Results from Superb Sandiway

Next Thursday’s Stockport tee times below! * 9am-1.21pm starting times
Still spaces in the Spring Classic at Sandiway-Tuesday 29th March and Vale Royal now Wednesday 30th March. *note the date change from 28th and 29th March

Maxitours at Sandiway

What a day!! While the vast majority of North West golf courses were closed sunny Sandiway was open for business as usual.

Special thanks really must go out to highly respected and forward thinking head green keeper Brian Taylor for putting golfers first once again! After all the heavy rain the decision to have EIGHTEEN full greens was really appreciated by all of today’s players. ‘This course can handle it’ added the intelligent man.

‘Those greens were magnificent’ commented Dave Blood after his round
‘Wonderful’ said Colin Roberts
‘That was brilliant out there’ announced David Kelly.
Jim Cox was so impressed he couldn’t comment he just made a rather strange groaning noise to express his delight.
Scratch Accrington man Trevor Foster couldn’t believe his eyes when his first putt of the day whistled past the hole. Eh up! Was all the Northern man could say.

Thanks to all the staff and especially the superb green keepers for making us feel so welcome, your course was fantastic.

The new Sandiway Golf Professional Gareth Jones is a great lad who is doing a really fantastic job and he is quite rightly proud of the well draining course. The old Sandiway pro, Scotsman Bill Laird came out with a classic line in a Maxitours event during a wet winter five years ago. He sold one of our players a mars bar before play and enquired with a smile ‘and where do you play yer golf laddie? Looking at his customers muddy waterproof bottoms.

Ex England footballers Matt Jansen and Mickey Gray were late entries and they had to settle for starting on the 14th tee. They also arrived at the course a little late, ‘I don’t think we can run that far nowadays’ said the portly duo. Extremely fit Premiership referee Mike Dean also played today and he allowed himself a little chuckle at the footballers expense as he watched them huff and puff their way across the golf course.

In today’s event the scoring was the closest it has been all year with just 3 points separating the first 20 teams!

As you can imagine I heard plenty of ‘what could have been stories’ as players enjoyed a pint in the bar. One of the best was Dave Wilson(7) and Kevin Hawkins(8) who failed to score on their last hole and they once again drowned their sorrows after missing out on top spot by a point.

Frank Hindle(13) and Mick Mahon’s(22) friendship was tested even further when Frank picked his ball up on their last hole when he thought his partner had secured two points, if he had tapped in victory would have been theirs and they had to settle for second spot. ‘If his brains were dynamite he wouldn’t have enough to blow his own hat off’ remarked Mick sympathetically.

Roy ‘could throw a piano closer to the hole than he chips it’ Ainsworth(26) finally found his short game alongside new partner Joe Yates(14) and he was delighted to finish in a season best third place.
Also on 40 points was Dave Blood(9) and Jim Cox(1), Phil Vokes(3) and Paul Dalby(3), and Matt Jansen(11) and Mickey Gray(8).

Roger Percival(6) from Lymm and Warrington’s Ed Wilkinson(6) both fresh from a trip to Portugal enjoyed the English sunshine to record their first win of the season with 41 points. (I have played with them in a few pro ams and they are usually hopeless) Wilkinson played the tricky par three holes in two under par as the likeable duo combined well. Well played chaps!

Once again a 100% attendance was the order of the day, many , many thanks.
Yours in Golf,

Nearest the Pin 8th Pete Tomlinson Dozen AD333s
Nearest the pin 18th Gareth Winstone Dozen AD333s
2’s £127. 50 2 pro v1S or 6 srixons per two (record number of twos!) Brian Hopkins Pete Tomlinson x2 Mike Dean Barney Ross Michael Campbell Paul Simpson Mark Hallam on 17th Hugh Mullen Dick Brown John Stubbs Frank Hindle x2 Steve Sutton Phil Vokes John Bent x2 Mark Patten Ray Tennant Billy Rawsthore Martin France Ed Wilikinson x2 Iain Bartholomew Phil Cooney Reece Cranfield

Sandiway 26-Jan-2016
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Roger Percival, Ed Wilkinson 41 12 FJ Soft shell top each
2 Mick Mahon, Frank Hindle 40 11 Footjoy shoes each
3 Roy Ainsworth, Joe Yates 40 10 Footjoy shirt each
4 Dave Blood, Jim Cox 40 9 Dozen Z Stars each
5 Phil Vokes, Paul Dalby 40 8 Dozen AD333s each
6 Kevin Hawkins, Dave Wilson 40 7 Sunice shirt each
7 Matt Jansen, Mickey Gray 40 6 Titleist cap each
8 Phil Cooney, Reece Cranfield 39 5 Titleist cap each
9 Brian Hopkins, Mark Taylor 39 4 FJ Socks each
10 Les Penson, Paul Salt 39 3 FJ Socks each
11 Gary Kershaw, Darren Burgess 39 2
12 Richard Blackkwell, Andy Hamlett 39 1
13= Colin Roberts, John Rigby 38
13= Martin France, Peter Atherton 38
13= Mike Dean, Henry Kenwright 38
13= Peter Tomlinson, Stuart Jones 38
13= Barney Ross, Martin Campbell 38
13= Leigh Smart, Ray Tennant 38
13= Billy Rawsthore, Peter Guy 38
13= Richard Palmer, John Farnworth 38
21= Les Russon, Steve Roster 37
21= Matt Cheffins, Tom Butler 37
21= Ian King, Jack Brown 37
21= Pete O’Neill, Ian Taylor 37
21= Steve Latchford, John Bent 37
26= Dave Marchant, Jeff Andrews 36
26= John Hilditch, Iain Bartholomew 36
26= David Kelly, Dave Harlow 36
26= Geoff Haynes, Terry Davidson 36
26= Brian Greenbank, Dave Wainwright 36
26= Gaz Smith, Ron Jolley 36
26= Mark Hallam, Sean O’Connor 36
26= Dave Bowers, Hugh Mullen 36
26= John Royle, Dick Brown 36
35= Ian George, Andy Sandham 35
35= Gareth Winstone, Neale Laurent 35
35= Dan Huffman, Pete Mellor 35
35= Frank Stapleton, Stuart Pearson 35
35= Ian Acton, Kevan Sharratt 35
40= Danny Ritchie, Carl Robinson 34
40= Trevor Foster, Mark Patton 34
40= Ben Chambers, Kevin Hart 34
40= Lee Williams, John Williams 34
44= Paul Simpson, Glynn Isaac 33
44= Simon Hemsley, Warren Newton 33
44= Pete Euston, Dale Beaghan 33
44= Brian Ankers, John Longworth 33
44= John Stubbs, Guy Hall 33
49 Dave Thomas, Richard T-Carr 32
50 Ian Ainsworth, Alan Clough 31
51= Paul Abbott, Mark Hagerty 30
51= Jim Caldwell, Steve Sutton 30

Stockport start sheet
Thursday 18th February
9.00 Colin Roberts x4
9.09 Jim Caldwell x4
9.18 Ian King x4
9.27 Simon Poucher x4
9.36 Rob Little x4
9.45 Frank Stapleton x4
9.54 Mick Mahon x4
10.03 David Kelly x4
10.12 Tom Jarvis x4
10.21 Jason Henderson x4
10.30 Eddie Ellis x4
10.39 Rob Weston x4
10.48 Roy Ainsworth x4
10.57 Lewis Marland x4
11.06 John Hilditch x4
11.15 Bev Crute x4
11.24 Sam Leach x4
11.33 Roger Percival x4
11.42 Dave Blood x4
11.51 Chris Adamsx4
12.00 Chih Hu x4
12.09 Graham Littler x4
12.18 Dave Parsons x4
12.27 John Dickenson
12.36 John Stubbs x4
12.45 Trevor Foster x4
12.54 Barry Jackson x4
1.03 Leigh Smart x4
1.12 Mark Birtwhistle x4
1.21 Brian Hopkins x4

Graham Blood x4
Steve Rudkin x2