Results from Stunning St Annes Old Links great pre- Christmas events!
Vale Royal Weds 10th December 10.45 shotgun £25- see below
Ringway Christmas Am Am 10.45 shotgun £20 -spaces

Maxitours at St Annes Old Links

St Annes Old Links was the latest terrific golf course to kindly host a Maxitours event. The classic seaside links was thoroughly enjoyed by all our players- many thanks to Jane Donahue and her team. The velvet greens and superbly presented bunkers make this a top venue in the North. The only complaint I had all day was from Ian Ainsworth ‘the main reason I’m playing today is to look at Blackpool Tower, I can’t believe it has got scaffolding on it’ said the disappointed Hazel Grove man.

Jeff Andrews phoned me from his car as he headed towards Lytham from Stoke on Trent. He must have been wearing flip flops as he drove up the M6. ‘Have you got those Footjoy socks I won last week? I’ve left mine at home.’

The second hole was closed due to maintenance work so the excellent par 3 by the clubhouse was used instead. On holing out at the 1st players had to walk to the 3rd tee. Tony Andrews enjoyed the rare experience of striding confidently down the middle of a fairway as he made his way down the closed hole. Terry Davison hit his drive plumb in the middle of the 2nd hole unfortunately he was playing the fourth hole at the time.

The beautiful St Annes Old Links course lies very close to the holiday town of Blackpool. Ex-copper John Stubb’s team played like ‘donkeys’ over their closing holes. The ‘policeman’ wasn’t ‘laughing’ when his team narrowly missed out on the prizes with 88 points.
Scoring was always going to be good on the shortened course with receptive greens and perfectly still conditions. Eddy Sterling’s team played some ‘roller coaster’ golf after scoring 50 points on the front nine. They experienced a ‘big dipper’ in their form and could only manage 40 points on the back nine.

Anthony Grimley(13) has enjoyed many happy hours on holiday in Blackpool and today he played some ‘Illuminating’ golf. He ‘tram lined’ a few putts but didn’t get much ‘pleasure’ when he hit his ball on the ‘beach’ playing the long 18th hole. His team of John Buckley(12), Bernard O’Shaughnessy(21) and Gary Christian(22) backed him up well and they were delighted to finish in 3rd place.

Darren Whittaker(13) is a great golfer who has a horrific grip. This week a farmer near his home course has actually has signed him up to strangle a few turkeys this Christmas. Darren did play well today and his team’s 90 points tied for 3rd place. Joe Kirwan(5), Ian King(8) and Mike Spencer(11) completed the talented line-up.

Likeable Colin Roberts and Lewis Marland both Captained their respective teams well and led by example to finish in 4th and 5th place to also be in the prizes.

Chunky Roy Ainsworth(25) has just taken delivery of a sign for the back of his new car. It reads ‘no pies are left in this vehicle overnight.’ Today he looked to be playing well after rolling in a nice putt on the 18th hole. ‘How is he doing?’ I asked his playing partners Brian Ankers(15), Peter Heald(9) and Mike Verdon(15)- ‘not too bad today,’ replied Ankers ‘he’s only had 2 kit kats.’ The team of Lymm old boys all teamed up well and scored a wonderful 91 points to take 2nd place.

Taking today’s honours were Frank Hindle(15), Richard Palmer(12), John Farnworth(24) and Tony Wilson(9). This team normally struggles and Wilson’s main contribution is usually a couple of funny one liners in the bar after play. Today he steadied the ship on a few occasions and the Mytton Fold regulars were delighted to take top prize. Well played chaps!

Last week legendary John Hilton got a hole in one and today he kindly brought in a large bottle of whisky for our players to enjoy. Amazingly John Raynor had a hole in one today and he also donated a bottle of whisky. A draw took place for any players in teams not in the prizes and losers Steve Latchford and Kevin Hawkins win the bottles.

Many thanks to everyone for your support again today, once again there were no ‘no-shows’ so thanks for your integrity-brilliant. Yours in Golf, Tim.

Ian King lost his Kiawah ball pitch repairer last week at Dunham if anyone found it please can they hand it to me, he says it’s got sentimental value to him. (In other words it cost him a fortune).

Nearest the Pin 9th Ron Jolley Dozen AD333s
Nearest the Pin 18th Ian Trow Dozen AD333s
2’s £122.50 5 pro V1s or 10srixon AD333s per two. Guy Hall John Stubbs Mike Banister -your pals say you must share them! Frank Hindle Jim Caldwell John Raynor x2 (hole in 1)

St Annes Old Links 04-Dec-2014
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Richard Palmer, Frank Hindle, John Farnworth, Tony Wilson 92 12 Cleveland wedge each
2 Roy Ainsworth, Brian Ankers, Mike Verdon, Peter Heald 91 10 Maxitours sweater each
3 Anthony Grimley, John Buckley, Gary Christian, Bernard O’Shaughnessy 90 8 Maxitours windtop each
4 Lewis Marland, Alf Shillitoe, Rob Laurent, Neil Laurent 90 6 Dozen ad333s each
5 Colin Roberts, John Rigby, Jeff Andrews, Tony Adams 90 4 Dozen ad333s each
6 Ian King, Darren Whittaker, Joe Kirwan, Mike Spencer 90 2 FJ Cap each
7= JimCaldwell, Nigel Comsty, Peter Briggs, John Kelsall 90
7= Eddy Sterling, Lee Bailey, Matt Cheffins, Paul Ward 90
9 Neville Dennis, Frank Massey, Jimmy Reilly, Alan Leigh 89
10 John Stubbs, John Royle, Guy Hall , Ian Trow 88
11= Derek Hollindrake, Rob Allen, Mike Banister, Christian Davies 87
11= Phil Vokes, Paul Dalby, Barney Ross, Chris Cyprus 87
11= Alan Pengelly, Mark Marshall, Charles Herbert, Cartledge 87
14= Dave Blood, Ian Gibson, Jim Cox, Andy Sandham 86
14= Steve Latchford, John Bent, Dave Bowers, Hugh Mullen 86
14= Roger Percival, Martin France, Ed Wilkinson, Pete Atherton 86
17 Paul Higgins, Shuan Ratagan, Alistair Walmsley, Cameron Moir 85
18 Dan Huffman, Mark Simister, Paul Donnely, Pete Hamlett 84
19= Richard Blackwell, Ron Jolley, John Hilton, Simon Hemsley 83
19= Max Henderson, Jon Cunningham, Andy Elly, Mike Hewitt 83
21 Des Kelly, Phil Lockett, Pete Hall, John Raynor 82
22 Bob Sutton, Stuart Blake, Dave Arthur, Chris Cyprus 79
23 John Dickenson, Brian Kean, Dave McDougall, Jim Reynolds 78
24 Steve Foxcroft, Tony Andrews, Bev Crute, Steve Gibbons 74
25 Ron Sloane, Tim Spencer, Mark Saxon, Dave Jones 72

Vale Royal 10.45 shotgun start- bacon butties included!

1a Ian Ainsworth x4
1b Jim Caldwell x2 Russell Humphries x2
2 John Grint x4
2b Bob Sutton x4
3 James Davies x2 Chris Lee x2
4 Ray Jones x4
5 Tom Jarvis x4
5b Dave Thomas x4
6 Dave Thomas x2 Phil Gow x2
7a Steve McDermott x4
7b Steve McDermott x4
8 Andy Firth x4
9a Dave Blood x4
9b Brian Hopkins x4
10 Colin Roberts x4
11a Ian King x4
11b Phil Vokes x4
12a Mick Mahon x4
12b Eddie Sterling x4
13 John Hilton x2 Lewis Marland x2
14 John Hilditch x2 Jim Cox x2
15 Richard Blackwell x2 Tony Jennison x2
15b Derek Hollindrake x4
16 Anthony Grimley x2 Wayne Colclough x2
17 Simon Poucher x2 Ian Waddington x2
17b Barry Jackson x4
18 Bri Greenbank x4

res Simon Conway x2