Results from Mere

Limited times at Dunham Forest Pairs Thursday 17th
Times at Conwy AM AM Monday 21st
Limited times at Knutsford SINGLES 24th April

Maxitours at The Mere

The 2014 golf season officially started with 92 of the best players in the world competing for the US Masters. Nearly 150 of the best Maxitours competitors arrived at classy Mere today looking forward to the start of their golf season.

Arnold Palmer teed off in the first group at Augusta this afternoon. Bob Sutton also teed off in the first group at Mere this morning.

Arnie has been one of the games greats. He is perhaps the most charismatic and well loved golfer ever to have lived, he played with panache, aggression and flare and wowed the crowds with his tremendous ball striking. However he is struggling to walk due to problems with his hips. Bob is very similar to Arnie as he also has problems with his hips.

Paul Hodgson struggles to look on the bright side of life. ‘Are you still off 13?’ I enquired. ‘No I’m down to 12 now.’ he replied gloomily. ‘That’s good- has your golf improved?’ ‘No, my handicap’s just come down’.

Steve Morfitt from Barnsley always plays in the Mere event. His broad Yorkshire accent is hard to understand. Today he confused one of the well spoken young blonde Mere waitresses. She asked him what sandwich he would like to order ‘can I have chicken, duck.’ He answered.

In today’s competition Ted Taylor opened his clubface and feathered in a high rescue club to within two feet of the pin on the 14th and take the nearest the pin prize. Playing partner Mick Kerin said he couldn’t break the news that he wasn’t in the 2’s sweep until after Ted rolled the ball confidently into the middle of the cup. Young Joe Campion took nearest the pin on the 8th hole.

Three teams tied for 3rd position on 81 points and all had to be separated on the best last three holes. Every golf shot is enjoyed by someone and a missed 8 inch putt by Andrew Holmes left his team close to tears. This meant Jim Caldwells team were delighted to finish a seasons best fourth and the Wigan team of Phil Dermott, Phil Cooney, Danny Ritchie and Carl Dermott took to the podium in third place.

Second place went to the Didsbury low handicap team of Paul Dalby, Paul Sherlock, Phil Vokes and Steve Latchford with a solid 83 points. Taking today’s honours were top cricketer Gary Garner and his son Jordan, Graham Robins and big musician Phil Ashcroft. A wonderful birdie at the last saw Phil dancing as he entered the clubhouse as his team took their first victory of the year.

Many thanks to Lancashire amateur golfing legend John Gallagher from Cleveland/Srixon who kindly sponsored today’s event and he also provided the srixon ball fitting facility.

In todays event:
Nearest the Pin 8th Joe Campion Dozen Soft feel
Nearest the Pin 14th Ted Taylor Dozen Soft feel
2’s £132.50 12 AD333s, soft feels or 6 Srixon Z Stars per 2.

2’s Steve Morfitt Steve Roberts Pete Cleaver Ian Trow Andrew Holmes Danny Ritchie

Mere 10-Apr-2014
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Graham Robins, Gary Garner, Jordan Garner, Phil Ashcroft 84 12 Cleveland wedge each
2 Phil Vokes, Paul Dalby, Paul Sherlock, Steve Latchford 83 10 Dozen Z Stars each
3 Phil Dermott, Phil Cooney, Danny Ritchie, Carl Dermott 81 8 Dozen Z Stars each
4 Jim Caldwell, Duncan Cheslett, John Sheringham, John Kelsall 81 6 Dozen AD333s each
5 Kevin Barnes, Andrew Holmes, Mark Homer, Mark Sinclair 81 4 Dozen AD333s each
6 Dean Jagger, Keith Perason, Mick Kerin, Ted Taylor 80 2 Srixon Cap each
7= Neville Dennis, Jimmy O’Reilly, Frank Massey, John Reilly 79 seniors: Dozen soft feel each
7= Dave Blood, Ian Gibson, Jim Cox, Andy Sandham 79 Srixon Glove each
9= Lewis Marland, Kevin Seaton, Nick Ford, Alf Shillitoe 78 Srixon Glove each
9= Andy Stubbens, Andy Hockenhull, Johnie Walker, Mike Harrington 78
11= Steve Morfitt, Rob Platt, Carl Mollard, Ricky Absen 77
11= Joe York, Mo Afzal, Carl Kennedy, Zahir Mahmood 77
11= Colin Lynch, Stuart Roach, David Barker, Rob Hands 77
11= Paul Wrigley, Aiden Hoosen, Brett Sutcliffe, Gav Sutcliffe 77
15= Steve Garnett, Sam Garnett, Joe Campion, George Weardon 76
15= John Farnworth, Richard Palmer, Dave Westwood, George Davies 76
17 Dave Chambers, John Brazier, Gerry John, Chris Belfield 75
18= Darren Whittaker, Peter Maxwell, Dave Keen, Mike Fergusson 74
18= Mike Gauden, Harvey Mattinson, Steve Mattinson, Jack Coleman 74
18= Liam Harrison, Paul Bennett, Malc Brownhill, Graham Brownhill 74
18= Brian Hopkins, Tim Wrigley, Mike Powell, Alan Pengelly 74
18= Jim Driscoll, Kevin Hart, Jim Daley, Dave Povill 74
23 Pete Cleaver, Mick East, Paul Clegg, Pete Alsop 73
24= Neil Higgins, Andy Burns, Ian Waller, Keith Long 72
24= Steve Parle, Gary Parle, Bill Melia, Barry Judge 72
26= Geoff Haynes, Ian Ainsworth, Alan Clough, Alan Worthington 69
26= Ben Luscombe, Geoff Underhill, Brian Saunders , Martin Young 69
28= Roger McMullan, Mick Gorrill, Steve Hindley, Steve Higham 67
28= John Neale, John Lawson, Joe Dougherty, Ken Granell 67
30= John Stubbs, Dave Parsons, Ian Trow, Guy Hall 66
30= Ted Ellis, David Smith, Alan Brough, Doug Edmonds 66
30= Gordon Warke, Ray Royle, Bernard Wood, Ian Neilson 66
33 Steve Hall, Raju Misra, Paul Raven, Scott Cairns 65
34 Bob Sutton, Dave Arthur, Mike McGoun, Stuart Blake 61
35 Tom Wilson, Chris Dykens, Terry Day, Brian Mason 56
36 Chris Ernill, Rod Barlow, Tom Costley, Mike Taylor 55

Dunham Forest start times
Thursday 17th April
8.09 Colin Roberts x4
8.36 Phil Vokes x4
8.54 Ian King x4
9.12 Dave Blood x4
9.21 Neville Dennis x4
9.30 Steve Hall x2 Kevin Chisnell x2
9.39 Liam Harrison x4
9.48 Dave Stanhope x4
10.06 Mick Mahon x4
10.15 Frank Stapleton x4
10.33 Lewis Marland x2
10.42 Pete Short x2 Ruel Spence x2
10.51 Jason Waite x4
11.00 Gary Garner x4
11.09 Sam Leach x4
11.18 Charles Herbert x4
11.36 Gav Nixon x4
11.45 Sean Kirkby x4
11.54 Andy Stubbensx4
12.03 Phil Lockett x4
12.12 John Stubbs x4
12.20 Danny Ritchie x4
12.28 Paul Lord x2 Carl Kennedy x2
12.36 Kenny Plumb x4
12.44 Richard Blackwell x4
12.52 David Hillier x4
1.00 David Hillier x4