Results from sublime Sandiway

*Don’t forget Maxitours handicaps are always reduced by 1 for a win and 1/2 shot after a 2nd place until the end of the season*

Stockport 8th Dec – full
Vale Royal 14th Dec- full
Ringway 22nd Dec – spaces
Mere 5th Jan – spaces
Vale Royal 11th Jan- spaces
Caldy 19th Jan -1 space

Maxitours at sublime Sandiway

Sandiway Golf Club hosted the latest Maxitours event of the Winter tour. This terrific venue was once again in fantastic condition. Many thanks to head green keeper Brian and all his staff for their efforts.

General Manager Anthony Roberts always employs great staff in the Clubhouse and the guys working behind the bar did a great job today- many thanks.

The frosted fairways and crystal clear blue skies led to some spectacular views on what many believe is Cheshire’s finest golf course. Big Dave Wilson loves Sandiway. He loves the rolling fairways , the tall pines, lovely lakes and more importantly for Dave the hot meat and potato pies behind the bar are a particular favourite of his. He had one before play and two in the bar after his round to set a new Maxitours record.

The 18th was playing tough all day and I couldn’t believe that the closest to the pin was 25 feet away. With the very last shot of the day I looked out of the window to see a ball nestle up to within 2 inches. A delighted Trevor Foster tapped in the birdie. Incredibly Ian Handy won nearest the pin on the 8th when his last shot of the day also won him the prize.

The course gradually thawed throughout the day but there were a few tricky bounces to contend with and course management was at a premium.
Unlucky Darren Whittaker was at it again. After another dodgy bounce into a bunker he declared to his team that it is incredible but he is jinxed whenever he plays on a Thursday. His team were delighted to point out that today was Tuesday.

The scoring was incredibly close and after some high scores in recent weeks just FORTY points was good enough to win against a high quality field at Sandiway today!!!!!

Manchester United have plenty of talent and everyone knows they play the best football in the premiership but they are struggling to get on a winning streak this season. The same could be said for two of their legends Frank Stapleton(13) and Stuart Pearson(7). Stuart was one of the best finishers in the game but he three putted the last from close range and they had to settle for 5th place with 39 points.

John Rigby(14) and John McConinck(13) from Alsager finished 4th after excellent back nine. John Rigby was ranked 898th on the Maxitours order of merit which by an incredible coincidence is the same as Tiger Woods’ current world ranking. Rigby was on fire over the closing holes and the silver fox was delighted with his best finish for years.

There were three teams tied on forty points and a card play-off was also required to split the talented trio. Bramall nice guys Steve Merricks(6) and Simon Burgess(15) had a best of the day 24 points on the front nine but after failing to pick up a single point between then on the 15th they had to settle for 3rd place. That didn’t stop them from getting drunk in the bar afterwards.

Denton’s Dave Blood (8)and Jim Cox(5) were pipping after finishing in 2nd place. These two play plenty of Maxitours golf and they used all their experience to also score 40 points. Cox birdied the index 1 fifth hole towards the end of their round to give them a timely boost.

Taking the honours were the pairing of Accountant Phil ‘Duffer’ Davis(6) as he is fondly known and motor industry specialist Steve Lambert(4). Davies loves cold and frosty conditions and proudly informed me that he once appeared on ski Sunday- as a yodeller! He could be heard yodelling down the A556 as he sung his way back to Lymm Golf Club. They were both delighted with the biggest wins of their careers. Steve declared ‘That was brilliant, we really enjoyed it!’

Congratulations chaps , great golf.
Thanks to everyone for your 100% attendance again- superb.
Yours in golf, Tim.

8th Ian Handy Dozen AD333 s
18th Trevor Foster Dozen AD333s
2’s sweep £170 12 srixons or 5 pro v1s
Richard Johnson Trevor Foster Nigel Milroy Terry Rathbone Dave Wilson Stuart Pearson Dale Beaghan Geoff Mitchell Peter Veitch Ian Berrisford

Sandiway 29-Nov-2016
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Steve Lambert, Phil Davis 40 12 Cleveland wedge each
2 Dave Blood, Jim Cox 40 11 Maxitours merino sweater each
3 Steve Merricks, Simon Burgess 40 10 Ashworth sweater each
4 John Rigby, Rob McConick 39 9 Ashworth sweater each
5 Frank Stapleton, Stuart Pearson 39 8 Cutter and Buck shirt each
6 Hugh Mullen, Paul Dalby 39 7 Maxitours shirt each
7 Mike Jones, Rick Booth 38 6 Maxitours shirt each
8 Carl H-Jones, Gary Crier 38 5 Maxitours shirt each
9 Paul Smith, Simon Walton 38 4 Maxitours winter hat
10 John Hilditch, Jordan Shepherd 38 3 Maxitours winter hat
11 Jason Henderson, Paul Clay 38 2
12 Richard Johnson, Tom Davis 38 1
13= Pete Cleaver, Sam Cleaver 38
13= Bob Picthall, John Hulme 38
15= Ian Ainsworth, Greoff Haynes 37
15= Martin France, Pete Atherton 37
15= Jim Caldwell, Andrew Aherne 37
15= John Longworth, Joe Yates 37
15= Alan Simpson, Alan Drew 37
15= Eddie Jordan, David Ashton 37
21= Dave Marchant, Bob Sinclair 36
21= Ray Jones, Ian Berrisford 36
21= Steve Tyrell, Ray Massey 36
24= Simon Hemsley, Dave Howarth 35
24= Trevor Harrison, Ray Stringer 35
24= Paul Rudkin, Kevin Roberts 35
24= Dale Beaghan, Pete Ledger 35
24= Brian Hopkins, Mark Taylor 35
24= Steve Aspinall, Colin Berry 35
24= David Kelly, John Atkin 35
24= Phil Vokes, Barney Ross 35
24= Darren Whittaker, Mike Spencer 35
33= Mick Mahon, Frank Hindle 34
33= Richard Palmer, John Farnsworth 34
33= Chris Wrighton, Geoff Mitchell 34
33= Steve Lamont, Steve Brooks 34
33= Ian George, Ian Smith 34
33= Barry Wilson, Eugenio Fernandez 34
39= Ashley Elliott, Bob Eastwood 33
39= Dave Wilson, Noel Kelly 33
39= Simon Poucher, Vic Nilson 33
39= Terry Rathbone, Keith Tunstall 33
39= Terry Cross, Gerry English 33
44= Lewis Marland, Kevin Seaton 32
44= Stuart Blake, Dave Harlow 32
46= Steve Sutton, Nigel Milroy 31
46= Alan Forber, Dan Murray 31
46= Les Russon, Rob Kenyon 31
49= Peter Veitch, Martin Bradwell 29
49= Pete Taylor, Gavin Laidlaw 29
49= Pete Houston, Steve Riley 29
52 Anthony Wilson, John Fielding 27

Stockport 11am shotgun Thursday 8th December
1a Frank Stapleton x4
1b Ian Ainsworth x4
2 Brian Hopkins x4
3a Richard Blackwell x4
3b Ray Jones x4
4a Martin Bramwell x4
4b Paul Salt x4
5 Jon Hudson x4
6a Simon Ashton x4
7 Craig Dyson x4
7b Simon Hemsley x4
8 Terry Rathbone x2 2 players required
9a Bev Crute x4
9 Les Russon x4
10a David Kelly x4
10b Jim Caldwell x4
11 Simon Poucher x4
12a Mike Dean x4
12b Dale Beaghan x4
13a Colin Roberts x4
13b Ian King x4
14a Mick Mahon x4
15a Phil Vokes x4
15 Trevor Foster x4
16 Les Penson x4
17a Lewis Marland x2 John Hilditch x2
17b Eddie Jordan x4
18 Dave Blood x4
Pete Cotton x4
Nigel Clowes x4
Barry Simpson x4
Richard Williamson x4