Results from lovely Dunham Forest

Great upcoming Maxitours events

Thurs 13th March Prestbury -nearly full
Mon 17th March Wilmslow- full
Thurs 27th March Ringway -nearly full
Mon 31st +Tues 1st Stockport and Sandiway Spring AM AM- nearly full
Thurs 10th April Mere Cleveland Classic- free Srixon ball fitting -spaces

Maxitours at Dunham Forest Golf and Country Club

Dunham Forest was the beautiful setting for today’s Maxitours event. The catering and golf course were first class as always. As fresh faced young Assistants playing in our match play event at Dunham in the early 90’s we were always in awe of former European Tour player and highly respected Dunham Head Professional Ian Wrigley. I will always aspire to one day do my job with the same integrity and class he has shown in over 40 years as one of the top club professionals in the country. Today he once again made us all feel very welcome.

Frank Hindle from Burnley surprised a lot of people (including himself) when he became the only player in today’s field to record two birdies on the par threes. He celebrated by ordering a portion of chips and two scones on completion of his round. ‘It’s a Northern delicacy!’ he explained chewing on a raisin.

An unnamed Maxitours player walked into the Dunham FOREST Clubhouse after his round scratching his head ‘my wife played round here last year and I’m sure she told me there weren’t many trees’.

In today’s event the early starters made the most of the smooth freshly ironed greens.
Dave Stanhope’s wealthy team had a wonderful start. ‘We were playing that well even Phil Smeathers had a couple of birdies!’ said likeable Londoner Dave Harlow. Unfortunately after collecting 45 points on the front nine several dropped shots on the closing holes saw them have a Rory ‘McIlroyesque’ style finish. They were disappointed to return to their mansions on the Mere with just a pair of socks each to show for their efforts.

Brian Greenbank(5) has been playing some great golf in recent weeks and today he played with fellow Hale members Al Kenny(10), David Wainwright(15) and to add a little steel he drafted in rival Knutsford member Nigel Jenkins(15). The team gelled beautifully and Jenkins classy par on the tough 17th hole sealed a career best third place for the charismatic quartet with 84 points.

Second place went to the Chorlton cum Hardy team of Graham Brownhill(10), Paul Bennett(11) and husband and wife Chris(8) and Gail Hegarty(12). A terrific effort from all four players helped them achieve 84 points with a solid back nine to take second place.

This has been one of the greatest weeks in Dave Blood’s (11) life. The tubby ex policeman has a passion for golf and pancakes. This week he topped off a healthy serving of his lemon and sugar flavoured favourites on Tuesday with his first Maxitours victory in over a year today. Electrician Mike Grainger(3)was the star of the show with six birdies to spark his team into life. Gutsy Jim Cox(3) and pale faced Ian Gibson(5) completed the successful Denton team. Great golf chaps, very well played.

2’s £130 3 pro v1s or 6 srixon ad333s per two Steve Tyrell Frank Hindle x2 Brian Greenbank David Wainwright Ian Broughan Mark Simister Johnnie Walker Ray Ward John Parkin

Dunham Forest 06-Mar-2014
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Ian Gibson, Mike Grainger, Jim Cox, Dave Blood 88 12 Footjoy contour casual shoes each
2 Gail Hegarty, Chris Hegarty, Paul Bennett, Graham Brownhill 84 10 Dozen Taylor made penta balls each
3 Brian Greenbank, Nigel Jenkins, David Wainwright, Al Kenny 84 8 Greg Norman Shirt each
4 Chris Meikleham, Lance Amison, Barry Jackson, Paul Farnell 83 6 Titleist cap each
5 Phil Ashcroft, Gary Garner, Tony Robinson, Mark Green 83 4 Footjoy socks each
6 Dave Stanhope, Dave Harlow, Giles Terry, Phil Smeathers 83 2 Footjoy socks each
7= Mick Mahon, Frank Hindle , Richard Palmer, Tony Wilson 82
7= Ian Broughan, Carl Kennedy, Allan Clarke, John Parkin 82
9 Lewis Marland, Neil Laurent, Alf Shillitoe, Richard Cotton 81
10= Joe Kirwan, Mike Spencer, Darren Whittaker, Ian King 80
10= Andy Bethell, Martin Firth, Andy Taylor, Rob Parry 80
10= John Stubbs, John Royle, Ian Trow, Guy Hall 80 seniors prize greg norman shirt each
10= Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes, Phil Carr, Dave Thomas 80
14= Mickey Grey, Andy Hamlett, Warren Newton, Bernard Garrity 79
14= Barney Ross, Phil Vokes, Paul Dalby, Steve Latchford 79
14= Ian Ainsworth, Terry Davison, Alan Clough, Bernard McDonald 79
14= Andy Stubbens, Andy Hockenhull, Johnnie Walker, Gareth Lover 79
18= Paul Crisp, Mike Lynch, Mark Simister, Gordon Hamlett 78
18= Barry Eddlestone, Steve Tyrell, Ray Jones, Kevin Fahy 78
20= Steve Parle, Gary Parle, David Smith, Andy Hallows 77
20= Ian Rigby, Bob Sinclair, Ian Tinling, Dave Marchant 77
22= Jim Caldwell, Brice Brooks, Steve Sutton, Martin Beresford 76
22= Frank Massey, Jim O’Driscoll, John Reilly, Jimmy O’Reilly 76
24= Dave Parsons, Geoff Sherburn, Chris Leonard, Ian Johnson 75
24= Alan Beesley, Dave Cheetham, Anthony Bloor, Chris Clempner 75
24= Alan Pengelly, Brian Hopkins, Mark Richardson, Charles Herbert 75
27 Ray Twist, Ray Ward, Geoff Cogswell, Harry Roocroft 73
28 Jeff Wealands, Dave Wilson, Pete McManus, Liam Harrison 72
29 Bob Sutton, David Kelly, John Atkin, Peter Sutton 69
30 Steve Johnson, Roy Goble, Carl Jones, Ken Ashford 68

Prestbury Golf Club start times
Thursday 13th March
9.00am Paul Crisp x4
9.09am Neville Dennis x4
9.18am Colin Roberts x4
9.27am Ian King x4
9.36am Bartholomew x2 Jim Caldwell x2
9.54am Phil Vokes x4
10.03am Lewis Marland x2 John Neale x2
10.21am Geoff Haynes x4
10.30am Dave Blood x4
10.39am Richard Blackwell x2 Wayne Colclough x2
10.48am Dave Stanhope x4
10.57am Rob Tabbron x2 Barry Norris x2
11.06am Bob Sutton x4
11.15am John Stubbs x4
11.24am Paul Wrigley x4
11.33am Chris Meikleham x4
11.42am Ian Buxton X4
11.51am Brian Greenbank x4
12.00am Chris McKane x4
12.09pm David Whaley x4
12.18pm Colin Baxendale x4
12.27pm Frank Stapleton x4
12.36pm Paul Woodbine x4
1.12pm Charles Herbert x4
1.20pm Alan Clarke x4
1.30pm Gary Garner x4