Results from terrific Vale Royal

Last few spaces at these great venues!

Hopwood Thursday 29th Sept – room for 2 or 4
Dunham 6th October
Vale of Llangollen 14th October -more times just released!
Prestbury 20th October
Stockport 27th October

Maxitours at very beautiful Vale Royal

Vale Royal was in absolutely immaculate condition for today’s Maxitours event. This golf course just gets better and better.

‘Those greens are awesome!’ Declared Paul Sherlock

‘That was in superb condition- the greenkeeper deserves a big pat on the back.’ Gushed Lee Jevons

Thanks to highly respected General Manager Ian Embury and all his brilliant staff, especially the new professional Ben Derbyshire for being so helpful and Holly the attractive barmaid for being so attractive.

The majestic trees which are generously scattered around the stunning Abbey grounds were just turning and there were some lovely Autumnal colours on display. When Mark Green hit the large beech tree on the 11th after yet another a vicious hook he was delighted to see the lovely golden leaves which fluttered to the ground ‘They are a much more delicate shade of red than that big oak tree I hit on the 9th’ observed the nature loving Mancunian.

Knutsford Golf Club Honorary Secretary and all round nice guy John Horsley checked in and announced he was playing alongside three Daves-Harlow, Kelly and Wilkinson. ‘I’ll be getting fed up of saying good shot Dave!’ he chuckled optimistically before he went out. Unfortunately after his team picked up just 71 points I asked him what his most popular on course comment actually was. ‘Think you should play a provisional Dave’ ‘Nice three putt Dave’ and ‘Was that a seven or an eight Dave’ were among his leading contenders .

I also felt sorry for Steve Merricks from Bramall who was hobbling even as he left the Clubhouse on his way to the first tee. ‘Its an old netball injury’ his playing partners mercilessly informed me.

Adrenaline junkie Les Penson’s hobby is flying micro light aircraft and over the past twelve months he has kindly invited me to join him on a couple of flights, unfortunately I have been washing my hair on both occasions. Today he ran out of fuel, lost his sense of direction and crashed on the back nine.

In todays event the slick greens and tough pin positions meant that once again that leading scores were less than perhaps expected.
Simon Pouchers team were out in a best of the day 45 points however the back nine took its toll and just one point on the short 16th meant they had to settle for 5th place with 82 points.

Thanks to some terrific return putting Lee Jevons’ (6)Ellesmere Golf Club team were the only four ball in the field not to drop a shot all day, Mike Emerson(3) Wayne Cheadle(4) and Dave Bennett (11) completed the fourth placed quartet.

Third place also on 82 points was the Bramhall team of Les Russon(11), Rob Kenyon(14) Ken Clarke and Steve Merricks(7). They collected 7 points on the final hole to get their best result of the year. Rob Kenyon tells me that his job is supplying nurses uniforms and this time of year he is busy making sure they are a snug fit so things just get better and better for the likeable Bramall

Second place went to Sandiways Gary Neiles(5) team who were last out. He teamed up with Alan Forber(11), John Longworth(13) and John Moreton(12) to score 84 but they missed out on victory due to a slightly worse last 6 holes.

The jovial Accrington team was led by Lancashire legend Trevor Foster(+1), Head greenkeeper Jack Smith(14), Dale Beaghan(11) and Mark Patton(9). Last week a poor back nine saw Trevor throw away the chance to win at Clitheroe but class is permanent and his closing birdie sealed a first victory of the season for the Maxitours regulars. Well played chaps!

Thanks to everyone for your support, yours in golf, Tim
ps the winter fixture are filling very well so please enter to avoid disapointment.
Nearest the Pin 10th Steve Price AD333s
Nearest the Pin 16th Phil Vokes AD333s
2’s sweep £197.50 Ted Barker Anthony Bloor Roger Percival Alf Shillitoe Jan Jagielka Bob Chester Leigh Smart Russell Hollis Graham Bailey Tom Milner Chris Wrighton Tony BeddowsPhil Vokes x2 Symon Parkin Keith Coxon Bill Parkinson

Vale Royal 23-Sep-2016
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Trevor Foster, Mark Patton, Dale Beaghan, Jack Smith 84 12 Callaway rain top each
2 Gary Neiles, John Longworth, Alan Forber, John Moreton 84 10 Cutter and Buck shirt
3 Les Russon, Rob Kenyon, Steve Merricks, Ken Clarke 82 8 Maxitours shirt each
4 Lee Jevons, Mike Emmerson, Wayne Cheadle, Dave Bennett 82 6 Dozen Wlison DX Soft balls
5 Simon Poucher, Martin Routley, Brendan Leighton, Jan Jagielka 82 4 Dozen Wlison DX Soft balls
6 Sam Leach, Bob Chester, Mike Barker, Jim Comerford 81 2 Srixon Cabretta glove each
7= John Stubbs, John Royle, Keith Coxon, Guy Hall 81 FJ Socks each
7= Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer, John Farnworth, Frank Hindle 81 FJ Socks each
7= Symon Parkin, Barney Ross, Phil Vokes, Bryn Largue 81
10= Richard Williamson, Paul Woodbine, Rob Williams, Richard Preston 78
10= Lewis Marland, Alf Shillitoe, Kevin Seaton, Neale Laurent 78
10= Paul Rudkin, Mike Shelley, Chris Wrighton, Tony Beddows 78
10= Bernard Hessian, Tom Milner, Graham Bailey, Paul Entwistle 78
10= David Smith, Mike Taylor, Chris Ernill , Ian Neilson 78
15= Roger Percival , Ed Wilkinson, Martin France, David Wilkinson 77
15= Nigel Oakes, Andy Thompson, Dave Aden, Mike Stott 77
17= Paul Sherlock, John Bent, Tony Sherlock, Steve Latchford 76
17= Richard Blackwell, Tony Jennison, Tim Johnson, Roy Rotherer 76
19= Paul Browne, Steve Price, Bob Barlow, Ted Barker 75
19= Leigh Smart, Ray Tennant, Billy Rawsthore, Andy Jackson 75
19= Dave Stanhope, Dave Antrobus, Phil Smeathers, John Anderton 75
19= Tom Dobbins, Gordon Warke, Bill Parkinson, Aaln Brough 75
23= Chih Hu, Subash Agupta, Shihil Agawa, Mark Findlow 73
23= Roy Ainsworth, Mike Fergusson, Mike Verdon, Russell Hollis 73
25= Joe Kirwan, Neil Worthington, Mike Spencer , Darren Whittaker 72
25= Harvey Mattinson, Anthony Bloor, Steve Mattinson, Jack Coleman 72
25= Les Penson, Paul Salt, Steve Blakeway, Mark Hazeldine 72
28= David Kelly, David Wilkinson, Dave Harlow, John Horsley 71
28= Steve Parle, Tom Wilson, Barry Taylor, Andy Moon 71
30= Eddie Ellis, Ben Davies, Graham Aspinall, Bob Ellis 70
30= Ian Buxton, Mike K-Smith, Jordan K-Smith, Malcolm Ridgeway 70
32 Mark McKenzie, Steven Hoyle, Darren Roscoe, Brian 67
33 Rodney Mills, Ken Swarbrick, Rodney Barlow, Jack Clarke 56
34 Doug Edmonds, Bill Melia, Ray Royle, Ted Ellis 55

Hopwood Pairs Thursday 29th Sept
9.58 Colin Roberts x4
10.07 Ian King x4
10.16 David Kelly x4
10.25 Mick Mahon x4
10.34 Chris Adams x4
10.42 John Hilditch x4
10.51 Trevor Foster x4
11.00 Dave Stanhope x3 Simon Maxwell x1
11.08 Simon Hemsley x4
11.19 Dave Wainwright x4
11.27 Lewis Marland x2 Nigel Oakes x2
11.36 Roger Percival x2
11.46 John Farrell x4
11.54 Pete Cotton x2 Dave Tracy x2
12.03 Ray Jones x4
12.12 George Buchan x4
12.30 Rob Little x4
12.39 Richard Blackwell x4
12.48 Ron Sloane x4
12.57 Steve Johnson x4
1.06 Phil Harris x4
1.15 Rob Platt x4
1.24 Dave Goodwin x4
1.33 Neale Laurent x4
1.42 Brian Hopkins x2 Gary Garner x2
1.51 Simon Ashton x4
2.00 David Smith x4
2.09 Bill Melia x4
2.18 Grajham Warke x4
2.27 Steve Parle x4
2.36 Gary Parle x4