Results from Wilmslow

Great upcoming events:
Sandiway Tuesday 9th -full
Stockport 18th Feb-full
Pairs event at Prestbury Thurs 25th -currently trolley ban in operation

Maxitours Am/Am at Wilmslow – 1st Feb 2016

Dear Maxitours players,
Here are the full results from Mondays event at Wilmslow. Thanks to this terrific Club for hosting the event, all reports regarding catering and the quality of the course were extremely complimentary.

Full Results
1st J Henderson, P Cleaver, S Wilson & D Wright 91 Ashworth wind sweater each each
2nd L Smart, R Tennant, P Guy, W Rawstone 87 Tommy Hilfiger top each
3rd C Roberts, D Marchant, J Rigby & G Andrews 85 (45 back 9, 31. back 6) Maxitours shirt each
4th R Ainsworth, B Ankers, M Verdon & P Heald 85 – (45 back 9, 29 back 6) Sunice shirt each
5th F Stapleton, D Wilson, S Pearson, K Hawkins 85 (42 back) Titleist cap each
6th S Poucher, B Leighton, C Rawthorpe, P Tovey 84 Taylor Made divot tool each
7th L Jevons, F Davies, M EMerson, S Hindle 83 Taylor made divot tool each
8th Lewis Marland team 81
9th Dave Blood team 81
10th Richard Blackwell team 81
Roger Percival team 81
Dave Bowers team 81
John Dickenson team 81
Mick Mahon team 80
Phil Vokes team 80
Ian King team 80
John Royle team 77
Steve Aspinall team 77
Graham Barratt team 76
Les Penson team 76
Dave Parsons team 76
John Hilditch team 74
Tom Jarvis team 74
Barry Jackson team 72
Bev Crutes team 72
Brian Hopkins team 70
Ray Jones team 68

2’s £200! 6 pro v1s or 15 Srixon AD333s per 2.

John Farnsworth (Mick Mahons team) 2 on 6th
Graham Barratt 2 on 17
K Fahey (R Jones team) 2 on 17th
S Wilson & D Wright (Henderson team) both had 2’s on 17th
K Seaton (Marland team) 2 on 17th
T Nicholson (Crute team) 2 on 9th
R Tennant 2’s on 6 and 9 (Smart Team)
P Guy (Smart team) 2 on 17th

NP on 9th – Richard Blackwell Dozen Srixon AD333s
NP on 17th – Steve Thomas Dozen AD333s

Congratulations to all prizewinners.
A very large number of players entered the sweep this week, this is always the case when I employ Karen Gallagher to run my event. Looks like Maxitours players can’t say no to attractive blondes. Thanks for playing.
Yours in Golf, Tim

Sandiway start sheet
Tuesday 9th February.
1a Colin Roberts x4
1b Ian Ainsworth x4
2 Brian Hopkins x4
2bJohn Hilditch x2 Les Penson x2
3 Mike Dean x4
4a Dave Blood x4
4b Phil Vokes x4
5 Mark Jones x4
5b Lewis Marland x4
6 Leigh Smart x4
7a R Blackwell x2 J Caldwell x2
7b Dave Thomas x4
8 Roger Percival x4
9a Dave Kelly x4
9b Brian Greenbank x4
10a Chris Adams x4
10b Trevor Foster x4
11 Dan Huffman x4
12Frank Stapleton x4
12b Roy Ainsworth x4
13 Ian Acton x2 Russell Humphries x2
14 Pete O’Neill
14b Gaz Smith x4
15 Dave Bowers x4
16 Matt Cheffins x4
16b Danny Ritchie x4
17a Ian King x4
17b Mick Mahon x4
18 John Stubbs x4