Results from Crisp Conway

Spaces at Knutsford singles on Thursday- superb fast greens
Great upcoming Maxitours events!
Prestbury Belding Classic Pairs 7th May
Pleasington Etiqus Masters Pairs 14th May
Hopwood AM AM ‘2UNDR Open’21st May
Ringway Taylor Made AM AM 28th May

Maxitours at Conwy
A healthy welsh sea breeze and clear blue skies greeted well over 100 Maxitours competitors at Conwy today. Many thanks to everyone at this historical Championship course for looking after us all so well today.

The golf course looked like a picture postcard scene with immaculate lime green striped fairways and golden gorse bushes which were in full bloom. Joe Kirwan finished his round with a sprig of gorse still attached to his sweater – evidence of yet another long day in the undergrowth for the lovely Bramall man.

Les French was confused even before he started his round today when he tried to order a bacon bap from the attractive blond welsh bar maid ‘Sorry, we haven’t got any bacon baps see, we have only bacon rolls on the menu’ .

On the course in today’s event Trevor Harrison got off to a slow start playing with Ray ‘ringer’ Stringer. They dropped shots on four of the opening six holes. Trevor blamed his poor front nine on the fact that he was still recovering from a very emotional final episode of Poldark last night.

Roy Macgregor was also emotional after an unlucky day on the links. He couldn’t stop his ball from regularly finding the well placed Conway fairway bunkers. Things went from bad to worse for the likeable Stockport man when, after taking too many shots to score on the 16th hole, he was disgusted and picked his ball up and put it in his cart bag. As he jealously watched his partner putt out for three points he was dismayed to see the wind blowing his trolley and ball into the deep greenside bunker.

Ray Jones was close to tears after he made the first eagle of his very average golf career. With a fifty mile an hour tailwind on the par five 14th hole, short hitting Ray hit his best drive of the year, followed by a stonking fairway wood which hit a sprinkler head, 2 cart paths, a brick and bounced on a couple of downhill slopes before finishing two feet from the hole. Congratulations Ray.

Dave Marchant(15) and Jeff Andrews(23) from Alsager finished in 5th place with 40 points but failed expensively to score on the last hole. ‘I was thinking about my speech’ said a gutted Marchant.

Steve McDermott(10) and Mark Simister(10) also had a ‘blob’ when they failed to score on the 13th, two excellent closing pars from Steve repaired most of the damsge as they took 4th place.

Eddy Sterling(6) returned to form after a poor start to the year, he teamed up with Mark Brooks(12) to also score 40 points and took 3rd place with a very strong back nine.

Salford Reds rugby groundsman Dan Huffman(8) nearly recorded his 1st Maxitours win in 8 years at Conway. Unfortunately both he and good pal John McCaffrey(18) narrowly failed to par their last two holes and they had to settle for an impressive 2nd place with 41 points.

Taking the honours today with a low winning score of 41 points to reflect the tough and breezy but enjoyable conditions was Pleasington’s Ian Waddington and Ian Murray. Retired Waddington used to buy and sell pigs for a living. Today he hit a few ‘snorters’ off the tee his pals were left ‘scratching’ their heads as he played unusually good golf to take home the bacon. Well played chaps, excellent golf.

Thanks to all players for your support, to have over 100 players travel to North Wales was terrific -thank you very much. Yours in golf, Tim

2’s £112.50 3 pro v1s or 6 srixons per 2 Archie Tahir Iain Bartholomew Brendan Leighton Steve Johnson Cameron Massey Chris Meikleham David Kelly Tony Coleman John Williams

Nearest the Pin 2nd John Williams Dozen AD333s
Nearest the Pin 15th David Kelly Dozen AD333s

Conwy 27-Apr-2015
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Ian Murray, Ian Waddington 41 12 Cleveland wedge each
2 Dan Huffman, John McCaffrey 41 11 Galvin shirt each
3 Eddie Sterling, Mark Brooks 40 10 Callaway top each
4 Steve McDermott, Mark Simister 40 9 Sunice shirt each
5 Dave Marchant, Jeff Andrews 40 8 Sunice shirt each
6 Anthony Grimley, Archie Tahir 39 7 Dozen Ad333s
7 Wayne McNulty, Frazer Mackenzie 38 6 Dozen Ad333s
8 Pete Short, Dave Buckley 38 5 Titleist cap each
9 Phil Vokes, Barney Ross 38 4 FJ Socks each
10 Jim Rymer, Roy Christian 37 3 FJ Socks each
11 Ray Massey, Cameron Massey 37 2
12 John Williams, Chris Reade 37 1
13= Sandy Calder, Les Craig 37
13= Charles Herbert, Mark Marshall 37
15= Paul Ward, Matt Cheffins 36
15= Jim Caldwell, Steve Barlow 36
15= John Dickenson, Bob Mottershead 36
15= Stuart Pearson, Kevin Hawkins 36
15= Ian Greenough, Andy Male 36
15= Tony Coleman, Andy Hallowes 36
21= Joe Kirwan, Simon Hemsley 35
21= Kevin Faye, Stuart Hibbert 35
21= Steve Tyrell, Ray Jones 35
21= Jim Doran, Paul Malley 35
25= Dave Griffiths, Gary Hall 34
25= Paul Elliott, Andrew Norman 34
25= Brendan Leighton, Simon Poucher 34
25= Brian Lutas, Ian Latto 34
25= Colin Roberts, Alex Machin 34
25= Ian Bartholomew, John Hilditch 34
25= Stuart Blake, David Kelly 34
25= Kevin Chisnall, Dick Bonner 34
33= Pete Birtwhistle, John Ratledge 33
33= Trevor Harrison, Ray Stringer 33
33= Brian Dewhurst, Steve Daynes 33
33= Tim Spencer, Richard Banks 33
33= Ian Ainsworth, Alan Clough 33
33= Dave Wilson, Frank Stapleton 33
33= Paul Griffiths, Chris Lee 33
40= Steve Owen, Chris Bracchi 32
40= Geoff Underhill, Bill Rotherer 32
40= Graham Kaye, Chris Meikleham 32
43= Bob Sutton, Mike McGoun 31
43= Roy Macgregor, Andy Young 31
43= Les French, David Fall 31
43= Ian King, Darren Whittaker 31
43= Mark Noden, Dave Lowe 31
43= Phil Okill, Graham March 31
43= Paul Rudkin, Chris Wrighton 31
50= Steve Johnson, Gareth Monk 30
50= Mo Dar, Peter Wathall 30
52= Mike Daggitt, Paul Wilson 29
52= Roy Bramwell, Mark Freeman 29
54= Mark Saxon, Tim Whitehead 28
54= Pete Daniels, Graham Littler 28
56 Steve Parle, Gary Parle 27

Start times at Knutsford on Thursday
Room for individual playersof groups of 2/4
8.39 Jim Caldwell x2
8.48 Ian King x4
9.06 Des Kelly x4
9.18 Mick Mahon x4
9.36 Anthony Grimley x2 Mark Williams x2
9.45 Archie Tahir x4
9.54 Brian Greenbank x4
10.03 Steve Johnson x2
12.20 Phil Vokes x4
12.30 Colin Roberts x4
12.38 Neville Dennis x4
12.47 Pete Short x2
12.56 Brian Hopkins x4
1.05 Paul Lord x2 Dave Reynolds x1
1.14 Steve McDermott x4
1.23 Steve McDermottx4