results from five star Vale Royal

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Mere 5th Jan -AM AM last 5 spaces
Vale Royal 11th Jan AM AM- nearly full
Caldy 19th Jan – AM AM nearly full
Vilasol Portugal trip -48 players- full
Fairhaven 24th Jan -Pairs nearly full
Ringway 3rd Feb -AM AM last few spaces
Sandiway 7th Feb -Pairs nearly full

Maxitours at five star Vale Royal

Vale Royal was the latest high quality venue on the Maxitours winter tour and the course was in absolutely superb condition. This is an amazing venue and a firm favourite with our Maxitours players. Thanks to skilled head greens keeper John the course is now right up there with the best in Cheshire and is a pleasure to play throughout the year .
Thanks to Manager Ian Embury and all the hardworking staff for their excellent hospitality.

Wealthy Mark Groves is very close to his family and this might explain why he played with one of the oldest and scruffiest looking golf balls I have seen for many years. ‘It was his father’s, father’s , fathers favourite ball.’ explained his team mate Dave Stone with a tongue in his cheek.

Guy Hall turned up with a huge white bandage on his big finger. ‘I nearly chopped it off by mistake yesterday when I was making a large fish pie for my family.’ He informed anyone who was listening. Despite his injury I was surprised to see him hit a ‘brill’ shot as he ‘smoked’ it down the first hole. He then started playing his usual golf and was ‘floundering’ all over the ‘plaice’. As he disappeared behind some trees I heard him yelling ‘Oh Cod, I’m playing like a pollock!’ as he headed once more towards the deep rough.
By the end of the day he’d haddock enough.

John Berry(11) is a heating engineer and he has only taken up golf quite recently but he had one of the best rounds of his life amassing an impressive 5 birdies. Before he took up golf he was busy amassing 7 children, there was clearly nothing wrong with his plumbing . Well played John.
Clear blue skies, forward tees and true putting surfaces meant scoring was always going to be excellent – even Dale Beaghan’s team managed to get over eighty points.

Les Penson’s team continued their good form and finished 4th with 87 points. The Heyrose and Knutsford members all drink together in the same pub. I called it the Station pub in my report last week but they were keen to tell me that it was actually called the Railway Inn. Whatever.
Mick Mahon(25) was on fire as he picked up 7 shots for his Mytton Fold team. Mick who plays every week owns a couple of race horses and his team nearly galloped away with first place. Over the years Mick has kindly given me plenty of tips. None of them has ever come in though. Today playing with Frank Hindle(12), Richard Palmer (11)and John Farnworth(21) they defied the odds to finish in 3rd place.

Fireman and FA referee Phil Dermott(6) from Wigan Golf Club is a top man and he knows how to pick a team. Today he played with ex-Cheshire Captain Dave Peel(+1), Lancashire player Reece Cranfield (+2)and Andy Peet (13). The team collected 13 gross birdies in an exhibition of quality golf, very impressive.

Les Russon’s(11) Bramall Golf Club team are also really nice guys who aren’t afraid to win. Nearly one hundred years ago Walter Hagen said ‘give me a man with big hands , big feet and no brains and I will make a golfer out of him.’ Steve Merricks (6)and Simon Burgess(15) both wear size 11 shoes and extra large gloves and they are excellent golfers… Fourth member of the team Rob Kenyon(14) did most of the damage however as he played the final five holes on the back nine in three under par. Great golf guys- well played

Congratulations to Paul Salt who hit a pure 6 iron 152 yards into the hole on the tough ninth- great shot Paul!

I hope you all had a great day on the links- as wise old John Royle said as he left the Vale Royal grounds after a couple of pints ‘Thanks Tim, always enjoyable and it’s not winning that counts. That’s a very good job for our team.’

Thanks to cameraman Liam Harrison here is some additional footage from last weeks event at Stockport- highlights of todays event will be ready to view in next weeks report.

Thank you for your terrific support and 100% attendance again , yours in golf, Tim
2’s £155 4 vpro v1s or 10 srixon AD333s per two Paul Salt Richard Palmer frank Hindle Brian Kelly Gary Bailley Graham Jackson Rob Kenyon Trevor Foster Steve Riley John Berry Chris Adams

Nearest the Pin 10th Jim Cox Dozen Ad333s each
Nearest the Pin 16th Graham Jackson Dozen Ad333s each

Vale Royal 14-Dec-2016
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Les Russon, Simon Burgess , Steve Merricks, Rob Kenyon 89 12 FJ Contour casual shoes
2 Phil Dermott, Reece Cranfield, Dave Peel, Andy Peet 89 10 Tommy Hilfiger shirt each
3 Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer, Frank Hindle, John Farnworth 87 8 Sunice shirt each
4 Les Penson, Mark Hazelwood, Steve Blakeway, Graham Jackson 87 6 Sunice shirt each
5 Trevor Foster, Mark Patton, Steve Riley, Matt Mortimer 87 4 Srixon cabretta leather glove each
6 Davn Huffman, Mark Simister, Wayne Harris, John McCaffrey 86 2 Cleveland hat each
7 Alf Shillitoe, Neale Laurent, Adam Thomas, Alf Shillitoe 86
8 Dave Hillier, Bryan Kelly, Gary Bailey, Damien Clayton 85
9= Simon Hemsley, Al Demmy, Ashley Elliott, Bob Eastwood 84
9= John Berry, Terry Benson, Stan Devlin, Chris O’Regan 84
11= Paul Salt, Andy Salt, Andy Corner, Mike Hill 82
11= Jim Caldwell, Steve Sutton, Bob Picthall, Stephen Barlow 82
11= Dale Beaghan, Pete Ledger, Anthony Wilson, John Fielding 82
14= Eddie Jordan, Dave Ashton, Dean Hibbert, Steve Carey 81
14= Ian King, Joe Kirwan, Mike Spencer, Darren Whittaker 81
16= Brian Hopkins, Alan Smith, Alan Pengelly, Mark Taylor 80
16= Dave Goodwin, Richard Williamson, Chris Brierley, Paul Woodbine 80
18 Dave Blood, Jim Cox, Duncan Challen, Alan Costello 79
19= Paul Smith, John Hilditch, John Pratt, Simon Walton 78
19= Chris Adams, Steve Hall, Peter Atherton, Charlie Cunningham 78
19= Frank Stapleton, Dave Wilson, John Gripton, 78
19= Dave Moore, Dave Parsons, Geoff Sherburn, Dave Smith 78
23 John Stubbs, John Royle, Guy Hall, Keith Coxon 77
24 Bev Crute, Trevor Nicholson, Dave Bentley, Terry Brookman 76
25 Graham Bates, Dave Beard, Bill Willocks, Alan Houldsworth 74
26 Pete Holmes, Pete Tinkler, Mark Brierley, Brian Welsh 73
27 Simon Taylor, Tony Roberts, Mike Savage, Alan Birch 68
28 Rob Weston, Steve Foxcroft, Tony Andrews, Trevor Webb 61

Ringway Thursday 22nd Dec

11am Shotgun

1a Mick Mahon x4
1b Phil Vokes x4
2a Trevor Foster x4
2b Roger Percival x4
3 Gary Neiles x4
4 Chih Hu x4
4b Hugh Mullen x4
5 Scott Mason x4
5b Mark Richardson x4
6 Mark Jones x4
7a Chris Adams x4
7b Simon Poucher x4
8 Dale Beaghan x4
9a Barry Wilson x4
9b Barry Wilson x4
10 Frank Stapleton x4
10 Colin Roberts x4
11 Ian King x4
12 Barry Jackson x4
12b Les Penson x4
13 Brian Hopkins x4
14a Andy Wilde x4
14b Lee Tilley x4
15 Les Russon x4
16a Lewis Marland x4
16b John Hilditch x4
17a John Stubbs x4
17b Dave Blood x4
18 Jim Caldwell x4