Results from Classy Caldy
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Maxitours at Classy Caldy
Caldy on the Wirral was the stunning venue for today’s Maxitours event. The hospitality throughout the day and presentation of the golf course was first class, many hanks to everyone at this great club.

With very mild air temperatures, plenty of snowdrops scattered around the course and John Stubbs looking for his ball in the young daffodils there was a real feeling that Spring was just around the corner.

Mark Williams had not been to Caldy before and he was impressed by the size of the houses as he drove to the course. ‘I kept thinking this must be the clubhouse every time I turned a corner and saw another mansion!’ said the Mottram man.

It was great to see Premiership referee Mike Dean make another Maxitours appearance today. Most golfers put their scorecard in their back pocket but Mike always uses his top pocket, apparently it is easier for him to pull out the card whenever he feels like it….

In today’s event I have never heard so many worried golfers asking ‘did we come last?’ after they finished their round . Anthony Grimley’s men took that particular honour today with a hard fought 63 points.

Fireman Phil Dermott has played some great golf in recent weeks however today he just missed out on the prizes. Apparently they have had a busy few days in the station after a light bulb went out and it took four of the firemen several hours to sort things out. It took so long because one of them changed the bulb but the other three had to cut the roof off.

Golf will be back in the Olympics after a 108 year absence it has almost been that long since Richard Williamson(11) won a prize. He was delighted to help his team of top guys Dave Goodwin(9), Pete Keena(11) and Paul Woodbine(7) into 4th place with 81 points.

Cheadle Golf Club star Mick Fenton(8) played with his son Tom(8), Tony Stiles(12) and likeable milkman Don Milligan(13). They played really well to finish in 3rd place. Milligan has a ‘crateful’ of shots and really ‘delivered the goods’ when he collected 4 points for the team on the long 5th hole. Unfortunately after a poor tee shot on the 6th he saw his ball ‘floating’ down the river Dee.

Tony Kenny(5), Kenneth Chinn(17), Peter Hampson(11) and Harry Lopez(9) were delighted to finish in a career best 2nd place. Hampson was thestar of the team and two closing pars into the Irish sea breeze secured a high finish.

Steve McDermotts (12)big hitting team enjoyed the longer holes and they all contributed well. Two handicapper Liam Rex(2) played the front nine under par and the charismatic McDermott once again did his fair share of damage. Mark Davin(3) and Simon Priest(6) also played some lovely golf. Despite dropping a shot on a jittery final hole the Ashton men took first prize by a single shot. Well played chaps!

Many thanks for playing today, despite the dodgy forecast all 100 players turned up and were rewarded with a rain free day (except for a small refreshing 20 minute shower!).

Thanks for your support, Yours in Golf, Tim.

Nearest the Pin at 2nd Mark Davin (I think?) Dozen AD333s
Nearest the Pin 8th Bob Sinclair Dozen AD333s

2’s £110 4 pro vs or 9 srixons per 2
Frank Gill Alan Pengelly Frank Hindle Jason Wright Mark Davin Pete Keena Phil Vokes x2 Paul Sherlock

Caldy Golf Club 19-Feb-2015
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Steve McDermott, Mark Davin, Simon Priest, Liam Rex 84 12 Galvin Shirt each
2 Kenneth Chinn, Peter Hampson, Tony Kenny, Harry Lopez 83 10 Dozen Z stars each
3 Mike Fenton, Don Milligan, Tom Fenton, Tony Stiles 82 8 Maxitours shirt each
4 Richard Williamson, Pete Keena, Paul Woodbine, Dave Goodwin 81 6 Titleist cap each
5 Mick Mahon, Frank Hindle, Richard Palmer, Dave Westwood 80 4 Fj Socks each
6 Jim Rymer, John Dickenson, Peter Lea, Jeff Guest 80 2
7= Brian Hopkins, Alan Pengelly, Paul Maxted, Howard Stringer 79
7= Jim Caldwell, Bob Picthall, Andy Green, Bob Day 79
9= Roger Percival , Martin France, Pete Atherton, Ed Wilkinson 78
9= Phil Vokes, Paul Sherlock, Barney Ross, Kevin Hamilton 78
11= Martin Firth, Andy Stubbens, Andy Hockenhull, Rob Parry 75
11= Karl McKinney, Guy Garton, Frank Gill, Steve Quail 75
13= Roy Ainsworth, Peter Heald, Brian Ankers, Mike Verdon 74
13= Phil Dermott, Mike Dean, Pete Tomlinson, Ian Stanton 74
15 Dave Sarsfield, Lee Tilley, Dave Rhodes, Peter Norbury 73
16 Colin Roberts, Bob Sinclair, Dave Marchant, Geoff Andrews 72
17 Neville Dennis, Jimmy O’Rielly, Frank Massey, Alan Leigh 71
18 Graham Littler, Doug Bottrell, Bob Mountford, Gordon Howarth 69
19 John Stubbs, John Royle, Guy Hall, Keith Coxon 67
20= Brian Greenbank, David Wainwright, Jim Kennedy, Jason Wright 66
20= Mike Spencer, Marie Spencer, Simon Hemsley, Dave Keen 66
22 Chih Hu, Steve Rimmer, Don Shaidnagle, Nigel Milroy 65
23 Simon Conway, Mark Williams, Graham Blood, John Gough 64
24 Anthony Grimley, Gary Christian, John Buckley, Ed Jones 63

Stockport Golf Club start times
Thursday 26th February
9.00 Paul Crisp x4
9.08 Colin Roberts x4
9.16 Jim Caldwell x2 Simon Conway x2
9.25 Ian King x4
9.33 Phil Vokes x4
9.42 Brian Greenbank x4
9.51 Dave Blood x4
10.00 Roy Ainsworth x4
10.08 Mick Mahon x4
10.17 Martin Firth x4
10.27 Lewis Marland x2 Peter Booth x2
10.35 Al Green x4
10.44 Ian Ainsworth x4
10.52 John Hilditch x2 John Bancroft x2
11.00 John Grint x4
11.09 Dave Ellison x4
11.17 Neville Dennis x4
11.26 Dave Parsons x4
11.35 Tony Jennison x4
11.44 Matt Cheffins x4
11.53 Graham Littler x4
12.01 Paul Browne x4
12.10 John Stubbs x4
12.19 Anthony Grimley x2 Wayne Colclough x2
12.28 Rob Weston x4
12.37 Jim Rymer x4
12.45 Ian Buxton x4
12.54 Colin May x2 Kevin Fitzpatrick x2
1.03 Eddie Ellis x4
1.11 Brian Hopkins x4
1.20 Dave Sarsfield x4
1.29 Dave Hillier x4
Annie White x2
Joel King x4
Gerry John x4