Results from majestic Mottram Hall

Maxitours at Mottram Hall

Maxitours players enjoyed playing at my old stomping ground- Mottram Hall in today’s event. Golf Manager Jonny Chaisty and his staff were marvellous throughout the day. The greens were also really excellent considering the heavy rain we have experienced recently. Many thanks.

It has been great to see the impressive upgrades to both the Clubhouse and Golf course which have taken place over the past ten years. Many people remarked that the biggest improvement was when I left Mottram in 2007 to join Knutsford Golf Club and they then decided to employ a decent professional.

The club is becoming famous for its thieving crows which are stealing balls on and around the 15th hole. They must have taken a special fondness to Nigel Comsty as he lost a few balls on the course today. Bernard McDonald doesn’t hit many fairways and he was also nearly in tears when his brand new srixon disappeared from the short grass after his one good drive of the day.

Phil Vokes(4) quickly waltzed out of the Clubhouse after his round in order to catch a train to London. He is having a dancing lesson alongside his wife from the strictly come dancing star Anton Dubec tomorrow!

Today his team finished 4th after picking up SEVEN! on his closing hole. Paul Dalby (4) Tony Taylor (4) and Jeff Brothwell(5) completed the team.
Ex Liverpool Philarmonic Trumpet star Brothwell now plays his instrument all over the world. He has just returned to Manchester after being paid vast sums of moneyto happily toot away for nine months on a cruise liner. The only problem is that he is unable to practice his swing as hitting golf balls into the sea is now classed as environmentally unfriendly. Despite some dodgy long shots caused by some swaying he did hit some stunning putts from inside 6 feet – about the length of his cabin.

Gaz Smith(9) from Brookdale is usually very environmentally unfriendly. He has polluted plenty of water hazards with his errant shots over the years. Today was different for the ex PE teacher as he guided his team to second place with some great shots. Seventy year old Team mate Alan Jones (8) was on the seniors tour for eight consecutive seasons and he showed his class to hold the team together over the closing holes. Gary Conroy(8) and Paul Kinder(10) completed the likeable quartet.

Maxitours legends and nice guys Colin Roberts(18) and John Rigby(14) teamed up with Jeff Andrews(22) and Tony Adams(20) and they secured their best finish of the season as they took third place with 82 points.

Winning today was the in-form Clitheroe team of Mark Birtwistle(8), Mark Jones(13), Paul Nightingale (7)and Paul Corrigan(17) .They were surprised and delighted to narrowly take first place with 84 points. Jones and Nightingale are also overjoyed move to the top of the Abacus order of merit after five events . Well played chaps!

Thanks to all players for your 100% attendance today.

2’s sweep £132.50 6 pro v1s or 14 Srixon AD333s Paul Baxter Martin France Paul Dalby Bob Weir Alan Smith Steve Smith
Nearest the Pin 3rd Paul Kinder Dozen AD333s
Nearest the Pin 11th Steve ChapmanDozen AD333s

Mottram Hall 19-Nov-2015
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Mark Birtwistle, Mark Jones, Paul Nightingale, Paul Corrigan 84 12 Titleist Wheeled holdall each
2 Gaz Smith, Gary Conroy, Alan Jones, Paul Kinder 83 10 Dozen Pro V1s
3 Colin Roberts, John Rigby, Geoff Andrews, Tony Adams 82 8 Titleist Umbrella each
6 Phil Vokes, Tony Taylor, Paul Dalby, Jeff Brothwell 82 Titleist Leather glove
4 Roger Percival, Ed Wilkinson, Martin France, Pete Atherton 81 6 Titleist Winter hat each
5 Simon Poucher, Steve Jackman, Brendan Leighton, Martin Routley 81 4
7 Ian King, Darren Whittaker, Mike Spencer, Ashlet Elliott 79 2
8= Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer, John Farnworth, Frank Hindle 79
8= Roy Ainsworth, Barrie Simpson, Gerry Hilditch, Steve Smith 79
8= Pete Hamlet, Gemma Clowes, Steve McDermott, Brian Kelly 79
11 Barry Jackson, Barney Hunter, Bob Weir, Paul Milner 78
12 John Stubbs, John Royle, Guy Hall, Dale Wallace 76
13= Dave Blood, Jim Cox, Dave Collinson, Jack Meredith 75
13= Richard Blackwell, Peter Freeman, John Hilton, Howard Freeman 75
13= Alan Forber, Joe Yates, John Longworth, Keith Boothroyd 75
13= Brian Hopkins, Alan Smith, Barry Horrox, Mark Taylor 75
17 Geoff Haynes, Bernard McDonald, Terry Davison, Ray Stringer 73
18 Pat Keenan, Paul Mizen, John Delaney, Eugene Smith 70
19= Chris Adams, Greg Adams, Carl Phelan, Jeff Churchman 69
19= Graham Littler, Jim Doran, Peter Daniels, Bob Montford 69
21 Colin Baxendale, Ross Sellors, Mo Dar, Kevin Chisnall 67
22= Anthony Grimley, Gary Christian, Mijad Benyounis, John Buckley 66
22= Steve Wilson, Denis Wright, Chris Heathcote, Mick McFee 66
24 Trevor Foster, Frank Wade, John Ashcroft, Pete McIntyre 63
25 Keith Judkins, Ian Gauden, Robin Meadowcroft, Bill Gillings 62

Sandiway Pairs start sheet
Tuesday 24th November 11AM shotgun

1a Mick Mahon x4
1b Roger Percival x4
2a John Farrell x2 Trevor Webb x2
2b John Stubbs x2 John Hilditch x1
3 Dave Blood x4
4 Phil Vokes x4
5a Eddie Ellis x4
5b Sam Leach x4
6a Steve Johnson x4
7a Gail Heggarty x4
7b Ian Cairns x4
8 Geoff Underhill x4
9a Colin Roberts x4
9b Ian King x4
10a R Blackwell x2 Mark Jones x2
10b Brian Greenbank x4
11 Roy Macgregor x2 Steve Aspinall x2
12a Carl Bolus x4
12b Barry Simpson x4
13 John Berry x2 Peter Cross x2
14 John Kelsall x4
15a Frank Stapleton x4
15b Bob Mottershead x4 tbc
16 Richard Williamson x4
17a David Kelly x4
17b Steve Parle x4
18 Ian Ainsworth x4