Results from Sunny Stockport

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Ringway 12th March- spaces
Caldy 19th March-full
Prestbury 26th- full

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Vale Royal Monday 30th March -spaces
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Mere 9th April-spaces
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Maxitours Shotsaver Pairs at sunny Stockport

Heavy early morning rain threatened to postpone today’s Maxitours event . Changing to a one o’clock shotgun start allowed the sun to appear and gave the course plenty of time to dry out. A great day on the links was eventually enjoyed by all, many thanks to all players for your terrific cooperation.

Thanks also to the Stockport Golf Club staff and green keepers who were exceptionally helpful and great to deal with when I was fretting this morning. On completion of play it was a great touch to have the Stockport Captain chat to our golfers and welcome them to his lovely Club.

I went out on a course inspection in the afternoon and I was both shocked and impressed when I witnessed twenty-four handicapper John Farnworth confidently rifle a superb drive 230 yards down the centre of the narrow 13th hole . Playing partner Mick Mahon soon brought him back down to earth by loudly informing me ‘Don’t worry Tim, he’s got one of the worst short games you’ll ever see’.

It is a well known fact that Russell Humphries’ ball is attracted to water whenever he plays golf. Today he was the only person delighted to see a few puddles on the smooth Stockport fairways and this encouraged him to a Winter Tour best 6th place finish with 41 points playing alongside friendly Yorkshire man Bernard Fee.

Once again scoring at the top of the leader board was very close indeed and four pairs scored 42 points. Consistent nice guys Phil Vokes(3) and Paul Dalby(3) had the best back nine to finish 2nd. Matt Cheffins(13) had a career best 3rd place playing with Lee Bailey(6). Ashton on Mersey order of merit leader Steve McDermott(10) knows how to pick a partner and this time 2 handicapper Liam Rex helped him secure another top five finish. Iain Bartholomew (3)and famous estate agent John Hilditch(11) were 5th.

Taking the honours this week were Denton’s Jim Cox(2) and Steve Jenkinson(9). Cox has not won for a couple of years but the mechanic’s swing was running smoothly all day and he really pressed the accelerator pedal when he birdied the index 1 hole to collect four valuable points. Jenkinson chipped in with three important birdies. Great golf chaps, very well played.

Frank Byatt won nearest the pin at the 16th hole with a towering seven iron from 112 yards and Richard Palmer was closest in two shots on the 18th hole.
Thanks again for your tremendous support,
Yours in Golf, Tim

Nearest the Pin 16th Frank Byatt Dozen AD333s
Nearest the pin n 2 18th Richard Palmer Dozen AD333s

2’s 4pro vs or 8 srixons per 2 £102.50 Paul Dalby Graham Littler Paul James Liam Rex Iain Bartholomew x2 Dave Rhodes Dave Gavin

Stockport 26-Feb-2015
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Jim Cox, Steve Jenkinson 44 12 Shotsaver range finder
2 Paul Dalby, Phil Vokes 42 11 Galvin Shirt each
3 Matt Cheffins, Lee Bailey 42 10 Dozen Z Stars each
4 Steve McDermott, Liam Rex 42 9 Dozen AD 333s each
5 John Hilditch, Iain Bartholomew 42 8 Maxitours shirt each
6 Bernard Fee, Russell Humphries 41 7 Maxitours shirt each
7 Frank Hindle, John Farnworth 41 6 Titleist winter hat each
8 Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes 40 5 Titleist cap each
9 Geoff Sherburn, Paul Bolter 40 4 Fj socks each
10 Graham Littler, Jim Doran 39 3
11 Billy Coleman, Lee Tilley 39 2
12 Paul Browne, John Jones 39 1
13= Dave Torkington, Pete O’Neill 38
13= Wayne Colclough, Ken Ashworth 38
13= Richard Peake, Frank Byatt 38
16= Dave Gavin, Joe Shelley 37
16= Howard Rowley, Howard Stringer 37
16= Dan Huffman, Pete Mellor 37
19= Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer 36
19= Guy Hall, Keith Coxon 36
19= Dave Blood, Andy Sandham 36
19= Chris Brownhill, David Hess 36
19= John Bancroft, Paul McFee 36
24= Dave Parsons, Dave Moore 35
24= Eddie Ellis, John Pratt 35
24= Derek Fulluck, Dick Perry 35
24= John Horsley, Terry Brookman 35
24= Dave Hillier, Gary Hempstead 35
24= Ted Barker, Dalw Wallace 35
24= John Swindells, Chris Marshall 35
31= Anthony Grimley, Gary Christian 34
31= Ian Buxton, Mike K-Smith 34
31= Tony Jennison, Andy Oliver 34
34= Dave Ellison, Ben Chambers 33
34= John Stubbs, John Royle 33
34= Alan Pengelly, Paul Maxted 33
34= Saj Hashmi, Sean O’Connor 33
38 Steve Foxcroft, Trevor Webb 32
39 Peter Booth, Graham Bates 31
40= Neville Dennis, Frank Massey 30
40= John Lawson, Jeff Howarth 30
42 Peter Daniels, Bob Mottershead 25

Dunham Forest Pairs start times

5th March

8.00am Colin Roberts x4
8.10am Ian King x4
8.20 Jim Caldwell x2 Les French x2
8.30 Steve McDermott x4
8.40 Bob Sutton x4
8.48 David Wilcox x4
8.56 Steve Hall x2- room for 2!
9.06 Lewis Marland x2 Mark Wiliams x2
9.15 Dave Blood x4
9.24 Roger Percval x4
9.33 Roy Ainsworth x4
9.40 Alliance Doug x2 Martin Wainman x2
9.50 Ian Ainsworth x4
10.00 Geoff Underhill x4
10.10 Brian Greenbank x4
10.18 John Hilditch x2 Anthony Grimley x2
10.27 Neville Dennis x4
10.35 Mick Mahon x4
10.45 Richard Blackwell x2 Wayne Colclough x2
10.54 Phil Vokes x4
11.03 Frank Stapleton x4
11.12 Martin Firth x4
11.21 Paul Griffiths x4
11.30 Steve Parle x4
11.39 Sandy Calder x2 Des Kelly x2
11.48 Ray Massey x4
11.57 Dave Thomas x4
12.06 Matt Cheffins x4
12.15 Derek Hollindrake x4
12.24 Ian Buxton x4
12.33 John Stubbs x4
12.42 Brian Hopkins x4
12.51 Jim Clarke x4
1.00 Graham Littler x4

(good chance of playing)