Results from Delightful Delamere

Maxitours at delightful Delamere Forest.

A warm front brought clearing blue skies and continental heat to this lovely Cheshire oasis today. Cuddly Mick Mahon has a big warm front of his own and he enjoyed the mild conditions scoring a creditable 36 points alongside Richard Palmer.

Respected Head Pro Martin Brown made all players feel very welcome and Mike the new Delamere bar manager was also exceptionally helpful throughout the day.

The sand based Delamere course was in its usual immaculate condition, the greens were fast and true and the fairways were dry and firm.
‘Look at this- there is nae a spot of mud on ma trousers’ said the delighted Scotsman Ken Thomson. (He did however have a large tomato sauce stain on his sweater.)

In todays event it was clear that Alf Shillitoe has been watching too much of the Winter Olympics and not playing enough golf and he regularly saw his ball ‘Curling’ into the tall Delamere pines.

A few Maxitours players wanted to watch the Olympic Curling on the clubhouse television and they were fascinated with the tactical knowledge and mental strength required to be an elite competitor. Martin Firth has also been mesmerised with the sport and he closely watched the bronze medal match involving the British women’s team ‘I like the skinny brunette’ he declared after twenty minutes viewing.

In today’s event smooth swinging Brian Greenbank and bunker maestro Chris Brown from Hale Golf Club recorded their best ever Maxitours finish with 42 points for 6th position. Hazel Grove’s Ian Ainsworth and Alan Clough had the same score but a better back nine saw this likable duo finish in the top five.

Denton ’s Gutsy Jim Cox and Jack Meredith scored an excellent 43 points and they both had nothing but praise for this top Cheshire golf course. Their enjoyable day was topped off with a season best fourth place result.

The Brownhill brothers played as a pair in the same four ball as the lovely Hegarty couple today. Unfortunately Gail and Chris who are normally tough competitors finished near the bottom of the field with just 31 points and were ‘outclassed’ by Graham and Malcolm who finished 3rd overall with a superb 43 points. ‘It was like watching Manchester City play Barcelona ’ said a dejected Chris ‘we were well out of our league.’

Second place went to Dave Wilson and Paul Cunliffe who also scored 43 points. Top author Dave Wilson was close to tears when he arrived back in the Clubhouse, ‘I’ve just three putted the last green’ he sobbed when he found out he was one point short of top spot. He could be seen half an hour later sucking his thumb in the corner of the clubhouse looking ruefully at the 18th green.

Top honours today went to Cheadle Golf Club stars Mick Fenton and Tony Stiles. Despite the strengthening wind the two nice guys tamed the tricky Delamere course for the first 14 holes before picking up just one point on the 15th hole and failing to score at all on the 16th. ‘You can’t win anything if you both four putt’ declared Mike. Their score was good enough to take top spot today. Well played chaps!

Many thanks to all who played today,
Yours in Golf, Tim

Nearest the Pin on the 12th hole John Rielly Dozen AD333s
Nearest the Pin in 2 on the 18th hole Phil Vokes Dozen AD333s

2’s 5 pro v1s or 10 ad333s per 2 Steve Latchford David Kelly Blake Norton Graham Aspinall Chris McKane

Delamere Forest 20-Feb-2014
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Mike Fenton, Tony Stiles 44 12 £75 Voucher each
2 Dave Wilson, Paul Cunliffe 43 11 £50 Voucher each
3 Graham Brownhill, Malcolm Brownhill 43 10 Maxitours sweater each
4 Jim Cox, Jack Meredith 43 9 Dozen Z Stars each
5 Ian Ainsworth, Alan Clough 42 8 £25 voucher each
6 Brian Greenbank, Chris Brown 42 7 Greg Norman shirt each
7 David Kelly, Jonty Geake 41 6 Ashworth Cap each
8 Ian King, Ashley Elliott 41 5 Ashworth Cap each
9 Pete O’Neill, Dave Torkington 41 4
10 John Stubbs, John Royle 40 3
11 Tony Wilson, Frank Hindle 40 2
12 Stuart Pearson, Kevin Hawkins 40 1
13= Phil Vokes, Paul Sherlock 40
13= Steve Latchford, Barney Ross 40
13= Blake Norton, James McCormack 40
13= Charles Herbert, Joe York 40
13= Ian Brougham, Chris McKane 40
18= Colin Roberts, John Rigby 39
18= Jimmy Murphy, Jay Seddon 39
18= Lewis Marland, Alf Shillitoe 39
18= Roger McMullen, Derek Scoular 39
18= Gerry John, Danny Tuohy 39
18= Iain Bartholomew, John Hilditch 39
24= Dave Blood, Ian Gibson 38
24= Eddie Ellis, Stuart Davies 38
24= Andy Hamnett, Richard Blackwell 38
24= Alan Pengelly, Bri Hopkins 38
24= Steve Berry, Neil Swinton 38
24= Andy Stubbens, Andy Hockenull 38
30= Jimmy O’Reilly, John Reilly 37
30= Geoff Andrews, Dave Marchant 37
30= Bob Sutton, Dave Harlow 37
30= Ben Davies, Graham Aspinall 37
34= Joe Kirwan, Ken Thomson 36
34= Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer 36
34= Nigel Oakes, Andy Thompson 36
34= David Wainwright, John Kennedy 36
38= Jim Driscoll, Frank Massey 35
38= Terry Davison, Trevor Harrison 35
38= Gareth Lover, Martin Firth 35
41 John Parkin, Dave Harrison 34
42= Simon Hemsley, Pat Keenan 33
42= Ian Trow, Guy Hall 33
42= Rob Tabbron, Colin Walton 33
45 Alan Frazer, Paul Kennedy 32
46= Barry Jackson, Bill Phillipson 31
46= Gail Hegarty, Chris Hegarty 31
48 Chris Meikleham, Barney Hunter 29

Tuesdays Conwy start times

9.30 Ian King x4
9.39 Paul Crisp x4
9.48 Colin Roberts x4
10.06 Jason Waite x4
10.15 Phil Vokes x4
10.33 Mick Mahon x4
10.42 Simon Helmsley x4
10.51 Gary Garner x4
11.00 Mick Mahon later
11.09 Dave Stanhope x4
11.18 Pete Birtwistle x4
11.27 Andy Stubbens x4
11.36 Gary Whittaker x4
11.45 Iain Bartholomew x4
11.54 Bob Sutton x4
12.03 Geoff Haynes x4
12.12 Dave Collinson x4
12.21 Jim Clarke x4
12.30 Jim Rymer x4
12.39 Ed Wilkinson x4
12.48 Colin Baxendale x4
12.56 Charles Herbert
1.04 Lee Tilley x4
1.12 Dave Sarsfield x4
1.20 Dave Hillier x4
1.30 Dave Hillier x4
res john stubbs x4 must be after 12
res brian greenbank