Delightful Davenport resultsand Tytherington times

*great upcoming Maxitours events*
18th July Tytherington am am -just 1 team space left
25th July Ringway am am- 4 morning slots
1st August Dunham Forest pairs-full
6th August North Manchester am am – 3 late times
16th August Vale Royal am am- due to earlier date change still spaces on this top course
18th +19th Carden Park- still few spaces

Maxitours at Davenport

Davenport’s reputation as one of the best courses in Cheshire continues to grow after a wonderful days golf was enjoyed by all. Every year the picturesque course gets better and the greens were excellent today. Many thanks to top pro Tony Stevens, Secretary Elaine and Frazer the bar manager for their outstanding hospitality.

Alan Clough and his wife were flown home early from their holiday this week due to the trouble in Egypt. Luckily for Alan this meant he could play in today’s event. Clough caused his own fair share of disturbances on the course and it looked like a riot was taking place on the 11th hole as his 7 iron had a fight with one of the Davenport trees.

Many top sports stars have graced Maxitours events and today it was three legendary jockeys Alan O’Keefe, Sam Thomas and Charlie Huxley who joined the tour. Playboy Sam Thomas(12) famously rode Denman to beat Kauto Star to glory in the Cheltenham Gold Cup in 2008. Today he complained that the going was too firm as he finished in a lowly 23rd position. Alan O’Keefe(18) finished in a respectable 7th place playing with top racehorse owner Alan Baxter(7). The height challenged Jockeys enjoyed the course despite being faced with several blind putts on the undulating Davenport greens.

In todays event Steve Hindley(13) had a wonderful back nine to score 41 points and take 5th place with Andrew Dickson(15) on a card play-off. Halifax members Dave Crowther(11) and James Burton(7) came over the moors to play and they plundered 4th place with 42 points.

Nice guy Wayne Colclough(9) has played in nearly twenty events this year and his best performance has been joint 18th position. Today he showed that class is permanent when found his form to score 43 points playing alongside Ken Ashford(16) from Woodside.

Two old boys Keith Coxon(9) and Guy Hall(10) from Sale usually play golf to get away from their wives for the day, winning a prize is rarely on their agenda. Today they had an outer body experience as Coxon birdied the first and last hole of his game and Guy surprised himself with some great golf in the middle of his round. Their top play earned them 2nd place.

Prestburys Steve Savage(13) teamed up with last weeks winner – Charles Herbert(15) from Styal. A recent handicap reduction could not stop big hitting Herbert from taking first place once again and he moves to the top of the Order of Merit. Herbert had some horrific rounds when he rebuilt his swing last year and many players have had to take cover from his erratic shots. He is now beginning to reap the rewards however- very well played.

Ex copper John Stubbs was nearly in tears last week after I failed to mention him in last weeks report. He made a 2 on the par three 15th at Conwy followed by an eagle 2 on the 16th , this is in addition to his incredible albatross two at Pleasington earlier in the year.

Many thanks for your support today, I hope you enjoyed your round.

Nearest the Pin 3rd Rich Richardson Dozen Srixon AD333s
Nearest the Pin 14th Lee McLachlan Dozen Srixon soft feel

2’s £122.50 4 pro v1s or 8 srixon AD333s James Burton Steve Hindley Ben Alcock Chris Hegarty Tony Woodford Pete Holmes Andy Wilford x2 Brian Hopkins Lee McLachlan

Davenport 11-Jul-2013
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Charles Herbert, Steve Savage 45 12 Cleveland Stand bag
2 Keith Coxon, Guy Hall 43 11 Merino FJ Sweater
3 Ken Ashford, Wayne Colclough 43 10 Dozen Srixon z stars
4 Dave Crowther, James Burton 42 9 Greg Norman shirt
5 Steve Hindley, Andrew Dickson 41 8 Greg Norman shirt
6 Alan Baxter, Alan O’Keefe 41 7 Greg Norman shirt
7 Vinnie Ball, Darren Smith 41 6 Cleveland Cap each
8 Dave Alcock, Ben Alcock 41 5 Cleveland Cap each
9 Richard Armistead, Dave Pettitt 41 4 Cleveland Cap each
10 Gail Heggarty, Chris Heggarty 40 3
11 Richard Palmer, Dave Westwood 40 2
12 Andy Kershaw, Jonathon Burton 40 1
13= Neville Dennis, Frank Massey 40
13= Chris Lee, Tony Woodford 40
15= David Fee, Bernard Fee 39
15= Mick Mahon, Frank Hindle 39
15= Alf Shillitoe, Lewis Marland 39
15= Ted Biddlecombe, Martin Murray 39
15= Dave Stanhope, John Buckley 39
15= Eric McNicol, Carl Kennedy 39
15= Norman Safhill, Mark Wilcockson 39
15= Rich Richardson, Darren Whittaker 39
23= Dave Murphy, Mark Wheeler 38
23= Brian Gibbons, Kenny Fletcher 38
23= Paul Bennett, Graham Brownill 38
23= Bernard Wood, David Smith 38
23= Dave Chambers, Chris Unsworth 38
23= John Hughes, Mark Robinson 38
23= Sam Thomas, Charlie Huxley 38
30= Keith Thompson, Colin Baxendale 37
30= Alan Clough, Terry Davison 37
30= Al Collins, Roy Kirk 37
30= Pete Holmes, Mark Breirley 37
30= James Simpson, Paul Riddel 37
30= Stuart Coupe, Tom Stuart 37
36= John Reilly, Jimmy O’Reilly 36
36= John Robinson, Dave Henshall 36
36= Bob Sinclair, Trevor Jones 36
36= Paul Woodcock, Steve Tyrell 36
36= Adam Hart, Andy Wilford 36
41= Steve Parle, Doug Adams 35
41= Colin Roberts, John Rigby 35
41= Peter Freeman, Richard Blackwell 35
41= Brian Hopkins, Barry Horrox 35
45= Ray Jones, Barry Eddlestone 34
45= Adam Melville, Lee McLachlan 34
47 Frazer McKenzie, Gill McKenzie 33
48 Phil Smeathers, Dave Antrobus 32
49 Al Noden, John Aikenhead 29

Tytherington start times £20 Am Am
Thursday 18th July
10.30 Neville Dennis x4
10.39 Colin Roberts x4
10.48 Ian King x4
10.57 Malcolm Wells x4
11.06 Mark Wheeler x4
11.15 Ian Lilley x4
11.24 Geoff Haynes x4
11.33 Mick Mahon x4
11.42 Colin Lynch x4
11.51 Lewis Marland x4
12.00 Bill Gillings x4
12.09 Jim Rymer x4
12.18 Gail Heggarty x4
12.27 David Smith x4
12.36 Welcome x4
12.45 B Wood x4
12.54 Smith x4
1.03 David x4
1.12 Smith x4
1.21 John Stubbs x4
1.30 Martin Wainman x4
1.39 Paul CRisp x4
1.48 Mark Robinson x4
1.57 Mike Daggitt x4
2.06 Rob Hands x4
2.15 Carl Kennedy x4
2.24 Gary Garner x4
2.33 Iain Bartholomew x4
2.51 Tony Lowe x4
3.00 Mike Fenton x4
3.10 Wayne Colclough x4
3.20 Steve Ballard x4
3.30 Charles Herbert x4