Wednesdays event at Vale Royal ‘looking good’- still spaces!

* Spaces this Wednesday 20th Jan at Vale Royal 11am shotgun
* Spaces at Fairhaven next Tuesday 26th Jan- carry only 11am shotgun

Dear Maxitours players,
The Vale Royal General Manager is confident that we should be ok for play on Wednesday.
There are still a few spaces for pairs if you would like to play this terrific draining golf course.

I have just been informed by the secretary that the event at Fairhaven next Tuesday is ‘Carry only’. Please let me know ASAP if you are unable to play. (Special rule: any players over 60 who wish to carry 8 clubs or less will be entitled to 9/10ths handicap rather than 3/4)

Many thanks Tim

Vale Royal Pairs
11am Shotgun

1a Dave Kelly x4.
1b Rob Weston x4.
2a Ian King x4
2b Mick Mahon x4
3 Mike Lynch x4
4 Dave Blood x4
5 Chris Adams x2. Simon Poucher x2.
5 Roy Ainsworth x4
6 Phil Vokes x2 Richard Blackwell x2
7 Simon Hemsley x4.
8 Brian Hopkins x4
9 Dave Parsons x4.
9a Steve Aspinall x4.
10 John Stubbs x4
11 Phil Dermott x2 Ron Jolley x2.
12b Frank Stapleton x4.
13 Roger Percival x4
14 Dave Thomas x4.
14 Leigh Smart x4.
16 Kenneth Chinn x4.
16 Mark Jones x2. Chris Hammond x2.
17 Graham Littler x4.
18a Colin Roberts x4.
18b Sam Leach x4