results from leafy Llangollen

The next Four stunning Maxitours events!
Prestbury Thursday October 20th full
Stockport October 27th full
Wilmslow Golf Club- terrific Open Qualifying venue November 3rd -last few spaces
Dunham Forest 10th November- filling fast

Maxitours at lovely leafy Llangollen

A cool but very pleasant Autumn day greeted Maxitours competitors at the Vale of Llangollen this morning. The course was in really amazing condition. Many thanks to the talented Llangollen green keepers for all their hard work and thorough preparation.

The Caterers Phil and Gaynor Gee are also right up there with the best in the business and they produce perhaps the best bacon baps of the year- we wish them all the best when they go to pastures new in January.

Mark Norman was out early and he was disappointed not to see any Welsh sheep on the hillside first thing this morning as the mountains were shrouded in a gentle mist. He was delighted when the sun came out on the back nine and the sheep appeared. His game suddenly perked up. The afternoon players all enjoyed the glorious sunshine and views throughout their rounds as a great day was had by all.

Russell Hollis asked me if I had seen the gorilla that escaped from London Zoo yesterday which caused mass hysteria. I replied that perhaps he had seen it judging by the panic on his face as he faced a tricky pitch over the bunker at the last. ‘Yeah, his chipping was that bad today I wish someone would hurry up and shoot him with a tranquilizer.’ Added team mate Roy Ainsworth.

Dale Beaghan’s team from Accrington played at North Wales GC yesterday and then stayed overnight in Llandudno. They looked like they hadn’t had much sleep. Dale was swaying a little as he checked in and when he breathed on me as he asked for his card he smelt like a Welsh brewery . When team mate Pete Ledger rolled into the clubhouse soon after I was shocked to notice that he actually smelt of disinfectant, I was about to ask him what he had drinking last night when the Lllangollen Golf Club cleaner shuffled past with her bucket and mop and a big bottle of bleach.

Dave Stanhope was very worried that he hadn’t contributed to his team score very much. ‘Let me just check that card.’ He asked his partners on the 16th tee. He carefully analysed his feeble input as he walked down the fairway before he began frantically looking for his ball. ‘Oh heck’ He sheepishly announced to his team ‘I think I’ve forgotten to tee off!’

In today’s event either the course was playing tougher in the morning and the scores improved as the day progressed.

Micro-lite pilot Les Penson from Knutsford teamed up with his Heyrose GC pals and they somehow drifted into 5th place with 79 points.

Despite dropping three shots on the closing holes Grange Park’s well dressed quartet of nice guys Andy Jackson(4), Mark Bulman(11), Ray Tennant (4)and Billy Rawthore(6) finished 4th with 81 points.

Highly respected solicitor and lovely man Jim Rymer(18) from Heswall sold his business for billions of pounds recently but nothing compared to finishing third in today’s event. ‘Money can’t buy this!’ said Jim as he proudly tried on his high quality Maxitours shirt. Rob Farnon(12), Paul Lea(16) and Geoff Guest(8) completed the team.

Despite a poor closing five holes, Bramall Golf Club’s Les Russon(11), highly respected Rob Kenyon(14) , Ken Clarke(14) and Darren Wilson(12) were overjoyed to finish 2nd with 83 points. ‘ What a great venue- please book us in for next year!’ said the wealthy fourball.

Simon Poucher(13) and his Sale GC team were really on form and they took first prize by a season best five clear shots. Even Jan Jagielka(14) played well -usually he only gets a mention as many years ago he and his lovely wife managed to produce a talented English footballer. Brendan Leighton(16) and Andrew Stone(17) completed the quartet.

‘This is my second ever win.’ Simon beamed ‘And our most memorable – that golf course was stunning.’

Well played chaps- I am delighted for you all. Thanks to all players for travelling in such numbers to Wales to support this event, brilliant, Tim

Nearest the Pin 14th hole Frazer McKenzie Dozen Srixon AD333s
Nearest the Pin 18th hole Jonathan Hudson Dozen Srixon AD333s
2’s £177.50 5 pro V1s or 14 srixon AD333s Colin Berry Kevin Bramall Rosemary Bramall Jonathon Hudson Cliff Dews Mark Bulman x2 Andy Jackson John Dickenson John Longworth

Llangollen 14-Oct-2016
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Simon Poucher, Andrew Stone, Brendan Leighton, Jan Jagielka 88 12 Sunice Windshirt each
2 Les Russon, Rob Kenyon, Ken Clarke, Darren Wilson 83 10 Ashworth sweater each
3 Rob Farnham, Paul Lea, Geoff Guest, Jim Rymer 82 8 Maxitours shirt each
4 Billy Rawsthore, Mark Bulman, Ray Tennant, Andy Jackson 81 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 Les Penson, Graham Jackson, Paul Salt, Chris Darlington 79 4 Srixon Cabretta leather glove each
6 Rob Williams, Pete Keena, Laurie Cole, Paul Woodbine 79 2 Srixon Cabretta leather glove each
7 John Dickenson, Brian Edwards, Dave McDougall, Roy Christian 79
8= Colin Lynch, Rob Hands, Stu Roach, Steve Dickenson 78
8= Richard Blackwell, John Hilton, Roger Lee, Paul Collins 78
8= Steve Lamont, Graham Wilkinson, Simon Wilkinson, Colin Berry 78
8= John Longworth, Gary Neiles, Alan Forber, John Moreton 78
12 Frazer Mackenzie, Kevin Bramall, Gill Mackenzie, Rosemary Bramall 77
13= Dale Beaghan, Gary Beaghan, Roger Clarke, Pete Ledger 76
13= Bev Crute, Steve Gibbons, Dave Bentley, Richard T-Carr 76
13= Jonathon Hudson, John Taylor, Mike Hill, Rob Blain 76
16= Roy Ainsworth, Mike Verdon, John Morgan, Russell Hollis 75
16= Roy Ainsworth, Mike Verdon, Russell Hollis, John Morgan 75
16= Sam Leach, Jim Hodges, Chris Walley, Mike Barker 75
19= Dave Stanhope, Jack Coleman, Dave Thomas, John Anderton 74
19= Ian Lilley, Cliff Greenalgh, John Brooks, Eddie Oakley 74
19= John Stubbs, Guy Hall , Dave Moore, Keith Coxon 74
22 Dennis Whelan, Dave Dean, Dennis Price, 73
23 Rick Sym, Phil Chadwick, John Halman, Ray Wigglesworth 71
24 Stuart Blake, John Atkin, Anthony Bloor, Dave Harlow 70
25= Colin Roberts, Chris Reade, Geoff Andrews, Greg Pointon 68
25= Rob Weston, Steve Foxcroft, Tony Andrews, Trevor Webb 68
27 Dave Griffiths, Steve Owen, Pete Birtwistle, Cliff Dews 64

Prestbury Golf Club start times
Thursday 20th October
9.00 Colin Roberts x4
9.09 Jim Caldwell x4
9.18 David kelly x4
9.27 Ian King x4
9.36 Frank Stapleton x4
9.45 Mick Mahon x4
9.54 John Hilditch x2 Lewis Marland x2
10.01 Lee Jevons x2 Munro Donald x2
10.09 Dave Stanhope x4
10.21 Kevin Chisnall x4
10.30 Ian Acton x2 Craig Dyson x2
10.39 Pete Cotton x2 Andy Strickley x2
10.48 Roger Percival x4
10.57 Leigh Smart x4
11.06 Dave Tracey x2 Tom Butler x2
11.15 Trevor Foster x4
11.24 Dale Beaghan x4
11.33 Ian Broughan x4
11.42 Simon Poucher x4
12.00 John Stubbs x4
12.18 Les Russon x4
12.45 John Gleave x2 John Bancroft x2
12.54 Simon Ashton x4
1.12 Brian Hopkins x4
1.21 George Buchan x4
1.30 John Pratt x2
res Si Hemsley 36
Andy Adsheadx2/4 51
Nigel Clowes x4