Results from superb Prestbury

Maxitours at superb Prestbury results

A glorious August day greeted the full field of Maxitours competitors at immaculate Prestbury Golf Club today.

The little wealthy village of Prestbury is home to Stockbrokers, footballers, top lawyers and other over-paid professionals. Even the lost property section at the club has a terrific array of clothing and is well worth a visit. Dave Harlow had his eye on a couple of garments which would easily upgrade his current wardrobe.

Eddie Ellis and todays sponsors JP & Brimelow kindly provided every player with a terrific goody bag for me to distribute at todays event. ‘here are your goody bags and there is a bacon sandwich for each player also’. Mike Spencer spent a couple of minutes searching before complaining ‘theres no bap in my bag’.

Tour regular Andy Stubbens today celebrated his 40th birthday by rolling in a two on the signature 17th hole, well played old man.

Liam Harrison was mentally scarred two years ago in a Maxitour event at Prestbury when his partner three putted the last hole to lose by a shot. Today his partner Paul Bennett was on the 18th fringe in two and receiving a shot. Four shots later the ball eventually found the hole, Harrison was devastated ‘He’s absolutely hopeless, I don’t know why I play with him every week, its doing my head in’. Incredibly 42 points was good enough to win today and Harrison can sleep soundly once again.

Andy Taylor and Martin Firth finished in second place also with 42 points and third place went to Matt Spencer and Andy Buckles.

Dave Antrobus showed us what a great character he is and what a terrific game golf is when he penalised himself after his double hit went unnoticed by his playing partners. Antrobus would have taken first place today but knows playing golf in the true spirit of the game is the real sign of a man.

Many, many thanks to my Car Sponsor Eddie Ellis from JP & Brimelow for their fantastic sponsorship of todays event, this is greatly appreciated. Eddie may not be the best dressed or best looking estate agent you have ever seen, but he certainly sells houses better than any one else in Manchester!

Thanks to all who supported todays event, Tim

Nearest the Pin on the 7th hole Terry Davison
Nearest the Pin on 17th hole Andy Buckles
2’s Kevin Barker Darren Wood Dave Murphy Kevin Barker Frank Hindle Pete Barratt Kevin Fitzpatrick Andy Stubbens Colin Burke Ian Ainsworth Dave Murphy Terry Davision