Maxitours at World Class Wilmslow

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Maxitours at World Class Wilmslow

Wilmslow Golf Club gave an incredibly warm and friendly welcome to the full field of Maxitours players who enjoyed this great course today. Manager Keith Melia and all his staff were really professional and excellent to deal with.

In sharp contrast to Jim Rymer’s golf sweater the greens were carefully ironed this morning to produce a fast running excellent surface. The bacon sandwiches were also first class. ‘The bacon in these baps is crisp and tender and the bread is so fresh my plump mate Dave Antrobus will be gutted when I tell him what he’s missed –he would be in heaven’ said food connoisseur Dave Stanhope.

Charles Herbert(14) is famous for his wayward drives and he can regularly be seen visiting adjoining fairways. Today things were so bad he even lost his trolley playing the 4th hole and had to gallop across three fairways to retrieve it.

Top amateur snooker player Chris Hegarty(8) required an early tee time today as he had a big league match this evening. On the course his white ball rattled in the jaws a few times as he struggled to find his recent good form and he had to settle for 35th position.

In today’s event their were strong performances by loaded Al Demmy(11) and even more loaded Pat Keenan(17) from Bramall with 40 points, Brian Greenbank(5) and Dave Wainwright(12) from Hale Golf Club who scored 41 points and Order of merit leader Paul Dalby(3) and Barney Ross(3) from Didsbury with 42 points.

Mick Mahon, Frank Hindle, Keith Fitzhenry and Richard Palmer were in an unusually positive frame of mind before play after a financially successful trip to Cheltenham races last week. Unfortunately it was Keith and Dickie’s golf balls which had no trouble flying over the fences today and they crossed the line five lengths short. Mick(22)and Frank(14) usually fall at the first hurdle but today they upset the odds as they finished a season best third position with 42 points.

Maxitours is fortunate enough to have a handful of players from the Wirral and Southport areas who regularly play and Woolton Golf Club’s Chris McCane(12) and John Parkin(9) were even more Chirpy than usual this morning. They were really laying on their Liverpudlian accents thick and fast after their footy team scraped a lucky victory against a transitional United side yesterday. They were even more delighted to record a second place Maxitours finish with a wonderful 44 points

To rub some more salt into Mancunian wounds today’s winners were from Royal LIVERPOOL-aaagh!. Auctioneer Geoff Guest (7) has a wonderful touch for a big guy, and he teamed up with Estate Agent Paul Lea(18) who has a terrible touch for a small guy. Towards the end of the round they realised they had a good score and things started getting a little tense. They could be heard across the course frantically telling each other to ‘calm down, calm down’. A strong finish saw fighting pars on the last four holes to earn a them a first Maxitours victory. ‘The tide has turned’ the happy scousers declared as they handed their card in.

Many thanks to all who played today. Everyone was very complimentary about the condition of the golf course.

Nearest the Pin 9th Paul Lea Dozen Srixon Soft Feel
Nearest the Pin 17th Mick Gorill Dozen Srixon Soft Feel

2’s sweep £117.50 1 dozen Pro v1s or 24 Srixon Soft feels per 2!
Ian Trow John Parkin Gary Hempstead

Wilmslow 17-Mar-2014
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Paul Lea, Geoff Guest 45 12 Titleist Carry Bag
2 Chris McCane, John Parkin 44 11 Galvin Green Shirt
3 Mick Mahon, Frank Hindle 42 10 Galvin Green Shirt
4 Paul Dalby, Barney Ross 42 9 Dozen Z Stars
5 Brian Greenbank, Dave Wainwright 41 8 Titleist Pencil bag
6 Pat Keenan, Al Demmy 40 7 Greg Norman Shirt
7 Richard Palmer, Keith Fitzhenry 40 6 Greg Norman Shirt
8 Howard Baker, Pete Cleaver 40 5 Footjoy Shoe bag
9 Gary Garner, Jordan Garner 40 4 Footjoy Socks
10 Steve Lowe, Jason Waite 40 3 Footjoy Socks
11 Frank Massey, Pete O’Neill 40 2
12 Dave Hillier, Mark Simister 40 1
13= Andy Hamlett, Richard Blackwell 40
13= Alan Clough, Ian Ainsworth 40 seniors prize Greg Norman shirt
15= John Reilly, Dave Torkington 39
15= John Hilditch, Iain Bartholomew 39
17= John Rigby, Jeff Andrews 38
17= Giles Terry, Phil Wise 38
17= Rod Price, Pete Tinkler 38
17= Ian Trow, Guy Hall 38
17= Rob Allen , Christian Davies 38
17= Andy Taylor, Martin Firth 38
23= Paul Bennett, Malc Brownhill 37
23= Steve Boland, Alan Baxter 37
23= Lewis Marland, Alf Shillitoe 37
23= Geoff Sherburn, Dave Moore 37
23= Chris Buckley, Brian Kelly 37
28= Ian King, Darren Whittaker 36
28= Joe Kirwan, Mike Spencer 36
28= Phil Vokes, Steve Latchford 36
28= Gareth Winston, Adam Thomas 36
28= John Royle, Dick Brown 36
28= Derek Hollinrake, Eric Knowles 36
28= Eddie Ellis, John Pratt 36
35= Dave Marchant, Kevin Burt 35
35= Chris Hegarty, Graham Brownhill 35
35= Roger McMullan, Mick Gorill 35
35= Geoff Haynes, Terry Davison 35
35= Mark Davin, Danny Huffman 35
40= Russell Humphries, Bernard Fee 34
40= Chris Brown, Martin Bramwell 34
40= Pete Holmes, Bill Ross 34
40= Rob Farnham, Jim Rymer 34
44= Carl Kennedy, Ian Broughan 33
44= Gary Hemstead, Roy Mills 33
44= Ian Perkins, Greg Fee 33
47 Mike Stevenson, Simon Hemsley 32
48= Bill Ross, Pete Holmes 31
48= Steve Hindley, Bob Woodward 31
48= Charles Herbert, Marcus Kaye 31
48= Dave Stanhope, Dave Harlow 31
52= Colin Baxendale, Mo Dar 30
52= Dave Parsons, Chris Leonard 30
54= Steve Johnson, Carl H-Jones 29
54= Graham Aspinall, Ben Davies 29

Start times at Ringway
Thursday 27th March £20
9.00 Neville Dennis x4
9.09 Colin Roberts x4
9.18 Nigel Comsty x4
9.27 Ian King x4
9.36 Phil Vokes x4
9.54 Mick Mahon x4
10.04 Dave Blood x4
10.12 Roger McMullen x4
10.21 Geoff Haynes x4
10.30 Anton Ellis x4
10.39 Ian Lilley x4
10.48 Richard Blackwell x4
10.57 Dave Stanhope x4
11.06 Lewis Marland x4
11.15 Stapleton x4
11.24 Derek Hollindrake x4
11.33 John Stubbs x4
11.42 Andy Stubbens x4
11.51 Dave Ellison x4
12.00 Steve Johnson x4
12.09 Gary Garner x4
12.27 Colin Baxendale x4
12.36 Charles Herbert x4
12.45 Chih Hu x4
1.00 Smith
1.10 Melia x4
1.20 Bernard Wood x4
1.30 David x4
1.40 Lee Tilley x4
1.50 Dave Sarsfield x4
2.10 David Hillier x4
2.20 Dave Hillier x4