Marvellous Knutsford Results and Tuesdays Sandiway 11am start sheet

** TUESDAY at Sandiway is 11am Shotgun see below**

Maxitours at Marvellous Knutsford

Knutsford Golf Course was in remarkably good condition considering the wet Christmas we all experienced. All competitors expressed their enjoyment after playing perhaps the best nine hole course in the North of the country. Many thanks to Head Green keeper Mark and also David Fellowes for their excellent course preparation.

Golf Club legends Bob Sutton and ex-Captain Dennis Bamford kindly provided complimentary refreshments for all the players at the half way house. ‘We want to make all our guests feel welcome at our course’. Many thanks for your terrific support today chaps, you are a big part of what makes Knutsford such a great club.

Andy Bethells new year diet was put on hold for yet another day as he succumbed to the smell of Dennis’ sausage rolls and Richard Palmer set a new Maxitours record by chewing on three scotch eggs and a jam doughnut as he hit his tee shot off the 10th.

For many players this was their first game after a couple of weeks of over indulgence. Irishman Jimmy O’Reilly walked in the clubhouse to collect his card and announced ‘I haven’t hit a ball since the last time I played.’

A lack of exercise this Christmas saw Ray Ward pile on the pounds, so much so that he was struggling to swing his putter past his gut. ‘I’ve always wanted to have a try with a belly putter and now I can’ he said wedging his regular putter in his new improved stomach.

I really enjoyed watching the new BBC series Africa with David Attenborough on the telly yesterday, the Giraffe fight is a great bit of filming and well worth watching. ‘Hey Maxi those Rhinos last night reminded me of you’ said one of today’s players ‘they’ve got thick skins and charge too much.’

After playing poorly in the previous ten Maxitours events you could sense the strain in their partnership as John Hilditch(14) and Iain Bartholomew(3) entered the clubhouse. They were both lying a lowly 162nd in the Order of Merit. Today was the first event of the New Year and the relationship eventually blossomed as they celebrated their 4th place finish with a romantic drink together, complimenting each other in the corner of the Knutsford bar.

Consistent Gary Garner(7) and Mark Green(12) finished 3rd which was their best performance of the winter tour so far with an excellent 46 points however this was matched by big hearted Mick Mahon and Tony Wilson who took second place after scoring 24 points on the back nine.

Celebrating their first win together was Maxitours regular John Bent(5) and Rob Caruana(15) who scored an excellent 47 points. Class act Bent birdied the 7th hole twice. Charismatic Caruana really enjoys his golf and he phoned me at home after play to ask me to thank everyone at the Club for his most enjoyable day on the links- ever.


N Pin 3rd Dozen AD333s Andy Hamnett
N Pin 5th Dozen AD333s John Hilditch
2’s sweep £72.50 3 pro v1s or 6 srixons Tony Wilson John Hilditch Andy Bethell Cath Rawthore x3 Bob Vickers Keith Fitzhenry

1st Rob Caruana & John Bent 47
Footjoy Aqualites each
2nd Mick Mahon & Tony Wilson 46
Galvin Green shirt each
3rd Gary Garner & Mark Green 46
Dozen AD333s
4th John Hilditch & Iain Bartholomew 44
Titleist winter mits each
5th Mark Breirley & Pete Holmes 43
6th John Hilton & Andy Hamnett 42

7th Dave Murphy & Phil Murphy 42
8th Darren Whittaker & Ian King 41

9th John Reilly & Jimmy O’Reilly 40
10th Andy Bethell & Martin Firth 40
11th Mark Wheeler & Mike Brown 39
12th Ian Ainsworth & Alan Clough 39

13th Bob Sinclair & Dave Marchant 39
14th Cath Rawthore & Steve Rourke 39
15th Frank Massey & Pete O’Neill 38

16th Moby Rawthore & Pete Moores 38
17th Steve Hackett & Bill Ross 38
18th Bob Vickers & Mark Vickers 38
19th Chris Wilde & Joe Kirwan 37
20th Paul Sherlock & John Gregory 36
21st Alan Pengelly & Barry Horrox 36
22nd Richard Palmer & Keith Fitzhenry 36
23rd Arthur Jowell & Geoff Haynes 36
24th John Rigby & Colin Roberts 35
25th Malc Wells & Barney Ross 34
26th Ray Ward & Ken Ogden 28

Sandiway Shotsaver Pairs
Tuesday 8th January 11am Shotgun start
1a Neville Dennis x4
1b Colin Roberts x4
2a Ian King x4
3aDave Rymer x4
3b Charles Herbert x4
4 Carl Kennedy x2 Gerry John x2
5a Tabbron x4
5b Chih hu x4
6 Eddie Ellis x4
7 Jim Caldwell x2 Ian Bartholomew x2
8a Alan Noden x4
8b Alan Noden x4
9a John Bent x4
9Bob Sutton x4
10a Geoff Haynes x4
10b Malc Wells x4
11 Woodcock x4
12a John Grint x4
12b John Grint x4
13 Dave Stanhope x4
14 Rod Powell x4
15a John Stubbs x4
15b Mick Mahon x4
16 Paul Crisp x4
17a Alan Pengelly x4
17b Moby Rawthore x4
18 Gary Garner x4
18b Dave Sarsfield x4
Richard Blackwell x4
Dave Blood x4