Results from Prestigious Prestbury

Terrific Upcoming Maxitours events

Sandiway Pairs 19th August- 1 pair left
Pleasington 28th August -last few spaces
Open Final Qualifying venue Hesketh 4th Sept- last few spaces
Hazel Grove ‘Club Choice Ireland AM AM’ 11th Sept
Reddish Vale Shotsaver pairs 18th Sept

JP & Brimelow AM AM at Prestbury Golf Club
Prestigious Prestbury was the lovely setting for this Maxitours event. The Club members I spoke with today were all very friendly and welcoming and brought back very happy memories of when I worked there as a lean, fresh faced, full-haired assistant professional in the early 90’s. The course was superb and when presented in this condition is arguably the best in Cheshire.
Today’s sponsors kindly provided tees and pencils for today’s competitors. George Maddison complained the lead was too hard in the HB pencils ‘I prefer a softer 2b pencil to write with.’
‘What the heck are you worrying about-there’s been no lead in your pencil for a number of years’ quipped one of his team mates.
Sun tanned Colin Lynch was attention seeking in the clubhouse once again before play today. ‘Has anyone handed in my Ferrari California car keys?’ He asked the shapely blonde barmaid on more than one occasion.
Policeman Steve Boland was working hard keeping the streets of Davyhulme safe throughout last night and this morning. After a few hours pottering in his police car he was busily trying to enjoy his mid-shift McDonald’s burger and coke. He was suddenly called into action and had to respond quickly to a late emergency call ‘Yes, I can make up your fourball later’ he informed john Hilditch who was one short.
Single figure golfer and part time comedian John Anderton returned from yet another vacation with his wife to play in today’s Maxitours event. ‘We just had a great holiday in the Middle East but did you know that in Dubai they never show the Flintstones on TV but Abu Dhabi do.’

Ray Jones’ men struggled to accumulate a measly 63 points today. The team all work on quality control at Kelloggs in Trafford Park and they play in Maxitours events when their shift pattern allows them. ‘I was as much use as a soggy cornflake’ said a depressed Jones.

Third place in todays JP & Brimelow Masters AM AM went to the Knutsford team of Mike Dobson, Nigel Davenport, Rick Heap and Dave Kitson. Big hitting Dobson likes the tough holes and he made a quality birdie on the uphill 9th. Smooth swinging Davenport also contributed with a class birdie on the testing 13th and Rick Heap and Dave Kitson were also well on form.
Play started in perfect golfing conditions and Darren Whittakers(14) fourball was out in a best of the day 47 points. However a 20 minute morning torrential downpour drowned any hopes of success as they scored 39 points on the back nine to finish second. Neil Worthington(19) Mike Spencer(12)and Joe Kirwan(5) made up the quality team.
Winning today was the young Prestbury team of Dan Benson(2), Ollie Benson(18), Saif Rehan(18) and Nick Howsley(6). A seven point haul at the first gave them a great start and a solid team effort saw a first win of the year for the likeable quartet. Very well played!
Many thanks to Eddie Ellis and John Pratt from JP& Brimelow for their continued kind car sponsorship and for their support of today’s event.

Longest Drive 6th- I. Bartholomew Doz AD333s
Nearest the Pin 7th- Peter Marshall Doz AD333s
Nearest the Pin 17th- Richard Blackwell Doz AD333s
2’s sweep £147.50 4 pRO v1S or 8 srixon Frank Stapleton Frank Hindle Iain Noake Simon Conway John Stubbs Ruel Spence Simon McCoy Gary Hempstead Alan Frazer Iain Cash Saif Rehan

Prestbury Golf Club 14-Aug-2014
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Dan Benson, Ollie Benson, Saif Rehan, Nick Howsley 90 12 FJ Sport Shoes each
2 Darren Whittaker, Mike Spencer, Joe Kirwan, Neil Worthington 86 10 FJ Merino sweater each
3 Mike Dobson, Nigel Davenport, Rick Heap, Dave Kitson 83 8 FJ Holdall each
4 Frank Stapleton, Stuart Pearson, Dave Wilson, Kevin Hawkins 82 6 FJ Shirt each
5 Richard Blackwell, John Hilton, Tony Neale, John Lawson 81 4 FJ Shirt each
6 Iain Bartholomew, John Hilditch, Steve Boland, Steve Noake 81 2 FJ Dryjoys umbrella each
7 Brian Hopkins, Alan Frazer, Alan Smith, Niall Lynch 81 FJ Shoe care kit each
8= Frank Hindle, Richard Palmer, Mick Mahan, John Farnworth 78 FJ Glove each
8= Paul Woodbine, Pete Keena, Richard Wiliamson, Lee Balley 78 FJ Glove each
8= Ian Broughan, Ross Sellors, John Parkin, ChrisMcKane 78 FJ Socks each
11= Dave Stanhope, Dave Antrobus, Giles Terry, John Buckley 77
11= Sam Leach, Bob Chester, Pete Taylor, Kevin Reeves 77
11= Kenny Plumb, Paul Harris , Craig Stubbs , Simon Mccoy 77
14 Simon Conway, Mark Williams, Colin Lee, Stuart Codling 76
15 Andy Wilde, Sam Dainty, Iain Cash, Rob Norbury 75
16 Colin Lynch, Stuart Cragg, Stuart Roach, Arthur Holmes 74
17= Kevin Burt, Bob Sinclair, Jeff Andrews, Dave Stenton 73
17= Jack Coleman, Mike Gauden, Johm Anderton, Paul Cooper 73
19= Steve Johnson, Carl H-Jones, Ian Walters, Roy Goble 71
19= Gary Hempstead , Gordon Hamlett, Pete Hamlett, David Hess 71
21= Simon Poucher, Brendan Leighton, Jan Jagielka, Greg Brown 70
21= Roy Ainsworth, Mike Gauden, Steve Collier, Mike Verdon 70
23 Phil Smeathers, Peter Marshall, Charlie Sill, Brian Sill 69
24 Chih Hu, Keith Thompson, Mark Findlow, George Maddison 68
25 Wayne Colclough, Ken Ashford, Dennis Price, Simon Richards 66
26 Bob Kwan, Stuart Cranfield, Robert Kwan, Mark Robinson 64
27= Ruel Spence, Bill Lucas, Jimmy Edwards, Jimmy Doyle 63
27= Ray Jones, Barry Eddlestone, Barry Eddlestone, Ian Berrisford 63
29 Ron Sloane, Paul Higgs, Paul McDonald, Tim Whitehead 61

Sandiway Pairs Tuesday 19th Aug
9.00 Colin Roberts x4
9.09 Ian King x4
9.18 David Buckley x4
9.27 Bernard Fee x4
9.36 Bob Sutton x4
9.45 Mick Mahon x4
9.54 Dave Stanhope x4
10.03 Ruel Spence x4
10.12 Wayne Colclough x2 Colin Baxendalex2
10.21 Richard Blackwell x2 Iain Bartholomew x2
10.30 Ian Ainsworth x4
10.39 Jack Coleman x4
10.48 Phil Vokes x4
10.57 Simon Conway x2 Pete Short x2
11.06 John Stubbs x4
11.15 John Hignett x4
11.24 Steve Hindley x4
11.33 Danny Ritchie x4
11.42 Adam Bramwell x4?tbc
11.51 Marcus Rigby x2 Roy Ainsworth x2
12.00 Paul Wrigley x4
12.09 Chris Meikleham x4
12.27 Nigel Dibble x4
12.45 Steve Cuthbert x2 Ron Sloane x2
12.54 John Broadhurst x4
1.03 Jim Rymer x4
1.12 Jane Weston x4
1.21 John Waggett
1.30 David Smith
1.39 Chris Ernill x4
1.48 Paul Baxter x4
1.57 Bernard Wood x4
2.06 Andy Hallowes x4
2.15 Steve Parle x4
2.24 Gary Parle x4
2.33 Gary Garner x2
2.42 Andy Wilde x4

2.50 Lee Tilley x4