Results from Prestbury

Maxitours at Perfect Prestbury Golf Club

Prestbury Golf Club kindly hosted today’s Maxitours event. I happily worked at this great Club for a couple of years when I turned pro in 1990 and it is always nice to catch up with some of the lovely members whenever I return there.

Everyone at the Club were superb to deal with and we were looked after very well.

I watched some players hitting off the first tee close to where the Club have built a large bonfire in preparation for Friday night’s firework show. Ian King hit a rocket and Colin Roberts hit a sparkler. John Rigby was on fire all day. Steve Rimmer’s round slowly fizzled out and Terry Davison completely failed to ignite.

Richard Palmer had a spectacular display of his own at Prestbury’s signature downhill par three 4th hole. He topped his first shot into the semi rough short of the ladies tee. He then showed his immense mental strength by holing his full 9 iron to win some balls in the 2’s sweep.

Well known crown green bowling maestro John Bancroft knows a thing or two about reading greens. He has won the Waterloo at Blackpool on a few occasions yet the excellent Prestbury surfaces got the better of him as he finished in a lowly 24th place.

Anthony Grimley lost his virginity today when he played with the attractive all-female pairing of Mel Greaves and Anne White. ‘I’ve never played with 2 ladies before, I actually really enjoyed the experience.’ Said the wobbly- legged and light-headed dentist.

After a pair entered late yesterday I was desperately fishing for another two players to make up a four, many thanks to John Waggett and Mike Hindley for standing in. The free bacon sandwich on offer proved to be excellent bait for attracting the two Knutsford men. Mike even reeled in the nearest the pin prize to make his journey worthwhile.

Aston Martin driving Jim Caldwell asked to tee off before the shotgun as he had some very important jobs to do at work this afternoon. After playing well to finish in 8th position Jim managed to drink two pints of bitter and a packet of crisps in the bar before leaving for the office. Keep up the hard work Jim.

Phil Dermott(6) and Andrew Peet(13) finished 4th in today’s event with an excellent 42 points. They were narrowly beaten to the podium by Prestbury member Iain Bartholomew(3) and John Hilditch(11) who had a slightly better back nine.

Ex European table tennis champion John Hilton(13) has a swing which is flatter than a ducks footprint. The likeable Mancunian does know how to putt however and alongside dangerous Ron Jolley(15) they played really well to finish in second.

Martin Firth(6) and Andy Taylor(10) had their last victory over a year ago, today they were back to winning ways with 44 points in the breezy conditions. Despite dropping a shot on their first hole, Taylor played some great golf and his birdie on the 3rd was the highlight of his round. Well played chaps!

Many thanks to all who played today, yours in Golf, Tim.

2’s sweep 5pro vs 10 srixons per two.
Martin Firth John Royle Paul McKee Barry Jackson Terry Morgan John Bancroft Iain Bartholomew

Nearest the Pin 7th Pete McManus Dozen AD333s
Nearest the pin 17th Mike Hindley Dozen AD333s

Prestbury 06-Nov-2014
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Andy Taylor, Martin Firth 44 12 Titleist Golf Bag each
2 Ron Jolley, John Hilton 44 11 Maxitours sweater each
3 John Hilditch, Iain Bartholomew 42 10 Dozen Pro v1s each
4 Phil Dermott, Andrew Peet 42 9 Dozen AD333 tour each
5 Colin Roberts, John Rigby 39 8 Dozen AD333 each
6 Ian Broughan, John Parkin 39 7 Maxitours Shirt each
7 Simon Conway, Mark Williams 39 6 Titleist cap each
8 Jim Caldwell, Steve Sutton 39 5 Titleist cap each
9 Roy Ainsworth, Peter Atherton 39 4 FJ socks
10 Stuart Pearson, Dave Wilson 39 3 FJ socks
11 Dave Antrobus, Giles Terry 39 2
12 Bryce Brooks, Lee Charnley 38 1
13= Frank Hindle, John Farnworth 38
13= Matt Cheffins, Lee Bailey 38
13= Ian King, Dave Eadsforth 38
13= Gary Furlong, Colin Smith 38
13= Chris Davies, Jonathon Finch 38
18= Ian Ainsworth, Terry Davison 37
18= Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer 37
18= Darren Whittaker, Mike Spencer 37
18= Phil Vokes, Paul Dalby 37
18= Paul Sherlock, Kevin Hamilton 37
18= Dave Blood, Ian Gibson 37
24= Chris Haskins, Jim Reynolds 36
24= Geoff Andrews, Tony Adams 36
24= John Farrell , Mike McCurdy 36
24= Jim Cox, Dave Collinson 36
24= Barry Jackson, Steve Tate 36
24= John Bancroft, Paul McKee 36
30 Barney Hunter, Graham Kay 35
31= Kenny Plumb, Simon McCoy 34
31= Trevor Harrison, Ray Stringer 34
31= Simon Hemsley, Ian Handy 34
31= Andy Bethell, Andy Hockenhull 34
31= Pete McManus, Kevin Hawkins 34
36= Mel Greaves, Annie White 33
36= John Royle, John Stubbs 33
38 Rob Allen, Eric Knowles 32
39 Brian Greenbank, Matt Nelstrop 31
40 Bob Newcombe, Barry Simpson 30
41= Wayne Colclough, Ken Ashford 29
41= John Anderton, Dave Harlow 29
41= Keith Coxon, Ian Trow 29
41= Steve Rimmer, John Littler 29
45= Anthony Grimley, John Buckley 24
45= John Waggett, Mike Hindley 24
47 Chih Hu, Frank Fallon 23

Wilmslow Pairs Monday 10th November

1st Tee

9.50 Colin Roberts x4
9.59 Ian King x4
10.08 Wayne Colclough x2 Simon Conway x2
10.17 Phil Vokes x4
10.26 Mick Mahon x4
10.35 Dave Parsons x4
10.44 Dave Stanhopex4
10.53 Lewis Marland x2 John Hilditch x2
11.02 Ian Ainsworth x4
11.11 Dave Hillier x4
11.20 Dan Huffman x4 tbc
11.29 John Stubbs x4
11.38 Brian Hopkins x4

10th tee

9.50 Colin Baxendale x4
9.59 Paul Crisp x4
10.08 Steve Tyrell x4
10.17 Dave Blood x4
10.26 Derek Hollindrake x4
10.35 Roger Percival x4
10.44 Steve Johnson x4
10.53 Russell Humphries x2
11.02 Dick Perry x4
11.13 Simon Poucher x2 Nigel Compsty x2
11.22 Richard Blackwell x2 Austim McBride x2
11.31 Sam Leach x4

11.42 Darren Jones x4