Results from Cavendish and Tuesdays Conwy start times-SPACES AVAILABLE

Conwy pairs next Tuesday-limited spaces-see below
Knutsford Am Am Thursday 28th June- limited spaces
Old Worsley Am Am Thursday 5th July-spaces

Maxitours at tremendous Cavendish

The Alister Mackenzie designed Cavendish Golf course was todays tremendous Maxitours venue. All players were raving about the quality of the course after completing their rounds. ‘Those sloping greens were fantastic’ said Matt Pugsley ‘I’ve never enjoyed three putting as much in my whole life.’

One of the benefits of the recent wet conditions has been the absence of bad shorts on the golf course. Unfortunately in todays sunny conditions Arthur Jowell displayed perhaps the worst shorts ever seen in a Maxitours event combined with perhaps the worst legs ever seen in a Maxitours event, lets all pray that more rain is on the way soon.

The England football team surprised the nation recently with the quality of their performance against France . Alan Clough surprised his playing partner with the quality of his golf shots today and he helped big hitting Terry Davison to a 7th place finish.

Geoff Cogswell and Ray Twist drove all the way from the hills of Blackburn to play in Buxton today, it was obvious that they felt immediately at home and really comfortable being surrounded by large numbers of sheep and they scored a solid 40 points to finish in 6th position.

Local member Malcolm Burgess is 74 years old, he still plays off single figures and this experienced golfer used all his local knowledge around the tricky Mackenzie course as he cleverly scored a solid 41 playing alongside Bob Turner.

Big Barry Harrison is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, today he played great golf alongside Denton team mate David Hookes and they scored 43 points to finish in second position.

On form Ray Ward made back to back birdies on the 3rd and 4th holes to give their round a real boost and it was team-mate Gary Garner who finished strongly as they combined well to record 43 points for a terrific first place finish.-Well played chaps!

Many thanks for all players for your support of todays event.

2’s £60 3 pro v1’s or 6 srixon AD333s Gary Parle Ray Ward Matt Pugsley Alan Tranter Pete O’Neill Ian Handy Neil Rich

Nearest the Pin 4th Ray Ward doz AD333
Nearest the Pin 15th Ian Handy doz AD333