Hazel Grove results + N Manchester AM AM and Prestbury start times

Great upcoming events

North Manchester AM AM Tuesday 29th May few spaces
Prestbury pairs Thursday 7th June few spaces
Cavendish pairs Thursday 14th June few spaces
Conwy pairs Tuesday 19th nearly full (please note-tee times 1.30pm- 4.45pm)
Knutsford AM AM Thursday 28th nearly full

The Shotsaver Masters at Hazel Grove

The classy Alastair Mackenzie designed Hazel Grove was the gloriously sunny setting for todays Maxitours event. It was even hotter than last week in Florida where I enjoyed big pecan pancakes each morning, big steaks and big ice cream in the evening, and big scores on the golf course in the afternoon.

Maxitour legend Neville Dennis celebated his 75th birthday today with a bacon sandwich served by an attractive waitress – ‘I’m 75 today, is this bacon sandwich free?’ he asked hopefully. She didn’t even bother to reply.
Then he picked up his scorecard ‘Do I have to pay for the golf today- its my birthday’ he asked, before heading £20 lighter to the first tee via the pro shop in search of a free mars bar.

Nevilles birthday really started with an excellent 200 yard tee shot which split the fast running 1st fairway.

Ageing Moby Rawthore has developed a bald patch this winter and he looked worried on the first tee when he suddenly realised a cap was required to prevent sunstroke on the top of his newly exposed head. Moby has a selection of very cheap redundant visors for sale if anybody would like one.

Pete Moores is not allowed to play any golf mid week. Each evening his detective wife checks his face for any signs of radiation and his shirt collars for any sign of suncream residue. Today, for the first time, he tried out his new factor 50, no smell, clear, non greasy, Boots own suncream ‘its fantastic stuff, she’ll have absolutely no idea what I’ve been up to today!’ said a delighted and still slightly pasty faced Moores.

In todays event Tony Lowe teamed up with home player Ben Shelley and they were overjoyed with their 43 point haul which earned them a second place finish. Two handicapper Pete O’Neill teamed up with the very consistent John Reilly and their 43 points finished 3rd.

Very tanned Ex European table tennis champion John Hilton obviously enjoys playing with his very small white balls and he teamed up with Andy Hamlett, they were very happy to finish 4th on 42 points.

Carl Kennedy has really struggled lately with his golf game and had not had a top five finish for over 6 months. He has recently turned into an incredibly reliable putter, give him a four foot putt and he is guaranteed to miss. Today the very likeable Northenden member proved that form is temporary and class is permanent as he scored an excellent 45 points with his partner Dom McHue to take todays honours in style. Very well played chaps.

Brian Mottram and his team enjoyed a couple of pints after play in the bar and the bad jokes started to flow. ‘We’re stopping for an Indian on the way home, I’m having chicken Tarka massala, it tastes very like chicken tikka massala, its just a little bit otter.’

Thanks for your support of todays event.

Nearest the pin 2nd Pete O’Niell dozen AD333
Nearest the pin 13th David Coyle dozen AD333
2’s £62.50 20 pro v1s 4 pro v1s or 8 srixon AD333 per two.
John Hilton Dick Perry David Coyle John Farrell Ian Wadsworth