Results from Super Stockport

Start sheets for Sandiway (Tues)and Vale Royal (Weds) next week -please check your time/day carefully below!
Galvin Green Masters at Mere Thursday 7th April -160 entries and rising!

Maxitours at super Stockport
Another dry, superb Spring day greeted the Maxitours competitors at lovely Stockport Golf Club. The greens were rolling at around ten on the stimp meter and they were really excellent for the time of year -thanks to all the greens staff.

The Catering was once again up to the famously high standard expected at Stockport. Rob and Paul the two chunky bar men were also incredibly friendly throughout the day and they even helped me load the prize table back in my car before I left – legends.

Matt Nelstrup and Dave Wainwright had an enjoyable day and in the bar over a pint of bitter they kept looking into each other’s eyes saying ‘That is a great, great golf course!’ Which indeed it is.

The first time I played Stockport was in the regional qualifying for the Open Championship. Charl Schwartzel knew he had to play well to beat me and the Masters Champion was relieved and delighted to narrowly pip me by ten shots on his way to a course record 64.

Cultured French striker Anthony Martial has admitted recently that he cannot understand a word of what his Scouse United teammate Wayne Rooney says to him. There was also a language barrier to overcome for the well spoken Chris Dykens who played with the Liverpudlian brothers Garry and Steve Parle in today’s event. ‘I have no idea what they were talking about on the way round but I think they are both lovely fellas’ reported a confused Chris after his round.

Rob Platt from Barnsley always brings three fellow Yorkshire men with him. They filmed the famous British movie ‘Kes’ in the 1970’s at the comprehensive school team mate Carl Mollart went to. Carl said he was so poor he could only afford a pet pigeon rather than a kestrel. They weren’t hovering around the prizes today however after a disappointing 36 points.

As 5000-1 shots Leicester City close in on a surprise win in the premiership perhaps a bigger sporting shock was John Atkins run of seven holes on the front nine. He dropped just three shots to par. ‘The transformation was incredible’ said drinking pal David Kelly. ‘He was absolutely hopeless yesterday.’

Horse owner Mick Mahon returned to Maxitours duty after a successful week at Cheltenham. He certainly wasn’t at the races today as he and his partner struggled to just 17 points on the easy front nine.

Colin Seddon works as a monumental mason – he makes headstones for a living. After a solid start to his round he started digging his own grave after they could only pick up 1 point on the easy 5th and 6th holes.

Neil Stableford(7) from Mellor is actually related to the Wallasey member who invented the Stableford scoring system early last century. Today he did his ancestors proud with 27 points on the front nine playing alongside Ian Appleton(15) ! A more respectable 17 points on the tougher back nine ensured a season best top five Maxitours finish for the likeable duo.

Two of my star pupils Dave Antrobus(9) from Vale Royal and Tom Jarvis(15) were delighted to score 44 points and finish well in the prizes after a couple of very barren years. Their good pal Phil Smeathers marked their card and was full of praise when I asked him how they played ‘They were both alright’ he muttered.

‘Dale from Sale’ Wallace(11) teamed up with aircraft engineer John Jones(12) and they were overjoyed with their best finish of the year as they took 3rd place also on 44 points. They had some mechanical swing failures over the closing four holes as they picked up just seven points which prevented them from ‘runway’ with the prizes.

Taking first and second positions respectively were the high quality Didsbury teams of Phil Vokes(2) and Paul Sherlock(5) with 46 points , and Barney Ross(4) and Steve Latchford(7) with 45 points. These talented lads love their golf and play most days. They were out early when the greens were immaculate. ‘Those greens were incredible’ said Phil ‘we knocked in more than our fair share’. The well loved Maxitours regulars were delighted to earn their second win of the winter season. Very well played chaps.

Nearest the Pin 16th hole Paul Sherlock Dozen AD333s each
Nearest the 18th in two Steve Gowrie Dozen AD333s each

2’s £122.50 3 pro v1s or 8 srixon AD33s Steve Barlow Jim Caldwell Phil Vokes Paul Sherlock Barney Ross Steve Latchford Neil Stableford John Jones Joe Stanley Glynn Isaac Steve Gowrie Colin Seddon Hugh Mullin Dave Bowers Brian Hopkins

Stockport 21-Mar-2016
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Phil Vokes, Paul Sherlock 46 12 FJ shoes each
2 Steve Latchford, Barney Ross 45 11 Galvin Green shirt each
3 Dale Wallace, John Jones 44 10 Sunice Windtop each
4 Tom Jarvis, Dave Antrobus 44 9 Ashworth windtop each
5 Ian Appleton, Neil Stableford 44 8 Sunice shirt each
6 Simon Ashton, Lee Stenson 43 7 Sunice shirt each
7 John Atkin, Dave Harlow 42 6 Sunice shirt each
8 Andy Bradshaw, Matt Jansen 42 5 Dozen AD333s each
9 Jim Caldwell, Steve Barlow 42 4 Dozen AD333s each
10 Martin Cox, Koos Alders 41 3 Titleist cap each
11 Richard Blackwell, Andy Hamlett 41 2 FJ Socks each
12 Kenny Plumb, Tim Beasant 41 1 FJ Socks each
13= Colin Roberts, Jeff Andrews 40
13= Mike Spencer, Joe Kirwan 40
13= Joe Stanley, Neil McKinlay 40
13= John Hilditch, Iain Bartholomew 40
13= Alan Simpson, Alan Drew 40
13= Ben Luscombe, Paul Switzer 40
13= Paul Bishop , Ross Sellors 40
13= Bernard Wood, Gordon Warke 40
21= Nigel Compsty, Jamie Stewart 39
21= Mick Mahon, Keith Fitzhenry 39
21= Frank Hindle, John Farnsworth 39
21= Steve Aspinall, Colin Berry 39
21= Jody Kerner, Bob Montford 39
21= Garry Conroy, Ron Jolley 39
21= Andy Lawman, Neil Higgins 39
28= David Kelly, Bob Sutton 38
28= Dave Stanhope, Phil Smeathers 38
28= Simon Hemsley, Jack Hankinson 38
28= Alan Clough, Geoff Haynes 38
28= Glynn Isaac, Ian Goulty 38
28= Les Penson, Steve Blakeway 38
28= Steve Gowrie, Mark Hazeldine 38
28= Lewis Marland, Kevin Seaton 38
28= Dave Bowers, Hugh Mullin 38
28= Steve Parle, Garry Parle 38
38= Joe Yates, Paul Yates 37
38= Dave Moore, Chris Leonard 37
38= Colin Seddon, Anthony O’Neill 37
38= Ron Sloane, Mark Saxon 37
42= Ian King, Darren Whittaker 36
42= Carl Mollart, Gary Youall 36
42= Paul Browne, Steve Berg 36
42= Trevor Harrison, Bernard McDonald 36
46= Rob Platt, Steve Morfitt 35
46= Dave Wainwright, Matt Nelstrup 35
48= Pete Cotton, David Tonge 34
48= Greg Aspinall, Nigel Davies 34
50= John Royle, Guy Hall 33
50= Les Corner, Paul Dransfield 33
50= Geoff Sherburn, Paul Boulter 33
53 Roy Ainsworth, Barry Simpson 30
54 Geoff Underhill, Andy McEwan 28

Start sheet for Sandiway Tuesday29th March
9.00 Colin Roberts x4
9.09 Danny Ritchie x4
9.18 Ian King x4
9.27 Jason Waites x4
9.36 Roger Percival x4
9.45 Dave Blood x4
9.54 Barney Ross x3 Joe Kirwan x1
10.03 Monroe Donald x4
10.12 Simon Hemsley x4
10.21 Paul Browne x4
10.30 Neil Laurent x4
10.39 Simon Poucher x4
10.48 Barry Jackson x4
10.57 Ian Ainsworth x4
11.06 Paul Lowe x4
11.15 Ron Little x4
11.24 Iain Bartholomew x4
11.33 Dave Kelly x4
11.42 Brian Greenbank x4
11.51 Roy Ainsworth x4
12.00 Ray Jones x4
12.09 Jason Henderson x4
12.18 Graham Littlerx4
12.27 Liegh Smart x4
12.36 Tom Jarvis x4
12.45 Les Russon x4
12.54 Pete Short x4
1.03 Mick Mahon x4
1.12 Gav Dixon x4
1.21 Chris Brownhill x4
1.30 Ron Sloane x4
1.39 Mark Birtwistle x4
1.48 Dave Rowley x4
1.56 Dave Bowers x4
2.05 John Stubbs x4
2.14 Frank Stapleton x4
2.23 Geoff Underhill x4
2.32 Gary Whittaker x4
2.41 Steve Aspinall x4
2.50 Richard Blackwell x4
2.59 Gary Neiles x4
res Garry Smith x4
Ben Chambers x4

Start sheet for Vale Royal Wednesday 30th March
8.30 Colin Roberts x4
8.39 Danny Ritchie x4
8.48 Ian King x4
8.57 Simon Hemsley x4
9.06 Phil Vokes x4
9.15 Mick Mahon x4
9.24 Brian Greenbank x4
10.30 Dave Blood x4
10.39 Neil Laurent x4
10.48 Ian Ainsworth x4
10.57 Paul Lowe x4
11.06 Andy Wilde x4
11.15 Bernard Hessian x4
11.33 Pete Short x4
11.42 David Kelly x4
11.51 Barry Jackson x4
12.00 Roy Ainsworth x4
12.09 Monroe Donald x4
12.18 Joe Yates x4
12.27 Roger Percival x4
12.36 Steve Wilson x4
12.54 Gavin Dixon x4
1.03 Barry Simpson x4
1.21 Gaz Smith tbc x4
1.30 John Hudson x4
1.39 Brian Hopkins x4
1.48 Richard Blackwell x4

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