, Jimmy O’Reilly, Pete O’Neil 83 6 Footjoy shoe care kit each
5 Frank Garvey, Wayne Nuttall, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Paul Bradley 83 4
6 Mac Wells, Jordan Humes, Alex Prichard, Matt Robinson 82 2
7 Kenny Jepson, Tony Lowe, James Ecles, 82
8 Lewis Marland, Matt Sayers, Gareth Winston, Alf Shillitoe 82
9 John Bent, Jason Seddon, Paul Dalby, Simon Bowers 81
10= Neil Higgins, Ian Waller, Mark Steggals, Andy Burns 78
10= Brian Hopkins, Roy Hrgreaves, Neil Wrigley, Mike Powell 78
12= Dave Antrobus, Giles Terry, Dave Stanhope, Jack Coleman 77
12= Roger McMullan, Ron Hopkins, Arthur Homes, Robert Hands 77
14= Paul Bayley, David Henshall, Dvid Ryder, Roy Kirk 76
14= Alan Noden, Martin Murray, Ted Biddlecomb, John Robinson 76
16= Geoff Haynes, Terry Davison, Ian Ainsworth, Alan Clough 75
16= Roger Percival, Daniel Percival, Pete Atherton, Ed Wilkson 75
16= Sym, Chadwick, Price, McKenzie 75
16= Paul Armstrong, Dave Herbert, Darren Price, Sean McVittie 75
20 Gav Sutcliffe, Paul Wrigley, John Farell, Brian Robinson 74
21 Colin Lynch, Don Bradshaw, Clint Jolly, Patrick O’Neil 73
22 Steve Parle, Gordon Warke, Bernhard Wood, Mike Gee 68
23 Nigel Eckersley, Richardson, Anderson, Foxcroft 67
24 Mick Mahon, Tony Wilson, John Farnsworth, Frank Havard 65

The nearest pin 10th was won by Jim Ecles (a matter on inches from the hole)
The longest drive 18th was won by Neil Higgins (a monster 300+ yards by all accounts)
2’s – Alf Shillitoe, Geoff Cogswell and Paul Dalby, Martin Murray and Ted Bibblecomb £110 7 titleist prov1s or 14 AD333s.

Hazel Grove Pairs betterball.
10.20am Neville Dennis x4
10.30am Colin Roberts x4
10.40am Ian King x4
10.50am Dave Stanhope x4
11.00am Colin Lynch x4
11.10am Paul Taylor x4
11.20am Jeff Wealands x4
11.30am Norman Quick x4
11.40am Mick Mahan x4
11.50am John Bent x4
12.00pm Gary Garner x4
12.20pm John Burt x2 Malc Wells x2
12.30pm Charles Herbert x4
12.50pm Moby Rawthore x4
1.20pm Richard Preston x4
1.30pm Frank Garvey x4
1.50pm John Hilton x2 Carl Kennedy x2
2.10pm Kenny Jepson x4
2.20pm Gav Sutcliffe x4
2.30pm Simon Carless x4