13 February, 2014 19:40

Maxitours at perfect Prestbury

Maxitours players enjoyed the calm after the storm as they were met with golden sunshine, clear blue skies and crisp green fairways as they arrived at wonderful Prestbury this morning.
‘It’s like playing golf in Portugal –except without the hangover’ commented a delighted Frank Massey.

Duncan Cheslett was a late stand in for the Sale team today. ‘Can you point out who John Stubbs is?’ he asked trying to locate his new partners ‘He’s the old fella in the clubhouse wearing a creased red sweater’ I replied informatively. Duncan picked out his man with ease.

Lee Tilley also required a late stand in as playing partner Dave Sarsfield was at home recovering from shock after flying into Manchester Airport last night. His boeing 737 had two hair raising failed attempts to land before they were diverted to a slightly calmer East Midlands Airport .

Lancastrian Frank Hindle was in tears this morning after the winds caused a big branch to smash into his greenhouse and destroyed his award winning pansies. However he still came up smelling of roses as he picked up four dozen balls when he was the only player in the sweep to record a two on the testing par threes.

In today’s event the scoring was exceedingly close as the players enjoyed incredibly dry and fast running fairways. Ray Ward(15) teamed up with Gary Garner(6) and his two sons, Jordan(21) and David(24) to finish in 4th spot with 84 points, just one shot away from first position.
The low handicap team from Didsbury also scored 84 points to finish third and ever present Paul Dalby(3), Paul Sherlock(5), Phil Vokes(2) and Barney Ross(3) claimed to have missed more than their fair share of putts.

A terrific back nine saw Derek Hollindrake’s(8) Pleasington team take second place. Eric Knowles(8) owns a childrens nursery and he kept a close eye on the younger members of his team, Rob Allen(12) and wealthy antiques dealer Chris Davies(9), to make sure they were behaving over the closing holes.

The Tytherington quartet of Andy Stubbens(5), Andy Hockenhull(20), Johnnie Walker(8) and Pete Gifney(20) took top spot with 85 points. Long distance lorry driver Johnnie looked paler than usual when he arrived to play this morning. He drove to Scotland and back last night carrying a container load of flammable gas as all around him wagons were being blown off the motorway. ‘It helps you put tricky three footers into perspective’ said the delighted and friendly trucker.

Many thanks for playing today, I think everyone enjoyed this excellent venue.

Nearest the Pin 7th Iain Bartholomew Dozen AD333s
Nearest the Pin 17th Paul Sherlock Dozen AD333s
2’s Lucky Frank Hindle £82.50 24 prov1s or 4 dozen Srixons all to himself!

Prestbury 13-Feb-2014
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Andy Stubbens, Andy Hockenhull, Johnnie Walker, Pete Gifney 85 12 Galvin Green shirt each
2 Derek Hollindrake, Eric Knowles, Rob Allen, Chris Davies 84 10 Dozen Titleist pro v1s each
3 Phil Vokes, Paul Dalby, Barney Ross, Paul Sherwood 84 8 doz Srixon ad333 each
4 Gary Garner, Jordan Garner, David Garner, Ray Ward 84 6 Titleist cap each
5 Frank Stapleton, Stuart Pearson, Dave Wilson, Kevin Hawkins 82 4 Ashworth cap each
6 Pete O,Neill, Steve Torkington, Alan Leigh, Paul Jones 81 2
7 Richard Blackwell, Ron Jolley, Andy Hamlett, Simon Helmsley 81
8 Dave Blood, Jim Cox, Joel King, Sandy Calder 80
9= Geoff Haynes, Alan Clough, Terry Davison, Trevor Harrison 78
9= Brian Greenbank, Matt Nelstrop, John Kennedy, Dave Wainwright 78
11 Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer, Frank Hindle, Tony Wilson 77
12 Iain Bartholomew, Max Henderson, Kevin Barker, Ian Noke 76
13= John Reilly, Jimmy O’Reilly, Frank Massey, Jim O’Driscoll 75
13= Colin Roberts, John Rigby, Ian Tinling, Dave Marchant 75
15= Ian King, Joe Kirwan, Ashley Elliott, Charlie Rooney 74
15= Ed Wilkinson, Scott Ashall, David Wilkinson, Roger Percival 74
17= Steve Tyrell, Ray Jones, Barry Eddlestone, Kevin Fahy 73
17= Lee Tilley, Billy Coleman, Dave Rhodes, Rob Norbury 73
19= Alan Pengelly, Bri Hopkins, Andy Barstow, Roy Hargreaves 71
19= Ed Pysden, Pete Norbury, Mike Norbury, Nad Haq 71
21 John Stubbs, Duncan Cheslett, John Royle, Guy Hall 70
22 Wayne Colclough, Ken Ashford, Stuart Hawkey, Simon Richards 69
23 Nigel Comsty, Michael Barron, Ron Hopkins, Phil Parry 68

Delamere Forest start times
Thurday 20th February
1st tee
9.45am Neville Dennis x4
9.54am Colin Roberts x4
10.03am Dave Stanhope x4
10.12am Nigel Oakes x2 Pete Short x2
10.21am Bob Sutton x4
10.30am Mike Fenton x4
10.39am Rob Hands x4
10.48am Liam Harrison x4
10.57am Lewis Marland x2 Simon Helmsley x2
11.06am Pete O’Neill x4
11.15am Roger McMullen x4
11.24am Ian Brougham x4
11.33am Mark Robinson x4?

10th tee
9.45am Ian King x4
9.54am Phil Vokes x4
10.03am Geoff Haynes x4
10.12am Mick Mahon x4
10.21am Dave Blood x4
10.30am Brian Greenbank x4
10.39am John Stubbs x4
10.48am Eddie Ellis x4
10.57am Frank Stapleton x4
11.06am Andy Hamlett x2 Bartholomew x2
11.15am Gail Hegarty x4
11.24am Charles Herbert x4
11.33am Andy Stubbens x4
Eddy Stirling x2/4?

Joe York x4
Ron Tabbron x2