Results from sun cracked Conwy

Spaces this Thursday in the singles event at majestic Knutsford- individual entries welcome- forecast and golf course excellent!
Vale of Llangollen Friday 29th April nearly full
Friday 6th May Vale Royal- nearly full
Bramall Park 24th May- filling well

Maxitours at Sun-cracked Conwy

Another glorious Spring day greeted over 100 Englishmen who travelled to Wales this morning.
Dave Harlow has occasionally been heard to say that I exaggerate the positives with my Maxitours weather reports but in the bar afterwards he looked out of the window and confirmed that ‘there was not a cloud in the sky -stunning’.

The Welsh Ladies Open Strokeplay takes place next week so the green keepers had got the golf course into terrific shape after the long winter- many thanks. The yellow gorse was in full bloom and the mountains looked majestic as a great day was had by all. There was a debate whether the lovely yellow bushes were gorse or broom. ‘Gorse has thorns and broom doesn’t and that was definitely gorse!’ said a pin pricked Tim Spencer.

It was great to see the familiar figure of businessman Dave Antrobus playing again on Maxitours. He is back on his diet and looks good since he replaced his mid round Mars bars with a large packet of maltesers.

I hear some great conversations when I am running my events. Milkman Don Milligan relaxed in the Conwy Clubhouse eating a ham and tomato sandwich. He told Dave Griffiths it was the best ham and tomato sandwich he had ever had and strongly recommended that he should order one.
‘I don’t like tomatoes ‘replied Dave.
‘Just have a ham one then’ suggested Don
‘Oh yeah, good idea’ said Dave

Ten minutes later a ham and tomato sandwich arrived.
‘I thought you didn’t like tomatoes?’ questioned Don
‘oh heck, I forgot to tell her not to put them on’ answered a distraught Dave.

Before his round singer Ken Stephens told thought he had got his life sorted. ‘My missus is jet washing the patio this afternoon whilst I’m playing golf!’ he chuckled. Unfortunately his wife had the last laugh as Ken spent all afternoon ‘spraying’ his golf balls into the Conwy rough.

In today’s event Archie Tahir(5) and good friend Fizz(9) had a good day on the course to collect 44 points and 4th spot.
Nefyn Golf Club member Ian Acton(13) is a waste incinerator by trade. Today it was the Conwy golf course back nine he was burning up on his way to 44 points and 3rd place alongside Kevin Sharratt(12).

.Maxitours regulars John Hilditch(11) and Iain Bartholomew(4) have gradually improved this winter and their recent good form continued with an impressive 46 points for second place.

Four years ago on a sunny day at Conwy Dave Marchant(15) won his one and only Maxitours pairs event. History repeated itself today as the Alsager senior teamed up with good pal Geoff Andrews(23) to score 46 points and win the card play-off. A courageous ‘Danny Willett’ style par at the last for three points completed a successful day on the links for the weel liked chirpy duo. Very well played!
Thanks to all players for your terrific support, Tim

Nearest the pin 2nd Trevor Foster Dozen AD333s
Nearest the pin 15th Lee Jevons Dozen AD333s

2’s £117.50 3 pro v1s or 8 srixons per two
Rob Wood Archie Tahir Peter Cotton Jim Caldwell Lee Jevons Trevor Foster x2 Iain Bartholomew Dave Herbert Aiden Hoosen x2 Graham Wilikinson

Conwy 19-Apr-2016
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Dave Marchant, Geoff Andrews 46 12 Cleveland wedge each
2 John Hilditch, Iain Bartholomew 46 11 Maxitours merino sweater
3 Ian Acton, Kevin Sharratt 44 10 Sunice Windcheater
4 Fizz Ahmed, Archie Tahir 44 9 Sunice Shirt each
5 Rob Wood, Rafiq Mohamed 44 8 Sunice Shirt each
6 Brendan Leighton, Greg Brown 43 7 Maxitours shirt each
7 Paul Wrigley, Aiden Hoosen 43 6 Titleist cap each
8 Mark Redfern, Nobby Clarke 43 5 Titleist cap each
9 Trevor Foster, Carl Taylor 42 5 FJ Socks each
10 Lee Jevons, Mike Emerson 42 4 FJ Socks each
11 Martin Cox, Martin Morris 42 3
12 Gav Sutcliffe, Brett Sutcliffe 42 2
13 Richard Blackwell, Andy Hamlett 42 1
14= Pete Cotton, Steve Hall 41
14= Phil Dermott, Graham Culpan 41
14= Reuben Fielding, Phil Howsley 41
14= Geoff Haynes, Alan Worthington 41
14= Alan Burton, Chris Smith 41
14= Gary Garner, Ray Ward 41
14= Dave Goodier, Dave Herbert 41
21= Clive Evans, Mike Sinkinson 40
21= Roy Ainsworth, Barrie Simpson 40
21= Phil Meyers, Mick Philbin 40
21= Don Milligan, Mick Fenton 40
25= Mick Mahon, John Farnsworth 39
25= Tony Jennison, John Hilton 39
25= Steve Aspinall, Graham Wilkinson 39
25= Simon Wilkinson, Bob Kingswood 39
25= Pete Birtwistle, Ken Stephens 39
30= Jim Caldwell, David Lathwood 38
30= Kevin Hart, Ian Fensom 38
30= Dave Antrobus, Tom Jarvis 38
30= Jon Farrell, Mike McCurdy 38
34= Joe Kirwan, Charlie Rooney 37
34= Ross Sellors, Kevin Chisnall 37
34= Mo Dar, Phil Wise 37
34= Andy Hall, Mike Westbrook 37
38= Monro Donald, Dave Westwood 36
38= Ian Ainsworth, Alan Clough 36
38= Pete Short, Dave Buckley 36
38= Simon Poucher, Vick Nelson 36
38= Brian Ankers, Peter Heald 36
43= Colin Roberts, John Rigby 35
43= David Harlow, Dave Kelly 35
43= Peter Cross, Mark Patton 35
43= Geoff Parsley, Ian Fitzhenry 35
43= Ron Sloane, Mark Saxon 35
48= Tim Spencer, Barrie Pendlebury 34
48= Dave Griffiths, Chris Bracchi 34
50 Ian King, Mike Spencer 33
51 Max Henderson, Matthew Hall 31
52 Jonathon Cunningham , Mike Hewitt 30
53 Simon Hemsley, Jack Hankinson 29

Knutsford singles start times
10.30 Colin Roberts x4
10.39 Jim Caldwell x1 Dale Beaghan x2
10.57 Roger Percival x4
11.06 Phil Vokes x4
11.15 Mark Jones x2 Jason Henderson x2
11.33 Pete Short x2 John Berry x2
11.42 Simon Ashton x2 Simon Poucher x2
11.51 Brian Hopkins x4
12.00 John Dickenson x2
12.09 Jim Clarke x3

Vale of Llangollen start times Friday 29th April
10.00 Colin Roberts x4
10.18 Eddie Ellis x4
10.27 Jack Coleman x4
10.36 Sam Leach x4
10.54 Roger Percival x4
11.03 Mark Patten x4
11.12 Phil Vokes x4
11.21 Colin Baxendale x4
11.30 Andy Cunningham x4
11.39 Ian Acton x4
11.48 David Kelly x4
11.57 Rob Weston x4
12.06 Steve Aspinall x4
12.15 Roy Ainsworth x4
12.24 Pete Birtwistle x4
12.33 John Dickenson x4
12.42 Steve Hall x2 Joe Donnely x2
12.51 Richard Blackwell x4
1.00 Garry Smith x4
1.09 R Williamson x4
1.18 Ian Lilley x4
1.27 Eddie Ellis x4
1.36 Gary Bailey x4
1.54 Brian Hopkins x4
2.03 Mick Fenton x4
2.12 Rob Little x4
2.30 Gary Neiles x4?
2.50 Phil Ashworth x4
Ray Tennant will join any team