Lovely Knutsford results and Fridays Vale Royal start times

Maxitours at the lovely Knutsford Golf Club

The frost and ice did not prevent Maxitours competitors from enjoying themselves on the lovely Knutsford golf course today. With snow forecast tomorrow many husbands were keen to enjoy their last day of freedom before being ‘stranded at home with the wife’. One Maxitour competitor (who shall remain nameless) today referred fondly to his wife as ‘The FPO’ (Fun Prevention Officer).

Big Geoff Cogswell looks like he has enjoyed plenty of Tesco burgers. Stallion Geoff was in the clubhouse ‘Chomping at the bit’ to get on the golf course. On the first hole he had a big ‘horse shoe’ and by the end of his round his team requested ‘don’t Saddle us with him next week’.

As players enter the Knutsford lounge there is a low ceiling and tricky step to negotiate. It is always quite amusing to watch the clumsier members of the tour stumble into the Clubhouse. Today Keith Coxon took the honours with his triple salchow. Charles Herbert(6ft 10’) still holds top marks from last year when he managed to trip over the step and hit his head at the same time.

John Royle today celebrated his 70th birthday. He decided to wear his best pink golf shirt and a lovely pink, white and black diamond sweater to mark the occasion. A large brown sauce stain from his pre round bacon sandwich finished off the outfit nicely.

Old Jack Coleman(13) is a successful accountant from Mere. He is good company and has plenty of one-liners. I’ve no idea what it means but today’s gem was: ‘In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king’. As a respected chartered accountant you would expect him to be blessed with a well disciplined, technically correct, efficient swing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Today he played great golf however and an excellent birdie on the 9th hole helped his team including the talented Gauden brothers and Bill Gillings(13) to a career best 2nd place finish.

Taking todays honours with 81 points was the team of Malcolm Wells(2), Adam Hart(7), Bob Vickers(7) and Phil Sharp(17). Their score of 81 points included four chip-ins! Bob Vickers was their star player hitting his well controlled gentle fade which was incredibly checking up close to the flag on the frozen greens.

Thanks to everyone for playing today, apologies to those I could not fit in. Thanks also to Secretary Stuart Blake and top Greenkeeper Mark Dingle for all their help to allow the event to go ahead. Lets hope we miss the snow tomorrow! Tim.

Nearest pin on 5th Bob Vickers Dozen AD333s
Nearest the pin in 2 on 9th Dave Murphy Dozen AD333s
£82.50 9 pro vs or 18 srixon AD333s each
2’s sweep Ian Gauden Dave Murphy Bob Vickers