Results from Cracking Caldy

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*spaces available at perhaps the best winter course in Cheshire-Vale Royal next Wednesday*(pairs event)

Maxitours at Cracking Caldy

A breezy and impressively dry Caldy was the setting for todays Maxitours event. The testing conditions were enjoyed by a field of over 100 players. The course really was immaculate and there was no evidence of damage from the recent storms and floods which have battered our coastline in recent weeks.

Des Kelly thought it was his lucky day when I told him he was teeing off near the attractive old Golf Clubhouse, unfortunately for Des it is now a converted property situated behind the 6th hole on the most distant part of the course.

Phil Wise has had a heavy festive season, I am ashamed to say he staggered into me as I was ordering a large kebab (chicken, salad, no mayo) in Knutsford just before Christmas. Today he was still talking nonsense and swaying erratically from side to side as he battled in vain against the strengthening Wirral wind.

Caldy is a special venue as it a mix of three courses in one. The first nine holes are magnificent cliff top links, the next five are manicured parkland and the final four holes are historic heathland. Andy Hamlett(9) didn’t play well on any of them however he was well backed up by the improving Richard Blackwell(13), Ron Jolley(16) and John Hilditch(11) as the team finished 5th.

The strong winds and wet conditions favoured the big hitting teams today and the Shrigley Hall team of Brian Hopkins(6), Mike Powell(12), Ross Birch(7) and Charles Herbert(16) enjoyed the challenge as they scored 85 points.

Martin Firth(6), Andy Stubbens(5), Alan Pengelly(13) and Andy Hockenhull(20) scored heavily on the downwind holes and their 86 points was enough for third spot. Phil Ashcroft(15), Graham Robins(17), Gary Garner(6) and Tony Robinson(8) took second place with a terrific 87 points. A huge cheer could be heard in the clubhouse after big Phil holed his approach shot on the first hole to collect five vital points.

Taking todays honours was the North Manchester team of Aiden Hoosen(2), Darren Smith(7), Alan Burton(11) and team captain Gary Hornby(17). Talented Hoosen played great however all the team contributed well as the Mancunians impressively tamed the wind for their first Maxitours victory with 87 points.

Thanks to all players for your terrific support once again today.

2’s £97.50 28 3 pro V1 balls each or 6 srixon ad333s
Tony Wilson Carl McKinney Steve Roberts John Stubbs Mke McCurdy Joe York Martin Firth x2 Phil Ashcroft x2

Nearest the Pin 2nd Mike Mccurdy Dozen AD333s
Nearest the Pin 10th Phil Ashcroft Dozen AD333s

Caldy 09-Jan-2014
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Gary Hornby, Darren Smith, Aiden Hoosen, Alan Burton 87 12 Galvin Green Shirt each
2 Gary Garner, Phil Ashcroft, Graham Robins, Tony Robinson 87 10 Dozen Taylor made Pentas each
3 Martin Firth, Andy Stubbens, Alan Pengelly, Andy Hockehhull 86 8 Dozen Srixon z stars each
4 Charles Herbert, Brian Hopkins, Ross Birch, Mike Powell 85 6 Titleist cap each
5 Richard Blackwell, Ron Jolley, Andy Hamlett, John Hilditch 82 4 Srixon cap each
6 Ian Ainsworth, Arthur Jowell, Trevor Harrison, Jack Kendal 78 2
7 John Farrell, Mike McCurdy, Gav Sutcliffe, Paul Wrigley 77
8 Jason Waite, Howard Baker, Steve Lowe, Pete Cleaver 76
9 Dave Murphy, Phil Murphy, Brian Gibbons, Rob Lavery 75
10= Carl Kennedy, Joe York, Terry Gilbert, Graham Culpin 74
10= Dave Stanhope, Dave Harlow, Mark Hagarty, Phil Wise 74
12= Russell Humphries, Iain Perkins, Bernard Fee, Jasuinder Randhawa 73
12= Frank Massey, Jim Driscoll, John Reilly, Jimmy O’Reilly 73
14 Ian King, Joe Kirwan, Darren Whittaker, Mike Spencer 72
15 Steve Roberts, Carl McKinney, Sean Kirkby, John Locke 71
16 Ian Taylor, Dave Torkington, Ernie Rimmer, Harry Jewkes 70
17= Gary Hemstead, Andy Baguley, D Hiuttanen, Rick Mills 69
17= Ray Ward, Ray Twist, Geoff Cogswell, Ken Ogden 69
17= Phil Vokes, Barney Ross, Paul Dalby, John Bent 69
17= Geoff Sherburn, Paul Boulter, Chris Leonard, Peter Goodall 69
21= David Hillier, Mark Simister, Chris Buckley, Mark Davin 68
21= Colin Roberts, Bob Sinclair, Kevin Burt, John Rigby 68
23 Kevin Chisnell, Raoss Sellors, Steve Parle, Gary Parle 67
24 John Stubbs, John Royle, Guy Hall, Dave Parsons 63
25 Chris Hegarty, Gail Hegarty, Hubert Dunki-j, Colin Burke 57

Vale Royal start times 10.45am shotgun £25 inc bacon bap Pairs Betterball.
1a Geoff Haynes x4
1b Mick Mahon x4
2 Dave Blood x4
2b Frank Stapleton x4
3 Gary Garner x4
4 Chris Meikleham x4
5a Bob Kwan x4
5b Lewis Marland x2 Carl Kennedy x2
6 Derek Hollinrake x4
7a Doug Botterill x4
8 Richard Blackwell x2 Iain Bartholomew x2
9aJohn Stubbs x4
9b Charles Herbert x4
10 Neville Dennis x4
11a Colin Roberts x4
11b Mark Wheeler x4
12aPhil Vokes x4
13 Nigel Comsty x2 Jim Caldwell x2
15 Ian King x4
16 Steve Johnson x2
17 Gary Whittaker x4
18 Andy Stubbens x4