Results from stunning Pleasington

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Maxitours Titleist Pairs at stunning Pleasington

Another full field enjoyed one of Lancashire’s finest golf courses as Maxitours visited Blackburn today. For the past few weeks the venues we have visited have all been presented to an exceptionally high standard and Pleasington Golf Club more than continued this impressive trend. Thanks to all staff and officials for your superb hospitality.

In an incredible coincidence good pals Dave Westwood and Munroe Donald teed off together at Pleasington this morning, within 20 minutes Lee Westwood and Luke Donald also both hit their opening drives in the 144st Open Championship at St Andrews. That is where any comparison ends between the four very different English golfers.

The weather was so nice in this part of Blackburn the large clubhouse patio doors were left open throughout the day. Gary Whittaker was delighted when he checked in and was given some golf balls he won in a recent event . He very nearly returned one of them to me as his thinned bunker shot careered into the Clubhouse as he played the 18th. ‘There was no sand in that bunker’ he claimed, clutching at straws.

Maxitours regular Steve McDermott brought along his new pal Steve Ratcliffe who is getting married tomorrow. ‘ Don’t bother getting his email address, he won’t be playing golf again for a long time.’

Happily married Seventy seven year old Neville Dennis still plays golf six days a week. His lovely wife wants a holiday so last night she asked him to find a quiet week this Summer so they could spend some romantic time together. Unfortunately after consulting his busy golf diary Neville advised her that she could write off 2015. He then had to retrieve his diary from his neighbours prize rosebush after it was hurled through the kitchen window. ‘It’s the 3rd time she’s done that’ he added.

Bald Gary Hempsted loves a bit of wildlife and he enjoyed playing average golf and keeping a look out for the resident peregrine falcons and wild deer which can be spotted on this terrific course. He was also absolutely delighted to spot a pair of house martins nesting under the eaves of the Clubhouse. He handed his card in and thanked me for a very enjoyable day before departing. Unfortunately he soon returned. ‘Where’s the gents- a bloody swallow has just s*** on my head.’

Chris Adams also had some bad luck when his best drive of the day hit the marker post on the par 5 fifth hole and came back thirty yards. He was playing with his 20 year old son Greg who found it all very amusing.

Four players from Ashton on Mersey finished their round and were shocked and impressed when they saw fellow member Mike Lynch move the ‘nearest the pin in 2’ marker post on the 18th green. They congratulated him as he entered the clubhouse. ‘No, I didn’t win nearest the pin, I was there in five- my putter was hitting the marker with my backswing so I took it out’ he chuckled.

Mirroring the Open Championship all today’s best scores were from players who teed off early. The scoring was once again very close with 5 pairs sharing 2nd scoring 43 points.

The best of these was Grange Park’s Steve Aspinall(9) and Barry Wellings(7). There were only 5 pairs in the whole field who scored better on the tougher back nine and their 22 points was good enough to win the card play-off.

Off duty Policemen Tony Stiles(12) and Gavin Connor (15)were up ‘beat’ about their round and were delighted to finish 3rd .

Tony Cooper(12) usually plays like Tommy Cooper however today he was on form. Every time a putt went in he muttered ‘just like that.’ (Incidentally Frank Howarth who went out earlier in the day played like Frankie Howard and every time he missed a putt he muttered ‘ooh er’) Tony was delighted to finish 4th in his first outing for a while playing alongside Phil Williams(17).

Dave Gavin(10) and Joe Shelley(10) from Hazel Grove are usually hopeless. They recorded their best ever finish and they were delighted to be just one off the pace also on 43 points.

Taking the honours today were High Legh’s Mark Hagarty(13) and Ed Cotton(9). After a great front nine things were looking shaky towards the end of their round. Ed eased their nerves when he hit a superb approach into the last. This sealed both a win and the nearest the pin in 2 award! Well played chaps.

Many thanks to all today’s players. In true Maxitours style there was not a single no-show – your integrity is really appreciated.

Yours in Golf, Tim

Nearest the Pin 16th Dan Percival Dozen AD333s
Nearest the Pin in 2 on 18th Ed Cotton Dozen Soft Feel

£140 2’s 24 srixon each or 10 pro v1s each Brian Kelly Tony Stiles Danny Ritchie Phil Cooney

Pleasington 16-Jul-2015
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Mark Hegarty, Ed Cotton 44 12 Titleist Stand Bag each
2 Barry Wellings, Steve Aspinall 43 11 Titleist Pencil Bag each
3 Tony Stiles, Gavin Connor 43 10 Titleist Pencil Bag each
4 Tony Cooper, Phil Williams 43 9 Dozen Pro v1s each
5 Dave Gavin, Joe Shelley 43 8 Dozen Pro v1s each
6 Chris Adams, Greg Adams 43 7 Titleist players glove and cap
7 Simon Priest, Steve McDermott 42 6 Titleist players glove and cap
8 Danny Ritchie, Andy Hale 41 5 Titleist cap and socks
9 Pete Maxwell, Carl Kennedy 41 4 Titleist cap and socks
10 Carl Robinson, Phil Cooney 41 3 Titleist cap
11 Charles Herbert, Ross Birch 40 2 Titleist cap
12 Steve Korab, John Berry 39 1 Titleist cap
13= Frank Massey, Ben Chambers 39
13= Roger Percival, Martin France 39
13= Pete Atherton, Dan Percival 39
16= Richard Palmer, John Farnworth 38
16= Munroe Donald, Dave Westwood 38
16= Gary Whittaker, Dave Winstanley 38
16= Simon Conway, Mark Williams 38
16= Brian Kelly, Dave Hillier 38
16= Ian King, Darren Whittaker 38
16= Frank Stapleton, Kevin Hawkins 38
16= Mick Fenton, Tom Fenton 38
24= Ian Trow, Guy Hall 37
24= Ken Ogden, Alan Ormisher 37
26= Anthony Grimley, Gary Christian 36
26= Colin Roberts, John Rigby 36
26= Graham Blood, John Gough 36
26= Phil Davies, Frank Howarth 36
26= Steve Wilson, Dennis Wright 36
26= Pete Short, Dave Buckley 36
26= Kew Leong, Sam Hoyle 36
26= Richard Williamson, Dave Goodwin 36
26= Pete Keena, Paul Woodbine 36
35= Andy Hall, Don Miligan 35
35= Steve Ratcliffe, Gary Hempstead 35
35= Neville Dennis, Jimmy O’Reilly 35
35= Trevor Webb, Terry Brookman 35
35= Dave Bentley, Nigel Uttley 35
40= Wayne Harris, Simon Lewis 34
40= Steve Foxcroft, Trevor Nicholson 34
40= Joe Kirwan, Simon Hemsley 34
40= Kevin Chisnall, John Gough 34
40= Steve Parle, Gary Parle 34
40= Eddie Renshaw, Clint Jolley 34
40= Colin Baxendale, Pete Booth 34
40= Steve Owen, Pete Dawes 34
48= Jeff Andrews, Darren Spencer 33
48= Chris Lovesay, Jason Henderson 33
48= Mark Cooper, Keith Edminson 33
51= Lewis Marland, Alf Shillitoe 32
51= John Sikora, Mijad Benyounes 32
51= Harry Marshall, John Sharples 32
54= Paul Allen, Steve Hall 31
54= Brian Hopkins, Mark Taylor 31
56 Dave Griffiths, Alan Gregory 29
57 Bernard Wood, John Dawson 28

Start Times at the Taylor Made AM AM at Vale Royal
next WEDNESDAY 22nd July
8.30 Colin Roberts x4
8.39 Ian King x4
8.48 Mike Gibbons x4
8.57 Andy Taylor x4?
9.06 Bob Sutton x4
9.15 Mick Fenton x4
9.24 Brian Greenbank x4

10.30 Brian Hopkins x4
10.38 Ken Chinn x4
10.46 Jack Coleman x4
11.02 Mick Mahon x4
11.10 Ian Ainsworth x4
11.18 Neville Dennis x4
11.26 Ian Lilley x4
11.34 Lewis Marland x4
11.43 Neil Laurent x4
11.51 John Hilditch x4
12.00 Tony Rains x4
12.09 Colin Baxendale x4
12.18 Hetash Patel x4
12.27 Nigel Oakes x4
12.36 Denis Whelan x4
12.45 Ian Buxton x4
12.54 Brendon Leighton x4
1.03 Nigel Eckersley x4
1.12 Roger Percival x4
1.21 Mike Dudley x4
1.30 Paul Browne x4
1.39 Roy Ainsworth x4
1.48 Tim Handford x4
1.57 John Stubbs x4
2.15 John Dickenson x4
2.24 Gary Bailey x4
2.42 Frank Stapleton x4
2.51 Dave Hillier x4
3.00 Simon Conway x4
Tom Butler x4