Results from frosty five star Mere

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11th Jan Vale Royal AM AM -full
12th -16th Jan Maxitours trip to Vilasol- full
19th Jan Caldy AM AM -full
24th Jan Fairhaven pairs full
2nd Feb Ringway AM AM-spaces

Maxitours at the Mere

A stunning Winters morning greeted Maxitours competitors at the very impressive Mere Golf and Leisure resort . Thanks to Joe Gates and all the staff for your five star service throughout the day – really excellent.

Everyone was looking forward to playing tournament golf after the festive period but unfortunately there were a few guys squeezing into their golfing outfits after an indulgent Christmas.
Gareth Winston won a large Maxitours sweater in late November but he returned it first thing this morning -he has had to ‘supersize’ to an extra large after a couple of weeks on the mince pies. Tom Froome is even thinking about flattening the lie on his clubs. He now has to stand further from the ball now after a few too many quality streets.

In recent weeks I have had two gentlemen by the name of Pete Atherton play at different times in my Maxitours events which has caused some confusion amongst their friends and work colleagues. For the first time both of them actually played today. To clarify things for everybody: the tall, good looking, dark haired strong featured Peter Atherton from Prestbury Golf Club scored 43 points but he was beaten by ‘tubby Pete’ from Lymm who scored 45 points.

Gentle swinging Ben Grayson usually hits his three wood 150 yards. Once when he had a downhill lie with a stiff breeze behind and some adrenaline pumping he has been known to squeeze out 160 yards. Today he hit the longest shot of his career by far. He was dismayed when his fairway approach shot into the 18th green flew off the toe of his club and scuttled across the ice covered Mere towards one of the many lakeside mansions.
‘That has gone at least 350 yards!’ declared playing partner Bob Moore. ‘That’s further than Stenson hits it!’
‘Effortless power’ replied Ben.

In today’s event it was the more intelligent mid to higher handicappers who scored best in the frosty conditions and shortened course.

Likeable Sam Leach(11) and Jonny Barton(18) were delighted to score 48 points to record their highest finish in years as they came in 4th.

Senior players Andy(17) and Peter Veitch(10) are two nice brothers from Hale golf Club. They look absolutely nothing like each other. ‘Luckily we don’t play like each other.’ Added more talented Peter . It was a real team effort today though as both players came in nine times.

Lymm seniors Bob Mather(11) and Alan Forber (14) took second spot with 49 points. Bob is a retired plain clothed police officer who still wears very plain clothes even though he has been retired for 15 years. Alan is warming up for the Portugal trip next week. ‘I think I have peaked too soon!’ he declared.

Stuart Milner(11) and Bill Willocks (13)came down from the hills to take first prize. The Chapel en le Frith members were out in 29 points but this was helped by Milner’s impressive eagle on the tough par 4 sixth hole which earned 5 points. A solid back nine saw a first ever Maxitours win for the Derbyshire duo. Well played chaps!

Gareth Winston recorded a hole in one to win the nearest the pin on the 8th hole. Congratulations.
Many thanks to all players for your support, you were terrific to deal with this morning and despite the winter conditions I hope you enjoyed your day.

2’s £120 4 pro v1s or 10 AD333s Stuart Millner x2 Bill Willocks Paul Dalbyx2 Jim Clarke Steve Foxcroft Barney Ross x2
Nearest the pin 8th Gareth Winston hole in one – Dozen PRO v1s!!
Nearest the pin 14th hole Paul Dalby – Dozen AD333’s

Mere 05-Jan-2017
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Stuart Milner, Bill Willocks 51 12 Cleveland wedge each
2 Alan Forber, Bob Mather 49 11 Maxitours merino sweater each
3 Andy Veitch, Peter Veitch 49 10 PGA Tour jacket each
4 Sam Leach, Jonny Barton 48 9 Sunice/kartel shirt each
5 Simon Burgess, Steve Merricks 47 8 Sunice/kartel shirt each
6 Lee Tilley , Pete Norbury 46 7 Maxitours shirt each
7 John Stubbs, John Royle 46 6 Maxitours shirt each
8 Gary Neiles, Joe Yates 46 5 Winter Mitts each
9 Joe Kirwan, Mike Spencer 46 4 Winter Mitts each
10 Graham Jackson, Vernon Haynes 46 3 Pair of FJ socks each
11 Richard Palmer, John Farnworth 46 2
12 Richard Johnson, Andy Oakes 46 1
13= Martin France, Pete Atherton 45
13= Joe Shelley, Ray Stringer 45
13= Simon Hemsley, Ashley Elliott 45
13= Dave Blood, Jim Cox 45
13= Steve Cosby, Tony Crookston 45
18= Mark Patton, Haydon Williams 44
18= Steve Foxcroft, John Horsley 44
18= Phil Vokes, Paul Dalby 44
18= Dave Thomas, Jim Clarke 44
18= Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes 44
18= Kenny Chinn, John McCartney 44
18= Les Russon, Ken Clarke 44
18= Eddie Jordan, Brian Carroll 44
18= Mick Mahon, Frank Hindle 44
27= Keith Coxon, Guy Hall 43
27= Chris Adams, Pete Atherton 43
27= Jim Hodges , Chris Burrows 43
30= Pete Ledger, Pete Cross 42
30= Graham Bates, Pete Booth 42
30= Mike Hall, Denis Roberts 42
30= Micket Gray, Warren Newton 42
34= Roger Pervcival, Ed Wilkinson 41
34= John Aikenhead, John Russell 41
34= Pete Hamlett, Gordon Hamlett 41
34= Ian Ainsworth, Geoff Haynes 41
38= Mick Hardman, Ian Grime 40
38= Dave Ashton, Rdean Hibbert 40
40= Tony Andrews, Graham Collins 39
40= Lewis Marland, Neale Laurent 39
40= Gareth Winston, Mark Phillips 39
40= Nic Hercules, Adam Walker 39
44= Martin Bramwell, Andrew Peck 37
44= Duncan Challen, Alan Costello 37
46 Ian King, Darren Whittaker 36

Maxitours AM AM at Vale Royal

1a Lewis Marland x4
1b Jim Caldwell x4
2a Ian King x4
2b Simon Poucher x4
3 Gary Neiles x4
4 Frank Stapleton x4
4b Phil Dermott x4
5 Pete Holmes x4
5b Munro Donald x4
6 Anton Johnson x4
7 Kenny Chinn x2
7b Mark Jones x4
8 Jim Rymer x4
9a Eddie Jordan x4
9b John Stubbs x4
10 Colin Roberts x4
11a Tom Griffiths x4
11b Phil Vokes x4
12a Trevor Foster x4
12b Dale Beaghan x4
13 Dave Goodwin x4
13b Craig Dyson x4
14 Paul Salt x4
15a Bev Crute x4 good
15b Roger Percival x4
16 Alan Vaughan x4
17 Les Russon x4
17b John Aikenhead x4
18a Brian Hopkins x4
18b Dave Blood x4