Results from Wonderful Worsley + Crewe (Tuesday) start times

Sunday 12th + Monday 13th August Terrific Carden Park Trip – only 16 places left!

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Davenport Pairs 26th July
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Maxitours at Wonderful Worsley

Historic Worsley Golf Club founded in 1894 was the fantastic setting for todays Maxitours event. Heavy overnight rain saw the course nearly flooded however terrific early morning squeegee work by head greenkeeper Nigel and his excellent team saw the course presented in remarkably good condition.
‘What a great course’ commented Kevin Chisnell ‘I didn’t think it would be that good.’ A sentiment echoed by many players.
There is ‘always one’ and today it was Bill Ross who phoned his team from the Marriott Worsley Park Golf Clubhouse ‘I’m here but I can’t find you’ reported the confused Scotsman.
The Clubhouse at Old Worsley Golf Club provides an excellent platform for analysing personalities and golf swings. Ex-marine Andy Stubbens has an aggressive, ruthless swing and hits it as hard as he can, school teacher Pete Holmes needs plenty of discipline to control his swing, car mechanic John Davies has an oily swing, Ex United goalkeeper Jeff Wealands has well trained hands. Watching a few players today it appears we also have a few carpet beaters, mad axemen and chicken stranglers on the tour.
Ryan Giggs was desperately trying to earn some brownie points this afternoon as he tended to his shrubs in his back garden. Geoff Haynes and Arthur Jowell brightened up his day as he peered over his garden fence and watched them both roll in classy birdie putts on the 5th hole.
Neville Dennis’ early morning team had the wettest ground conditions to deal with and despite this they took the early lead with 84 points ‘that’s the best I’ve played all year’ said the Maxitours legend ‘John was a load of rubbish today’ he added.
As the warm sunshine dried up the fairways and greens, Malcolm Wells and his team of talented golfers took advantage and recorded 87 points. This was then beaten by the Sale team with Pete Moores doing most of the damage despite making the desperate schoolboy fashion error of wearing a black shirt with navy pants.
The big hitting local team of Darren Wood, Dave Ellison, Simon Cusick and Alan Jacobs from nearby Swinton Park eventually took the honours with a wonderful 91 points, four handicap Wood was the pick of the bunch and he recorded four magical birdies today.

As evening closed in there were 30 or so Maxitours competitors enjoying a drink in the warm sunshine on the balcony and it really felt as though summer had finally arrived.

Many thanks to Paul Bailey and his high quality team at the Golf Club, especially the hard working Yvonne who not only cooked the bacon sandwiches but she served them with a smile as well.

Nearest the Pin 16th hole Matt Robinson Dozen AD333s
Nearest the pin 18th hole Bill Ross Dozen AD333s

£92.50 30 pro v1 balls 3 pro V1 balls or 7 srixon Ad 333s
2’s Darren Wood Moby Rawthore Malc Wells Mark Breirley Trevor Golds Tony Porter Simon Helmsley Pete McManus Pat Gilsenan Lee Tilley