Results from Perfect Prestbury

Great Upcoming Maxitours events

Vale Royal AM AM this Monday- still spaces
Sandiway AM AM Tuesday -still spaces
Mere Galvin Green AM AM 9th April – filling fast
Dunham Forest Pairs 16th April -spaces
Llangollen Titleist AM AM 20th April -nearly full
Conwy Pairs 27th April – nearly full
Knutsford singles 30th April -nearly full

other event of note: Debra Charity Golf day Thursday 25th June Marriott Manchester £500 a team please contact if you wish to support this worthwhile Charity

Maxitours at Windy Prestbury

A full field of talented players enjoyed one of the finest golf courses in the North West today. Despite heavy overnight rain the free draining fairways were superb. There were plenty of rosy cheeks but not a hint of any mud on any of the windswept golfers as they cheerfully entered the clubhouse after play.

I trained as an assistant professional at Prestbury when I was a fresh faced 18 year old. I would lose most of my £20 a week wage playing against the other two professionals. I would then spend what was left on Mars bars as I twiddled my thumbs in the pro shop. I do have great memories of those times and the members were very good to me indeed and I always enjoy returning to this great Club.
After play at last week’s Maxitours event, huge Everton fan Jim Rymer was very chirpy when he announced he was about to go home and watch the only remaining British team in Europe. The posh scouser was a little quieter than normal this week after his boys took one hell of a beating in Ukraine. He is watching Masterchef with his wife tonight.

The players had to contend with very testing blustery conditions and this led to several wild tee shots from Barney Ross. As he searched for his golf ball in yet another hedgerow he noticed that even Wayne Rooney’s hair looked slightly ruffled by the wind as the footballer watched on with interest from a neighbouring garden. ‘It’s in dose bushes over dare mate!’ informed the on-form striker.

Last weekend it took Liverpool’s Steven Gerard less than fifty seconds to let down his team mates. It took Andy Hallows even less time than that to let his team mate Tony Coleman down today. His first tee shot disappeared into the rough and this set the tone for his disappointing performance.

In today’s event there was a large spread of scores as the windy conditions and the undulating tree lined course baffled many of the more easily confused members of the tour.

Ex-Marine Andy Stubbens(5) and scaffolder Martin Firth(4) recorded six birdies between them as the big hitting Tytherington men made the most of the shortened course to finish in 5th place with 42 points.

Alsager nice guys Colin Roberts(17) and John Rigby(13) continue to surprise many people, including themselves, as they recorded another top four finish with 42 points.

Newly married Simon Conway(9) teamed up with Hazel Grove’s Vince Coombs(16) and an opening birdie by Conway was the springboard his best finish of the season. ‘I feel like the luckiest man on earth!’ he added in a repeat of his wedding speech. ‘I’m having a great honeymoon period’ Their 43 points earned them third place.

Didsbury supermodel Annie White(15) nearly became the first female Maxitours winner for three years as she teamed up with Paul Dalby (2) to score 44 points and finish in 2nd position. Annie did her Larry Mize impression when she dramatically chipped in on her last hole, over the bunker from the left of the par three 10th hole.

Winning a pairs event today for the first time in their golfing careers were Andy Hockenhull(16) and Johnnie Walker(9) from Tytherington. Very honest car salesman Hockenhull knows how to close a deal and he certainly closed out the back nine when he majestically parred the tough closing four holes. Johnnie steadied the ship late on when Andy started to hyperventilate with the excitement of it all. 44 points was good enough to take the honours today. Well played chaps.

Nearest the pin 7th hole Vince Coombs Dozen AD333s
Nearest the Pin 17th hole Paul Dalby Dozen AD333s
2’s £117.50 3 pro vs or 6 srixon AD333s
Paul Dalby Annie White Simon Conway Andy Stubbensx2 Martin Firth Richard Williamson Russell Lees Peter Maxwell Alan Smith Kevin Fahy

Prestbury 26-Mar-2015
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Andy Hockenhull, Johnnie Walker 44 12 Cleveland Wedge each
2 Paul Dalby, Annie White 44 11 Galvin Green Shirt each
3 Simon Conway, Vinnie Coombs 43 10 Dozen Pro V1s each
4 Colin Roberts, John Rigby 42 9 Sunice Shirt each
5 Martin Firth, Andy Stubbens 42 8 Sunice Shirt each
6 Frank Hindle, John Farnsworth 42 7 Footjoy shoe bag each
7 Pete Keena, Paul Woodbine 42 6 FJ Shirt each
8 Richard Williamson, David Goodwin 41 5 Greg Norman shirt each
9 Eddie Sterling, Saj Hashmi 40 4 Titleist winter hat each
10 BrianGreenbank, Colin Mattinson 39 3
11 Anthony Grimley, Gary Christian 39 2
12 Matt Nelstrup, John Kennedy 38 1
13= Archie Tahir, Fiaz Ahmed 38
13= Ron Sloane, Tim Spencer 38
15= Dave Marchant, Bob Sinclair 37
15= Matt Cheffins, Sean O’Connor 37
15= Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer 37
15= Chris Meikleham, Simon Maxwell 37
15= Dave Wilson, Russell Lees 37
15= Iain Bartholomew, John Hilditch 37
15= Gary Parle, Steve Parle 37
15= Jim Rymer, Rob Farnham 37
23= Dave Parsons, Dave Moore 36
23= Brian Hopkins, Alan Smith 36
23= Frank Stapleton, Kevin Hawkins 36
23= John Stubbs, John Royle 36
27= Chris Leonard, Paul Boulter 35
27= Simon Hemsley, Mike Spencer 35
27= Jimmy O’Reilly, Alan Leigh 35
27= David Kelly, Stuart Blake 35
27= Barney Ross, Chris Cyprus 35
27= Lewis Marland, Richard Blackwell 35
27= Andy Hallows, Tony Coleman 35
27= David Smith, Mike Bange 35
35= Neville Dennis, Frank Massey 34
35= Wayne Colcough, Ken Ashford 34
35= Mark Saxon, Barry Pendlebury 34
35= Kevin Fitzpatrick, Ged Brennan 34
39= Bob Sutton, Dave Harlow 33
39= John Hillier, Peter O’Driscoll 33
41= Ian King, David Eastforth 32
41= Terry Davison, Alan Clough 32
43= Ian Neilson, Mark Birtwistle 31
43= Terry Harper, Tom Wilson 31
45= Ian Trow, Guy Hall 30
45= Chris Dykens , Bernard Wood 30
47 Athur Jowle, Trevor Harrison 29
48 Chris Bernald, Mark Smeeton 28
49 Capt Edmonds, Chris Ernill 27
50 Ray Jones, Kevin Fahy 25

Spring Classic Start times at ‘VALE ROYAL on MONDAY’ followed by ‘SANDIWAY times on TUESDAY’

Prizes for top 3 each day and top 3 teams over 2 days (only 1 prize per team)
Vale Royal Monday 30th March

8.30 Colin Roberts x4
8.50 Bob Sutton x4
9.10 Ben Alcock x4
9.19 Simon Hemsley x4
9.28 Colin Lynch x4
10.30 Lewis Marland x4
10.39 Neale Laurent x4
10.57 Ian Ainsworth x4
11.15 Keith Griffin x4
11.24 Brian Sill x4
11.33 Kenny Plumb x4
11.42 Graham Littler x4
11.51 Barney Ross x4
12.00 Colin Owen x4
12.09 Mick Mahon x4
12.18 Neville Dennis x4
12.27 Danny Ritchie
12.36 Paul Bennett x4
12.54 Barney Ross x4
1.03 Phil Dermott x4
1.21 Pete Short x4
1.30 Martin Firth x4
1.39 Barry Jackson x4
1.48 Archie Tahir x4
1.57 Colin Baxendale x4
2.06 John Stubbs x4
2.15 Richard Blackwell x4

TUESDAY 31st March


9.00 Colin Roberts x4
9.09 Bob Sutton x4
9.18 Ian King x4
9.27 Neville Dennis x4
9.36 Ben Alcock x4
9.45 Keith Griffin x4
9.54 Colin Lynch x4
10.03 Steve McDermot x4
10.12 Mick Mahon x4
10.21 Roy Ainswoth x4
10.30 Neale Laurent x4
10.57 Ian Ainsworth x4
11.06 Colin Owen x4
11.15 Steve Berrell x4
11.24 Frank Stapleton x4
11.33 Roger Percival x4
11.42 Ron Sloane x4
11.51 Paul Bennett x4
12.00 Gerry John x4
12.09 Barney Ross x4
12.18 Chris Lee x4
12.27 Pete Short x4
12.36 Archie Tahir x4
12.45 Martin Firth x4
12.54 Danny Ritchie x4
1.03 Joe Yates x4
1.12 Matt Cheffins x4
1.30 Phil Dermott x4
1.39 Paul Griffiths x4
1.48 Michael Longshaw x4
1.57 Barry Jackson x4
2.06 John Stubbs x4
2.15 Richard Williamson x4
2.24 Richard Blackwell x4
2.33 John Farrell x4
2.42 Brian Hopkins x4