Results from Super Stockport

Maxitours ‘Abacus Law Classic’ at super Stockport

Stupendous golfing weather greeted the full field of Maxitours competitors at Stockport Golf Club this morning. The course is rated by many as the best in Cheshire and the stunning layout was once again given plenty of praise from all the players. Thanks to Head Green keeper Adam for his terrific work, efficient and attractive Jane in the office and all the friendly catering staff for making us feel so welcome.

Sixty year old Bob Sutton nearly fell over when attractive Emily from Abacus Law asked him for his phone number, much to Bob’s dismay he later discovered Emily was asking all players for their personal details. In the Abacus draw for the Titleist Sta-dry golf bag it was Mike Haseldine who came out on top- well done.

It was good to see legend Dave Antrobus playing Maxitours again after a few busy months at work. I played in a pro- am with him at Knott End yesterday and he nearly completed ‘the treble’. Two bacon baps before play and as he approached the half way house a third was definitely on the cards. Dave was upset to discover that hot food was not available and he had to settle for a large packet of shortbread biscuits instead. (He did play very well- I must add.)

In the better ball event the still conditions and perfect fairways led to some excellent scores from many pairings.

Richard Palmer(11) and John Farnsworth(21) from Mytton Fold continued their consistent play with a 5th place finish with 43 points. School teacher Marcus Rigby(23) is really making the most of his eight week holiday and he played some ‘well disciplined’ golf alongside Carl Kennedy(13) to secure 4th place. Their back nine took some ‘beating’ after they picked up an impressive 14 points on the closing four holes.

Ellesmere Golf Clubs Lee Jevons(7) knows how to pick a partner and Mike Emerson(4) collected six birdies as they had a Maxitours career best 3rd place finish. Emerson is a lovely golfer with great rhythm, his backswing is even slower than a Chelsea centre back.

Top dentist Anthony Grimley(12) and Accountant Nigel Dibble(10) closed their round strongly and they crowned off a great summer by filling the runner-up spot, scoring 44 points.

First prize was awarded to Ian Mathers (3) and Howard Kelly(11). Kelly is father to tripletts and he made three birdies on the course. He said they could have won by three if his partner hadn’t three putted. He celebrated the win with three pints. Partner Ian Mather works for Bentley and he skilfully finishes off the leather interiors. His job title is ‘Master Trimmer’ and he neatly sewed up the win with three closing pars.- well played chaps.
Thanks to all players, I hope you enjoyed your day on the links! Tim

Many thanks to Geoff Underhill and his growing company Abacus Law for their terrific sponsorship, not forgetting his attractive fiancée Eve who produced the very impressive goodie bags- 3 free Pro V1s per player-woo-hoo!
Abacus was founded by Solicitor Geoff Underhill in 2004. They now boast 36 staff across two offices ( Stockton Heath and Manchester )

The team of experienced lawyers and property specialists have built the firm’s reputation by combining professional expertise with a personalised approach, delivering high quality, practical legal services.
Whether a high value and complex property transaction, the buying or selling of your home, resolving a dispute for you or your business, you can count on Abacus to understand your needs, work quickly and efficiently, and always in your best interests. Tel 0161 833 0044.

Nearest the pin 16th hole Terry Hastie Dozen Ad333s
Nearest the pin in 2 18th hole Kristian Oakes Dozen AD333s

2’s £152.50 3 Pro v1s or 8 srixons each Anthony Grimley Mike Emerson Roy Ainsworth George Clarkstone Jan Jagielka Bob Sutton Chris Heathcote Peter Wallace John Broadhurst Dan Huffman Alan Pengelly x2 Howard Kelly

Stockport 17-Aug-2015
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Ian Mathers, Howard Kelly 45 12 Cleveland wedge each
2 Anthony Grimley, Nigel Dibble 44 11 Footjoy shoes each
3 Lee Jevons, Mike Emerson 44 10 Taylor made tour pref balls each
4 Marcus Rigby, Carl Kennedy 43 9 FJ shirt each
5 Richard Palmer, John Farnsworth 43 8 Sunice shirt each
6 Mark Davin, Jack Craven 43 7 Dozen AD333s each
7 John Berry, Chris O’Regan 43 6 Dozen AD333s each
8 Ian Appleton, Peter Wallace 43 5 Titleist cap each
9 Brian Hopkins, Andy Bairstow 42 4 Titleist cap each
10 Alan Pengelly, Al Smith 42 3 FJ Socks each
11 John Hilton, Richard Blackwell 42 2
12 Tony Taylor, Dave Antrobus 42 1
13= Dave Marchant, Bob Sinclair 42
13= Alan Baxter, Brian Hall 42
13= Gary Bailey, David Sprott 42
16= Ryan Carr, Michael Nieves 41
16= Mike Spencer, Darren Whittaker 41
16= Dave Ellison, Darren Wood 41
16= Steve Boland, Roy Ainsworth 41
16= Ben Luscombe, James Eadie 41
16= Alex Bagley, Ian Thompson 41
16= John Reeves, William Barlow 41
23= Colin Roberts, John Rigby 40
23= Ian King, John Hankinson 40
23= Dave Cheetham, Terry Hastie 40
26= Simon Conway, Paul Yacyk 39
26= Phil Vokes, Kevin Hamilton 39
26= Steve Mattinson, Alan Clough 39
26= Dave Stanhope, Phil Smeathers 39
26= Bob Sutton, Simon Armstrong 39
26= Dave Alcock, Mike Anderson 39
32= Terry Davison, Geoff Haynes 38
32= Pete Short, Dave Buckley 38
32= Geoff Underhill, Mike Haseldine 38
32= Simon Poucher, Jan Jagielka 38
32= Lewis Troughton, Bill Rotherer 38
32= John Broadhurst, Ruel Spence 38
32= Geoff Allen, Steve Maddox 38
32= Kevin Dickens, Gavin Connor 38
40= Wayne McNulty, Josh Johns 37
40= Matt Cheffins, Kristian Oakes 37
40= Colin Baxendale, Mo Dar 37
40= Ross Sellors, Kevin Chisnell 37
40= Roy Ainsworth, Barry Simpson 37
40= Dan Huffman, Mark Simister 37
46= John Hilditch, Iain Bartholomew 36
46= Sean O’Connor, Paul Ridgeway 36
46= Jack Coleman, Neil Jones 36
46= Alf Shillitoe, Gareth Winstone 36
46= Brendan Leighton, Greg Brown 36
46= Dave Hillier, Simon Lewis 36
52= David Kelly, Dave Harlow 35
52= Gerry John, Chris Belfield 35
52= Norman Dunn, Jack Finnigan 35
55= Chris Heathcote, Jim Hoyle 34
55= Steve Wilson, Dennis Wright 34
55= Ian Hales, John Davies 34
58= Bill Conway, Keith Buchanan 33
58= Ray Jones, Chris Meikleham 33
58= John Heaton, Joe Heaton 33
61= Kevin Fahy, Barry Eddlestone 32
61= Ian Ainsworth, Alan Clough 32
61= Paul Smedley, Barry Leonard 32
64 Leslie Conway, Jim Dixon 30

Sandiway AM AM start times TUESDAY 25th August
9.00 Colin Roberts x4
9.09 Jim Caldwell x4
9.18 Ian King x4
9.27 Danny Ritchie x4
9.36 Brian Greenbank x4
9.45 Eddie Ellis x4
9.54 Gary Smith x4
10.03 Matt Cheffins x4
10.12 Colin Baxendale x4
10.21 Dave Stanhope x4
10.30 Mick Mahon x4
10.39 Ian Ainsworth x4
10.48 Neville Dennis x4
10.57 Brian Sill x4
11.06 Lewis Marland x4
11.15 John Hilditch x2 Dave Thomas x2
11.24 Ian Lilley x4
11.33 Roger Percival x4
11.42 Tom Jarvis x4
11.51 Archie Tahir x4
12.00 Roy Sinclair x4
12.09 Andy Wilde x4
12.18 Jon Farrell x4
12.27 Dave Kelly x4
12.36 Rob Weston x4
12.45 Dave Whelan x4
12.54 Richard Blackwell x4
1.03 Geoff Underhill x4
1.12 Mick Fenton x4
1.21 Brian Hopkins x4
1.30 Nigel Davenport x4
1.39 Dave Griffiths x4
1.48 David Smith x4
1.57 Bernard x4
2.06 Wood x4
2.15 David x4
2.24 Smith x4
2.33 Smith x4
2.42 Dave Hillier x4
2.51 Dave Hillier x4